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How to create a secret picture blog with text messages

I maintain a hidden blog that receives pictures and texts (MMS, SMS) from my cell phone and posts them chronologically with WordPress. It is like a picture journal, but for times when writing is not particularly convenient, since all I need is my phone. This tutorial requires a cell phone with a messaging plan, a spare gmail account, and web hosting. No data plan is required. Create a gmail account that is dedicated to this project specifically. Add the address as a contact in your cell phone. Most carriers allow you to send text messages and multimedia messages to email addresses. Verify that yours does. Set up a WordPress blog… go on →

How Email is Sent

Email is an old-as-time standard. After dozens of published documents that altogether document the format, transmission, and access of email through email infrastructure, the email standard has been adopted across all age groups as the most professional and standard form of Internet communication today. They were officially known as ARPA Internet Text Messages, later called Electronic Mail Messages, and now colloquially known as email. Nearly all email today is sent and received either using a website interface such as Gmail or through one of several email clients. Email clients range from full-blown suites like Microsoft Office Outlook to mobile platforms on the iPhone. The program through which a human being… go on →