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Japan is the only place where you’ll find a skyscraper-mounted 110-foot poster of three girls in bikinis, and nobody looks up at it. It’s overt and shameless, but also prude. Looking is something only morally perverted foreigners do. Feminism is all but dead in Japan. Girls aren’t even expected to work. They go to school to learn to keep up intelligent conversation, for all the brains it takes to shop for brand-name bags and groom their dogs at dog salons. It’s not even as fun as it sounds, not when you’re expected to look like a fucking barbie. I’m not even joking. The makeup, the black crap around their eyes,… go on →

Windows 8 is a Toy

Windows 8 seems to be going in the direction of a leisure toy as opposed to business machine. It’s actually not such a bad thing.¬†Microsoft Corporate products are already so expensive and complex to maintain in comparison to open source solutions. If this continues, it will effectively clear the productivity computer market for Linux. It’s just so unnatural to publish and create on what feels like a game console. Let’s not complain then and allow them to fail.

What Am I To You? (Adventure Time)

Everyone, Bubblegum. I’m so dumb. I should have just told you, What I lost was a piece of your hair. Now it’s gone, Gone forever. But I guess it doesn’t matter, When I just had all of you there. Oh, I just had all of you there. My Friends. If you’re even my friends. What am I to you? Am I a joke, a knight, or your brother. What am I to you? Do you look down on me ’cause I’m younger. Do you think that I don’t understand. I just wanted us together and to play as a band. Last night was the most fun I’ve ever had. Even… go on →