Final Grade Calculator

This tool will determine what grade (percentage) you need on your final exam in order to get a certain grade in a class.

Your current grade is %.

You want (at least) a % in the class.

Your final is worth % of your grade.

This tool will determine your overall grade after you have taken the final and know your score.

Your grade was % before.

You got a % on the final.

Your final is worth % of your grade.

This tool will determine what grade (percentage) you need on your final exam in order to get a certain grade in a class.

Your current grade is %.

You want (at least) a % in the class.

Tests are worth % of your grade.

You have taken tests already.

Your test average is %.

The final is worth tests.

This tool will determine what grade (percentage) you need on your final exam in order to get a certain grade in a class, given that no part of your final is already counted in your current grade.

Your current grade is %.

You want (at least) a % in the class.

Your final is worth % of your grade.

You have parts to your final.

You have taken part(s) already.

Your 1st part is worth points.

Your 2nd part is worth points.

Your 3rd part is worth points.

Your 4th part is worth points.

Your 5th part is worth points.

Your 6th part is worth points.

Your 7th part is worth points.

Your 8th part is worth points.

On part 1, you got points.

On part 2, you got points.

On part 3, you got points.

On part 4, you got points.

On part 5, you got points.

On part 6, you got points.

On part 7, you got points.

This tool will determine how much your final is worth, if your class is point-based.

Including the final, there are points possible.

Your final is worth points.

How does this work?

Usually, teachers will have weighted categories that determine your grade: Homework, Classwork, Test/Quizzes, and the dreadful Final. Because the Final category stays at 0/0, an indeterminate form, all year long, it’s counted as the average of all your other categories and does not affect your grade. Therefore, your final grade can be calculated using the formula:

Grade = Exam Worth × Exam Score + (1 – Exam Worth) × Current Grade

It’s not rocket science, it’s just math! You could, of course, do this on any calculator, but you could come to RogerHub too because it’s cool. (:

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Posted Oct 9th at 4:26PM

Thanks, was worrying now i'm not :)

Posted Oct 8th at 6:27PM

I will get a 100% yahoo people

Posted Oct 8th at 4:59PM

Ahhhhhh I need a 129.5 on my next test to get a 65 in this class. Yesterday in Spanish 2, I literally got a 3 on a quize because I got them all wrong but my teacher gave me the 3 points for writing my name correctly in Spanish because he felt bad for me. I didn't even spell it right.

Posted Oct 8th at 6:24AM

Roger you have helped me during my entire high school career. Thank you.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Oct 8th at 5:36AM

Just made a 83 on mid-term with a 97 Average!

Posted Oct 7th at 9:19PM

MIDTERMS TOMORROW. I need a 90% to get a 90%…..k cool

bitches of 2018 yo
Posted Oct 7th at 8:21PM


Posted Oct 7th at 8:19PM

so i have an A in all of my classes except precalc. im literally taking APUSH, AP Physics, Honors Modern Literature, AP Chem, and AP Spanish and i have As in ALL of them, but in regular precalc? An E. 52.5%. Imma have to work my ASS off and even then, i'll only end up with a A- at best in that class. wow, i really didnt think taking precalc as a sophmore (2 yrs ahead) would be so bad if i took reg instead of honors but damnnnn im wrong and failing

Posted Oct 7th at 8:09PM

I need a 98.7 on the final in pre cal to get a 80%.
junior year is hell.

Posted Oct 7th at 6:24PM

lol wow i need a 700 percent to get my grade up to a b plus

Posted Oct 7th at 2:29PM

School just makes me wanna rip every book there is and just stick it somewhere, its just stress, thats all it gives you

Peyton Sawyer
Posted Oct 7th at 6:37AM

Yikes, I have a 98 but I want 100 in AP Chem I have to get at least a 99.012!

(its a cold and its a broken) hallelujah
Posted Oct 6th at 11:02PM

only 86% oh god thank goodness

Posted Oct 6th at 7:47PM


Posted Oct 6th at 6:04PM

i do not know

Bob Wtf o.O
Posted Oct 6th at 5:28PM

Your belly button smells like cheese? Wtf dude seriously

Posted Oct 6th at 3:17PM

Thanks, because I was so stress!

Posted Oct 6th at 11:40AM

I need over a 600% on my benchmark to get a D in my Honors Algebra HAHAHAHAHAHAH NOPEEEEE

Posted Oct 6th at 11:12AM

my bellybutton smells like cheese

Posted Oct 5th at 9:51PM

I'm here figuring out what it takes to get a C- in Physics, instead of actually studying for Physics. I just want to pass and graduate :(

Posted Oct 5th at 5:43PM

Guys study hard!!! we can do this!!!!
Don't Give up !
remember that we need to graduate and become rich lol

Posted Oct 5th at 5:32PM

Need only an 86.3% on my exam to maintain my A in the class thank God

Posted Oct 5th at 11:42AM

237 nice.

Caitlin Smith
Posted Oct 5th at 7:38AM

Grade calculator? More like stress calculator

I like eggs
Posted Oct 4th at 9:07PM

i like eggs

Algebra Death
Posted Oct 4th at 5:06PM

I literally need a 61 to maintain my grade
That's all I need man
I'm still gonna fail tho lol

School is nOT OKAY
Posted Oct 4th at 11:10AM


Posted Oct 2nd at 7:10AM

literally need a 91% to get a B in my class. thats not gonna happen )))):

Posted Oct 1st at 9:13PM

Well Caleb I have a 232 out of 215 Suck on that!!!

Caleb Williams
Posted Oct 1st at 4:55AM

This is a very nice online grade calculator, I have a 103 in English, suck on that people!

Posted Sep 30th at 3:06PM

I want a 4.0 GPA and yeah…haha

Let it go
Posted Sep 29th at 8:41PM

The cold never bothered me anyway

Posted Sep 29th at 8:32PM


Freshman in Highschool
Posted Sep 29th at 4:35PM

don't take astronomy i swear its not star constellations and how many moons jupiter has

Posted Sep 29th at 3:30PM

what up bros its me pewdiepie

i hate life
Posted Sep 29th at 10:14AM

126% to pass

Posted Sep 29th at 9:01AM

fml in us history need a 116.8

Posted Sep 27th at 9:15PM

School is honestly the worst idea and most stressful thing ever

Posted Sep 27th at 9:14PM

Fuck School

Posted Sep 24th at 5:40AM

I need to get somewhere getween 85 and 90% on a frigin design pronect if I want to pass the subject. From what I've calculated the ,ast 2 things are worth 20% altoegther. Dunno. Need to work it out properly. Still i need ta get something real high.

*sigh* I feel like I'm such a failiure.

Posted Sep 23rd at 8:51PM

i nhave a d and a f in my classs?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted Sep 23rd at 8:50PM


Mitchell Maher
Posted Sep 23rd at 6:27PM

No one cares what you have to get on your final, get back to studying

Posted Sep 23rd at 12:33PM

Dont take keyboarding

Posted Sep 23rd at 11:56AM


Posted Sep 22nd at 6:43PM

OK so I have a 60.3 percent in my world history class I HATE THAT CLASS !!!!Any way I am taking a test tomorrow and at the most it is worth like 40 pts so I have to like ace that and I have an extra credit thing due that us worth 50 points wish me luck!

Posted Sep 22nd at 5:39PM

This whake

Posted Sep 22nd at 5:38PM


Posted Sep 22nd at 2:21PM

I NEED A 93% TOTAL FOR FUNCTIONS 11!!!! I have a 93.5 grade but i need 91% to get a 93 :(

Leah Vaughn
Posted Sep 21st at 9:46AM

Finishing a quick 5 week module of business classes (QBA) for my masters & needed to have some reassurance that i would be okay & the answers this site gave me really helped. :)

Posted Sep 18th at 4:09PM

I put in that my exam was 10%, and I had a 91% and I said I at least wanted and 85% once I finished, this calculator said I needed like 28% to pass, I got a 71% and it dropped my grade to an 82%. I can't trust this site

Roger: Maybe your exam wasn’t really worth 10%?

mate mx
Posted Sep 18th at 10:25AM

i hated this, im failing my life!

juan dinner
Posted Sep 16th at 5:23AM

don't fucking take chemistry

Posted Sep 14th at 5:43AM

I need a 101.6% to get an A in biology. Oh well, not gonna happen. :( i'm sad now

Posted Sep 11th at 1:18PM

I had a 71% on my finals for this quarter, I thought my grade was gonna drop a lot, but I found out I needed and 68% to get a B, so i'm good.

Posted Sep 9th at 7:28PM

i need a -500% to pass…i'm not sure even i, a god, could do such a thing.

Posted Sep 9th at 5:58PM

So I need a 89% for Psychology, 27% for nursing 100, a 4% in dosage calculations, and 68% in anatomy and physiology………..overall not bad. Considering I have been out of school since 08. Let the finals begin.

Posted Sep 8th at 7:33PM


Now I need like 280% on my oral presentation tomorrow to make an A!!!
UGGH….. I can still make at least a 'B,' and it's just progress reports…..

Now, I seem to be exaggerating a bit compared to other people with 'real grade problems.'

Derp. My bad people….

God help me
Posted Sep 8th at 1:27PM

I need pass anatomy with a C. God help me please. I canttake it anymore help helpFUUUUUUUUUCK

Posted Aug 27th at 9:05PM

Only need a 23 on my final to pass *calmly Kanye shrugs*

Posted Aug 27th at 8:04PM

I need a 10% on my final, and even then I'd get 110% in my history class. :D

Posted Aug 27th at 9:18AM

not sure if i wanted to know this…:(

Sexy girl
Posted Aug 26th at 7:16PM

Needed a 300% on my final to pass. FUCK

Posted Aug 25th at 10:23PM

just let me pass. please.

Posted Aug 25th at 9:15PM

woo hoo need a 38 on my final to walk away with an a in chem!

chem failure
Posted Aug 25th at 3:49PM

it's the first day of the second week of chem class and i just took the first quiz. i know i pretty much failed it seeing how bad my anxiety crippled me from listening throughout the rest of lecture class and i just calculated…

i'm going to need 168% on my final to get an A in this class. guess who's hauling ass last minute?…. AGAIN.

Brittany Romero
Posted Aug 24th at 9:03AM

I need to get atleast a 5.37% on my final that I took today in order to pass the class with a %70 haha. If I get below that, im quitting nursing school because ill have no business dealing with peoples lives….

Posted Aug 22nd at 7:24PM

NEED A 106% TO PASS… FAILED! 'x_x'

Posted Aug 21st at 3:23AM

'You need 110% on you final'

lmao i guess i'll just go to sleep then

Posted Aug 20th at 1:58AM

i need to get 36 at finall 😏 , i will go to the final exam just like a boss.

Posted Aug 19th at 7:41AM

Only need a 10% to maintain my A XD This makes me feel so much better

Posted Aug 17th at 4:58PM

Hey roger i have a question. So on the uc addmisions calculator it asks how many classes i took at community college. I took one and got an "a" so do replace the amount of "a's" i have with the number of a's i have including cc. And i took it summer going to 10th grade so it still goes there right?

Roger: I’m not sure how community college courses count, but one course shouldn’t make that much of a difference?

Small Bee
Posted Aug 16th at 4:13PM

63.25% to maintain my A. Unless the prof throws some major curve balls, I've got this.

Posted Aug 16th at 5:26AM

I guess a "C" will not be bad. At least I passed. Now I can become President of the United States of America!!!

Posted Aug 14th at 5:26PM

i need to get atleast a 50 on my exam to pass with 75

Posted Aug 14th at 4:59AM

Yes! I have an 87 and I need a negative -166.68 % to fail! Fat chance.

Posted Aug 13th at 5:40PM

My final was 55% of my grade. I needed a 62% on the final to get the passing grade of a 70. I got a 67%, yay!

Shakespeare in the Park
Posted Aug 13th at 10:02AM

I need a -69.33% to pass the class with a C. "To take, or not to take, that is the question."

Posted Aug 9th at 4:32PM

i need a 1,608% on the kindergarden exam

Posted Aug 8th at 8:47PM

Thanks! This makes me feel so much better! I can do the math myself, and have often done it for friends, but now I just come here and then the I can be sure that I haven't made any errors.

so fucked
Posted Aug 7th at 1:38PM

I have 50% on the dot and need 50% to pass thought i would need higher totally a life saver :)

Posted Aug 7th at 8:36AM

I need a 30% on the test to get an A

Posted Aug 6th at 9:40AM

In order to achieve a 86% in your course, it is necessary for you to achieve atleast 96% on your finals.

Posted Aug 5th at 8:49PM


Posted Aug 5th at 5:42PM

I need at least a 67 to keep a b!!!! why have I been worrying????!!! I don't need to study hard at alllll!!! yes!!!!!

Posted Aug 5th at 8:03AM

This calculator is a serious life saver (or just makes me procrastinate harder…) Need a 16% too keep an A B)

Long dick
Posted Aug 4th at 9:33PM

I need at least 20.17% on my final to get a C!!! Hells yeah pays off to work hard all year! Now I can jerk my dick thinking about my hottt ass teacher instead of studying for that bs final!!!

Posted Aug 4th at 6:45PM

I need to get a 76% to get an A, or a 27% to get a B. I think I can handle a 27!

Posted Aug 4th at 1:35PM


Posted Aug 4th at 9:56AM

In my Italian class I need to get a 89.36% to pass at least with an 80!!

*Shaking both fist in the air with anger*


Cool Boy
Posted Aug 2nd at 4:48PM

Hey guys I have a story for all of you people who are feeling sad and discouraged.I started out as a kid with all A's but then I joined chess club and my grades started dropping.Then I worked hard and now I have all B's

Posted Aug 2nd at 8:30AM


Posted Aug 1st at 6:05PM

I need 94% to pass my math class

Posted Aug 1st at 9:44AM

awesome calculator!!! takes a lot of stress off the final exam, knowing what I absolutely have to make in order to pass. Thank you so much!

So scared
Posted Aug 1st at 8:53AM

I need a 78 in English summer school to stay above an 80. English is so fkinhaaaaard

Posted Jul 31st at 1:04AM

Roll Tide

Dank Student
Posted Jul 30th at 9:37PM

Thanks roger for a great calculator, u da real mvp

Posted Jul 30th at 4:34PM

I needed 41% which I'm pretty sure I got, but i showed up late and I'm pretty sure they're going to automatically remove me from the class. I'm so fucking fucked :)

Timothy Jun
Posted Jul 30th at 10:18AM

I need at least a 34.4 percent To at least maintain a B in World History so awesome I love this class

mehar arooj
Posted Jul 30th at 12:43AM

i got 57 marks in maths plz tell me what i can do?

Posted Jul 29th at 2:57PM

well i need 5.97 % on my math summer school exam to get a 50 i'm scared because i totally tanked it but relieve since i know ill pass

Posted Jul 29th at 12:14AM

This website will either worry you or relieve you.

Doing fine
Posted Jul 28th at 7:11AM

At an 80 right now, and that's the minimum I want for my report card.

Summer school
Posted Jul 27th at 6:41PM

I have 49% in summer school *cries in the corner*

Posted Jul 27th at 6:15PM

I needed a 28% on my final. I worked hard all year to put myself in this position and figured I don't need to study (roger told me so as well). Anyway I got a 19% on the final but at least I still got a B.

Posted Jul 27th at 7:51AM

You Are Failing.

Posted Jul 26th at 10:06PM

I could get a 0% on my exam and still pass with a C. I feel so amazing

Posted Jul 26th at 6:15PM

All I need is a 110.5% :)

Cris Cool
Posted Jul 26th at 8:31AM

Sitting on a 93% right now. I can make a 77% and still have an A in the class.

Marcus Kaya
Posted Jul 24th at 1:00AM

i'm cool

Micah Nishimoto
Posted Jul 24th at 12:57AM

I needed a 92.5% on my finals, but instead I got distracted by CS:GO, and got a 34% on my finals. FML

Posted Jul 23rd at 9:01PM

Thanks Roger for making the site. I appreciate not having to do the math. Thanks again.

Posted Jul 23rd at 8:28PM

i need a 104 to get an A

Posted Jul 23rd at 7:05PM

Follow me on twitter,instagram,FB fam

Struggling with calculus
Posted Jul 23rd at 11:39AM

Your helper, your caring words has put me at ease and I thank you sincerely.

Your helper
Posted Jul 22nd at 2:08PM

Those of you who are here,

It may have been too late. Just a tip. For your next class, the first 6 weeks tackle them religiously, then begin easing up. A lot of us do the opposite. We ease up because its just the beginning and begin cramming slowly. NO. DON'T DO IT! I made the mistake more times than I should have, but now I know what to do. First 6 weeks are sooooooooo important. Be organized. Study, study and study. Then ease up.

Alright, take care.

A friend.

Posted Jul 22nd at 1:25PM

60% and want to get an 80%… i need a 260% send help

Posted Jul 22nd at 10:45AM

Need a 81 to get an A for Algebra and a 60 to get at least an A-

Posted Jul 21st at 6:22PM

I love you Roger

Posted Jul 21st at 5:22PM

LOOL. I need 111% on my final to get 90% as an average. Well it was worth dreaming for. Hahahahaha

Posted Jul 21st at 1:56PM

I love this page so much

Posted Jul 20th at 4:45AM

So, in nursing school an A is no less than 92%! I currently have a 92%! The final is worth 30% of our grade and I must achieve a 92% on the final to maintain my A! Hrumph…so much for working hard during the class so I can ease up on the final!

Posted Jul 18th at 3:03PM

I have an overall 100% how can you be that dumb

Posted Jul 15th at 8:28PM



I give up
Posted Jul 15th at 12:27PM

So i needed an 84 to get that A, but guess what… i got a 61…

Posted Jul 14th at 8:26PM

I'm fucking screwed.

Posted Jul 13th at 10:23PM

I need a 81 to get a A- on my test 😭

deez nutz
Posted Jul 13th at 9:59AM

this thing is awesome but not my class

Irritated Student >__
Posted Jul 12th at 11:55PM

First things first… I love this site!

I hate my teacher.

Caramel Biddleton
Posted Jul 11th at 1:42PM

Guys, before you start giving up, let me tell you something…
I started a class with a 76, and that was the worst grade possible considering taking this class for summer (so I don't have to take it next year) and it sucked. But I tried and struggled and finally my average became an 89. With the final I got a 92…and that brought my grade to a 90! That made it a 5.0 GPA, and guys if you try, you will make it, just believe in yourself and stop complaining! You all can do this…no one is dumber than another unless they try…

Posted Jul 10th at 11:58PM

i already took my final but i felt so good when i could get -300 and still pass that feeling is so nice

looking for a miracle
Posted Jul 8th at 7:16PM

I need 109% so I'm not gone waste my teacher time :(

Oh no m80 this isnt gr8
Posted Jul 8th at 8:15AM

Im taking my APUSH Final today i need an 84 AIWHOFUEIHBLGUEBWAUD:

Posted Jul 8th at 7:39AM

Happy about all my overall grades for 10th grade (adding the two semesters and dividing by two). I know some of you guys will have better classes and or grades, but here we go.
-Principles of Health Science (100%)
-Honors Spanish II (94%)
-AP World History (100%) (5 on the AP test)
-Honors English II (94%)
-Tech Theater (100%)
-Honors Chemistry (90%)
-Honors Geometry (91%)

Can't wait for next year!

-Medical Terminology
-Mental Health Science
-Honors Spanish III
-Algebra II
-AP Physics I
-AP English III
-AP US History

And then the year after!

-AP English IV
-AP Biology
-AP Government and Economics
-AP Chemistry

Leroy J
Posted Jul 7th at 6:58PM

alright I just need a 135.84% to pass let's do this

Posted Jul 7th at 4:34AM

I just used this because i didn't get my online exam mark and wanted to know what i got.. came in with an 83 and ended with an 81% :)

Posted Jul 6th at 2:28PM

need 62% on math to get 50% overall, this is tough………

you guys are lucky
Posted Jul 4th at 12:09PM

at my school need to get at least 70 in math,science,language art,and history to pass to the next grade while you guys need like 50 to pass but lucky i made it and i am going to seventh grade.last why are you guys still talking about finals the school year is over it ended in may

Posted Jul 1st at 10:36AM

id prob dropout of school if i didnt have this. thanks fam

Posted Jun 30th at 1:48PM

i need a 2% on my final to have a 100% in the class. lol

Posted Jun 29th at 6:42PM

Need a 105% on my optional accounting final to get a B… least I can sleep in tomorrow.

Richard Rothschild
Posted Jun 29th at 7:42AM

I need a 80% on my final exam to get a 80% on my Psychology class! We'll better start studying!

nursing student
Posted Jun 29th at 6:50AM

75% to pass nutrition… Wish me luck about to test within the hour 📋📚💊💉

I f#@ked up
Posted Jun 29th at 6:12AM

You know you screwed up when you only needed 34% in the exam to pass, but are still worried if you passed or not. In short, i fucked up

Posted Jun 28th at 2:53PM

i hav a 11% in math i it posible 2 get my grade up thnx in want 2

Posted Jun 26th at 12:43AM

Fuck! I'm failing high school ;'( I'm such a failure.

Posted Jun 25th at 1:37PM

I'm gonna fail. *claps hands excitedly*

Posted Jun 25th at 11:33AM

I'm soooooo happy yet worried!

Carmen :)
Posted Jun 25th at 7:13AM

Lol I was really worried about passing my classes but now I know that I have to get a negative mark to pass. Might as well not show up.. Except math lol.

Posted Jun 24th at 4:20PM

I have a 56 in history what do I need to pass on a 20% exam to pass?????????

So Greatful
Posted Jun 24th at 8:43AM

Who ever made this websit I love you!! I was really worried about how I was going to do on my final exams but using this I could see I didn't really have to worry and still get a good enough mark!! Thank you

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jun 23rd at 7:20PM

I need a -11.49% to pass Chem with a B- Maybe I just won't show up

LOL what???
Posted Jun 23rd at 4:28PM

i need a 85% to pass math with a 90%. LOL i don't know if this thing is accurate or not.

Posted Jun 23rd at 2:05PM

Was kinda worried about english. But now I know that I at least passed the class. Went in to the exam with a 51%.

Posted Jun 23rd at 2:04PM

I got a 47 on my science final…….now my final grade is a 62.2…. could I still take normal science in grade ten next year?

Posted Jun 23rd at 10:52AM


Posted Jun 23rd at 10:19AM

that beautiful feeling where you can fail your exam and still pass

Posted Jun 23rd at 6:20AM

I am at 55% and need 30% on the exam to pass my exam to pass my class with 50% today is a good day

Posted Jun 23rd at 2:25AM

its 5am and my bio exams in three hours, but ive barely started studying. why am i sitting here reading all your dumbass comments? on the bright side i only need a 51% to finish with a 70%. hopefully i can do that…

Posted Jun 23rd at 1:10AM

At a 39% and need 61% to pass and final is worth 50%. RIP

Posted Jun 22nd at 10:38PM

i am getting 40% in math 10 and I need 90% to get 50%………ok

Posted Jun 22nd at 8:19PM

i need 46 percent on my math exam to pass fuck i gonna fail

Posted Jun 22nd at 7:12PM

ya'll should be studying

Posted Jun 22nd at 5:55PM

All of you people complaining, saying inappropriate things, and making racist remarks do not deserve to pass. If you cannot accept people of different races, or if you pretend to have been raped (Which is a serious topic) you deserve to be held back and think about your life choices. You all realise that your IPs can be traced, and honestly I find your comments very disrespectful. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

ninjago idk
Posted Jun 22nd at 4:14PM

I need 55 percent on my exam worth 20 percent to pass math I have 48.72. I am so scared the exam is tomm but its all multiple choice and i have been studying. so #prayforme

Posted Jun 22nd at 3:29PM

i was at a 65 in math i went up to a 80
i was faILING sCIENCE and now im passing

NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!

big dank
Posted Jun 22nd at 1:59PM

I have a 41% in science and need a 50 my exam is worth 15% so I need 101. Fuck it. But for my math which I have a 47% I need a 60% to pass.

dont be me
Posted Jun 22nd at 12:27PM

go study, or ur gonna fail…

Posted Jun 22nd at 11:25AM

I need 20% on my science test to get in my course I want. Yes

I also need a 20% on my la final that is worth 20%. It's 2 parts and I got 60% on first part, which is actually 30%. Sick

Posted Jun 22nd at 10:22AM

I just need a 60 to pass math with a 72 fuck studying boys. Add me on ps4- SwayQuickie

Klaas Antuma
Posted Jun 22nd at 7:00AM

for my exam I need to get -299.5% on the to get 50%

Posted Jun 21st at 8:57PM

I need 70% to pass in math…..screw it :p

Posted Jun 21st at 5:09PM

I had a 50% in French at midterms. (It was actually lower than that, but my French teacher boosted my mark to 50 for the report card)

I finished with 77%.

Never give up, ladies and gentlemen.

That is all.

