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Ad placement in the modern world

You know why ads on the Spotify desktop client alternate between a vertical bar on the right and a horizontal banner on the bottom? It’s the change that’s important. They switch it up because human beings are better at sensing change than at noticing details. And it’s also commonly shared know-how that changing the position of ads gets more people to notice it. Think of all the ad-supported sites you use. You can remember where the ads are located, even if you’ve never bothered to look at a single one. Advertising and its strategies are changing rapidly in the modern world. In just 10 years, things like personal cameras and… go on →

What an EECS student brings to college

Clothing 9 Days of Blue Shirts 3 Pairs Jeans Boxers Sleep Pants Sweaters/Jackets Lots of Socks Running Shoes Skate Shoes Wallet Shorts Bathroom Toothbrush + Paste Floss Aveeno Green Tea Lotion Olay SPF Face Lotion Bath Towel Contact Lenses + Case + Solution Retainers + Case Shampoo + Conditioner Body wash Bath pouf Bath Carrier Laundry Bag Shower Sandals Padlock Tissues Recreation Gardening Gloves Workout Gloves Wooden Sword Coping Saw Guitar + Case + Tuner + Pick + Capo Tennis Racket + Balls Skateboard Bed and Culinary Fitted Sheets Pillowcase Blanket + Blanket Case Tylenol Silverware (Cup + Bowl + Fork + Chopsticks) Tupperware Stationary Tape + Rolls Stapler +… go on →

The Student Planner

Lots of college stores sell weekly planners to help you get organized, and with a busy life, organized you must be. In picking your student planner, I present these tips: Be prepared to blow some money. Chances are you’re going to be keeping this thing for a year, so don’t be stingy. Inexpensive doesn’t always imply bad quality, but it’s usually a damn good indicator. Gridded, lined, or blank. You are much better off delineating the structure of your own planner than buying a pre-structured one. Don’t torment yourself with stupid preallocated spaces for days and weeks. I personally prefer gridded pages because they encourage use of grids and tables… go on →

Lost after graduation

This is embarrassing. It’s never very seemly for a man to write about emotional things publicly. From the Internet, things are so easily concealed. Perhaps this is a subject better suited to introduce after a long-lasting and profound rapport has been established and time is of the plenty, but I would not wish what I’m feeling right now on the worst of enemies. My friend asked me if I cried at graduation. I gave no reply. Ha! I knew it, she said. That’s okay, everyone got a little teary then. Except, I really didn’t. We were still together, about to be together for another summer, still accessible and in close… go on →

How to create a secret picture blog with text messages

I maintain a hidden blog that receives pictures and texts (MMS, SMS) from my cell phone and posts them chronologically with WordPress. It is like a picture journal, but for times when writing is not particularly convenient, since all I need is my phone. This tutorial requires a cell phone with a messaging plan, a spare gmail account, and web hosting. No data plan is required. Create a gmail account that is dedicated to this project specifically. Add the address as a contact in your cell phone. Most carriers allow you to send text messages and multimedia messages to email addresses. Verify that yours does. Set up a WordPress blog… go on →

Shitty arguments against Facebook

It’s a time-waster, 6 hours a week? That’s just too much. You can’t possibly take this point seriously. Without Facebook , you just waste your time at other websites. One fewer site to check makes no difference. I’m all about nature, go-with-the-flow. Technology puts me off. Now, really? Where do you draw the line between pissing in a hole vs. modern pluming within the realm of technology? It’s hard to say that you’d rather be all-natural when there’s not a square foot of unlandscaped ground you step on all week. On the news, they say hackers and creepers can see your private information. In reality, the biggest security risk isn’t… go on →