Posted Jun 21st at 4:51PM

hey i

Posted Jun 21st at 4:40PM

A couple suggestions:
incoporating a backwards feature where you can solve for other variables
making an option to display a chart with all the possible marks
rounding up from the .5 ending

Roger: Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll think about it.

Posted Jun 21st at 10:47AM

I need a 73percent to get a 65 to pass my algebra class. my final is worth10 percent.i know i wont pass. i wish i could of start this year all over again. its too late now

Posted Jun 21st at 9:53AM

I need 107.5% to get 100% in chemistry, gr8. :)))))))))

Posted Jun 20th at 11:14PM

That sad moment when you give a subject your all and you don't get what you hoped to achieve…

Posted Jun 20th at 7:20PM

lolz, need 95% to finish with a 90 in math.

Posted Jun 20th at 4:16PM

I need at least a 5% to get a 95 % percent. My final exam is worth 10%

Posted Jun 20th at 3:42PM

Why is all's of y'all bad st the schools?

Yo boy jake
Posted Jun 19th at 9:59PM

I need a -72% to pass french😆

The Brahma Bull
Posted Jun 19th at 2:09PM

41% in Math, I need a 71 % if i want a 50. :(

i hate
Posted Jun 19th at 12:41PM

french :(

Posted Jun 19th at 11:44AM

I need a -2% on math exam to pass. Some stress relieved! But a 55 to finish with a 70😁LETS HOPE

Posted Jun 19th at 11:27AM

I need a 101.33% to get a 90% in Chemistry…

There goes the excellence, and a new phone! :)

[Insert Some Retarded Name Here]
Posted Jun 19th at 8:31AM

I legit fucked up this year.

This is my marks for my classes (grade 11):

Anthropology/Psychology/Sociology: 63% (could've done MUCH better if I done the work on time and didn't rush them)

Engineering: 71% (could've done SO MUCH better if I studied for tests and done the assignments without rushing)

Computer Science: In the 50s (I don't even know if i'm going to pass. Really hard but I didn't do the work so It's mainly my fault)

Bio: 60% ( Didn't do work, didn't study for tests and rushed assignments last minutes)

Overall, I did REALLY bad and if I continue like this next year, I won't be going anywhere :(

But last semester I had

76% in english (80% before exam)

78% in Marketing (83% before exam)

73% in Business (76% before exam)

64% in Math (Mixed U/C) [70% before exam)

That feeling when you're at the verge, ._.
Posted Jun 19th at 8:20AM

oh fuck. I'm not sure what my mark is and it's probably around 55%. The exam is worth 20% and I didn't study and it was HARD as FUCK. It says here I need at least 30% to pass but I'm just sitting here worrying I didn't even get that much. I think I passed but I'm not sure. Most likely though, I passed.

Posted Jun 18th at 10:40PM

ok, so I just wanted to say that ruby rose is perfect

Posted Jun 18th at 8:43PM

This is going to tough

Posted Jun 18th at 7:13PM

woo only need a 58 to maintain my solid C :D #prayforjoe

Posted Jun 18th at 6:12PM

you have ruined my motivation, but at the same time, I still love you. thanks

Tony da tiger
Posted Jun 18th at 5:16PM

Bys I need to get a 59, piss off with studying

Tony Teh Walrus
Posted Jun 18th at 4:32PM

Hello, I am currently 15 years old and I want to become a walrus. I know there’s a million people out there just like me, but I promise you I’m different. On December 14th, I’m moving to Antartica; home of the greatest walruses. I’ve already cut off my arms, and now slide on my stomach everywhere I go as training. I may not be a walrus yet, but I promise you if you give me a chance and the support I need, I will become the greatest walrus ever. If you have any questions or maybe advice, just inbox me. Thank you all so much ~~

Posted Jun 18th at 12:45PM

I need a -73% to get an A

Posted Jun 18th at 12:14PM

i luv skewl an finles

Posted Jun 18th at 12:08PM

is this calculator real (does it show correct% in order to a pass a class,So i have 53 in science it says that i need 44% to pass Is it right or is it fake calculations.Thanks john)

Posted Jun 18th at 12:02PM

Fun calculator. I need a 13% or higher on my final exam to pass Managerial Accounting with an A. ;-)

Posted Jun 18th at 11:56AM

I had a 35% at midterm, and now it is 67.3%, dont ever give up

Posted Jun 18th at 11:44AM

I passed math!!!

Posted Jun 18th at 11:06AM

I have an 82.85% and I need a 93% on my final to get an 85% overall.. I got a 91% on the practice… I could maybe do it.

Posted Jun 18th at 10:23AM

this website rlly helps me in all my endeavours

Posted Jun 18th at 7:14AM

lol at ms. pancheckas teaching skills :)

Posted Jun 18th at 2:00AM


Posted Jun 18th at 1:59AM


Posted Jun 18th at 1:59AM


Posted Jun 17th at 11:04PM

ok so I took my final and there was three parts. I got an 87

Posted Jun 17th at 10:13PM

ya i have a 50 in math need atleast a 90 on the exam to get a 60 tru tho

Steph Curry
Posted Jun 17th at 10:08PM

"Pls fix this thing k thnx" – LMFAO UR FUCKING HILARIOUS I AM DYING

Posted Jun 17th at 8:18PM

Brebeuf squad! Need a 58% to finish with 70 in data.

Posted Jun 17th at 7:58PM

I have a 77 in bio and i need a 94 to finish with an 83. good lord jesus baconator

Evan L.
Posted Jun 17th at 7:55PM

Have an 80 in spanish, need an 80 overall, must get an 80 on midterm, challenge accepted.

Aye boii
Posted Jun 17th at 7:33PM

Have a 71 in science need to get a 41 to pass with a 65 praying that I can do that tomorrow. Help me

Posted Jun 17th at 7:14PM

Need -22% to pass history…

I will die.

Your Name
Posted Jun 17th at 6:20PM

How hard is it to get a 30%?

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there are many things in the world that people pay attention to, but thenn again i'm only testing how long my name can be, since i like studying (totally) and i'm not procrastinating (totally), i stil
Posted Jun 17th at 6:17PM

if anyone wants good grades, he/she, solaire of astora-senpai, and i are supposed to praise the sun!

Posted Jun 17th at 6:12PM

omg i didnt pass history by a .49%!!!! teacher wont even curve the grade!

BEWBS ( . Y . )
Posted Jun 17th at 6:08PM


dis madder fak boi
Posted Jun 17th at 6:07PM

need a 31% to pass physics :D

Posted Jun 17th at 5:44PM

dont use decimals, it will break the calculator.

Amon is the guy in the hood xD
Posted Jun 17th at 5:44PM

Tokyo Ghoul:re spoilers!!

Ayy lmao

Posted Jun 17th at 5:41PM

i need at least -205% on the exam to past french. (worth 15%)

Pls fix this thing k thnx
Posted Jun 17th at 5:40PM

This is possibly broken, (well the text it says after what you need to pass).
I put in 40% as my grade before my exam and it said you would need to get a 90% to get a 50%, this is fine but then it says "Maybe you could just draw a flower on the test or something", and "Have fun! (doing other things)", and "Nice Job!", and "You don't even need to bother studying". I think it's trying to troll me :P
Pls send halp.

Roger: It’s fixed now, thanks!

Posted Jun 17th at 5:10PM

I need a 1e+94 to get an 100% in my Math exam. Whatever that means.

Kenadee and Keighlah
Posted Jun 17th at 3:57PM

We are conjoined twins and need a -43% to get a 90 in our Political Sciences class…

Posted Jun 17th at 3:47PM

I need to get an 2589% to get an A in the class crap… 😞

Posted Jun 17th at 3:35PM

u need to get 290% i think i can do that

The Great Ali
Posted Jun 17th at 1:49PM

WOOOOW i have a 79.1 in chemistry and i need a 94% on the exam to get a 85% overall WTF ? man i worked soon hard to study for chemistry everyday i studied a lot and today i wrote the exam it was alright but i don't think i got a 94 but i think its mostly above 85 so the lowest i can get in SHC3U is a 81 -_- wow i want a 83 or 84 ARHGGGGG pray for me PLZ PLZ :)

Posted Jun 17th at 1:28PM

I need a 20% to get a 92 in my law class… off to bed!

Posted Jun 17th at 12:26PM

I need to get -31% to fail science… Honestly no honour role

Posted Jun 17th at 11:33AM

Wow I even spelt bye wrong, good thing I need 0% to get an 80 in English!

Posted Jun 17th at 11:31AM

Welp I need a 62% to get a 50% overall in calculus. BY SUMMER YOU WERE SHORT LIVED

Posted Jun 17th at 10:13AM

have fun flunking your exam because you have the grades to do it for fun

try a bit. maybe you'll find it easier than you think

have fun flunking your exam because you have the grades to do it for fun

Random Guy
Posted Jun 17th at 9:50AM

Dang need at least a 75.5 on my final to get an A wish me luck

Posted Jun 17th at 9:50AM

I need a 0% on the final to end with 80% in the class…

Posted Jun 17th at 8:12AM

I need to get 32% on my exam to pass science hopefully I can do it. If not my life is over

Posted Jun 17th at 7:48AM

Man I need to get a 77% on my Math exam to pass with a 70% :(

Thanks for the calculator though.

pls don't hurt me
Posted Jun 16th at 10:06PM

Need 57% to pass bio. Wish me luck.

Posted Jun 16th at 9:36PM


sorry mom, back to studying for finals

who am i kidding

Posted Jun 16th at 9:34PM

it will be okay :)

this is why
Posted Jun 16th at 9:33PM

i should have studied harder

Not your buisness
Posted Jun 16th at 9:22PM

Is this even accurate? Its seems odd

Mad dog
Posted Jun 16th at 8:45PM

I only need 10% to pass math. life is looking good

Posted Jun 16th at 8:05PM

I feel like putting my head in a blender. (not really, but sorta because I'm studying for my Bio final)

Posted Jun 16th at 7:53PM

im at a 76 in history and to get a mark of 80 i need over 100% on the exam wtf? is this thing broken or am i zooked

Roger: That sounds about right.

Posted Jun 16th at 7:37PM

Welp I passed all my courses summer here I come

Posted Jun 16th at 7:31PM

wwhat if i need a 47% but I'm not evven sure if I'll get a 47% on the exam ahhhhhh
this is the day i die
wwhy bother staying up, i must accept my fate, i am going to fail

Posted Jun 16th at 5:27PM

Have an 82% in math only need to get 47% to pass this class. #BLESSED

Just shoot me now
Posted Jun 16th at 5:08PM

I need a 86 on the final to get an 80 in the class. R u fuking? R.I.P straight A semester. Thanks a fucking lot physics for ruining the curve -.- 77 my fucking ass -.-

Posted Jun 16th at 4:22PM

writing comments

Im shmacked
Posted Jun 16th at 3:57PM

i have a 59% and need a 172% on my math final

holy shit
Posted Jun 16th at 3:50PM

im so fucked

Monique Stofer
Posted Jun 16th at 3:43PM

Just finished the Algebra 2/Trig Honors final for Stofer. All I need is a 71% to keep my A, but I'm really scared. Pray for me to pass so I can go to Peru with Stofer??

I should be studying but posting comments instead
Posted Jun 16th at 2:37PM

I need a 71% on my exam to pass math
god have mercy

Posted Jun 16th at 2:33PM

I got a 79% in science and I need a 73% of a B, haha I need to get 49% so this will be easy.

Posted Jun 16th at 1:00PM

Need -203% to fail math

Posted Jun 16th at 12:50PM

its finals time again time to check rogerhub and cry when you should be studying

Mark Maclennan
Posted Jun 16th at 12:06PM


Elijah Kassis
Posted Jun 16th at 12:05PM

Currently have a 95 in History, need to get a 70 on exam to have a 90 average in my classes
#NBAFinals2015 #DubNation

Shia LaBeouf
Posted Jun 16th at 11:17AM


Amy Rivera
Posted Jun 16th at 11:13AM

Yeah I have a 42% in AP bio chemistry but i really am shooting for a 59% in maths otherwise my parents will whip out the bamboo stick.

halp me

Posted Jun 16th at 11:11AM

I need a -3 to pass the class

Posted Jun 16th at 10:37AM

This is so dumb like literally I need a 96% on my final to get an A in chem and if I don't I can forget about college :/

Posted Jun 16th at 10:15AM


Posted Jun 16th at 9:50AM

I need to get an 80 to go from a 74-75 in math

math lover/SUCKER
Posted Jun 16th at 8:05AM


Posted Jun 16th at 1:25AM

Found out that to get a b in the class I just have to get 29% pretty chill. Great calculator

Posted Jun 15th at 11:29PM

You all are try to get 80's and 90's and all I'm trying to do is pass the class I feel so dumb lol

Believer of god
Posted Jun 15th at 11:17PM


Posted Jun 15th at 10:31PM

well. looks like I could only get an A in one of my borderline classes. fuck my life. also why is everyone else happy with a c???

Harrison Lee
Posted Jun 15th at 9:00PM

Just enough to keep a B+ in chem hope Roger's calculations are right!!!

Fuck the LIFE
Posted Jun 15th at 8:41PM

i need to get 100 to raise my mark to 85 FUCK
thank you for the calculator

Homo Sapiens
Posted Jun 15th at 7:34PM

Oh and thanks for including how you calculated the final mark. Pretty interesting, fun and easy for lazy/shitty-at-math people

Homo Sapiens
Posted Jun 15th at 7:29PM

Hey… I might get a decent mark in math… I might not have to use my back-up plan of becoming a nun… great calculator btw, really well done.

Posted Jun 15th at 7:20PM

Where's the closest bridge?

Roger: Depends where you live.

Posted Jun 15th at 6:54PM

when you find out you only need -10 on our final to still pass with a c its the best felling in the world

Posted Jun 15th at 6:26PM

I need an 58 to pass math PLEASE GOD LET ME PASS!!!!

i'm so screwed
Posted Jun 15th at 6:23PM

I'm sobbing…fuck everything I'm crying so hard right now

Posted Jun 15th at 6:13PM

This site simultaneously raises and destroys my hopes ;-;

Woodbridge High Mrs. Dorman is hot
Posted Jun 15th at 5:53PM

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy im set, also YEA MRS.DORMAN MMHMMMMMMM YEA BB YEAAAA YOU KNOW IT AND WORK IT.

Posted Jun 15th at 5:29PM

Yay, I'll pass math even if I get 0 on the exam. Thanks for the calculator!

Roger: You’re welcome!

kill me now before the finals do
Posted Jun 15th at 4:41PM

I need to get at /least/ a 78 on my Algebra 1 Final to pass the whole course. If I fail, I will be forced to go to summer school or repeat the class next year and take extra classes to catch up with my peers so I can graduate when the time comes.This full week of non-stop studying better pay off.

You better be happy, Algebra, because I am devoting all of my studying time to you and you only.

P.S If you are sad that you might not get an A in a class, just be happy that you are not me haha. There is a bright side to everything.

GONNA pass either way!! :D
Posted Jun 15th at 4:38PM

Nice to know you could get a 0% and still pass with a 60%

Screw up
Posted Jun 15th at 4:26PM

I need a 106 on final to get a 70 from a 66 in English -_-

Posted Jun 15th at 3:17PM

I need a 78.75% for the B but shes a devil… What do u think?

Posted Jun 15th at 3:10PM


Posted Jun 15th at 2:59PM

if you're fucked and you know it clap your hands

Posted Jun 15th at 2:51PM

am i the only one crying rn??????

Posted Jun 15th at 12:43PM

I love this Site

Posted Jun 15th at 11:59AM

might as well drop out with these grades lol

Posted Jun 15th at 10:07AM

im spooked that i may fail, but CSGO will be there for me #3hunna

Posted Jun 15th at 8:59AM

I need a -430% to get a 90 in history. I'll find a way to do it

I'm gonna fail
Posted Jun 15th at 6:40AM

I need a 59 to pass science I'm thinking that I'm gonna fail

Posted Jun 15th at 5:37AM

AN A- in social studies good enough for me next class is Algebra 1

Posted Jun 15th at 4:01AM

i need a 44 percent to get a B in math class and i can honestly say i don't got it:'-(

Posted Jun 15th at 2:14AM

Good luck everybody! Thanks for this website too by the way.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jun 15th at 12:06AM


Posted Jun 14th at 10:28PM

It's 1am and im suffering

Posted Jun 14th at 9:09PM

need a 17% on my chem final to get an A lmao

Posted Jun 14th at 7:53PM

I have an 84 in Geo and my final exam is worth 15%, if I want to get at least a 70, I need to score a -9.33%. Woooooooooooow
If I want an 80 I need to get a 57.33% But HEY GUESS WHAT PEOPLE. You guys clearly forgot about the OTHER culminating work that you did that will also affect your mark. So NO I will not get an 80% overall in the class because of my other culminating work. YOU ALL ARE TOO GULLIBLE.

Posted Jun 14th at 7:34PM

Bois i fucking pass chem without even showing up to the exam

Im a failure
Posted Jun 14th at 6:55PM

i could have studied for my exam tomorrow

but I just wanted to enjoy the steam summer sales

steam ruined my life

submit to GabeN

Posted Jun 14th at 6:42PM

Who killed the lights at the Baltimore super bowl? Ray Lewis, Ray Lewis killed the lights :))

Posted Jun 14th at 6:05PM

Ok, fuck taking the final, summer school for composition with literature!

Damn You ESO
Posted Jun 14th at 3:05PM

Ever since elder scrolls online came out for console june 9 i barely have studied

i hate
Posted Jun 14th at 2:16PM


Posted Jun 14th at 2:14PM

even if i get 0s on all my exams i still pass with Cs


Lil B
Posted Jun 14th at 12:19PM

lol i need a 128% to get a A on my calc final, pls lilbthebasedgod u r my saviour

Posted Jun 14th at 12:00PM

When you get 100 on a final but needed 101 to get and A>>>>>>

That person
Posted Jun 14th at 11:03AM

God bless this thing!

Posted Jun 14th at 10:56AM

thank you

Posted Jun 14th at 10:49AM

Thanks for this handy calculator! :)

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jun 14th at 9:31AM

I need at least -32% in order to pass history for the year lol 😹😹

Posted Jun 14th at 6:56AM

In order to get at least a 65 in Geometry, all I need is a 33. I should be fine.

school shenanigans suck >:O
Posted Jun 13th at 5:58PM

wow this has stressed me
i have 5 A/A+s and 2 Bs
and i need to get a 95% on finals

Posted Jun 13th at 3:23PM

Thank you so much for this calculator!! It was super nice of you to put it up and make it public:) much love from this corner thank you again!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jun 13th at 2:47PM

I only need a 38% on my history final to keep an A

Cara Kim
Posted Jun 13th at 2:22PM

roger pls i need to get a 104% on my final pls roger come to my class and save me pls thnx

doubherty velley student
Posted Jun 12th at 9:24PM

Yas i got 100 on geometry

Posted Jun 12th at 6:03PM

If I pass my math exam than I pass the course if I don't I don't never been so pressured in my life 😢😢😞😢

Posted Jun 12th at 5:11PM

not even going to study for geometry bc no matter how hard i try i am not getting an A in that class…

Best student ever
Posted Jun 12th at 4:31PM


Well then
Posted Jun 12th at 4:29PM

I need a 130% to get an A in social studies. 😭

Posted Jun 12th at 8:37AM

Ughhhh fcking pemby man! Literally one credit away from grading, and this teacher is probably going to fail me. I was at 56% yesterday and I got 0 on the presentation which is worth 36 marks. This is the last assignment before the final…. I need 50% to pass. Any idea how much 36 marks weighs on my grade? Thanks!!!

Posted Jun 11th at 11:01PM

It doesn't even matter if I don't take my algebra 2 final, I'll pass anyways. I'd have to get a -18% on my final to get a 60% but that's even passing xD

fudge geometry
Posted Jun 11th at 8:32PM

i had a 93 at first now sitting at 79.83 i hate mr thomas every test gets harder

Posted Jun 11th at 8:31PM

I've decided to stay up until 12:00 reading comments on this website instead of getting a good nights rest or studying. Go me 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Posted Jun 11th at 8:25PM

Well allI need is above a 10% to get an A in health. I'm definitley boned

Trap Nation
Posted Jun 11th at 7:10PM

Screw this im working on my channel.

Posted Jun 11th at 6:21PM

nooooooo i got 1 question below getting a b

@wazzup: LOOK HERE!
Posted Jun 11th at 2:34PM

@wazzup "ok, so your thing is kinda confusing. My final is part of my test. I have a 96.5 in my class. I want a 90. Tests are worth 25% of my total grade. I've taken 7 other tests so far. The total points all of those are worth are 281 points. And the total amount of points I've gotten on all of those combined are 253 points. So it says I need like -200% on my final to get a 90. Is that correct? if not, could you tell me please? Thanks!"

since your grade is comprised of weighted categories (tests are worth 25%, homework and quizzes are another percent, etc.) it means you have to go to the link that says "my final counts as a test". because it is weighted, the total number of points do not matter. therefore all you need to do is put

Your current grade is 95.6%.
You want (at least) a 90% in the class.
Tests are worth 25% of your grade.
You have taken 7 tests already.
Your test average is 90.03%. (I did this by doing 253/281)
The final is worth 1 test.

Therefore, you need to get -117.97% on your final to get a 90%!
Hope this helped!!! :)

Posted Jun 11th at 1:53PM

Mirajuante shoutout
go mats!

Fuck (reply)
Posted Jun 11th at 1:40PM

I did the impossible, I got 109% on my final!!!

ayy lmao
Posted Jun 11th at 1:30PM

MFW I need a 50% to keep an A:

Failed English 9 FML
Posted Jun 11th at 9:22AM

Well i already failed english and i need a 72% to pass Algebra 1 FML i need a miracle. T-T

Pepe P. Frogs
Posted Jun 11th at 9:17AM

this final will hit my right in the feels

Rosa Porks
Posted Jun 11th at 9:16AM


Posted Jun 11th at 7:39AM

World history summer school another $50 FUN

Posted Jun 11th at 6:41AM

I need an *83.5 to get a B :'(

Posted Jun 11th at 6:40AM

summer school for algebra 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

white boy
Posted Jun 11th at 1:06AM

@wazzer you need like a 7% to pass with a 90%. You're good.

also, don't lose hope everyone. i needed an 89% or better to maintain my A in calc 2, and got that A sooooo believe in yourself and your answers :)

tired student
Posted Jun 11th at 12:15AM

I have an 88.88 in chem and i need a 95 on the final to get an A… *cries*

Ravens raptors are the champs
Posted Jun 10th at 10:11PM

Wow the comments here are really funny
Baltimore Raven are Super Bowl champs!!!!!
Toronto Raptors are NBA champs!!!!!!!!

Posted Jun 10th at 8:55PM

ok, so your thing is kinda confusing. My final is part of my test. I have a 96.5 in my class. I want a 90. Tests are worth 25% of my total grade. I've taken 7 other tests so far. The total points all of those are worth are 281 points. And the total amount of points I've gotten on all of those combined are 253 points. So it says I need like -200% on my final to get a 90. Is that correct? if not, could you tell me please? Thanks!

Roger: That sounds about right.

american high school
Posted Jun 10th at 8:41PM


ms estabrook
Posted Jun 10th at 8:32PM

fuck u ms estabrook :^)

bowman is a fucktard
Posted Jun 10th at 7:55PM

my chem teacher is a retarded piece of shit. He teaches something in class and makes questions about something else. Hate him so much

I hate Mr. Yang
Posted Jun 10th at 7:47PM

Ughhhh a 66% to get an A. I hate you Yang!!!!!

Posted Jun 10th at 6:54PM

Wow, Nice. Just found out I need at least -183.61% in order to hold my A in English. My study schedule just got cleared for free time. :D

Posted Jun 10th at 6:09PM

Wow, This final grade calculator is extravagant! Anyways, i just found out that i have to get a 150% on nobody gives a fuck (about what grade you have to get). If you have to get over a 120% on a test to pass your class, you must be sped.

Posted Jun 10th at 6:04PM

So stressed about my Spanish final…

lmao @ the comment below me
Posted Jun 10th at 6:02PM

lmfao this guy is so hilarios. can some arabic ppl like confirm that or smthin because that is tooooooo funny!!

Posted Jun 10th at 5:59PM

Wow, 9 errors on this page…and a lot of console spam. But anyway, great calculator!

Roger: It’s the ads

Scott Fong
Posted Jun 10th at 5:42PM

my friend needs a – 250 to get an A in english lmao

Not a Hoe
Posted Jun 10th at 5:39PM

So like I need like a 130% on my final to get an A… Should I try hooking up with my History techer?

Posted Jun 10th at 5:21PM

HAHAHAHAHA 0% to get an A in English. Maybe i should have turned the test in blank

Ashun Kid
Posted Jun 10th at 5:19PM

88.2% to get an A… I will (probably) be fine

Posted Jun 10th at 4:33PM

i need 95% in science to get an 80

annoying person
Posted Jun 10th at 4:17PM

lol i need a -9.4 to get an A in english

Posted Jun 10th at 3:50PM

I can get a zero on my final and still get an A.

APHS Student
Posted Jun 10th at 3:18PM

I need a 131.28% to get a C- in Music Theory….. Damn

Posted Jun 10th at 2:55PM

Need an 8.1% on the final to pass science with at least a 90% in the class:)

Posted Jun 10th at 2:44PM


Posted Jun 10th at 2:43PM

I need 109% to get a B. FML

Posted Jun 10th at 2:17PM


Posted Jun 10th at 1:55PM

Need a 54.8% to pass the class. Thanks Obama

Posted Jun 10th at 1:07PM


Posted Jun 10th at 1:03PM

Well, need a 73% to keep my B in stats and a 60% to keep my B in history. Lets see how this goes 👌

Posted Jun 10th at 12:42PM

WTF got an 88% in my biology final when I originally had a 89.4 and I'm still gonna end up with a B for that class :(

Posted Jun 10th at 10:58AM

I need a 435% to pass Geometry. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Posted Jun 10th at 10:38AM


Posted Jun 10th at 9:58AM

It's my birthday tomorrow🎁

Roger: Happy birthday

Posted Jun 10th at 7:49AM

LOL I was scared I wouldn't get my credit for calculus class but even if i get -8.33% on the exam i still pass! Thanks!

Posted Jun 10th at 6:52AM

thanks for thisss. i need a 106% to get a B in math :( got As or Bs in all my other classes, but ohhh how math sucks.

Posted Jun 10th at 2:14AM

I needed a 25% to pass algebra 2… I got a 12% fml

Posted Jun 10th at 12:50AM

I can fail all my finals and end up with an A … YESSS!!!

Posted Jun 10th at 12:11AM

All i need to get an A in biology is a 128% Yay!!!!!!!!!

what the fuck
Posted Jun 9th at 11:27PM

seriously what the fuck is up with all these comments

Posted Jun 9th at 11:07PM

Oooh yeah. I need a 63% to get a c- in French.

Thankful Student, Dougherty Valley
Posted Jun 9th at 10:39PM

Thanks so much Roger! This has been super helpful :)

these comments
Posted Jun 9th at 10:19PM

god some of these are really fucked up but seriously funny at the same time

Snriend (Snail Friend)
Posted Jun 9th at 9:02PM

ROGER IS MY SNRIEND (snail friend) for making this program

Roger: Haha, what?

Posted Jun 9th at 8:18PM

Last day of finals tomorrow! One B, takes my GPA to a pretty sold 3.97, good luck to all!

Aman Mydick
Posted Jun 9th at 8:17PM

Need a 104% to pass my health class. Thanks Obama. :(

Posted Jun 9th at 8:14PM

not really becuz I need a 90% in trig and chem and english…..;–;

Posted Jun 9th at 8:09PM

You can tell it's a bunch of high schoolers using this…

Posted Jun 9th at 7:34PM

YouTube comment simulator 2K15

aw fuck
Posted Jun 9th at 7:16PM

So this website is basically just showing me the math behind how fucked I am! Yippee

Posted Jun 9th at 6:57PM

this shit is too funny

Thankful Student, Dougherty Valley
Posted Jun 9th at 4:45PM

Thanks so much Roger! This has been super helpful.

Roger: You’re welcome!

The MLG Quickscoper
Posted Jun 9th at 4:43PM

Thank you for this calculator, it is very useful, and helps me get less concerned and stressed out about my grades.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jun 9th at 4:31PM

Good thing Roger put "This does not represent RogerHub" under the comments.

I like the calculator, because I'm lazy and don't want to use my real calculator. Thank you for this :P I actually am interested in computer science, so the little things you program are fun and cool, it's awesome.

Although some of your comments under the result makes me so sad.

Roger: Wooo follow your dreams

Somebody Sad
Posted Jun 9th at 4:15PM

I need a 126% to get an 90% in English? Yeah, not happening. Dx Noo! My perfect GPA gone!! That's what I call hopeless.

Posted Jun 9th at 3:28PM

Need a 11% on my issue final hahah

Posted Jun 9th at 3:27PM

This website is awful!

Tualatin High
Posted Jun 9th at 3:16PM

Any body else from Tualatin?

fuck everything
Posted Jun 9th at 3:06PM

getting held back….. fuck my life

A from Pretty Little Liars
Posted Jun 9th at 2:56PM

i need a 68.05% on the final to pass, but dont know any econ. omg

Posted Jun 9th at 2:24PM

i need 107% lol

DVHS Student
Posted Jun 9th at 2:01PM

I need 106% to get an A, while I should already have one. This is for Spanish. My teacher is retarted and stupid! She ruined my grades by giving me the wrong grades!!! She gave me bad grades on quality work! I hate spanish! If I get this same teacher next year I am asking to be in a different class or I'm dropping. DVHS students, if u get this teacher (Ramirez) for Spanish, drop out.

Posted Jun 9th at 2:00PM

how the hell am i gonna get a 700% to pass math

Posted Jun 9th at 1:53PM

I need a -250 to get a B lol I'm good

brandon le
Posted Jun 9th at 1:41PM

i only need 10% to get an A

Posted Jun 9th at 1:40PM

The comments section is the best thing about this website!

Fucking Hell
Posted Jun 9th at 1:34PM

Well, just need a 55% to get a C in Trig. Not even confident I can get that.

Posted Jun 9th at 1:31PM

All these comments are great

Posted Jun 9th at 12:36PM

Need a 93 to make an A in Precal! I'm so close!

Posted Jun 9th at 12:03PM

my math final said to find X but i still dont know where i lost her

Posted Jun 9th at 11:49AM

i need a 38% to go below a 90% lol

Posted Jun 9th at 11:22AM

Aced all my finals(:

Posted Jun 9th at 7:41AM



Posted Jun 9th at 5:59AM

lol i need like a 40% to get a F- so like i'm set for this class i'm sooo ready. I'm also the shit so if colleges see my papers they will be like omg this kids sooo dumb he has an average 0.61 GPA but it doesn't matter cause they will see that i'm the shiiitttt oh yeahhh!!!

Math Addict
Posted Jun 9th at 4:32AM

I have a MAth EXAM!!!!!!

Good 2 Go
Posted Jun 8th at 10:09PM

If I get -61% on my final, I will still be at a 93%

Posted Jun 8th at 10:02PM

I only need a 33% to get a B in my class. I am loving this.

Posted Jun 8th at 9:53PM

honors geometry i need an 114 % to get an A …. fml

Posted Jun 8th at 9:10PM

all i need is a high C to pass math. I'm not even aiming high. I just want to pass. *sighs* back to the books, i suppose

Posted Jun 8th at 9:04PM

You should make a chrome extension

Roger: What would it do?

Posted Jun 8th at 8:52PM

I like this guy but he needs a 200% to pass FOT. (foundations of tech) and gym. how do i help

Posted Jun 8th at 8:49PM

i need a 800% to pass math :v bye world

Posted Jun 8th at 8:48PM

wtf i have 59.4 percent in math stuipid fucking teacher wont raise

Posted Jun 8th at 8:47PM

Last day of school tomorrow, and one more exam left! Yay!
Good luck on your finals everyone. You got this.

fuq me
Posted Jun 8th at 8:35PM

i need 133% to get A FUCKING D. Summer school bound

Posted Jun 8th at 8:11PM

In my trig class our final replaces our lowest quiz grade, how would I figure out what I need to get on the final to pass with an A?

Roger: First, figure out what your current overall grade is with your lowest quiz removed. Then, add the weight of 1 quiz to the weight of your final exam, and the calculator can do the rest. Let me know if you need help with the specifics.

C Student
Posted Jun 8th at 8:03PM

i need a 911% to get an A

I'm screwed
Posted Jun 8th at 8:02PM

I need a 252% to pass physics

not even close
Posted Jun 8th at 7:58PM

i need a 105.3% on my final to get a 90% in the class…

Posted Jun 8th at 7:18PM

Oh lawdie my butt cringed at the % I need

Posted Jun 8th at 7:04PM

92.4 in honors geometry for the A…..
Basicaly im screwed FML!

Posted Jun 8th at 5:19PM

I have an 86.5 in english and I need a 90%. The final is 15% of my grade, but i am getting at least 35 points extra credit. What do I need on the final

Karl Auer
Posted Jun 8th at 3:44PM

LOL I need a 44% to keep an a in chem

Stupid Finals
Posted Jun 8th at 3:16PM

I can only need a 69% to get a 85 in Financial Literacy! Yes!

Posted Jun 8th at 3:07PM

lol I can get a -10% and still get a c

Simba is bae
Posted Jun 8th at 2:12PM

whenever I am depressed about finals I watch the Lion King, it helps srsly

Posted Jun 8th at 1:59PM

roger ur my idol <3 u !!!

Posted Jun 8th at 12:45PM

Smh I need a -42% on my Bio to get an F.

Posted Jun 8th at 12:22PM

Who knew that a broken ankle would affect someone's brain and thought processes or that so many of our youth cannot spell? Additionally, keep in mind that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything.

Posted Jun 8th at 11:30AM

Oh god, I need 125.6% on my finals for Bio to get an A ;_;


Posted Jun 8th at 10:41AM

Woo, got a 95 on my Spanish final and now my semester grade is a 96! Thank-you brain!

Posted Jun 8th at 10:24AM

I need a 66.6% on my history exam to pass with an A. Well, looking at these numbers i'm realizing that I may not pass unless I sell my soul.

Posted Jun 8th at 9:00AM

I need a 90.3% to get an A in trig. It's in three days. This is terrifying

Posted Jun 8th at 7:46AM

Wtf is wrong with people.

Posted Jun 8th at 7:36AM

All these middle schoolers :/

Posted Jun 8th at 6:46AM

Hey guys

Posted Jun 8th at 6:45AM

let me know

Posted Jun 8th at 6:37AM

Wait…we have a final?!?!?!

Posted Jun 8th at 6:35AM

Wat do I need on maths final? I'm not good wit numbers

Posted Jun 8th at 6:29AM

i would have gotten an a in chemistry but i frickin lost my flame lab

Posted Jun 8th at 6:27AM

my ankles got broke so i cant take finals… who knew that sucking at basketball could be so helpful in school

Posted Jun 8th at 6:12AM

i need a 53.6% to pass english

Posted Jun 8th at 6:03AM

This site is really helpful in calculating exam scores, especially at this time of year when many have begun the painful process of relearning everything.
Thank you for creating this. It really helps.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jun 7th at 10:16PM

y'all need jesus. Seriously.

Posted Jun 7th at 10:10PM

I need a 311% on my final to pass science

Posted Jun 7th at 9:50PM

I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no reason to brag. Yes, I'm complaining; that's for the purpose of calling out all of those prior comments that reek of immodesty and disrespect. Okay, Mr, "Hitler-did-nothing-wrong" and "Nigga" and "Fuck life" and all those sexually explicit comments that have nothing to do with grades or future success. You might think its cool (especially since those who commented are likely to be conceited teenagers), but its not. Consequently, it makes you sound like a fool that would rather spend his/her good-for-nothing life blabbering with typed remarks that hardly resemble anything like English to prove an ignorant point that isn't worth proving. The Holocaust was a major dark spot in history, and the struggle for civil rights (in regards to "nigga") and gender equality (in regards to the sexual comments that offend women) were the same; those are things that deserve respect. Cracking jokes about people who died and suffered–imprisoned, tortured, starved—so that youth would never have to witness thing like that again, is absolutely disgusting. If you want to live in a society where that still happens, be my guest. Move to some communist, oppressive nation—maybe that's what you deserve. And how about a "thank you" (if you're intelligent enough to know what that is, of course) comment to Rogerhub? Witness: Thanks! This was very useful.

Posted Jun 7th at 9:41PM

I better stop reading these comments and actually start studying….

Posted Jun 7th at 9:12PM


Posted Jun 7th at 6:08PM

the comments don't make any sense

yo soy tenedor
Posted Jun 7th at 5:41PM


Posted Jun 7th at 3:51PM

Need a 60% to get a B in my European Literature class, as easy as it seems to do, that will take studying -__-

Posted Jun 7th at 3:08PM

Yo Roger Hub you need to monitor these comments…horrendous

Posted Jun 7th at 2:42PM


Posted Jun 7th at 1:33PM

Only types of comments on this site:

"If I get a 30% chance on my algebra finals I'll have an A."

"I need a 210% on my history final for a 90!"

"I need a b for a b."

…thanks for letting me know

Finals are stupid
Posted Jun 7th at 1:21PM

Need to get a 58 on my math final to end up with an A in the class

Posted Jun 7th at 1:00PM

i need a 100% on my french final for it to go up to 93% in the class…and i have a 90% rn

Posted Jun 7th at 12:07PM

Only need a 20% on my science final to end up will and 70%
I will still be in Science 10 -1 if I fail the final

Posted Jun 7th at 11:05AM

I only need 54% to make a 70 in biology. Yaaaas

fuck money eat bitches
Posted Jun 7th at 9:40AM

no im not lucky im blessed yes

Posted Jun 7th at 8:46AM

LOL I only need to get a c- on my spanish final to pass with a 95!

I hate finals
Posted Jun 7th at 7:12AM

Need a 90 to get a 90.. I hate finals..

Posted Jun 6th at 11:27PM

im like hey wassup hello

Posted Jun 6th at 11:19PM

ha when you need 133% to get an A in the class…

r u serious
Posted Jun 6th at 9:48PM

ugh i need a b on my spanish test to pass the class; I suck at languages. Roger, can I do it?

Roger: Yes!

This is so not going to happen
Posted Jun 6th at 8:37PM

I need a 99.6% on my final exam to get a 3.0 in Chem III…I'm just going to go weep and change majors now…

Posted Jun 6th at 7:33PM

I need over 200% to get a C. I think I'll sleep with my teacher. Pretty sure he's not gay but whatevs.

Posted Jun 6th at 6:16PM

Anybody here go to JMM HS in Madison WI? If so, comment and good luck on finals!

Posted Jun 6th at 5:44PM

I need a c to get a C

Posted Jun 6th at 5:09PM

Roger or someone needs to monitor the comments section here, cuz there a lot of offensive content here

Posted Jun 6th at 2:26PM

Good luck to all… I'm gonna need it.

Posted Jun 6th at 12:45PM

I love this website <3

Posted Jun 6th at 12:40PM

I need an 87% on my algebra 2 final to get an A

Posted Jun 6th at 11:36AM

A slow clap for Annoyed with disguisting, heartless, assholes.

Monica Lewisnky
Posted Jun 6th at 11:11AM

To all the people using this calculator:
Go study.
That is all.

Annoyed with disguisting, heartless, assholes.
Posted Jun 6th at 9:32AM

I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no reason to brag. Yes, I'm complaining; that's for the purpose of calling out all of those prior comments that reek of immodesty and disrespect. Okay, Mr, "Hitler-did-nothing-wrong" and "Nigga" and "Fuck life" and all those sexually explicit comments that have nothing to do with grades or future success. You might think its cool (especially since those who commented are likely to be conceited teenagers), but its not. Consequently, it makes you sound like a fool that would rather spend his/her good-for-nothing life blabbering with typed remarks that hardly resemble anything like English to prove an ignorant point that isn't worth proving. The Holocaust was a major dark spot in history, and the struggle for civil rights (in regards to "nigga") and gender equality (in regards to the sexual comments that offend women) were the same; those are things that deserve respect. Cracking jokes about people who died and suffered–imprisoned, tortured, starved—so that youth would never have to witness thing like that again, is absolutely disgusting. If you want to live in a society where that still happens, be my guest. Move to some communist, oppressive nation—maybe that's what you deserve. And how about a "thank you" (if you're intelligent enough to know what that is, of course) comment to Rogerhub? Witness: Thanks! This was very useful.

Posted Jun 6th at 7:17AM

102% to raise my grade 1% come on man

Posted Jun 6th at 5:40AM

I need a 105% to bump my grade up 2% to an A. I'm so pissed

Posted Jun 6th at 3:40AM

I'm just procrastinating right now reading all these comments with mixed feelings bout each and every one confused about whether to laugh or not.

Posted Jun 5th at 10:29PM

I legitimately need a 97.92% to pass geometry, ouch, ugh

Posted Jun 5th at 9:26PM


To coyo
Posted Jun 5th at 7:26PM

Some of it is indeed spam, but its also entertaining to read and very funny. I assume you procrastinated too. Otherwise, why would you be reading the comments on a grade calculating website?

Posted Jun 5th at 6:24PM

The owner of this website should turn off the comments feature. It's just a bunch of spam, dorky teens, and people who are procrastinating on their work way too hard.

This is a great tool though.

Posted Jun 5th at 5:13PM

I need a 144% to get an A in algebra 2…I'm sticking w my 85 #peacing

joey cofield
Posted Jun 5th at 4:59PM

the highest grade is 105 cant be an 134% on the final exam to get an 80 for final grade from a 74 as last quarter. Something is screwed with the calculator

Posted Jun 5th at 4:57PM

100 to 0 real quick.

Lebron James
Posted Jun 5th at 4:28PM


Yung Grease
Posted Jun 5th at 3:54PM

off topic, but i like stale fish

Posted Jun 5th at 3:36PM

Y'all are a bunch of dumbasses

Tired of this shit 2: electric booga-fuck finals
Posted Jun 5th at 12:02PM

I agree with the guy below me. How insecure do you have to be to brag about your grade on the internet? lol

Tired of this shit
Posted Jun 5th at 11:23AM

Jesus christ these comments suck. Everyone is either complaining or bragging

Posted Jun 5th at 10:43AM

haha i need a -180% on my geometry final to pass. I'm a little worried about bio though… i neeg a -93.89% to pass. Oh-No I might as well drop the class

Posted Jun 5th at 10:42AM

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Posted Jun 5th at 9:31AM

Thanks for the site, makes semester exams less stressful, knowing exactly what I got and exactly what I need.

Posted Jun 5th at 2:22AM

I only need a 30 % or less in all my classes to escape the year with a B which is honor roll so guess who's not studying

Posted Jun 5th at 12:54AM

Getting 65 In my math average and only need 40 % to get 60 percent !!!!

Posted Jun 4th at 10:31PM


Matt Ryan
Posted Jun 4th at 9:58PM

Needed a 39% to keep my A. Dayum

Posted Jun 4th at 9:37PM

Good News! You failed.

Posted Jun 4th at 8:30PM

Need a 94 to get an A in Latin. Let's hope I can sit by the smartest kid in the class tomorrow.

Posted Jun 4th at 8:07PM


Chun Ki Ho
Posted Jun 4th at 7:53PM

582% on my final to get a D
"You better hope there is extra credit"

Posted Jun 4th at 7:30PM

I could have just looked at my Theology Exam, handed it back and said "lmAO NOPE" and walked out and still have gotten and A.

Posted Jun 4th at 6:48PM

14% to keep an A

Posted Jun 4th at 6:17PM

glad i could guess on tomorrows finals: i could get a C on the test and get and A! thanks rogerhub

Posted Jun 4th at 5:27PM

lol my boyfriend needs 189% to get an a in algebra 2

Posted Jun 4th at 4:41PM

I needed a 110% to get an A in math. I got 125% cuz the test was curved!!

Posted Jun 4th at 4:30PM

ineed a 96 to get a 90

Posted Jun 4th at 3:03PM

I feel bad for the owner of this website
It's a good website to know what you need for your final, and yet people are saying disgusting things on it….

Love the website
Not so much the comments…

Eugene Snodgrass
Posted Jun 4th at 2:56PM

"Thanks Roger Hub!", like dafuq this isn't an infomercial.

State Farm
Posted Jun 4th at 2:51PM

I need a 31.14 percent to pass my class.. YES

Penolope Clearwater
Posted Jun 4th at 2:08PM

Percy would be proud of me.

Posted Jun 4th at 12:50PM

I'm gonna pass sophomore year with 2 D's!! Hate my life!!

Posted Jun 4th at 12:33PM

Lol I need a 31% on algebra final to lose my A!!!

Posted Jun 4th at 11:55AM

I hate my school. I need a 94% just to raise my 89 to a 90.

Posted Jun 4th at 10:18AM

reliever that I need a 36% on the finals to lose my A. ahhhhh

Becoming A striper
Posted Jun 4th at 10:13AM

fuck this im out see ya fam

Posted Jun 4th at 10:12AM

well thanks for letting me know I need above 100% to get A's on most my finals. Lesson learned either study and work hard throughout the whole year or don't and fail your classes.

Posted Jun 4th at 9:55AM

I need an 80% to pass biology but ended up getting a 79%…FML

Posted Jun 4th at 9:21AM

Omg all these people go to nice schools. My school makes all finals 20% of our total grade so you have to at least get a high B on it to maintain an A-

Lazy af
Posted Jun 4th at 7:26AM

When you have to do a written gym final???

Posted Jun 4th at 7:18AM

Why do you all feel the need to comment your grades. no one cares

Retaking Algebra 2
Posted Jun 4th at 7:18AM

Well, I need a 134% on my final to pass this class.. Fuck

Posted Jun 4th at 7:16AM

Why am I wasting my time reading these comments when I could be studying for my history final????

Because I only need 48.8% to get an A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks rogerhub!

Maybe I should study math so I don't need to use this :P

Remy Boy
Posted Jun 4th at 6:27AM

Well i need a 110% on my final to pass geometry, looks like im going to need to eat my teachers booty like groceries ?

Posted Jun 4th at 5:24AM

So much stress is relieved. The only way I can fail is if I get a -186% on most of my finals xD

Not Failing
Posted Jun 4th at 5:07AM

All I need to do is take my finals and I will pass all of my classes. This is a shock for me. And I even will have an A in English.

Posted Jun 4th at 1:28AM

Ah, apparently I only need a 50% on the final to keep my A. Thanks for the stress relief!

Skool aint cool
Posted Jun 4th at 1:06AM

I wish my grades were better so i didnt have to use this website to help me do percentages

save me
Posted Jun 4th at 12:19AM

i have to get a 87% on my algebra 2 final to pass and im just so dead

yes boo
Posted Jun 3rd at 11:48PM

Just got the results from geometry final i thought I would horrendously fail, I passed the final with 80% and it somehow bumped my grade up from 86% to 90% I'm not sure how that works but god bless america this is so beautiful

Posted Jun 3rd at 10:32PM

I'm safe for now 'cause I need 81%, but ugh this is hecka stressful. ; – ;

Posted Jun 3rd at 10:30PM

when im on rogerhub instead of studying

King Smokey
Posted Jun 3rd at 9:44PM

Y'all iz dumb af. I has A in Calculus n dey call me great king smokey oompy. A in AP environmental scienze az wel.

Rip to my grades
Posted Jun 3rd at 9:35PM

OMG I NEED A 125.5% TO GET AN A IN BIO???????????

oh no
Posted Jun 3rd at 9:25PM

i need like 150% to just get Bs in some classes like why bother lmao

Jesus man
Posted Jun 3rd at 8:24PM

hey scottie,

school sucks
Posted Jun 3rd at 7:51PM

lol every time i come to this website i wanna cry. i always get "you'll need 144% on the final if you want this grade" lol I GIVE UP!!! but thanks :) really useful website!!

Posted Jun 3rd at 7:07PM

Thank you for helping

Thanks for the help RogerHub!
Posted Jun 3rd at 5:40PM

There are so many stupid people in this comment section. Besides that, thanks for the help!

Posted Jun 3rd at 4:43PM

wow some of these comments make me want to cry for the future

Posted Jun 3rd at 4:22PM

prayers for my lit exam are apreciated

Posted Jun 3rd at 3:32PM

god bless this
– student from san jose xd

Posted Jun 3rd at 3:31PM

Hey I just wanted to let you know that the calculator for the final counting as a test doesn't work. The part where it asks you what your test average is; if you put your average is 100% it says you need to get a much higher (impossible) score in order to receive a, for example, B, but if you put your average as 0% it basically says you need to get a 10% to receive a B. Please fix this because I really want to know what I have to get!!!

Roger: Those numbers sound correct. Are you confused about why those are the answers?

Posted Jun 3rd at 3:31PM

I'm actually jealous of you people who are like "I need 159% on my final to get an A". Because I need a 96%, which is NEVER gonna happen, and MY MOM IS STILL MAKING ME STUDY SO BASICALLY UGHHH

Posted Jun 3rd at 2:30PM

I need a 15.43% on my History final in order to get an A- in the class!

Blake Batarse
Posted Jun 3rd at 2:27PM


Posted Jun 3rd at 2:26PM


Posted Jun 3rd at 2:06PM

Need a 86% on my science final in order to keep my B+ and so far I've failed almost every test in that class in that class. FML

i'm screwed
Posted Jun 3rd at 1:41PM

i'm screwed

Posted Jun 3rd at 12:23PM

"Officially screwed" I am lol

Posted Jun 3rd at 12:21PM


Posted Jun 3rd at 10:48AM

These people ? I'm sorry about our generation

Posted Jun 3rd at 10:39AM

Hey rog I didn't study for any exams like you told me and I've gotten either A's or B's as final grades thanks a lot man

my life is over
Posted Jun 3rd at 10:04AM

I need a 118% to pass my science class with an A *face palm to the whole year* but I need a 63 to keep my Social Studies A.

Ryan Martin
Posted Jun 3rd at 9:54AM

Hi my is Ryan. I can bench 300 and my snap chat is Ryanmartin88

LeBron James
Posted Jun 3rd at 9:19AM

Mr. Wengeler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted Jun 3rd at 8:36AM

Darn it! If i skip my preclac final my grade drops to 97%!!!

A Guy
Posted Jun 3rd at 8:24AM

So i need a – 263% to get an A on my final

Posted Jun 3rd at 7:51AM

I need a -190.89% to get a 90 and a -90.89 to get a 100 in my Japanese class. Well, guess who's gonna skip out on the final…

Not me.

Posted Jun 3rd at 7:51AM

These comments are hilarious especially from all the freshmen failing, just wait til sophmore and junior year

Posted Jun 3rd at 7:28AM

Wow only need a 30.9% on final to hold my letter grade

crotton johnny
Posted Jun 3rd at 7:07AM


A friend
Posted Jun 3rd at 4:34AM

Roger-Re my previous question
I've taken 4 tests so far, 3 were 100 pts and 1 was 50 pts. I got a 108%, 107.9%, and 91% on the 100 pts ones and a 93.8% on the 50 pts one.

Posted Jun 2nd at 11:26PM

Shadow ridge for the win ? only need a negative 17% to keep my a in business. Shout out to vegas for making school so easy

Posted Jun 2nd at 11:03PM

I need to get a 45% on my ap geo

Posted Jun 2nd at 10:55PM

YAY! 98% in math, only need a 55% on the final on Thursday!

Leri Fafowora
Posted Jun 2nd at 10:15PM


Posted Jun 2nd at 10:12PM

Hell to the yeah! Thank you so much for this. I only need a 82% on my final to maintain an A. (:

John Aquino
Posted Jun 2nd at 10:12PM


Alexander Men
Posted Jun 2nd at 10:09PM

WHOA I JUST NEED TO GET 3 100% to become top kek on geometry dash, VIPRIN WILL BE SO PROUD

Posted Jun 2nd at 8:57PM

My grade in government was an 82 and did some calculations….if I made anything above a 30 Im good.

my grade in english is a 90 so if I get a 50 or below I can still pass with like an 80 or a 70

Posted Jun 2nd at 8:56PM

My hard work paid off, I'd need to get a -173 percent to get less then a B in my Pre Calculus class

Posted Jun 2nd at 8:43PM

Prospect high school makes it too difficult. Also. I love life and being able to pass my classes. Thank you Roger. #life sucks #thanksPHS

Posted Jun 2nd at 7:56PM

guys I need 132% to get an A in my math class.. God I just love school

joey marrone
Posted Jun 2nd at 7:23PM

i can get a 45 on my final and still get a 99

So what
Posted Jun 2nd at 7:14PM

I didn't want to pass anyways

Posted Jun 2nd at 6:53PM

Yo, u is truuuu. This website is hella dope and shit. Im from like Alabama, and I barely go to school. But luckily, I only need a 30% to pass Geometry class. IM a senior btw.

Cool One
Posted Jun 2nd at 6:43PM

I can get a 50% on the final and still get a 92%….. MY LIFE ROCKS.

Sorry, Roger.
Posted Jun 2nd at 6:37PM

I'd really like to apologize for the entirety of my generation. Some of them clearly have some issues.

Posted Jun 2nd at 6:24PM

I need an 82 just to pass

Officially Screwed
Posted Jun 2nd at 6:23PM

Any one else reading the comments instead of Studying????

Chuck Fucking Norris
Posted Jun 2nd at 6:22PM

Damn I Just broke your Screen !!!! What !!!!!! You can't beat me !!! Fuck this shit ain't nobody got time to be studying.

Fuck my life
Posted Jun 2nd at 6:12PM

I need a fucking 103.5%… FUCK EVERYTHING

Dazed and confused
Posted Jun 2nd at 5:40PM

Omg I just go on here to read the comments??? best thing ever

Posted Jun 2nd at 5:04PM


Tina brown
Posted Jun 2nd at 4:49PM

Thanks! Now I know I can get a 41 on my exam and still pass. I love this website!

A friend
Posted Jun 2nd at 4:40PM

Hi Roger! Thank you so much for making this website; it really helps reduce my finals stress:) I was wondering if you could help me calculate what I need to get on my final physics test to keep an A. So we have 3 categories (plus the final one): Homework, weighted at 10%, Labs that are worth 25%, and tests that are worth 45%. The final, hence, is 20% of our grade. Right now, I have a 101.45% in HW, 92.34% in labs, and 101.08% in tests. We already took our final and assume my grade on it was a 97% (it was 97.something…I forgot what). On finals day we are taking a test to be put into the test category (the one I have a 101.08% in). The test is worth 50 pts. So right now, my overall grade is a 98.4% (this is NOT counting the actual final). What do I need to get on my test to keep a 90% or above?
Thank you!!!!!

Roger: It depends on how many tests you have taken so far. (I’m assuming that your tests are all 50 points each.) Can you tell me how many tests you’ve already taken?

Posted Jun 2nd at 4:29PM

Thank you so much for this. I need to fail the final to get a b in the class xD

Posted Jun 2nd at 4:19PM


Whats mean Finals
Posted Jun 2nd at 3:44PM

Whats mean ronel

ill raise your D
Posted Jun 2nd at 3:37PM

If you Raise my :D

Posted Jun 2nd at 3:11PM

Can you hack my grade system to make my java grade a 120%???????

What is going on
Posted Jun 2nd at 2:35PM

This is a site that lets you know what percentage you need in order to get the grade you desire.

Posted Jun 2nd at 2:20PM

i have an 89.5 in biology right now and i'm terrified for the final because i need an a in the class ://

Posted Jun 2nd at 1:49PM

Thank you so much

Roger: You’re welcome!

I Win
Posted Jun 2nd at 1:28PM

I need to get a -5.88% on my final to fail the class. THIS PLAN CAN'T POSSIBLY FAIL

Posted Jun 2nd at 1:27PM

What is my final grade please.
Midterm 80/100 worth 40% of my grade
Extra credit 10/10 worth 5%
Extra credit 10/10 worth 5%
Final 84% woth 40%
184 of 220 total

Roger: That only adds up to 90%. What is the other 10%?

Posted Jun 2nd at 12:34PM

Oh, I just need a 236% to get a B, EASY AS SHIT.

Posted Jun 2nd at 11:40AM

Hello everybody, I am still alive.

Posted Jun 2nd at 11:29AM

crap i hate finals

Posted Jun 2nd at 11:11AM

Roger!!!! I took my final already and it is counted as a grade. I had a 97 in the class before I took the test and I got an 84%. nothing is weighted in my class can you please tell me my overall grade?

Roger: How many points as your final? And how many points do you have overall?

Posted Jun 2nd at 10:36AM


Roger Pornhub
Posted Jun 2nd at 9:17AM

hell yeah
Posted Jun 2nd at 9:12AM

way to get emotional donnie… *super manly tears*

Donnie Boy
Posted Jun 2nd at 9:10AM

I would like to thank my good friend Roger for making this site. Okay, so I don't know Roger, but I see him as a friend. *tear* I hope this can be initialized into basic society so that everyone can pass their finals for the rest of time. *manly tears*

little one
Posted Jun 2nd at 8:49AM

Im gonna fail the class
Fuck school

Posted Jun 2nd at 12:13AM

i have to get atleast a B in every subject or else my summer wont be fun my parents said…… im a freshman in highschool

Ashley Wu
Posted Jun 2nd at 12:11AM

Thx!! I have an A in every subject and thanks to this, I still do!!!!

Posted Jun 1st at 10:12PM

@BarackObama, I completely agree, we waste so much money on insignificant things. As a result, as you said, global warming, and poverty and diseases are not getting the full attention they need. One thing I think we spend wayyyyy to much of our money is the Olympics. Yeah, sure it brings countries together, but the millions of dollars are being spent on useless arenas and opening ceremonies could be used towards actually pressing issues.

Kanye's ego with Kim's butt
Posted Jun 1st at 9:58PM

I have a 70 and I need a 75 but it's worth 15% and the calculator said good luck with that omg

Posted Jun 1st at 9:56PM


Posted Jun 1st at 9:55PM

I need -420% to keep my A, blaze it

oh shit
Posted Jun 1st at 9:48PM

shit I'm fat

Posted Jun 1st at 9:47PM

Finals is so stressful I'm done with life

Posted Jun 1st at 9:01PM


Billy Bob Junior
Posted Jun 1st at 7:21PM


Posted Jun 1st at 7:19PM


Average American Citizen
Posted Jun 1st at 6:59PM

All of your crazy conspiracies on how Bush was involved in 9/11, how pathetic.
If any of you were educated, you'd know he is actually responsible for WWI, The Titanic,
Bubonic Plague, The Civil War, and the most obvious being the Holocaust

Barack Obama
Posted Jun 1st at 6:48PM

My fellow Americans,

Let me ask you something: Why do websites like these exist, sucking all of our money to pay for web hosting and domain names, when a global issue like Global Warming Exists? We could be putting these thousands of dollars toward a necessary cause like ending Global Warming. And before you all try to give me your crap about how Global Warming is a natural cycle that has existed before humans even came about, just remember: Al Gore said it first.

Thank you, and have a great night.

President Barack Obama

Another Voice of Reason
Posted Jun 1st at 6:48PM

to correct my own grammar *realize* not realizes

Dumb Boy
Posted Jun 1st at 6:42PM

I need an 33 percint to get a A in my chemstry finale. I lov sceince.

Another Voice of Reason
Posted Jun 1st at 6:38PM

Um some of these comments are frankly frightening and they make me loose my faith in humanity. You guys do realizes that some people who use this sight are in middle school? So maybe less cursing and more studying? And to anyone who's "smoking" metaphorically or not, just don't.

Barack Obama
Posted Jun 1st at 6:35PM

Just kidding I did 9/11

Posted Jun 1st at 6:33PM

anybody here go to JMM? Paust? Ferrante? Commins?

Posted Jun 1st at 6:31PM

math is the worst

Posted Jun 1st at 6:25PM

half of this thread is the same person, not including xXQuickskoperrekterpussyslayer420-666-911-3Xx

Posted Jun 1st at 6:21PM

this isn't correct

Mr. Mosby
Posted Jun 1st at 6:15PM

this week is literally AIDS… 5 more damn days

Posted Jun 1st at 6:02PM

truly amazing

Posted Jun 1st at 5:45PM

i want everyone to know that even if you fuck up your grades, life still goes on. be happy and summer is almost here. just fuck it and do the best you can :D fuck school forreal

Posted Jun 1st at 5:32PM

Oh, Rajan Agul Submaranian as xXQuickskoperrekterpussyslayer420-666-911-3Xx, you are so eligible, I want to carry 30 of your children along with my sister! You may literally be the greatest man in the world, ever, and for many many future years to come!

Posted Jun 1st at 5:27PM

you guys are so dumb lol its HARD to fail a class…

Posted Jun 1st at 5:26PM

Yeah, I got a 1000% in Quantum Mechanics / Physics and I don't even need to take a math final because my school doesn't offer math classes that high, 666% in AP Philosophy / Metaphysics IIIIIIIII and 4200% in PE, and every Ivy League University is paying me at least 1,000,000 to go to thier school so I'm good. ( I am also very handsome. )

Easter Bunny
Posted Jun 1st at 5:11PM

fuck you santa, i did 911

Santa Claus
Posted Jun 1st at 5:02PM

dont believe what Bush and Bin Laden are saying on here…. Are you stupid? Obvi 9/11 was me so

George W Bush
Posted Jun 1st at 4:45PM

I'd like to officially declare that I did 9/11

Mo Adamose
Posted Jun 1st at 4:45PM

Hey Roger,
I have an 83.73 in Spanish. I want to have a minimum 80%. There are four parts to the final. Today I took the final exam which I got 13.5/20 on (not as bad as it seems). Tomorrow, there is a 100 pt test, 10 pt reading comprehension, and 10 pt listening comprehension. I know for sure the reading and listening isn't a big factor, but what do I need to get on tomorrow's 3 + today's 13.5/20 to keep a B. Thanks!

Roger: Hi, it depends on how much your final exam is worth in total. You said the final is 20 + 100 + 10 + 10 points, but you didn’t say how many points make up the rest of your grade.

George W. Bush
Posted Jun 1st at 4:44PM

Hey y'all,

It's me, former 43rd President of the United States. I just want to clear up the air on the 9/11 issue. I did it. That's right, and it was all a conspiracy.

Your pal George W.

you guys are fucking stupid
Posted Jun 1st at 4:25PM


you guys are fucking stupid
Posted Jun 1st at 4:24PM

bush did 9/11 take your bullshit conspiracies some where else u god damn terrorists

not fair
Posted Jun 1st at 3:54PM

my computer teacher gave me a F on a test now i have a 65.95 and i need a C or im grounded over the summer! and when i turn in imcompelte work i get a 100% but yet my grades a D i need a 86.2 to get a 70 % :/

Posted Jun 1st at 3:52PM

Lol, I only need to get 50% in all my classes to keep my grades at As. (Still probably going to study for hours.)

Posted Jun 1st at 3:36PM

People are saying they have A's in classes and I'm just here like, "ok how did that happen? I'm failing every class, so seriously?" Well okay then people have fun not studying while in my case studying will be the death of me!!!?

Posted Jun 1st at 3:34PM

Does assume that all tests are equal?

Roger: Are you talking about the “My final counts as a test” option? Then yes.

Posted Jun 1st at 3:07PM

yah, Roberthub is way better

screams from the void
Posted Jun 1st at 3:00PM


Posted Jun 1st at 2:47PM


Posted Jun 1st at 2:42PM


Posted Jun 1st at 2:23PM


Posted Jun 1st at 2:05PM

hi guys

Emotional wreck
Posted Jun 1st at 1:25PM

I have a 89.46 and I have to get a 89.7. Please help me. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Math is killing me

Deez Nutz
Posted Jun 1st at 1:19PM

Found out I need a 97 to pass my American History 1 exam… Wish me luck :/

Bert da Squirt
Posted Jun 1st at 1:17PM

But i needed a 90%

broski 449286
Posted Jun 1st at 12:01PM

yooooooo< i dont even go to skool
you are just loooserz

Posted Jun 1st at 11:50AM

ugh… I need negetive pi to correlate an a in the class… omg how?? :0

Posted Jun 1st at 11:27AM

I have a 69% I need a 420% to be MLG. What do I do?!?! Pls help

jon brand
Posted Jun 1st at 11:18AM

I need a 69% to keep an A in AP Calc BC… time to blaze!

the voice of reason
Posted Jun 1st at 11:02AM

dude all of you (and you know who you are) STOP ALL OF THE PROFANITY AND CURSING

Posted Jun 1st at 10:40AM

These comments are fucking hilarious omfg…

Posted Jun 1st at 6:06AM

I have a 94 in math, I have to make at least a 69 on my exam to keep it at a A or I have to make a 54 to keep it at a B.

sajurd hack
Posted Jun 1st at 5:54AM

Can't bring any classes up a grade!
/( .□.)\ ︵╰(゜益゜)╯︵ /(.□. /)

Posted Jun 1st at 5:17AM

I only need a -686% to have a 90% overall in the class….. I better study

Posted Jun 1st at 4:39AM

JK I meant someone else

Posted Jun 1st at 4:39AM

Hey person below me. No one likes you !

Posted Jun 1st at 4:30AM

I need a negative 33.43 to still have a a in the class even if i fail lol

Reply to 2 comments down
Posted Jun 1st at 2:42AM

Thats how it works you idiot

Sam Smith
Posted Jun 1st at 1:12AM

your suggestions made me feel bad. I don't think you're at that point in your life where you learn to be humble but i hope for your sake you learn soon.

Um what
Posted Jun 1st at 12:34AM

When I put the final is worth 10% it told me I needed a 115 on he final to get an a, but when I put that the final is worth 90%, it told me I needed to get a 90 -___- wtf

ha im smart
Posted May 31st at 9:10PM

i have a 95 and need a 39% to get an A

Posted May 31st at 8:37PM

Just found out I only need a 72% to keep my A in my math class. LOL

kaka boom boom
Posted May 31st at 8:32PM

i need a negetive 55 to get a "b" in the class. I could literally not do anything on the exam or sleep and still have a 'B'

OMG why
Posted May 31st at 8:10PM

Where did I put that bible again

Posted May 31st at 8:02PM

If there is one thing I have learned from going to a medical school, don't wait to pull up your grades :D! It is the hardest thing evah! I had a 74% in a class, which is one percentage point above failing, and brought it up to a 90% come finals! Moral of the story, you can pull your grades up, but it will be living heck to do it! Its better to come to this site and see that you need a -17.5% on your final to keep an A in the class!

Posted May 31st at 7:46PM

I actually thought I was gonna fail but no!!! It made my day to see I only needed a 58% on my final to pass my class!!! I just realized that sounded horrible…

Posted May 31st at 7:44PM

i is iron man


@I hate math and love life guy
Posted May 31st at 7:41PM

Your grammar is horrible, math isnt the only issue in your life. Also, math isnt hard and dont blame the teacher lolzz.

i hate math and i love life
Posted May 31st at 7:35PM

guys i hate math and i wish ppl would start actually having fun and realizing to live life with family or even friends and animals while you have it! because you never know when its going to end. so if your all stressed just think : i am gonna make it through tomorrow….:
tommorow is my math final, but today i was happy at morning but at night i started thinking of mr.martinez ugh he makes me so mad because he never tough me one thing this year. and he also has problems so he can't solve others!!!! he even is a jerk, ugh i wish i could say it to his face, anyone else have a teacher who is annoying and a jerk or just not good at math?? thats why i hug my dog and think happy about how I'm so lucky to have all of this and i am happy to be me VOTE ME FOR PRESIDENT TO CHANGE EDUCATION!!! YAS BAES GO VOTE!!!! I THINK WE ALL SHOULD HAVE A VOICE

Posted May 31st at 7:18PM

Good luck to everyone on your finals! I'm praying for you all! Remember to get some sleep and take care of yourself :)

Posted May 31st at 7:08PM

Need a 91 to get a C ROFL GG WP

Chacka Soo
Posted May 31st at 7:04PM

Im pretty sure 90% of people are making stuff up lol..

Fuck this
Posted May 31st at 6:39PM

Found out I need a 99.38% on my final to get an A in geometry… wish me luck!

chemistry is messing up my 4.0 gpa
Posted May 31st at 5:47PM

Need to get a 70 on my final to end the course (chemistry) with a 62. Already took the exam my teacher needs to post the grade wish me luck :(((

Is chemistry difficult for anyone else as well ? :(

Posted May 31st at 5:07PM

I need a 77 on my final to get an a in Math. Time to party and go to sleep :)

Posted May 31st at 5:01PM

need a -5% in order to keep my A in orchestra… what is wrong with the education system

Stephon-Redo stupid auto correct
Posted May 31st at 4:37PM

I have a 99.46 in math. I need a 4.86 on the final to get a A. Time to not study

Posted May 31st at 4:35PM

I have a 99.46% in math need a A time to not study

Posted May 31st at 4:34PM

Need a 17.1% to keep my A in Hebrew! Next year I'm trying for a necessary 0%?

Posted May 31st at 4:28PM

hihi! so im literally the master of pulling my GPA from a 3.0 to a 4.0;) hmu if you need tips babes!

Posted May 31st at 4:11PM

I have a 98.6 in math so I need about 10% on the final to keep my A… I don't even have to study yassss

does McDonald's need a employee
Posted May 31st at 4:01PM

Need a 100 on final to get a c in math
100 to get a c physics
100 to get a c lit
100 to get a c history
Same for the rest of my classes

Posted May 31st at 3:58PM

I need a 69.4 to keep my B in math

Posted May 31st at 3:46PM

Need a 60% to keep my B in Chem
a 76% to keep my B in English
a 38% to keep my C in Spanish
and a 54% to keep my C in math(terrible teacher)
Another successful year :D

Posted May 31st at 3:11PM


AP Freak
Posted May 31st at 3:00PM

I have a 92.8 in math…I need a 78% to keep my A, ..its going to be a long night

Posted May 31st at 2:41PM

to everyone who's stressing out about finals right now, i wish you luck! it won't be the end of the world if you don't get that certain score! you're not alone! try your best and have fun:)

rip me
Posted May 31st at 2:26PM

I have to get all A's this year, but i need a 115% to get an A in geometry :/

Posted May 31st at 2:07PM

okay I need a 114% to pass my elective class with a 70. Ha Ha HA HA :) How :) Absolutely :) Fantastic :)…

Posted May 31st at 1:21PM

To everyone who is calling people dumbasses, there is no need for hate. If you excel in school that's great but you don't need to bring other people down for not doing as well. Not everyone thinks like the school system does.THERE ARE TONS OF PEOPLE THAT DON'T DO WELL IN SCHOOL AND ARE ACTUALLY GENIUS.

Posted May 31st at 1:11PM

Hey guys pray for me to get an awesome score for science biology. I have a 78…..% and I need at least a 80% or so to get to an 80% :(

Posted May 31st at 12:40PM

yall guys are dumbasses

Posted May 31st at 11:40AM

Have hope! Last semester i needed 103% to get a 90% in humanities. Theres a curve In my class so i got 100 on the test and 5 more % with the curve! I did it!!!

Posted May 31st at 11:36AM

Have 98.48 in math. Need 58% to keep an A. Im not even going to study yaaass.

Posted May 31st at 11:07AM

you dumb kids can't even pass easy classes im taking all AP's and i still have a 4.0 LOOL hooray for our education system

Posted May 31st at 11:06AM

I'm a student from one of California's most academically stressful high schools. I have A's and B's here LOL so I guess if i move to one of your schools I could be the smartest kid there jeez you guys have some bad grades

Posted May 31st at 11:02AM

you guys have some really bad grade LOOOL

Oliver Queen
Posted May 31st at 9:40AM

Well, lets hope I can land a 70 for the year, otherwise ill need to get a solid 130.6% to pass :)

Posted May 31st at 9:04AM


Dries us 2.0
Posted May 31st at 8:41AM

I need a 78% on my final to pass the class

Posted May 31st at 12:13AM

Need a 65% to pass the class… Wish me luck!

:::::) KMS
Posted May 30th at 8:35PM


that one person
Posted May 30th at 7:49PM

HAVE HOPE GUYS last semester i needed a 91 to get an A- in math and GUESS WHO GOT AN A- MIRACLES HAPPEN

Posted May 30th at 7:02PM

I have 75 in English and my finals are worth 30% if I get 0 I'll still pass with 52.5 if everything goes well till then hopefully I will pass

Posted May 30th at 6:58PM


Posted May 30th at 1:42PM

hey i have 100% in my class and i need -9700% to get a 2% grade :D yay

Fuck my life
Posted May 30th at 1:36PM

In biology I need 450% to get an A, a 350% to get a B, a 250% to get a C, and a 150% to pass the class. Fuck

Posted May 30th at 11:32AM

Need 90's or above on every final to keep A's…time to get the bible out

Posted May 30th at 10:37AM


Posted May 30th at 10:13AM

Well i need 119% to get A Plus

fuck it
Posted May 30th at 8:32AM

fuck the bullshit bruh, im gonna christmas tree this shit

Posted May 29th at 11:45PM

I need to get 15% on my CP Chemistry final to keep my A. Lol!

finalz 4 lyfe
Posted May 29th at 1:29PM

Yea i got all my 89's to A's
Be jelly
try hard to get f's
try harder to bitch about it on here
try hardest to get an A

Posted May 29th at 1:27PM

who wants to volunteer to die during each of my finals so we all pass lmao

Posted May 29th at 1:26PM

Need a 50% to pass science test with 80 questions gonna do 40 and answer the rest as C

Posted May 29th at 8:55AM

I need a 6% to pass Spanish II, exam starts in 6 minutes, and I have an 86 average. Thats a whole lotta 6s. Wish me luck!

Posted May 29th at 8:39AM

I have to get a 96% on my exam to pass Spanish 2… Looks like I'm going to fail. Now i get to wait till next December to get my licence.. Uhhhhhhhhh

Posted May 29th at 7:55AM

Well, I just found out that I need a 99.97% to get an A…that's a bust

Posted May 29th at 6:39AM

Welp, I need to get 199% to get an 85.. Great.

Posted May 28th at 11:30PM

I need a 119.16% to get an A in English. I SwEar thAt I EnglIsh GoOD

Posted May 28th at 9:52PM

Ugh! I need a 80% to still have an A. Got an F on my Part 2.

Bio Bomb
Posted May 28th at 9:31PM

Need a 48% to get B in Biology yet still scared cause i failed the last exam. FML

Posted May 28th at 9:29PM

Welp, I need a 79% to get an 8, but a 94 to get a 90!

Jesus Christ
Posted May 28th at 9:26PM

I have an 81% in my gov class and I need a 76% on the final to get an 80% in the class.
I have an 80% in my World Religions class (taught by a teacher who went to Yale) and I need an 80% on the final to keep my grade. (I'm in this class with all of the smart people in my school I have no idea how this happened)

pray for me! I need B's and I can be on my merry way to university!

Posted May 28th at 9:09PM

How long you ball
all day all day
how long you at the mall
all day all day
african american
fuck finals
need a 720% to get a B in physics

Ugh Still Nervous
Posted May 28th at 8:56PM

It says I don't need much to pass with an A, but I'm still freaking out…

Posted May 28th at 8:01PM

I have a 2 part final, the first part is worth 10% of our grade and the second part is worth 25% of our grade. I went into the final with an 86% overall and for the first part of the final I got a 74%, what would I need on the second part of my final that is worth 25%?

Roger: It depends on what grade you want in the class.

Posted May 28th at 7:51PM

I need a -50% to stay at least 93% in Math!!!

Posted May 28th at 7:38PM

I need a 79 on my final exam for Spanish, and I suck at Spanish! Pray for me pls!

Posted May 28th at 6:43PM

Good luck m8s with finals. I have 3 tomorrow asdfghjkl.

Posted May 28th at 4:26PM

why y'all so damn racist

Posted May 28th at 4:03PM

113% on my final to get a B-, RIP

Posted May 28th at 3:27PM


Posted May 28th at 2:28PM

Hi mr roger ,I was wondering what I would get in my class for a FINAL grade If I have a 73 for my semester 2 grade and a 68 for my semester 1 grade and also what do I need to get on the final if I want at least a 71 or 72 as a final grade in the class !! Thank you :) your much help :)

Roger: It depends on how much your final exam is worth.

Fairy GodMother
Posted May 28th at 1:53PM

shoutout to yall tryin to make it through finals. keep chugaluggin u can doit

Posted May 28th at 1:43PM

please pray for me i have a 91 and what if i don't get an A on the final!!!

Posted May 28th at 12:22PM


Posted May 28th at 11:15AM

This may be hard i need at least a -5% to pass my engurish final

Posted May 28th at 10:44AM

Shit I need a 167 on my exam to pass , hopefully I can do it !

Holy fuck
Posted May 28th at 10:22AM

I needed an 87.3% to pass and got an 87.8% on the final. Thank the fucking lord!!

Mystic Steve
Posted May 28th at 9:03AM

Hm get an A on a final and it will only boost you up 3% but get a fucken c and it can bring you from an a to a c-.-

Posted May 28th at 8:27AM

i cant get a 90% ;C

Posted May 28th at 7:52AM

I have a 99.63 in my class… need a -167% to pass… hopefully I can get it ;)

Posted May 28th at 6:27AM

Lol my ap psych lady is making us do a psychological portfolio on our life, rocking a 72 right now and its worth 20% of overall grade xD

Sam Kinsey
Posted May 28th at 5:24AM

It got raid of so much stress on what I needed to get

Posted May 28th at 4:35AM

When you can turn in a blank exam and pass with an 'A' ? schools a joke fr

Posted May 28th at 2:34AM


Dharma N
Posted May 27th at 11:14PM

i <3 apush

Posted May 27th at 11:01PM


Posted May 27th at 10:19PM

Algebra 2 with trig
current grade 74%
final is worth 20%
I can get a 59% and I pass! OH HAPPY DAY!

Discrete Math
current grade 93%
final is worth 20%
I can score a 74% and still get out with an A. F yeah!

My worst and best classes are both math

And in one week I graduate high school!

Spanish :/
Posted May 27th at 10:15PM

I have an 87% in Spanish 2 and need at least a 102% to get a 90% -_-. Luckily my teacher told me he controls the numbers and would bump it up if I did good.

Kyle skeedish
Posted May 27th at 9:45PM

Since i need a 52% i think i will have fun doing other things like this site told me to… such as drawing flowers

Posted May 27th at 9:31PM

guess what……………….I passed!

Lord Autismo
Posted May 27th at 9:25PM

Can't I just be done for the year? This is getting boring. . .

Deez Nutz 2.0
Posted May 27th at 9:02PM

I need a 9% to pass with a 90% in Biology Honors

Deez Nuts
Posted May 27th at 8:37PM

Current Grade in U.S. History: 87.55% (B)
Grade I want to end up with: 92.5% (A-)
Final is worth 15% of my final grade.
I would need 120.55% on my final.


Posted May 27th at 8:32PM

Band: -16%
Jazz Band: -29%
PE: -11%
German : -7%
Chemistry: -5%
History: 29%
English: 21%
Algebra: -12%

But who wants C's? I want good grades :p

Posted May 27th at 8:02PM

AP Biology: 87%
Choir: 52.4%
AP World: 38%
Honors Spanish 3: 62%
Honors Algebra 2 w/ Trigonometry: 45.2%
AP English Literature: 74%

only need to study for one subject:,) thank you lord

Scrub Nation
Posted May 27th at 7:58PM

We nominate Mr. J Money for Scrub of the Year

Posted May 27th at 7:33PM

What I need to get on my finals just to pass:

English- 37%

Algebra- 46%

World History- 34%

Engineering- 49%

Art- 10%

Chemistry- 46%

French 3- 25%

Yeah… I think I'm good. Lol

Your mom
Posted May 27th at 7:30PM

I think everyone should just be friends

Posted May 27th at 7:13PM

School sucks

Posted May 27th at 7:11PM

I need a 103 to get my english grade to a c… fml hopefully that essay that took four people combined can help boost that shit

Posted May 27th at 6:54PM

I have to get a -3,566.925% on the Honors Calc. IV Final to get a 102%. WOOHOO!

MEGA genius
Posted May 27th at 6:51PM

rats, i need a 101.37% in order to get a D in Spanish :(

Posted May 27th at 6:42PM

Hi. I am Homefries.

Posted May 27th at 5:50PM

I love Greek yogurt, if you know what i mean ;)

Alexander Spivey
Posted May 27th at 5:49PM

Welp… I hate my life. My final is to make a video with the worst kids in the class and it is worth 35% of my grade. I think I am just going to watch porn somewhere

Posted May 27th at 5:31PM

hm i hate finals

Posted May 27th at 5:30PM

I hate school. I need a 98% to pass with a B.

Posted May 27th at 5:16PM

I need to get 109% on the exam to get an 85 in the class.

Posted May 27th at 5:12PM

People r weird

Important for Developers
Posted May 27th at 4:55PM

So the mulitiple parts to the final part of the site isn't working because it is giving me numbers that are really off.

Roger: Can you be more specific?

Posted May 27th at 4:43PM

school. sucks. .

rip me
Posted May 27th at 4:42PM

i am screwed

Tywin Lannister
Posted May 27th at 4:35PM

You're blessed with abilities that few men possess.

Roger: Tywin doesn’t give compliments.

Nick M
Posted May 27th at 4:17PM

Really everyone? Do you feel the need to swear. We all are here to see final grades, but the swearing isn't nexessary. Let out your anger somewhere else and stop posting inappropriate things! Whoever posts stuff like that doesnt even deserve the A they're not getting!

Please do not swear on this site.
Posted May 27th at 3:48PM

no swearing allowed what so ever

Posted May 27th at 3:43PM

medieval history is the worst i swear

Posted May 27th at 3:42PM

i frickin hate honors chem like i have a 77.8 and i need a 88 to get a b… fml how do you expect me to become a genius in one day

Posted May 27th at 2:22PM

omg i only need to get a 15% to keep an F. swaggaa

Posted May 27th at 1:53PM

I need a 90% to keep my 90% in bio.
Great. But this site was helpful.

Posted May 27th at 12:00PM


Posted May 27th at 9:25AM

yall a bunch of shit heads

Posted May 27th at 8:41AM

please ignore the mean comment a few spaces below, someone else wrote it

Kyle Aka adarsh
Posted May 27th at 8:40AM

I wrote that about a friend and I apologize…..everyone write I love adarsh

Posted May 27th at 8:17AM

Great I only need 160% to get an A! I think i'm good.

Posted May 27th at 7:26AM

dude im gonna fail this exam.. but at least i'll leave with at least a C, hopefully a B tho..!!

Posted May 27th at 7:08AM

I need a -70.6 to fail Chemistry. Yet, I still study more for Chemistry than stupid English which I need -58% to fail.

Posted May 27th at 6:52AM

I HATE A-PUSH!!!!! I would rather take a-pull if it was available.

Posted May 27th at 6:28AM

I only need an 80% to pass Pre-Algebra Honors! swag!

Posted May 27th at 6:15AM


Lonely boy from South Detroit
Posted May 27th at 5:00AM

Don't do Chem X or ACP. Just go with Zoology

Lonely boy from South Detroit
Posted May 27th at 4:59AM

I need a 47.48% to get a C in geometry and 56 to get a B- in Spanish. I think I can do it but then I realize that I'm not a wise student

Just Wanna Graduate
Posted May 27th at 12:41AM

Honors chemistry is the worst FML

YB 2 saucy
Posted May 26th at 11:35PM

When in doubt, just get buckets. No summer school no worries >:) muahahahah 0:)

Candice ♥
Posted May 26th at 11:20PM

haha, yes, i only need an 68% to get an A in my AP lit class! :)

thank you, Big Daddy Roger! :-* ♥ *muah!*

Posted May 26th at 10:07PM


Posted May 26th at 10:03PM

Are we all looking at our spanish?? lol I need an 81 to get a C … Me es no espanol?

Posted May 26th at 9:56PM


william c
Posted May 26th at 9:53PM

I h8 apush

Posted May 26th at 9:34PM


im black and love kfc
Posted May 26th at 9:30PM


A nus
Posted May 26th at 9:04PM

Ripe whole wheat

i cri evrytiem
Posted May 26th at 9:03PM

77.5% to keep >90% in Spanish. Oh boy, 150 questions and a written part

Good luck everyone :(

Posted May 26th at 8:56PM

Totes gonna get an A en la clase de Español! ??

Posted May 26th at 8:50PM


Bunch of Bakas
Posted May 26th at 8:37PM

Why does everyone in the comments section act like they are mentally retarded? Seriously…

Free Stupidity Immunity!
Posted May 26th at 8:34PM

Because Lord knows we all need it.

Posted May 26th at 8:21PM

I need a 42.06 to pass biology lets get it

Why do you guys comment?
Posted May 26th at 8:15PM

Why do you guys comment?

Posted May 26th at 8:13PM

how the fuck do u use this

Posted May 26th at 7:56PM

as long as I keep my grades where they are or higher, I'll average the final grade I want

I feel like I've died and gone to heaven.

Megan S
Posted May 26th at 7:50PM

this calculatator crushes my hopes and dreams on a daily basis

Posted May 26th at 7:16PM

Yes, sir! Roger that! Yessireeee, behold! It's that time of the year again where we resort to the most depressing corners of the internet world: the deep, dark chambers of Rogerhub calculations, to choke on our desperations and harsh realities!

…My grades are fucked beyond human comprehension. :( I'm so disappointed with myself. I think i need to purge out my guilt and cough out what feels like hot coal wedged in my throat. True shame, really.

i cri evrytime ;-; </3

(but tnx to roja boi 4 dis site. really useful irl)

Posted May 26th at 6:58PM

I don't understand why the finals have to be worth at least 15 to 20 percent of your grade. You can get at least 100 percent on the final and the best it would do would be to bump your grade up by ONE or TWO percentage points. Why does this happen?

Posted May 26th at 6:31PM

naz sux

Fuck boy
Posted May 26th at 6:29PM

I need a el 78 percent of to get a b in el Spanisho

Joshua Santi
Posted May 26th at 6:28PM

Need to get a 91.14% to get to a D-

Jake Santi
Posted May 26th at 6:27PM

Very helpful at Nazareth Academy.

Amy Santi
Posted May 26th at 6:24PM

Thanks Roger!

Posted May 26th at 6:21PM

i want to first thank my family and friends for their support. i also want to thank my teachers for being so fucking horrible

Posted May 26th at 5:44PM


Posted May 26th at 5:43PM

TROLLING TROLL TROLL TROLL JK this site is helpful

Posted May 26th at 5:33PM

I need a 31% to pass my history class and get a D-. Please pray for me my final is tomorrow.

Posted May 26th at 5:27PM

Only need a 36 on my final to pass keep an A. Hollaaa at me??

Shrek the Drek 696969
Posted May 26th at 5:20PM

Who wants to have a great time in my swamp? ;)

Posted May 26th at 5:10PM

Hi everyone! Someone reply to me.

Puppy steve
Posted May 26th at 4:49PM


Posted May 26th at 4:40PM

I need 70% to maintain my A okay I think I can do this

SMART girl
Posted May 26th at 4:18PM

I have all As right now and I am so scared they might drop!!!

Black Jeggings
Posted May 26th at 4:14PM


Kevin H.
Posted May 26th at 3:55PM

I hate fucking exams. They are a pain in the ass.

Some Pervert
Posted May 26th at 3:49PM

I need a 306% to get an A in my class

I think I can do that/

Posted May 26th at 3:46PM

For those who use this website to comment about sh*t. Get a life.

Posted May 26th at 3:33PM

I need a -64% to pass.

love me
Posted May 26th at 3:25PM

anyone want to have

Spirit animal
Posted May 26th at 3:18PM

You are all beautiful people do not forget that.

tps students be like
Posted May 26th at 3:16PM


Posted May 26th at 2:21PM

thank the dear lord for this website

Converted Mormon
Posted May 26th at 1:14PM

You don't think that finals be like they are…

But they do.

Posted May 26th at 12:50PM

Finals can make you go from an A down to a C yet they can't move you from the yet they can't move you from a B to an A
So fuck school and fuck finals

John = ???
Posted May 26th at 11:20AM

someone is hella salty because his girlfriend doesn't know the difference between a finals calculator and a porn site

Im screwed
Posted May 26th at 10:11AM

Currently at a 89% and need to get to a 94% to maintain my 4.0 and I need 139% on the final… there goes my 4.0………… F***

your mom
Posted May 26th at 9:57AM

what's brown and sticky?

a stick

Posted May 26th at 9:39AM

I need final F to pass not my classes.

Posted May 26th at 9:23AM

I need to get at least a D in all my classes to get an A. Life's good.

Posted May 26th at 8:28AM


Susu ?
Posted May 26th at 8:12AM

Lol The Comments!!!

Posted May 26th at 7:38AM


Posted May 26th at 7:36AM


arianna brey
Posted May 26th at 5:07AM

my grade is 99 % and i want a 100 % and my finals worth 10 % and i need 104% for it thats retarted that means i cant even move my grade

Sarah Joe
Posted May 26th at 4:27AM

It says I need at least a -56.23 to maintain a B, but why a minus 56.23?

Posted May 26th at 3:22AM

welp shit, Jesus just got screwed over by the school system, C's are ok kids you can still go to heaven, or not…

GLO gang
Posted May 26th at 1:07AM

You should also have a thing where someone enters their grade and what their final is worth, but instead of "I want at least" it should be "what if I get this grade on my final". And then it would tell you what your grade would be

Roger: That’s the option labeled “Already took my final. What is my overall grade?”

Posted May 26th at 1:04AM

I have a 73 and I need a 61% to keep a C in chemistry but I'm so bad at it that idk if I can even get that ? if anyone is good at chem and can maybe help me then hit me up on instagram ^

Devon Do-All
Posted May 25th at 10:46PM


Posted May 25th at 10:13PM

I need 103.667% or I'll lose my 4.0! NOOO!!!

Under achiever
Posted May 25th at 9:31PM

Haha let's go C's!

Fuck government
Posted May 25th at 9:09PM

I need to get a 76.8% just to get a 70% for the semester fml ??

Sad Student
Posted May 25th at 8:55PM

I only need a -200%??????

Wait… there is no decimal there.

Oh, jk, i need a 157%. I hate life.

Posted May 25th at 8:50PM

Need an 84 to maintain my A
Send prayers please!

Posted May 25th at 7:31PM

Nooooooooo I have a 101% in my subject and there's no extra credit on my exam so even if I get 100% it will lower my grade :'(
Runs to corner and cries.

Jay cutler
Posted May 25th at 7:16PM

it says i have to get -13 is that my pass completions

Posted May 25th at 6:36PM

I accidentally turned off the pop ups for this site so I can no longer see the most important part that being the pop up that shows what percentage I need. How do I fix it?

Roger: Just restart your web browser.

Posted May 25th at 6:02PM

all i need is a -115 and i will still get a 75

Bad Luck Brian
Posted May 25th at 5:51PM

Needs a 15% to keep an A

Gets a 14.9%

President George W. Bush
Posted May 25th at 5:34PM

Just a reminder, to all you C students, you can be president too.

Sebastian Jobson
Posted May 25th at 2:32PM

Thank you or your calculator. My big finals are in 2 days and I was so relieved to know that once I turn in my homework, I can easily slid across with A's in math and history just by getting a B on the final! I was really nervous, studying every day in case I may not get 6 A's and a B. Now I can relax. I am so relieved. Thank you so much.

Roger: You’re welcome!

You suck at grammar
Posted May 25th at 2:04PM

No finals when you just move and shoot(.) (N)o stress(,) no responsibilities(,) no worries man(.) (D)on't (have, not got)got (anyone, not no one) no one on my back(.) (W)hen I die(,) nothing will change(.) (Y)ou all need to just stop with all this school stuff(.) (A)ll it gets you is money

And this is proof why we should all stay in school… Unlike the idiot that made this ^^^ comment *cough* All I do is shoot up *cough*.

Posted May 25th at 1:42PM

i like ben

All I do is shoot up
Posted May 25th at 1:30PM

No finals when you just move and shoot no stress no responsibilities no worries man don't got no one on my back when I die nothing will change you all need to just stop with all this school stuff all it gets you is money

Posted May 25th at 12:58PM


Posted May 25th at 10:38AM


Math Sucks
Posted May 25th at 9:58AM


Posted May 25th at 9:11AM

when u need an 89.7 on ur essay to get an A in english and ur average essay grade is an 83 :/
also ive barely started and its due tomorrow

Posted May 25th at 7:34AM

well maybe you should have participated more lazy peole

Finals suck
Posted May 25th at 6:44AM

Why do we even have finals? They aren't a test of our knowledge. It's basically testing how much stress we can handle. And for me, I fail that final. Breakdowns everyday. 0 to 100 real fast…

Fuck PE
Posted May 25th at 6:40AM

When you need a 101.68% to get your current 87.08% PE grade up to an A… I'm so done ughhh

Pondering about origins
Posted May 24th at 7:40PM

Why does a thing called finals exist? We know all our stuff from the billions of tests we stress out for during the year…

Posted May 24th at 7:18PM

So you're telling me getting 100% on my final will raisemy grade by 1%?? Wtf

anyone else with Kuang?
Posted May 24th at 5:09PM

no pls hav mercy on us plebs kuang

Posted May 24th at 3:31PM

That awkward moment when getting 100% on my final will lower my grade.

Finals are hard
Posted May 24th at 3:26PM


Posted May 24th at 11:26AM

hey everyone finals are not that bad just study, eat, sleep, and SHOW UP.

mr prof dr potato
Posted May 24th at 1:09AM

sometimes before finals i plan myself in the ground and pretend like i potato ;)

Anonymous Baller
Posted May 23rd at 10:48PM

Goodthing I have an A in baseball

No Habla Español
Posted May 23rd at 10:45PM

Well I'm el screwdo in Spanish

Posted May 23rd at 9:52PM

i have currently a 70.01 and my last semester was like a 69.45 what do I have to get on my algebra exam to maintain a C-?

Mums gonna kill me
Posted May 23rd at 8:30PM

My teacher gave everyone the answers to the final so i will for sure get 100%, but i need a 101% to get an A, that is harsh

Posted May 23rd at 6:50PM

My grades are going to take a hard hit from finals, ouch! Just wanted to wish everyone good luck. Your grades won't even matter someday. And just remember going to college doesn't even mean you'll get a job!

Posted May 23rd at 4:49PM

so ummmm how do you get you grade up from a 80.8 to 94.5

Yeti Wizard 3000
Posted May 23rd at 3:47PM

Good luck everyone. I hope you get a sufficient grade on your final.

Ned Flanders
Posted May 23rd at 2:12PM

I'm ding dang diddley doomed

Yay Area
Posted May 23rd at 1:30PM

I have an 81% in Spanish, and I need at least a 31% on the final if I want a Pass grade ;)

Save me
Posted May 23rd at 12:24PM

Who wants to build a lamp with me?!

Posted May 23rd at 11:37AM

Dang, I need a 109% to get a C- in Algebra, looks like I'm retaking the class next year : (

Posted May 23rd at 9:22AM

Hi Roger, I had a 91% in U.S. History 3rd quarter and have a 95% in fourth quarter. Final grades are counted like this: 40% 3rd quarter grade, 40% fourth quarter grade and the final counts for 20% of the semester grade. What do I need to get on the final to keep an A (92%?) My current semester grade without the final is a 93%.

Roger: You will need at least an 88% on the final exam to get a 92% overall.

Posted May 23rd at 8:50AM

Whoo-hooo! I need to get a 31.98% to keep my A in French (I currently have a 95.51). I need to get a 28.89 to keep my A in Chemistry (I have a 100.21) and I need to get a 45% to keep my A in Calculus (Have a 100.41)! Thank you for boosting my confidence Roger! Maybe I will draw a flower on my test!

Roger: You’re welcome, and congrats!

Posted May 23rd at 2:06AM

Good luck, everyone. Whether you have a few days, an hour, or a minute left until your exam starts, study hard!

Oh maaa maathh
Posted May 22nd at 6:50PM

Came back here to say.. I PASSED!

steph curry
Posted May 22nd at 4:49PM

need a 4.7% to maintain a C in my Algebra 2 class!

Posted May 22nd at 12:29PM

We'll i Guess I'm fucked

Posted May 22nd at 11:00AM

this is just great

Jelly Bean
Posted May 22nd at 9:50AM

i am just laughing at these comments tbh

BIll Nye
Posted May 22nd at 9:49AM

Amateurs. I passed all my finals in my sleep.

Hugh G. Rection
Posted May 22nd at 9:32AM

Mr.B at sucks as a chem teach and finals suck poop

Chem makes me cry
Posted May 22nd at 9:29AM

Well, f that

g cash
Posted May 22nd at 7:45AM

74 on Chem
52 on Spanish
36 on precalc
watch me fuck it up

Honors English
Posted May 22nd at 7:16AM

lol when you read the comments instead of actually studying for your final that starts in fifteen minutes

Posted May 22nd at 6:59AM

need 7% to pass Spanish. yay.

Posted May 22nd at 5:09AM

I need a -494% to get a 95 in calculuis 2

thanks obama
Posted May 22nd at 4:51AM

finals? thanks obama

Posted May 22nd at 4:50AM

and on the 9th day, god let Satan create finals.

sad stry
Posted May 22nd at 4:48AM

sad stry :
techer: u ned nity aight percnt to pas
*stdnt jmbs out windo*
techer: nooo stdnt i ment a tirty aight percnt

i cri evry tme

a friend
Posted May 22nd at 1:42AM

Good luck on your finals, everyone!

Dudeeee it's overrrr
Posted May 21st at 10:26PM

139.87% on the final for an A- in precalc? haha NOPE

Posted May 21st at 10:23PM

First let me hop out the mother fuckin porshe

Posted May 21st at 10:03PM

I need a 94 to get an A in Spanish 2 looks like that's not happening.

Posted May 21st at 9:45PM

i need a -198% to pass lol

Posted May 21st at 9:26PM

so i have an 87 in art. our last project is our final and its 110 point in our projects section which is 50 percent of our grade. my project average is an 83.1 percent, but some projects were five points and some were a 100. 324/390. what do i need to get a 90? what do i need to get a 80? if you need more info ill answer i just need to know because if i end up with a B i am allowed to not show up on the actual final day (party


Roger: You need at least a 121/110 (110.3%) on the last project to get a 90% overall. You need at least a 21/110 (19.4%) to get a 80% overall. Does that help?

Being a Try-hard Pays off
Posted May 21st at 7:46PM

-38% to pass algebra, -172% to pass History. I think I'm good.

Posted May 21st at 7:16PM

when your in the front row and can't cheat

Posted May 21st at 6:44PM

I figure that this calulator is accurate. I am proud be a straight A student.!

Posted May 21st at 6:39PM

Screw honors english…I had a 92% but my teacher put in a 0/26 for a grade and now I have a 88.7

Posted May 21st at 6:32PM

need a 79 to keep a b and a 96 to get an A on calculus omg D:

Posted May 21st at 6:17PM

So my final was separated into two parts. The total is still worth 20% of my grade, and I got an 80% on the first part but I don't know how to figure out what I need on the second part. I have an 87.89% in the class and want an 89.5%. Can you help me?

Roger: You need at least a 95.9% on the entire final. If we assume that the two parts are equally weighted, then you need to get at least a 111.9% on the second part to get a 89.5% overall.

Posted May 21st at 6:13PM

need a 50% for everything to keep a b ;)

life is pain
Posted May 21st at 6:09PM

i am mega uber super duper fucked

Posted May 21st at 5:46PM

(generic comment about how i need a negative percentage to get a A indicating that I have a 100% in the class)

Posted May 21st at 5:45PM

Apparently I need to score a 78392% in order to pass my precalc class. Right now I have a -1983%… :P

Ez A
Posted May 21st at 5:16PM

I need at least -50.5% to pass


Posted May 21st at 5:11PM

I need a 75.62 to Keep a B in Bio

Posted May 21st at 5:04PM

i need a 67% to pass algebra with a 73 i think i can manage that

Posted May 21st at 4:59PM


Posted May 21st at 4:57PM

need 98% on Spanish for an A, spending my time reading comments rather than studying. Classic

Future English major
Posted May 21st at 4:57PM

I need a 115% to get at least a 70% in Spanish. Guess who's going to be an English major?

Your name here
Posted May 21st at 4:56PM

Need a 77% to get a 80 in English. Getting worried I am going to fuck it up some how.

Posted May 21st at 4:54PM

When you find yourself reading the comments instead of studying

dear lord
Posted May 21st at 4:51PM

i can get a 40% to keep my b in geometry but i need a 101 for an a TT-TT

Posted May 21st at 4:46PM

Need a -24% to keep the A, not even going to show up

Posted May 21st at 4:33PM


I have just granted you super studying powers!
Posted May 21st at 4:30PM

Good luck on the big test everyone! Here's to a bright future a head. Hang in there!

I'm not as screwed as I thought I was!
Posted May 21st at 4:26PM

I need a 70% to reach my goal for my worst class. Yay! I think I can manage. (^w<)b

Posted May 21st at 3:19PM

just don't.

Posted May 21st at 3:17PM

I need a 29 to pass, peace out Algebra.

Señor Mum
Posted May 21st at 2:54PM

I need a 99.80% to get a 70% in the class ? just kill me now

Posted May 21st at 2:29PM

and here we have a ton of students trying to raise their grades last minute and pass.

God bless america….. LOL goodluck losers

Posted May 21st at 2:27PM

How does one pass Honors Geometry……………………………………

Someone should die during my final so we all get As…

Posted May 21st at 2:08PM

Need a 97 on tomorrows final, yikes!

Posted May 21st at 2:01PM

You are a life saver! Thank you!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Billy Bob Joe
Posted May 21st at 12:57PM

I luh you Roger hub. You bez my lyfe during finalz. I only need a 134% percent to get an A. Imma slayyyyy

Posted May 21st at 12:14PM

I need a 54 on my English to pass. This is a real nail biter.

Posted May 21st at 11:13AM

Looks like I'll need a 51.17% to pass my Stats class. I'm still panicking and it's a low grade, but at least I'll graduate!

Posted May 21st at 11:09AM

-77.33 is all i need to pass Geometry

Blessedly fucked
Posted May 21st at 11:07AM

Im a the point where a -127% will land me an A in AP U.S. History, yet I need 133% to pass my AP English =]

Posted May 21st at 10:11AM


Roger Hub
Posted May 21st at 9:40AM

Stop commenting on this withnegetive comment guys not cool. #You'reScaringTheChildren

Someone please die
Posted May 21st at 8:01AM

It's the law if someone dies during an exam, everyone passes.
I suggest you all poison someone.

My Grandma
Posted May 21st at 6:55AM

im too old for this.

Posted May 21st at 6:03AM

Need -79.9% to pass Econ and -124.5% to pass English lets just say IM GRADUATING!

I Swear I'm Not Asian
Posted May 21st at 5:50AM

I need a 68% to get a 100% in English…
Guess, who's watching Netflix all night instead of studying

Posted May 21st at 5:01AM

I've realized I'm in that sweet spot in all my classes where I have to do terrible for my letter to go down or be beyond excellent to get a letter grade up

2 am
Posted May 20th at 11:55PM

chemistry kill me

Posted May 20th at 11:30PM

I believe in miracles

I'm fucked
Posted May 20th at 11:10PM

Praying to the lord to help me at least get a 70% in math

I'm fucked
Posted May 20th at 9:51PM

I have 56 in Latin 2 and need a 137% to pass ☺️

Taco who is going to fail enlish
Posted May 20th at 9:46PM

So I have a 30% in my English class (Yeah I know bad) I want at least a 60. With the final in less than a week and it only being worth 10% of my grade I need 300% to pass! At this point I need at least a 57% or higher in order to even be able to pass. I might be able to manage if I turn in an essay worth I think 20% of my grade and all the stuff that is going to be due soon.

Posted May 20th at 9:28PM

My final is worth 60% of my grade and I need a 91% to get an A. This should be fun, I got a C on the last one…

Posted May 20th at 8:58PM

So say i am a pineapple where would you keep me? The countertop or the cabinet… PS i need to get a 60 or higher to pass all my classes :)

Kieth Keegan
Posted May 20th at 8:44PM

When you only need to get a 56 to get an A out of AP earth science

Posted May 20th at 8:41PM

I read the comments instead of studying… up top!

Why is this happening to me?!
Posted May 20th at 7:35PM

Had my grade at an 87.7 then my mandarin teacher can't find my voice recording and put it in the grade book as a zero and dropped my grade down to a 84.2 and now I need a 142.2% on my final . I'm so mad right now!

Mr Trying
Posted May 20th at 6:51PM

I have a 77.7 and need 90% for a B! Please lord!!

Posted May 20th at 6:38PM

Need to get a 100.98 to get a 90 in Honors English. But there's no extra credit.

Dang it.

Remember, every grade counts …

Posted May 20th at 6:35PM

I need a 14% to pass my world history final!!!

Posted May 20th at 6:24PM

I botched my very last test for the year: receiving a 37%. Now I have a 72% for the semester and I want to raise it as much as possible. Unfortunately for me the best I'll probably get is a C+ Goddamn it

Posted May 20th at 5:58PM

that moment when you only need a 14% to pass a class and so you don't study and end up getting a 12% on the final and don't graduate high school with your class…. fuck my life

Posted May 20th at 5:50PM

when everyone here is talking about there low math grade and your just like,"hmmm i wonder why they are using an online formula to find out what they need on a final… lol do it yourself."

and just so all you lazy ass bitches don't get mad about this comment and are all like," why are you on this site then?" my answer to you is i am with my lazy ass friend who is also to lazy to figure this out so i just thought i would leave this here for you…. TRY!!!

Well then
Posted May 20th at 5:39PM

I need to get a 77% on my Latin final to get a C+ ?

Benny Jo
Posted May 20th at 5:34PM

need a -84% to pass Algebra 2 Honors

Smarty McPants
Posted May 20th at 5:27PM

I need a 21% to not get a 100& ha ha Im the best : )

Posted May 20th at 5:14PM

84 & 85… This is impossible to bring up.

Zach baird
Posted May 20th at 5:07PM

Gunna hav to whip my way through this geometry final

Posted May 20th at 4:54PM

everyone here is either like haha fuck my life I will drop out of school and die or guess what I have a 99 and I don't try haha only need a 33% bitchezzz

Posted May 20th at 4:32PM

Need a -300% to still have A in class, I dont even have an A currently ;D

Posted May 20th at 4:28PM

When ur grade is lower than ur gpa…

Posted May 20th at 4:22PM

I need 420% to get a 69 in sex ed

HH member
Posted May 20th at 4:06PM


a screwed person
Posted May 20th at 4:02PM

Screw. My. Life.

Posted May 20th at 3:56PM

Whew. Only need a 122% to get an A in physics. Good thing I'm going into business.

Posted May 20th at 3:40PM

Fantastic. Need 111% to get a low D.

Posted May 20th at 3:05PM

when a brother need a 200% to make a c in chemistry

royally screwed
Posted May 20th at 3:03PM

i need at least 80% so all my d+ classes can become c- classes ??

Posted May 20th at 2:47PM

I only need a 289.64 to get an A in my math class :)))))))))))))

Posted May 20th at 2:05PM

Had a 54% and the calculator said I needed and 84 to pass with a 60% I got a 87.5% on the final and still failed the class with a 58.77%

Roger: You should bring that up with your teacher!

Posted May 20th at 1:58PM


Posted May 20th at 1:26PM

when your grade is a 57 and you need a 95 to get it to 64.5

wut the hek
Posted May 20th at 12:50PM

why do i need 143% in CAT and Physics to get an A

Handicap Ardling
Posted May 20th at 12:11PM

Yo Mao you beta shut the fuck up I'm tired of your shit

Mao Zedong
Posted May 20th at 11:43AM

Bro, this Cultural Rev shit working fine. If I got a 0 on my WH final, i'd have a B.

Posted May 20th at 11:00AM


Posted May 20th at 9:45AM

need a 64 for an a in chem

Posted May 20th at 9:27AM

I need a 126 on my lit final to get an A and a 10 to get a C…I'm really gonna have to study to get more than a 10.

Jane Lee
Posted May 20th at 9:12AM

You all are going to do just fine! Trust in the Lord, for he will make your paths straight.

Posted May 20th at 8:59AM

When you realize you only need a 43% to pass WHAP ??❤️?

Posted May 20th at 8:33AM

I need a 74% on algebra final to pass.. kms

Posted May 20th at 7:41AM


Posted May 20th at 7:38AM

So this is a bit complicated… For my math class, if the grade we receive on the final is higher than our lowest test score, our lowest test score is replace by the score we receive on the final. The final is worth 20% and the semester score is worth 80%. Of the 80%, the homework category is worth 20%, the quiz category is worth 25%, and the test category is worth 55%. In the homework category I have 100.55%, in the quiz category I have a 98.36%, and in the test category I have an 89%. My lowest test score is a 70/100 and there are 400 possible points in the test category.
To make this more clear, if I get an 80% on the final, my 70/100 will go to an 80/100. My semester score (80% of semester grade) will be a 95.03% and my final semester grade will be a 92.02%.

My final has 2 parts. On the first part I received a 10/10. The second part is worth 90 points. What do I need on the second part to get at least a 97.32%?

Roger: You need at least a 97.1% on the final exam to get a 97.32% overall. If you already got a 10/10 on the first part, then you need an 96.77% on the second part.

Hedwig Scoot
Posted May 20th at 6:05AM


Point is, pass your exams.

Posted May 20th at 6:04AM

Omg !!! I have a 67 for my 3rd quarter grade and a 79 for my 4th quarter grade ! I know this final is like 10% of my grade… jesus fix it.

Random Guy
Posted May 20th at 5:40AM

When you realize you can get a 56 and still get an A for the year. Day is made.

Posted May 20th at 4:47AM

tfw u needed a 68% to get a 73% in ur math class but u got a 70% and ended up w a 73.1% :)

I'm dead.
Posted May 20th at 3:15AM

i need a 97 on my french final to get a b in the class. SO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THERES STILL HOPE.

Posted May 20th at 12:51AM

Have an 85% in the class and all I need is a 65% on my final paper

Posted May 20th at 12:44AM

when you need a 130% to get an a- in bio :)))))))))))

Posted May 19th at 11:30PM

If for my math (total grade 86.08) my final is worth 10% of my grade and I have a 81.83% in test and quizzes which is 60% of my grade and the three test grades are 15.5/22, 82/100, 81/100, 85/100 and my teacher will replace our lowest test score with our final grade what do I need to get to get a minimum of a 89.5%

Roger: You listed four test grades, but you said you only had three. Also, one of them is only 22 points? That one is your lowest test grade. When your final replaces it, will it be scaled up to 100 points? Or just 22?

Nick hessler
Posted May 19th at 10:56PM

That moment when all you needed to keep your A is an 80% but u got an 98.7%

Posted May 19th at 9:23PM

Need an 85, an 85, and… An 85 on the three important ones. Ok… *deep breath* I got this

Posted May 19th at 9:18PM

To pass my Spanish class with a high A I only need 7.6%
The best part is that I haven't been to my Spanish class for the past 3 weeks… Life is good :)

Posted May 19th at 9:14PM

#IDontEvenTry #99.74

Finals are satans tears
Posted May 19th at 9:04PM

That awko moment when u got 18 gummy bear wrappers, a shit ton of "used" kleenex, and a puddle of tears surrounding your study spot durning finals week

Posted May 19th at 8:50PM

i need exactly 100% for a B. So in conclusion I have a C in a class now

Posted May 19th at 8:42PM

Have a 89.38 in algebra 2, and there is no way I'm getting an A on that final. Great.

On the bright side, I can't get a B in band. Band is life, life is band.

Fight Me
Posted May 19th at 8:40PM

Good thing I just need D's to get A's on this final. Maybe I WILL just draw flowers on these.

Jove Ludovic
Posted May 19th at 8:39PM

I have 25% in each of my classes…. I need a 525%!on my finals to finish with what my parents want me to have…. A 100% lol. I also have bad habits of eating vagasil and picking the life out of my hair and eating it…

A Homie
Posted May 19th at 8:37PM

Lalonde is not a homie

Posted May 19th at 7:53PM

Fuck physics for real

I.c. Wiener
Posted May 19th at 7:39PM

Forget it I'm not doing any more projects or finals summer here I come!!!

Sad Guy
Posted May 19th at 7:13PM

Why is it so easy to lose points but so hard to gain them back? I had a 91% and then I got a 2/7 on a homework assignment leaving me with a 87%. To get back to an A I need a frickin' 102%? WHY!@!@!@!#@@

Posted May 19th at 7:07PM

need a 96 on my ap lang final bruh

Posted May 19th at 6:33PM

that moment when you realize that you need over a 300 on the finals to get an A

I cant wait for summer to be over!!!!
Posted May 19th at 6:29PM

I plan to be the valedictorian. I know you are all probably very jealous. I camp out in my closet all day eating sunscreen. I have over 100% in every class. I need to bring my grades up! Your jealousy is getting to me…control yourselves.

George Bush
Posted May 19th at 6:26PM

Algebra 1 is killing me right now!!!!!!¡!¡¡ ?????????????????????????????????
#squad #46testaverage #whip #fail #sickbre

Eager Learner
Posted May 19th at 6:17PM

I really hope I do well on this exam. I applaud you, Roger, for making this fine piece of technology. I <3 you bruh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted May 19th at 6:16PM

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ My Reaction when i realized i needed a 297% for an A
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Posted May 19th at 6:09PM

Fucking slams instead of studying. TFM

Posted May 19th at 5:52PM

woo finals ya fucks

Posted May 19th at 5:42PM

Roger please comment on this post

Posted May 19th at 5:34PM

ROGERHUB needs to chill with the back talk bro

Posted May 19th at 5:30PM

You can tell it's finals week by the shit flying in the comments

Posted May 19th at 5:22PM

I don't get why y'all ask roger what your geade would be when you just type it into the percent calculator. That's what the sites for, right?

Posted May 19th at 5:11PM

watch y'all mouths what's wrong with y'all!

Posted May 19th at 5:02PM

Some of yall happy that yall only need to get a 94 when others are complaining about getting a 82… DEAD

billy hella
Posted May 19th at 4:44PM

i got 100s in all my classes

Posted May 19th at 4:30PM

With my 110 3rd Q and 117 4th Q, the final is worth 20% of my grade. I believe that by skipping the final, I could still get a 90.8 in PreAlgebra

Posted May 19th at 2:00PM

Also, its just nasty what people say on here.

Posted May 19th at 1:59PM

Why is people posting inappropriate stuff on this website and its just for looking up your final grade. The comments makes no sense, and people are just ignorant. Please get off of here if you are not for school purposes, please and thank you.

Posted May 19th at 1:42PM

Well I'm working at Mc Donalds the rest of my life…

Posted May 19th at 11:36AM

I need a 129% this is retartes theres no way thats right.

that guy
Posted May 19th at 11:17AM

I need a -21.72% on my history final to pass, nice.

Ben Dover
Posted May 19th at 10:09AM

Make your knees touch yours elbows

Posted May 19th at 9:24AM

Piss… I need a 91 on the chem final for a b

Posted May 19th at 9:09AM


Posted May 19th at 8:22AM

Fuck school

Mr. Bumshart
Posted May 19th at 8:20AM


Posted May 19th at 8:04AM

98% to get an A in english.. o gosh ill stick with the B

SIncerely ~Everyone
Posted May 19th at 7:58AM

Nobody cares about any of your grades

Zacky B
Posted May 19th at 7:52AM

Need a solid 129% on my final to pass :-)

Posted May 19th at 7:44AM

I'm getting an A no matter what :)

Posted May 19th at 7:26AM

i juuuuuust need an 88.46 to get a legit A….

Posted May 19th at 7:20AM

I need a 87 on my Spanish final to pass damn it

Posted May 19th at 5:37AM

Looks like I need a114.36% on my honors English final

Posted May 19th at 5:19AM

Well fuck, I need a 82 on my math exam to pass.

Posted May 19th at 4:52AM

Awesome calculator. Really eased my worries. HELL YEAH! I need a FREAKIN 69 on my Chemistry test!!!!

Slippery Tummy
Posted May 19th at 4:09AM

This calculator is awesome! Thank you Roger Hub

Roger: You’re welcome!

Slippery Tummy
Posted May 19th at 4:08AM

So much for that 90 in french….unless I really can get a 99…

Posted May 19th at 12:39AM

Love this website! Need at least a 98.7 on my final to get a 90

Posted May 18th at 11:49PM

I have to get an 88.6 to get a low C in history. Thanks mrs. Beezley you truly suck.

Posted May 18th at 10:40PM

Need at least 60% percent in 5 out of 6 classes to keep an A but I need a 92.3 to move algebra up by 0.2 smh

Posted May 18th at 9:54PM

looks like I'm retaking French.. thanks Mrs. Rader :(

Posted May 18th at 9:47PM

dead bc everyone is checking their grade before finals week

Posted May 18th at 9:34PM

My final score counts as 20% of my grade, but also replaces my lowest test score with what I got on the final. Tests are worth 50%. How do I calculate this?

Roger: You first need to know how many tests you’ve taken, your current test average, and what grade you want overall. Then, you can remove your lowest test score from your test category, and add its weight to the final exam. I can walk you through the exact calculations if you give me some numbers.

Posted May 18th at 9:31PM

Only reason I check to see what I need on my final is to see how much time I'll have to masturbate

Hate Life
Posted May 18th at 9:01PM

Need a 106% to pass remedial Algebra 1 going to study so hard.

Posted May 18th at 8:37PM

need 233.33 percent for 'A'

Your Name
Posted May 18th at 8:30PM

18% to pass Algebra. Couldn't possibly fail anything else. Nice.

mohamed ali
Posted May 18th at 8:22PM


mohamed ali
Posted May 18th at 8:21PM

if I get 2% on math final to get a 70 that going to be so hard plz shoot me

hate math
Posted May 18th at 8:17PM

need a 82% to pass my math class wish me luck

suck my dick TFS
Posted May 18th at 8:17PM

When you spend all your time calculating what you need on the final instead of actually studying

Posted May 18th at 8:17PM

Only need a 50% to pass zoology with an A, so stellar!

Posted May 18th at 8:03PM

Rip Need a 99.9 percent to get an A in math

Posted May 18th at 8:00PM

Need a 90.1% on my final to get an A……kill me plz

Posted May 18th at 7:46PM

Looks like I'm retaking trig

super relieved
Posted May 18th at 7:31PM

I was nervous about my math test, turns out, even if I get an F, I can still pass my class with 70%

I love this site

Posted May 18th at 7:15PM

On the bright side, I only need a 9% to get an A in English.
On the not-so-bright side, I need a 90% to get an A in Biology.

Posted May 18th at 6:48PM


Posted May 18th at 6:28PM

Welp, no need to cram study now I guess score greater than a 77% and i gets an a A

Sir Leopold
Posted May 18th at 6:15PM

Hello, peasants. I would endeavor to inform all of you inferior parasites that I can get a 54.9 on my final, and retain my A.

i got A's for days
Posted May 18th at 6:08PM

Yall ready know that i got that 3.85 GPA on lockdown

Posted May 18th at 6:03PM

Roger you are an angel sent from heaven. I thank you for helping me come to the conclusion that i can get a -2% on my history final and still pass. How beautiful.

Posted May 18th at 5:20PM


Fuck this
Posted May 18th at 4:52PM

That's awesome after my teacher fucked with my grade I now have to get a 68.7 to pass chemistry -_- fml

Posted May 18th at 4:45PM

Hope i get an A in ap chem, just need a 147% and 256% to pass ap calc

Ms chapperini is a bitch
Posted May 18th at 3:43PM

Ight only need A FUCKING 708.5 TO PASS HER CLASS. fuck duluth high school bruh

Posted May 18th at 3:39PM

Fudge my life yall

Posted May 18th at 3:30PM

I like the "oh you don't need to study.. You'll do fine"(for like a 50% on the final) and im like bitch you haven't seen the rest of my test scores!

Posted May 18th at 2:49PM


bleach drinker
Posted May 18th at 2:26PM

okay I only need a 84 to get a b

Posted May 18th at 2:26PM

Ma life

bush did 9/11
Posted May 18th at 2:25PM


jet fuel cant melt steel beams
Posted May 18th at 2:16PM

gg m8s.

Posted May 18th at 1:59PM

Thanks to for telling me in a small little box that I am a complete retard in chemistry.

Posted May 18th at 1:54PM

Looks like I need to get at least an 85 on my philosophy final to get into the B- range, and an 83.8 on my stats final to get into that same range. Time for me to say goodbye to fun for these next few days. Thankfully though, I have only the 1st 2 days of finals for them, tomorrow and Wednesday. So hey, it could be worse.

Posted May 18th at 1:02PM

I only need a 502% to pass!

lazy kid
Posted May 18th at 12:47PM

wish me luck friends

Posted May 18th at 12:27PM

Are A's even a thing anymore?

Posted May 18th at 11:28AM

Thanks had human get final and felt good after seeing what I needed

Brookwood High School
Posted May 18th at 10:58AM

This is great because my teacher Mrs. GRENADE hates us and he called us monkey retards. So this is great thing to use. I'm border line so I need to get a 75 on the final. She's gonna probably gonna fail Me even if I pass.

Posted May 18th at 10:18AM

I just got my test results back in physics and I now have a 93.09 in the class!!!! Dont have to take the final!!

Patrick Daniel Bustos
Posted May 18th at 10:14AM

thanks i enjoyed this ( : (;

Posted May 18th at 10:14AM


Posted May 18th at 10:12AM

I was clenching my cheeks during the method I mean math test……..good luck my childsss

Posted May 18th at 10:08AM

I have a 97 for both my third and fourth quarter in geometry
If this exam counts toward 20% of my semester grade, what do I need to make?

Posted May 18th at 9:22AM

I need a 305% to get an A in AP physics…. I'm golden :D

Posted May 18th at 9:07AM

This website saved my butt!! Less stressed now! Thanks

Posted May 18th at 9:02AM

What even is an A?

Posted May 18th at 8:58AM

I need to get 100.5 percent on my semester test to pass with a 59.6 percent my teacher sucks…. well i get to take physics next year instead of chemistry oh well

Posted May 18th at 8:58AM

Thank you so much for this website. Now instead of procrastinating about finding out how good I have to do on the test, I know. By no means does this mean I will actually study or try to be successful, it just means I can complain on Twitter about my misfortune. In fact, I procrastinate so hard that I'm purposefully making this comment more in-depth than the essay on my comm arts final, (which by the way I need to get a 63 percent on).

Posted May 18th at 8:52AM

Two days left of this place and the workload is beginning to show in my face.
I stayed up late and now I know my fate.
I will drop out of here and that much is clear.
I have not done anything, for that I am sure.
There's a disease called boredom and I need the cure.
I'm a pro at procrastination, I have no determination.
My motivation is lacking, my grades are slacking.
This place will be the death of me, that's very clear to see.
But thanks to this place, I can fail all my finals and still win the race.
Because C's get degrees, we know that much,
So thanks Roger Hub for coming in clutch.

Posted May 18th at 8:46AM

wrong hub, sorry

I don't pay attention
Posted May 18th at 8:30AM

Its sad when you're here calculating whether or not you will pass choir

Posted May 18th at 8:26AM

it says i need a 50% to pass ap calc and "you don't even need to study!"
haha……….don't even know if I can get a 50 on this final


Indian person
Posted May 17th at 10:32PM

I don't have to take my final. My teacher said she would give me 100% as long as I don't show up to class as she cannot stand the smell of my curry flavored body odor

Posted May 17th at 10:08PM

Need a 28% to get an A or a -263.7% to pass bio. I got this.

anon student
Posted May 17th at 9:59PM

need a 51% in one class and a 2% in another to get an A in both classes.

I'm set.

say a prayer for me
Posted May 17th at 9:26PM

need a 74.76 on my final to pass the class with a 75.5. sounds do able, but nursing school is hard !!! Pray for me people !!!

Posted May 17th at 7:47PM

I need a -2% on my chem final to get an A, I think I'm all set :)

Posted May 17th at 6:29PM

WHOO need a 57% on chem final to pass with a 93 (A).

Posted May 17th at 6:22PM

106% on final to get an A in accelerated algebra :(

Posted May 17th at 5:08PM

holy shit i need a 141% to get an a in chem
im just gonna go to a corner and cry now

Posted May 17th at 5:02PM


Posted May 16th at 9:29PM

so i failed then? 111 is my current and final was worth 65 class goal 165

Posted May 16th at 8:10PM

I only need 114% to get an A

Posted May 16th at 6:15PM

Roger, I honestly love you.
You are like my brothers Shrek (or idol/lover.)
You mean everything to me and your luscious brown locks in your biography picture get to me. Keep up the good work dude.

Posted May 16th at 6:11PM


Posted May 16th at 5:35PM


black roger hub
Posted May 16th at 12:31PM

aye was good homies

Roger hub
Posted May 16th at 12:10PM

Hello babes

Posted May 16th at 11:59AM

My two quaters are 40% and final is 20%. I am in the 2nd semester and my 3rd quater I got a 67 and in the 4th I have a 83 If I make a 45 on the final what will I get?

Roger: You will have a 69% overall.

Posted May 16th at 10:50AM

Good luck on your finals children

Posted May 16th at 9:00AM

good luck on your finals everyone! you will all be fine, even if you do fail. Keep working and don't lose hope!!! You can do it!!! yesss!!!!!!

Posted May 16th at 8:15AM

I need to get negative points on my grade to still have an A. I'll probably write my name on it and turn it in?????

Posted May 16th at 3:46AM

well I need an 89 on my final to pass with a b. Goodbye world. Finals are in 3 days.

Posted May 16th at 1:27AM

It's a relief to see I need a -5% on my exams to still be accepted to Cal Poly… I mean, I knew anyways, but it's reassuring. This calculator has been one of the few things to soothe my nerves during finals week over my 4 years of high school. So thanks, Roger!!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Lola Perez
Posted May 15th at 12:00PM

I only need a 57% to get an A- and a 23% to get a B- in AP Literature and Composition!
(Btw I need at least a B- to take AP again next year)

Pinkie Pie
Posted May 15th at 10:54AM

I like trains

angry mothafucka
Posted May 15th at 8:41AM

This is so fucking off…get a better website because it keeps telling me I need over 400% in order to raise my grade less than 1%.

Posted May 15th at 7:11AM

If the early bird gets the worm then how come i woke up early and didn't get amy worms

Roger: Why do you want worms..

Posted May 15th at 7:00AM

So this is a bit complicated… For my math class, if the grade we receive on the final is higher than our lowest test score, our lowest test score is replace by the score we receive on the final. The final is worth 20% and the semester score is worth 80%. Of the 80%, the homework category is worth 20%, the quiz category is worth 25%, and the test category is worth 55%. In the homework category I have 100.55%, in the quiz category I have a 98.36%, and in the test category I have an 89%. My lowest test score is a 70/100 and there are 400 possible points in the test category.
To make this more clear, if I get an 80% on the final, my 70/100 will go to an 80/100. My semester score (80% of semester grade) will be a 95.03% and my final semester grade will be a 92.02%.

My final has 2 parts. On the first part I received a 10/10. The second part is worth 90 points. What do I need on the second part to get at least a 93.0%?

Roger: You need at least a 83.16% on the final. If you got a 10/10 on the first part, then you need at least a (73.16/90) 81.29% on the second part to get a 93% overall.

rectangle rhombus kite square triangle prism
Posted May 15th at 6:50AM

oh but luke hemmings

just a lonely egg
Posted May 15th at 6:49AM

i need a 105 on my exam to get a 47.5 as my total grade!!

Posted May 15th at 6:48AM

cool stuff bruh

liam payh ne
Posted May 15th at 6:06AM

i like this website than k u

Posted May 15th at 1:27AM

i'm tired.

Posted May 14th at 11:22PM

110% to pass pre-cal….live laugh love :)

anonymous motivation
Posted May 14th at 11:10PM

you all can do it! if you need at least a 50 to pass, go for that A fam, bring your grade up those couple points, maybe its the difference between an A and an A-, or btwn a B+ and a B. and if you need an A to pass, you got this, close pornhub, close twitter, instagram, all that and study. i believe in you guys! even if you haven't gotten an A all year, next year you wont even remember this moment when you decided to close those extra tabs, but you might just remember how that A saved you from summer school. :) come on my lovelies, jacking off at this point isn't productive, go open that book and learn shit!

I am a lamp
Posted May 14th at 9:32PM

every time I think of finals, a piece of my soul dies

Posted May 14th at 8:32PM

Hey I had a question. I am studying for a final of mine. I want to keep an A in my class and only need a 58% just to keep it. The exam will most likely be 47-50 questions but will be a total of 100 points. I was wondering how many questions I would need to get right just to keep an A in the class.
Thanks a lot, Student.

Roger: 58% of 47-50 questions is 27-29 questions.

The Dude
Posted May 14th at 8:23PM

I have a science final. I need a 52% just to keep an A in the class. It is pretty hard to study for it. I hope I do well. But my question would be if the final exam was around 50 questions. How many questions would I need to right to keep my A. Thanks a lot!!

Roger: 26 out of 50 questions is 52%.

Posted May 14th at 7:56PM

This is a crock, said I needed a 84.6 or better to pass with a 75 (I was at 73.2) I got a 80 and I'm at 76.1… ???? Hm?

just a bitch
Posted May 14th at 7:08PM

need a 72 to get a B in econ. i got a 52 on my last test. well, shit.

Posted May 14th at 6:59PM

been getting 4.0's every single semester so far, hoping to keep it that way for ONE MORE SEMESTER. school ends next week and the only final i'm worried about its algebra. i currently have a 90% and need to have an 88% to keep my A. let's all pray for me, shall we?

Posted May 14th at 5:03PM

i need a 64 to pass english got a 71

Posted May 14th at 5:02PM

i can pass

Posted May 14th at 4:53PM

I need a 99.21% to get a B in calc. D':

I think I can…. I think I can….

Not happening :/

Posted May 14th at 4:43PM

*looks up grade needed to keep B in class*
*needs a D to keep B*

Posted May 14th at 4:12PM

I am only concerned for my Biology, History, and English class. Just study my butt off an I'll be good! Good luck everyone!! :)

Posted May 14th at 3:41PM

so glad i need an 80 to keep my A

Posted May 14th at 2:12PM

I need a 106% in Adv. Algebra 2 to get an A. So close to straight A's!!!!

Roberto nigga hater
Posted May 14th at 12:15PM

I have a 76% in math. My friend has a 56%, he needs a 91%. I don't have to do any of my finals.

that dude
Posted May 14th at 12:12PM

I can just not show up to finals and still pass with all C+'s


A Heron
Posted May 14th at 11:17AM

I am a heron. I have a long neck and I pick fish out of the water with my beak. If you don't repost this comment on 10 other pages, I will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans.

that kid
Posted May 14th at 11:10AM

At my school, senior year, if you have a B or better in the class you dont have to take a final….

Posted May 14th at 10:38AM

Fucking 90% needed for dual credit anatomy to keep my college credit I payed 367 bucks for…????

Posted May 14th at 9:12AM

Only need a 46% to pass yasss

Posted May 14th at 8:50AM

it says I only need a 60% on the test, and y am I still scared out my freaking mind?!?

Posted May 14th at 8:12AM

Need to get at least a 26% on math final

Posted May 14th at 8:11AM

The FUCK i hate exams

Posted May 14th at 8:05AM

I can get -242% and still have an A

Posted May 14th at 8:05AM

I have a 4% in algebra and i need 400% to pass :)

Posted May 14th at 7:42AM

Why don't teachers offer extra credit?

Done with Highschool
Posted May 14th at 7:21AM

Need to make at least a 13%..

Posted May 14th at 7:09AM

Have a 67 in geometry only need to make a 20%on the final to pass :p

Posted May 14th at 6:56AM

fuck im screwed lol

Posted May 14th at 5:22AM

I need a 98% to pass geometry with a 70 fuck my life

Posted May 14th at 3:00AM

here we go

ready to fail gov

6 ap classes was a mistake

goats r cool
Posted May 14th at 12:34AM

This is the worst website for a paranoid person
to anyone who can relate look a some pictures of goats and u will be calm again
no stress necessary hobos r cool

Solid Snake
Posted May 14th at 12:01AM

Lowest I can make is a 59 to keep my B in college Alg. One last exam.. then off to video game land.

Posted May 13th at 10:33PM

haha geometry has me crying myself to sleep lmao
everything is falling apart
i wish my classes were more consisten

Come tip me
Posted May 13th at 10:15PM

Algebra has me considering stripping

Mr. 4.0
Posted May 13th at 9:36PM

My lowest grade is a 95% and I really want to keep that or get better. Let's hope I can do it and good luck to you all!

Posted May 13th at 8:51PM

Good thing i spend more time on here than studying during finals week

girl crazy
Posted May 13th at 8:33PM

i need a girl diet… but not from you @ boy crazy

boy crazy
Posted May 13th at 8:31PM

I need a boy diet

The Messiah
Posted May 13th at 8:10PM

– 73% to keep an A in AP Physics
– 84% to keep an A in AP Language
– 93% to keep an A in AP Calculus BC
– 43% to keep an A in AP Computer Science

Junior year got nothing on me ;)

Posted May 13th at 7:42PM

I have an 18% in Algebra 1 so I'm not even going to bother with studying or trying to calculate my grade… Have a great summer… I'll be at boarding school.

Posted May 13th at 7:18PM

I need to get a 127 to get an A in math…

random freshman
Posted May 13th at 7:09PM

Lol all I need is a 56% to pass the class with a C!! Omg can't wait to get it over with tommorow!! Have a great summer everyone??????

Posted May 13th at 5:19PM

i need to get a -19% to keep my A in adv. Geometry
Fuck Yes It Looks like im just gunna turn it in with my name on it

Nice Mem
Posted May 13th at 4:42PM

Freshman year = 2ez4me

Stacy's Mom
Posted May 13th at 4:14PM

I have a D- in Pre-Algebra, but what the hell…I've still got it going on.

Roger Chen
Posted May 13th at 4:13PM

I have a 69% in Remedial Algebra. I have 2 more tests left which are 20% of my grade combined. If I eat 3 cookies and head due north 32 paces, what will be my final grade after 3 hours of travel?

Roger: 24

Pete Biddlgve
Posted May 13th at 4:01PM

i luh all of u

Carley F
Posted May 13th at 3:50PM

Need to make a 24% to maintain in A in my Honors Latin class!

Posted May 13th at 2:15PM


Posted May 13th at 2:14PM

Needs 50 % on the final to pass the class

Class is PE

All other classes need 120% or better

I'm screwed

engineering major
Posted May 13th at 1:56PM

Lol computer engineering sucks. need a 92% to get a C- in the class

Posted May 13th at 1:54PM

68.4 to make an A in Calculus….18 to make a B

Posted May 13th at 1:10PM

junior high kids don't even know…

Posted May 13th at 12:53PM

ethan thompson needed a 324 to pass his class

Posted May 13th at 12:18PM

If I take a zero on my final I'll still end with an a 77 for the year lol, senior year was great

Stewart Washington
Posted May 13th at 11:22AM

Im so glad I studied last night

Jaileene Schoolgirl J
Posted May 13th at 10:58AM

I like school, I need a 123.8 to get a 90 in my class, Lolz I better start studying. Looks like my career at PH is not a possibility.

Posted May 13th at 10:43AM

Wow. I need to study a little more. I love my grades but i need a higher GPA so i need to study harder. My finals are on 5-14-15 which is tomorrow.

random highschooler
Posted May 13th at 10:25AM

i hate chem

Posted May 13th at 9:17AM

I just want to say that this site is actually amazing and finals would be infinitely worse without this small comfort.

Roger: Glad you like it!

Posted May 13th at 7:25AM

I have a 45 in my physics class, we havnt taken the finals yet(worth 25%). I need a 75 to pass the semester, there might be some major grades that would help me out.

So, how do you calculate what Major and daily grades you need in order to attain the grade that you desire?

Roger: I’d start by asking your teacher for a detailed description of the course’s grading policy. Then, you can create a spreadsheet or formula to match the course’s grading policy, and try different values to see what grade you would end up with. You can also solve a formula analytically to tell you what grade you’d need on a particular assignment, given all of your other grades.

Caleb Young
Posted May 13th at 7:10AM

I swear I thought I failed math, but I bombed my final with at least a 37% I'll still make a C!

Posted May 13th at 7:01AM

So to keep my C i have to get at least 73% but to just not give a flying F**k and get a D I need at least -21% so Im kinda teetering.

Posted May 13th at 6:56AM

I used this calculator for first semester finals and I nearly had a heart attack because I thought I was gonna fail 2 classes… But I flunked those two finals and still passed? Don't put ALL your eggs in this basket, but it definitely helps to get perspective.

Posted May 13th at 5:57AM

i have a 97.3 in chem and i wanted to get a 98 i need 100.8 %

Posted May 13th at 5:55AM

I need at least a 93 to get an A… I'VE STILL GOT HOPE

Posted May 13th at 2:59AM

I have a 97% in English and I want to get it up to a 98% (yes, yes, I know, but a 98% is an A+ and 97% is not). I need to score 102% on my final.

Yet yesterday, I got an 80% on an essay and it dropped my grade by one percent.


Posted May 13th at 12:10AM

Lmao only need a 53 to keep my shitty C in AP Chem. Oh well. Senior and don't give a fuck

Boredom kills
Posted May 12th at 8:37PM

I need a at least a -71 percent to pass bio.

Posted May 12th at 8:33PM

well i need a negative 1.76 percent to barely pass calc! fuck yeah

Posted May 12th at 8:05PM

I need a 182 to pass… No point in studying I guess

Posted May 12th at 7:29PM

I needed a 104% to get an A in my APUSH class and I think I got a 107% (yay extra credit) so I suppose there really are miracles.. :)

Destiny Perez
Posted May 12th at 6:21PM

I'm curious as to why when I had an 84% my teacher told me I needed a 70 to keep a B but when I put that in there^ it says 57.33% :(

Posted May 12th at 6:14PM

Roger, I don't need your sarcasm. I know it's going to take a miracle to get an A in this class.

Posted May 12th at 5:46PM

I need a 92 to get a 80 …. but to get a 70 in the class i need a 42 lol…ill be happy with a 70 in Geometry. Just ready to get it over with.

gg life
Posted May 12th at 5:38PM

In health I Failed a project, got an 56 now my grade is a , FUCK!

Lenora May
Posted May 12th at 5:19PM

This doesn't work for me. My final is two parts and counts as a test. There isn't a calculator for that. Oh well! I guess I'll never know…

Carolyn Smith
Posted May 12th at 5:05PM

According to this website, I have to make a 103 on my final exam to pass. Wish me luck! Feeling confident, as you can tell.

Posted May 12th at 4:39PM

Lol I need a 92% on the final to make an 80 in the class. lord help me

Posted May 12th at 4:30PM

That moment when you realize that you need a 33% for a B- in Math but a 100.6% for an A-

Posted May 12th at 3:44PM

Lmao! Reading all these comments makes me feel better about how fckd I am. Jesus be with us all.

Posted May 12th at 2:59PM

i need a -99.3% on my bio final to pass the class :)

Posted May 12th at 1:32PM

so i have a 52 percent in the class because i missed a test because a friend passed away, at the beginning of the year my teacher said that our lowest test score would be replaced by our final so I'm about to just up a bunch of letter grades.. idk how to calculate that in though please help!

Roger: It depends on how many tests you’ve taken, your lowest test grade, and your current test average. Also, it depends on what grade you need to pass and how much your final is worth.

Posted May 12th at 12:57PM

Hey "Biology Major" Not taking it would give you a 0.00% on the exam. That is less than you need. I'd take it, and not take math again.

Biology Major
Posted May 12th at 12:39PM

-24.17% needed on my calculus final to pass with an A *Whew*! I might as well not even take the test and just sleep!

Posted May 12th at 11:32AM

-47 to pass the class? Well, I better start my summer.

Posted May 12th at 11:02AM

Im at an 84 :(
I hate APUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted May 12th at 9:55AM

School sux lmao I can fail everything and it ain't gonna matter when I face god

Posted May 12th at 9:29AM

61% to keep an A in one class. -22% to keep an A in the other. The struggle is real.

Posted May 12th at 8:55AM

Great, it helped me sooo much a was failing English the whole semester but i worked hard at the end and my teacher help me alot i when to check and i need at least a 33% on the test to pass the class

The hell?
Posted May 12th at 7:40AM

Why are all these people asking what they need when they could literally just use the tool…

Posted May 12th at 7:34AM

Well I'm f*cked.

jimmer ferdette
Posted May 12th at 5:27AM

The diffrence of people on here is hilarous its either people who need a certain to pass the class or people with like a 92 trying to get a 93

Posted May 12th at 4:50AM

I have a 91 in my history class and to get a 93 I need a 112 to pass… what… two points is that much?????

fuck french
Posted May 12th at 1:14AM

if I don't pass this round, I wasted an hour or hour and a half of my day EVERY SINGLE DAY mon-friday for a semester. FML

Posted May 11th at 10:46PM

why tf are finals so annoying
i hate my teacher he gives me shitty grades bc idiot

Sarah S
Posted May 11th at 10:36PM

need a 50% on my calculus final to maintain my A in the class

Posted May 11th at 10:14PM

This was very helpful, thank you!
But also.. I'M FUCKED

Roger Hopeful
Posted May 11th at 9:02PM

What grade do I need in order to become Roger?

Roger: You need to become the teacher.

Posted May 11th at 8:22PM

Dying would be fun

Urban Myth: A's in College
Posted May 11th at 8:13PM

I need a 98.4% in my Lab class to get a 90% in the overall lecture class…

Posted May 11th at 7:17PM


Broke College Student
Posted May 11th at 7:04PM

Lol, I'm fucked.

Summer School, here I come!
Posted May 11th at 6:35PM

My final is only worth 15% of my overall grade, if only the percentage were higher, like 30%, then I would only have to get a 97% on my final to pass my class, opposed to 135%. Frick!

im screwed
Posted May 11th at 4:56PM

146% to pass
imma just drop out and pursue my destiny of becoming a trash can on the corner

Posted May 11th at 4:23PM

I need 143%. I'm just not gonna study

Posted May 11th at 4:01PM

The death of me. 90% is what I need! I should probably go study

Posted May 11th at 3:56PM

Being at the edge really sucks. I almost wish I just had an 85% instead of an 89% in algebra II, so that I would have an excuse to be lazy with my studying. I hate finals

Posted May 11th at 3:23PM


Posted May 11th at 2:21PM

94.5% fuck

Posted May 11th at 12:16PM


Posted May 11th at 10:41AM

Yall stoopid

Posted May 11th at 9:59AM

LOL, I'm screwed. 250%

Posted May 11th at 7:28AM


Posted May 11th at 7:21AM

Literally sitting in English and spent like 30mins reading all the comments… probably why I have such a low grade….

Posted May 11th at 6:49AM

well shit i only need 167% to pass

Posted May 11th at 6:35AM

once i put my numbers in i have to get a 63% on my final to keep my A in algebra II and they said dont even worry about studying lol, i got an F on my last semester final…

Posted May 10th at 10:17AM

i really will fail i have an 89 and 87 and right now i want it to be at least a 90 idk what grades i should get roger could you help me?

Roger: Good luck!

Posted May 10th at 4:01AM

This is a great tool, thank you so much!
Now I REALLY need to put this phone down and get back to studying…

culo nero
Posted May 9th at 1:45PM

so i have 76 in my chemistry class, i just want to pass the the class. what do i have to do, my final is 20 % of my grade

Roger: It depends on what overall grade you need to pass the class.

Posted May 9th at 5:56AM

I don't have to study at all

Posted May 8th at 9:38PM

Even if I get a 0% on my final I will still get an B+ in my class. Why show up?

Posted May 8th at 9:35PM

I heard that if someone from your class dies during the final you all get A+'s. Who's is willing to take one for the team?

Posted May 8th at 9:33PM

I need a 139.91% on my final to pass. I am at the point where if I got hit by a bus I would get up and thank the driver.

Posted May 8th at 2:38PM

Thanks to Romeo and Juliet I need a 350% on my final! Easy Peasy! ….. Is there an apothecary nearby?

jason r burdett
Posted May 8th at 1:47PM

i have a 77% and my final is work 13.5% and it says i need 100.08% to get a B guess ill be stuck at a C lol

Megan Jones
Posted May 8th at 11:43AM

I currently have a 267/320 overall which gives me an 83% in the class. The final paper is 75 points with 395 overall points in the class. So the final is worth 18.99%. I have to have at least an 80% in the class by the end. So did I calculate this right that I need at least a 67.2% on my final to pass with at least an 80%???

Roger: That sounds about right.

Posted May 8th at 11:34AM

Lol, it told me "don't even bother studying" because I have to get a 44% to drop to a B. Thanks rogerhub :P

It's funny how many people in the comments are like "WHAT GRADE DO I NEED TO GET IF MY GRADE IS <grade> AND THE FINAL IS <percentage> OF MY GRADE AND I WANT TO HAVE A <desired grade>" Like people you do realize this is not an ask form, this is a comments section and any questions you have about your grade can be solved by the finals calculator, ie, the whole point of this website? Just a thought.

Jake Laubach
Posted May 8th at 8:53AM


Posted May 7th at 11:21PM

Fuck Mrs. Henson and Mr. Reyes. I wish I had teachers that taught.

CS Student
Posted May 7th at 6:02PM

Isn't it funny how many people are asking what score they need to get a certain grade, when they could just plug it in?

Posted May 7th at 4:28PM

I got a 62 in world and i have to two more test to take what do i need to get on the first to have a 73 if test are 41% of my grade???????????????????

computer science student
Posted May 7th at 12:37PM

Roger, you might disagree, but fuck javascript

Posted May 7th at 11:54AM

@Toney Carter

417.00/540 = 77.2222

All you have to do is divide :D

Posted May 7th at 11:08AM

Is this real or fake or watttttttttt

Posted May 7th at 8:17AM

I don't know how to check my grades. What do I need on all my tests to graduate?

Posted May 7th at 7:08AM

114% to get an A, my teacher doesn't understand anything, this should be interesting

Toney Carter
Posted May 7th at 4:12AM

Below, is what has been graded thus far in my class. Therefore, what would be my final grade?
Last Activity
Practice Quiz
Feb 15, 2015 7:39 PM Graded
May 6, 2015 10:33 PM Graded
Reading Reflection: Week One
Due: Jan 18, 2015
Feb 17, 2015 8:55 PM Graded
Reading Reflection: Week Two
Due: Jan 25, 2015
Mar 2, 2015 6:31 PM Graded
Reading Reflection: Week Three
Due: Feb 4, 2015
Mar 15, 2015 4:27 PM Graded
Reading Reflection: Week Four
Due: Feb 8, 2015
Mar 16, 2015 11:42 AM Graded
Reading Reflection: Week Five
Due: Feb 18, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 3:19 PM Graded
Reading Reflection: Week Six
Due: Mar 6, 2015
May 4, 2015 3:07 AM Graded
Reading Reflection: Week Seven
Due: Mar 6, 2015
May 4, 2015 3:19 AM Graded
Reading Reflection: Week Eight
Due: Mar 15, 2015
May 4, 2015 12:20 PM Graded
Reading Reflection: Week Ten
Due: Mar 30, 2015
May 4, 2015 4:54 PM Graded
Reading Reflection: Week Eleven
Due: Apr 12, 2015
May 5, 2015 12:41 AM Graded
Reading Reflection: Week Thirteen
Due: Apr 22, 2015
May 5, 2015 4:18 PM Graded
Reading Reflection: Week Fourteen
Due: Apr 22, 2015
May 5, 2015 5:29 PM Graded
Final Exam/Exam 3
Due: May 3, 2015
May 6, 2015 8:19 PM Graded
Weighted Total

Total Points

Roger: Well, just based on the “Total Points” label at the bottom, your grade should be a 417/540 (77.2%).

Posted May 6th at 10:06PM

If I have a 90 but my final test is worth 40 points what grade do I need?

Roger: It depends on what grade you’re aiming to get and how many points there are in your grade overall.

Ice cream
Posted May 6th at 9:20PM

I have a 100 percent in my Ap Lit class but my final is worth 90 percent. What do I need to keep a 90 percent?

Roger: You need at least an 88.9% on the final to get a 90% overall.

Shana Dreyes
Posted May 6th at 8:26PM

wait can u change that to i want a 79.6% not a 80% and i have a 78.2? sorry for the confusion!

Shana Dreyes
Posted May 6th at 8:22PM

Hey! so i have a 78% in a class and there are gonna be two things in my final category (15%) the first thing i got 43 out of 74 and idk how many points the second is can u tell me what i need on the second final if its out of 5? 10? 15? and 20? to get at least an 80% in the class? thanks!!

Roger: Try the calculator that’s labeled “There are 2+ parts to my final”.

izzy S.
Posted May 6th at 7:19PM

My current average is 86 with all exams posted and have an average of assignments of 75.08 which is worth 10% of my grade. what is my final grade.

Roger: Assuming that there aren’t any other categories in your grade, your final grade should be a 84.9%.

Drew Peacock
Posted May 6th at 6:54PM

Only need a 31% to get an A in Calculus. Thanks Roger!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Joe Bro
Posted May 6th at 5:46PM

Hey, what do I need to do to score a 69?

robbie rotten
Posted May 6th at 5:38PM

ill destroy all of lazy town!!!!!!!!! disugusitng!!!!!!!

Into the Convent
Posted May 6th at 4:10PM

I think I'll just become a nun.

Posted May 6th at 3:21PM


Posted May 6th at 2:58PM

Great app! Thanks :)

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted May 6th at 1:11PM

I only need to make a score of 117% on my final in order to get the grade i really need in this class…it's fine..i'll just be a CNA for the rest of my life. gaaaaaaaaaaaaah i HATE math!

Posted May 6th at 12:18PM

don't even worry fam imma just get a 265% on the final

the kid that never studies
Posted May 6th at 9:22AM


Posted May 5th at 10:55PM

Hey I need some help calculating my grade to make sure this is correct. My final exam was 34 questions and worth 100 points, and it's 25% of the grade.
I had three exams…I got a 55 on one, a 79 on another, and a 74 on another one. Those three exams are out of 100. I needed at least a 65 in the class for it to count as a C- or passing. Did I really only need a 56.1% on my final exam to pass? Am I missing something?

Roger: Assuming that your three exams are weighted equally, your current grade should be a 69.3%. So, you need at least a 52% on your final exam to get a 65% overall.

Posted May 5th at 10:11PM

dont cheat on finals # A–> D

Bethany Kwitek
Posted May 5th at 9:31PM

Guys don't give him crap for the little comments after the grade is calculated. They are clever and make this finals process a little less stressful. Thanks Roger for all your help!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Billy Bob Junior
Posted May 5th at 8:51PM


Posted May 5th at 8:07PM

Julie you need a 60 to get a 90.

Posted May 5th at 7:18PM

Roger, will you go to prom with me?

Roger: I have final exams too, sorry.

Posted May 5th at 5:38PM


Posted May 5th at 4:24PM

OMG!! This site is awesome! I love reading these comments. :)

Posted May 5th at 12:41PM

So basically I have around a 67 in my class right now. The final is split into 3 parts, each worth 10%, totalling 30% of my overall mark. I will get a 0 on one part worth 10%. What will I need on the two remaining parts to get at least a 55? Thanks

Roger: You need to average at least a 40.5% on the remaining two parts to get a 55% overall.

Posted May 5th at 12:04PM

Hi Roger! I asked this question last semester but I forgot how you calculated it, so here it is again! I have a 92 right now, I want to end up with at least a 90. My exam is worth 33% of our grade, and is also going to replace our worst test grade. Tests are worth 52%. I have a 94, 95, 96, and 74. So it will replace the 74. The remaining 15% comes from quizzes, all of which I've gotten 100s on. So what is the lowest my exam grade can be? Thanks Roger!

Roger: You will need at least a 82.5% on your final exam to get a 90% overall.

Posted May 5th at 10:56AM

What if your final replaces your lowest test grade and also counts as a different percentage on its own? For example: My class average is 90.3%. I have taken four tests. My scores are 102.1, 97.9, 81.8, and 90. My final is worth 20% of my grade, and also replaces my lowest test grade. What do I have to make in order to get a 90% in the class?

Roger: It depends on how much your test category is worth. Can you provide that?

Posted May 5th at 5:45AM


Posted May 4th at 9:28PM

hi i reallly need your help.
so for my class the total point is 1000
i have 780
what do i need to make on the final to get a 90?
the final is worth 20%
im really confused

Roger: You need at least a 120/200 (60%) on the final to get a 90% overall.

Anonymous 3328
Posted May 4th at 6:16PM

Going back to my original question, I will have around 650 points including the upcoming test and project

Roger: To get a 91.5% overall, you’ll need to average at least a 85.3% on the upcoming test, project, and final. You can treat the final as a 162.5 point assignment, if it’s 20% of your grade.

Posted May 4th at 5:54PM


Tifa Lockhart
Posted May 4th at 5:31PM

I need to score a 68% on my final to get an 80 overall grade. "have fun(doing other things)" haha that cracked me up Roger :) Those comments are the best.

Roger: Congrats!

Ben Moser
Posted May 4th at 11:59AM

my grades suck

Noah Ceballos
Posted May 4th at 11:37AM

My teacher didn't really find me drawing a flower on the test as funny as I thought she would.

Roger: No sense of humor hmm..

What the fuck?
Posted May 4th at 9:27AM

Roger I swear you look and sound just like my dad who abandoned me 0.o

Roger: That’s awkward.

Posted May 4th at 8:34AM

woah i used this calculator for a question on final about calculating your final grade. got it wrong though because it was in euros

Roger: Hmm yes, common mistake

Posted May 3rd at 7:48PM

I need a 118%… Wow stress and anxiety skyrocketed

Posted May 3rd at 4:53PM

Thx man for dis awesome calculator, I need a 60% to get a 90, that should be hard…not

Posted May 3rd at 11:09AM

I need to get a 107.7%. If you need something to make you feel better about yourself, just remember your not me. :(

Posted May 3rd at 11:03AM

What if I have two semester classes that are combined into one? Will my grade for both be averaged together for my grade for one semester or will I get a grade for each "semester" that is actually the length of a quarter?

Roger: I think it depends on who you ask! Are you calculating your GPA? According to how your current school calculates it? Or a school you might be applying to?

Posted May 3rd at 10:17AM

Thanks, this site greatly reduced my stress level, Now I can go back to having fun at the pool!

Posted May 3rd at 7:30AM

I need a -19 or higher to have a B average! Thank you so much for this site, it takes a lot of test-stress off of my mind.

Posted May 2nd at 7:37AM

I have to get at least a 94 on my final in chemistry to be an A!!! What the heck?! My grade right now is 89.37% and I have to get a 94?! Geeze… and its due today…

Posted May 1st at 9:50PM

I'm so upset – I need exactly 100% on my presentation to get an A in this class. I would stress about it way less if I'd needed 101% and it was unattainable… but instead I have to work REALLY HARD to try to get that 100% and cry when I don't.

Roger: I’ve been in that situation too. I needed a 99% on the final exam to get an A. I studied more intensely than I ever had, aiming to get every single question correct. I ended up with a 93%, which was pretty high, and even though I didn’t get the grade, it ended up not mattering very much. Good luck!

Posted May 1st at 9:12AM

Roger, I have a 93 in my calculus class. In order to not take my exam I have to have a 90 at the end of the year. Tests are worth a cumulative 65% of my grade and I have my sixth and last test grade to take.
My current test grade average is a 94
Quizzes (worth 30%) 91
Hw (worth 10%) 100

What's the lowest I can get on this last test and still have a 90 or above?


Roger: I’m going to assume that you meant “60%” instead of “65%”, since 65 + 30 + 10 = 105, which is too much. You need to get at least a 57.0% on the sixth test grade to get a 90% overall.

Posted May 1st at 5:41AM

Does being a walmart manager make a lot of money?

Understated girlfriend
Posted Apr 30th at 11:19PM

dis *

Understated girlfriend
Posted Apr 30th at 11:16PM

Fuck did shit imma become a stripper

Anonymous 3328
Posted Apr 30th at 9:17PM

In regards to my first question:: my final is worth 20% of my grade

Roger: It still depends on how many points you have total.

Anonymous 3328
Posted Apr 30th at 9:15PM

Roger, I currently have a 95.5 in my class and need to get at least a 91.5 at the end of the semester. My final will be an easy 90ish%. I still have a test and a project that are both 100 pts each. What will I need to get on that test and project in order to get at least a 91.5 in the class?

Roger: It depends on how many points you have total.

Posted Apr 30th at 7:28PM

I currently have a 53 in my Literature class, terrible professor but i won't get into that, I still have three more assignments due before my final. If I get a 100 on all three assignments what would I need on my final to pass? We have 10 journal entries that are worth 15% and I still have two more to turn in, and the other assignments are a notebook submission which are worth 10 percent and have only one left.

Roger: It depends on what percentage you need to pass, and it depends on your current average in your journal entries category, as well as how many journal entries you’ve already submitted. Also, it depends on how much your final is worth. (I’m assuming you only have 1 notebook submission for the entire course.)

Posted Apr 30th at 2:46PM

I have a 138% in science GT. XD

Michael johnson
Posted Apr 30th at 7:36AM

I have a 72 in the class. I just got a 52 major grade(70% of the grade) on my essay. So what would I need to make on the next major grade to make a 75 in the class?

Roger: It depends on 1) how many of the “major grades” you have, 2) your current average in the “major grades” category, 3) if you have any other undetermined categories like a final exam, etc. Also, does the 72% include your most recent 52% grade?

Posted Apr 30th at 7:31AM

Gigi…..100-30=70% You would still pass with a 70% if you have a 100.

Posted Apr 29th at 10:58PM

Really, truly helpful, thank you! Also, big fan of the sassy comments :p

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Apr 29th at 7:14PM

so I am in like an off campus PE thing and they make us do a online class and I am way behind and you get a 60% if not complete. the online thing is worth 30% of my grade. so if right now my grade is 100% will it still be passing

Roger: Well, your final grade should be a 88%.

Posted Apr 29th at 3:06PM

Hi Roger,

I have a 75.4% in my math class, to pass the class I need at least a 69.5. My final is worth 30%. Is it really true I can get a 57% on the final and still pass the class with a 69.5?

Thanks for the help

Roger: That sounds about right.

Asian nigga420
Posted Apr 29th at 8:54AM

I need 0.5% to get 100 percent average get fucking rekt kids. Gratttattta

Posted Apr 29th at 7:04AM


Roger: You’re welcome!

Anonymous Questioner
Posted Apr 29th at 6:22AM

Rodger are you real, if so what is your favourite ice cream flavour and tell me a funny joke.

Roger: Mint chocolate chip.

Q. What is orange and sounds like a parrot?

A. A carrot.

Posted Apr 28th at 10:25PM

I'm the most unathletic person on earth, but I try my absolute best in PE. Our PE teacher grades REALLY hard on fitness exams, and even though I try my best, I still don't do very well. She says I'll be fine and my grade will be fine, but I've gotten pretty pessimistic.
I'm about to graduate from my current school, and after attending for 3 years they offer this special award that comes with a watch if you get straight A's for all 3 years. The ONLY class that ruined that for me was PE- with a finishing grade of 89.71% after final exams.

Needless to say, I'm utterly disappointed that my academic scholarship was ultimately undermined by not being able to run a mile under 8 minutes.

Posted Apr 28th at 9:48PM

Comment just for FUN…..Humor is a key to success!

Posted Apr 28th at 12:05PM

Quality Goal Tracking………………. Will do 1152 scans per month, goal is 88.01%, completed 886 scans avg = 87.06%, what do the remaining 266 evals have to avg for a score for us to hit goal of 88.01%?

Roger: You need to average a 91.17% on the remaining scans.

Posted Apr 28th at 7:45AM

Comments like "maybe you should just draw a flower on the next test" – is just unnecessary! People do struggle and look to this site for information, not to be put down!

Roger: Sorry you felt that way! It wasn’t meant as a put down.

Posted Apr 28th at 1:25AM

I am taking on a 400 point assignment and I have a 94 if I get a zero what will it be

Roger: It depends on how many points you have right now.

Biology Confusions
Posted Apr 27th at 9:44PM

So my test category is 34% and my exam is 25% and my labs are 29.75%… the last 11.25 is a project that I did last school year so this category is blank and will just never have a grade in it. How do I calculate my average for all these weighted categories properly when i also have blank categories? Thank you formal your help

Roger: You can take each weight (how much each category is worth) and multiply it by the grade you got in the category. Sum those together, and then divide by the sum of the weights. So, you can do (0.34 × X + 0.25 × Y + 0.2975 × Z) / (0.34 + 0.25 + 0.2975).

Posted Apr 27th at 8:19PM

why dont you just use the calculator? whats with all the people asking about what they need, when the calculator IS RIGHT THERE????

Posted Apr 27th at 5:41PM

To: Dontwannasayyourname
You need 68.32% to pass.
Have Fun!!!

Posted Apr 27th at 5:26PM

Please replay asap as my final is in a week

Posted Apr 27th at 5:20PM

Alright I need a few things cleared up:
1rst semester I got a 100.41% average
2nd semester I got a 95.35% average
3rd semester I got a 97.60% average
I currently have a 98.65% average
My final is worth 30% of my grade
What do I need on my final in order to pass the class with at least a 89.55 overall grade?

Roger: Assuming that your three semesters are equally weighted, you need to get at least a 70.33% on your final to get a 89.55% overall.

Posted Apr 27th at 4:33PM

Thanks Roger! I got a 79.5% on my last AP test though (darn!)

I ended the class with an 89.44% and my teacher wont round up, I'm so sad!

Roger: Sorry to hear that!

Posted Apr 27th at 3:56PM


for integrated
Posted Apr 27th at 9:55AM


Posted Apr 27th at 8:57AM

I have a few assignments left 3 that needs to be graded, and the others that need to be turned in.

I am now trying to get a 70% for a final grade, to ensure passing.

The calculator has helped me determine what I need to get to 70% on the assignments. Thankfully it's not much since the grading scale is low with this class.

This has helped me out a lot with my concerns.


Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Apr 27th at 7:57AM

I'm so glad that me and Shannon are dating. I love her and math

Steven Pink
Posted Apr 27th at 5:42AM

In response to SomeoneUnimportant's question on scaling grades versus using a curve…

A Bell Curve is a statistical grading method of sorts that only allows for a certain number of each letter grade. If you look to the link below, you can see how a Bell Curve is laid out. This means that you could have a 90% and have a B because you had others with higher 90s who "took" the A's.

Scaling simply involves boosting everyone's scores. The scaling system shifts the grade curve from the left to right with the lower scores receiving the greatest amount of
change. Scaling is typically performed with f-values of 0.9 to 0.6. To calculate the scaled score for f-values, simply take 100-[f(100-Test Score)]. Have a look at the second link for a more in-depth explanation with charts and examples. I personally believe scaling is much more fair than a bell curve, because it doesn't limit the number of successful students.

Roger: Nice explanation!

Posted Apr 26th at 11:18PM

I need a 110 % to get a c.
God damn it.

Posted Apr 26th at 1:30PM

Sorry David, you would need a 105% to get an A. Ask for extra credit!

Integrated Gen, Bio, O Chem Student
Posted Apr 26th at 1:19PM

I have an 83.13%

Grade breakdown: Tests (5) and Final=60%, quizzes=10%, reading hw=5%, pre labs=5%, labs=20%.

Note: exam 5 and final are combined.

So far the weight achieved is:
48.24 / 60 on tests ([94%, 87.5%, 65.79%] 3 of 5 exams),
8.51 / 10 on quizzes,
4.37 / 5 on pre labs,
17.7 / 20 in labs,
4.3 / 5 in reading hw.
Overall weight achieved is 83.13 / 100.

In order to get an 88% in the class, what scores do I need on the next exams?

Roger: I assume that your final is your 5th exam, but I’m not quite sure if that’s what you meant. You need to average at least a 97.69% on the remaining two exams to get an 88% overall.

Posted Apr 26th at 11:26AM

hey bae rogers ;)

Posted Apr 26th at 10:24AM

I had a 91 for my first quarter,91 for my second quarter, and an 83 for my third quarter. My final is worth 10% of my grade. What grade do I need to get in this quarter so I can get an A average. Thx

Roger: Assuming that all your quarter grades are worth the same, you need at least a 105% on the final to get a 90% overall. (By the way, when there are three quarters, we usually call them trimesters.)

Posted Apr 25th at 7:14PM


Are y'all really worrying about grades while being to stupid to use a basic calculator.

If you can't fill out a basic calculator, you can't pass any worthwhile class. Stop being lazy!

for melody
Posted Apr 25th at 1:55PM

melody you need a 97

melody dawn river
Posted Apr 25th at 10:17AM

earned scores of 90 points, 82 points, 95 points, and 86 points on four tests. What is the lowest score i can get to earn a 90% avrage.

Roger: Lowest score you can get on what?

Posted Apr 24th at 9:13AM

I would like to know how curves are calculated. But can you also please explain the difference between a scaled test and a curved test? Can you please give examples? Please and thank you

Roger: Here’s a simple way of thinking about it: Curving means assigning grades based on your class rank in order to get the grade distribution you want. For example, if your teacher wants 25% A’s, 50% B’s, and 25% C’s, then he/she can assign the top 25% of the class A’s, the bottom 25% of the class C’s, and the rest of the class C’s. So, even if you have a 90% in the class, you might not get an A if you aren’t in the top 25% based on class rank. Scaling means adding a number to everyone’s score to move them up or down. For example, your teacher might scale everyone’s score by +10%. A common option is to scale the highest score to 100% (e.g. if the highest score was a 96%, everyone would get a +4% boost to their score).

Posted Apr 23rd at 5:51PM

Roger, do you know how teachers calculate curves?

Roger: Most of the time, when teachers say that they curve grades, they actually mean that grades are scaled. Curving is a bit trickier than scaling. What do you wanna know?

Posted Apr 21st at 11:49PM

Hey does anybody here have Mrs. Way for AP Chem? What a maniacal witch. I'm so glad I am done with that class.

Posted Apr 21st at 6:19PM

Hi, my class is not weighted at all but my teacher has each of the AP tests I take (4 in total) worth 200 points each but to make things better the last one she made worth 400..
So my current grade with 3 of the AP tests is 91.45% (1818/1988)

For the last AP test which is the one worth 400 points what do I have to get to keep 90%? Thank you so much I'm SO worried!! Wish me luck

Roger: You need at least a 331.2/400 (82.8%) on your last AP test to get a 90% overall.

Posted Apr 20th at 3:37PM

rog who do you got in the nba finals?

Posted Apr 20th at 3:36PM

roger whats good my man

Posted Apr 20th at 1:14PM

This has helped me get rid of my test anxiety. thank you

Posted Apr 20th at 11:58AM

is anyone else playing with this thing to see different possibilities on how close i can get from borderline passing?

Posted Apr 18th at 2:48PM

Emily, it matters what your overall quiz grade is currently. It would be better to ask your teacher for help I think.

Posted Apr 17th at 8:07PM

I have a 62.88% in the class. I need either a 68,69,70 to pass the class (my teacher will round up so that I can graduate) our final is worth 15% of our grade. We have 1 more test (worth 60% of our grade). If I make a 100% on an upcoming quiz (quizzes worth 20% of our grade) what do I need on my final? Thank youuu

Roger: Is your 1 test worth 60% of your grade? Or is your test category (which contains all your other tests) worth 60% of your grade? I think it’s probably the latter. If so, I need to know your current test average, how many tests you’ve taken, your current quiz average, and how many quizzes you’ve taken. (Assuming that each of your tests is worth the same amount, and each of your quizzes is worth the same amount.)

Posted Apr 17th at 7:38PM

So I need at 85% in the class. Right now I have a 70% I have 2 more exams that are worth 30% of my grade and 2 more quizzes worth 30% too plus a final worth 10%. What do I need to get to be set with an 85% in the class now. My total amount of points for the class is 100 tests are 30 and quizes are 40 as well plus hw 20 points.

Roger: You need to average at least a 91.4% on your remaining exams, quizzes, and final to get a 91.4% overall. (I assumed that the 30% you mentioned only includes the remaining two exams, not other exams that you have already taken. Same with the 30% for your two upcoming quizzes.)

Posted Apr 17th at 1:09PM

Landon you need a 72% in order to have an overall of 70%.

Screwed McJones
Posted Apr 16th at 5:41PM

Fricking bullcrap I need a 99 frickening 120% to pass FML

Posted Apr 16th at 11:48AM

I need a 70% in my class and I have a 67% and the test is worth 65% of our grade. What would i need on the test to get at least a 70%?

Roger: You need at least a 71.6% on the test to get a 70% overall.

Lola Perez
Posted Apr 15th at 7:09PM

Ok so heres my problem. My unit test category in English is worth 45% of my overall grade. We've only taken two unit tests, the first one I got 90% on. The other unit test we took yesterday and is worth double what the first unit test is worth. My overall grade is 91% so what do I need to keep my grade above 80%?

Roger: Are there any undetermined categories in your grade? (A final exam category, maybe?) I’ll assume there isn’t. So, you need to get at least a 53.3% on the second unit test to keep your grade above an 80% overall. You need to get at least a 86.7% on the second unit test to keep your grade above a 90% overall.

Posted Apr 15th at 1:40PM

Going to ask my professor if I can get 267% worth of extra credit to PASS! wish this thing could record participation my percentage would be less

Posted Apr 15th at 11:54AM

this is just like twitter,instagram or facebook(the way you guys talk)

Posted Apr 15th at 8:23AM

Everybody who is saying the comments are rude and hurtful need to stop! The comments are funny and gave me good laugh before my test. Stop being so uptight!

Posted Apr 15th at 4:17AM

Jomes Deflan, stop complaining like the female dog you're, the comments aren't pessimistic you're just one of those people who would put nets on the side of your bed so when you fall off you won't get hurt. Stop babying everyone

Posted Apr 14th at 10:35PM

I have a 93.01% in my class right now. My final research paper worth 25% of my grade, but it is optional. 33% of my grade goes to participation, quizzes, and homeworks. If I don't do my optional final paper, what final grade would I get in class? Thanks!

Roger: Assuming that your “participation, quizzes, and homeworks” category is already included in your 93.01%, your grade will drop to a 69.8%.

Posted Apr 14th at 1:39PM

My question is what my grade is right now?. i got 76% on an assignment that is worth 5%, 60 on assignment that is worth 5%. I got 73 on an assignment that is worth 10%. i got 42.1 on a test that is worth 20%. I got a 42.2% on a test that is also worth 20%. I was wondering so i know what my mark is going into the final exam

Roger: Assuming that your final exam is worth the remaining 40%, your current grade is a 51.6%.

Posted Apr 14th at 9:33AM

i should really be studying instead of trying out different possibilities on how close i can get from borderline passing……

Posted Apr 14th at 7:19AM


dr solid
Posted Apr 13th at 10:43PM

roger are you real

Roger: Yes

Posted Apr 13th at 1:44PM

"you don't even need to bother with studying"

"maybe you could just draw a flower on the test or something"

"have fun (doing other things)"

"nice job"

What's with these comments? They don't help, just elevate anxiety and are completely unnecessary as they don't help gauge how much one needs to invest in their studies. If they're going to be vague, inconsistent and condescending why bother include them? The grade calculator is immensely helpful, and the only reason why people come here.

Jomes DeFlan
Posted Apr 13th at 1:54AM

You should make the comments less pessimistic. School is an important thing in today's society, and by saying "Good luck with that", you are making the students feel like they cannot succeed anymore, putting a damper on their entire school year. Instead you should write something like "Try to get your grade up before the final" or not put anything at all. Just saying the comments are not helpful and are putting a negative impact on the students.

Posted Apr 11th at 5:29PM

This site is amazing! Always helps me when Nursing Finals roll around and I don't feel like studying anymore! It has helped my confidence to know what I need walking in! Thank you Roger!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Apr 11th at 3:41PM

"You would need to score -107% on this exam to fail the course" — okkk, i can deal with that ;)

Posted Apr 11th at 6:54AM

Hi Roger,

For Macroeconomics, the final is worth 50%. However, if you do better on the final than the midterm (weighted 30%), then they take the weight of your midterm and add it to your final so that it's worth 80%. Knowing this, I didn't do well on the midterm (52%) and I have an average of 86% on the assignments, which are weighted at 20% in total. If I want to finish within the B+/A- range (77-85%), what should I aim for on the final?


Roger: When they add the 30% weight to the final, I assume they also remove the midterm, right? I’ll assume that’s true. If so, you’ll need at least a 74.75% on the final to get a 77% overall. You’ll need at least a 84.75% on the final to get a 85% overall.

Posted Apr 10th at 10:26PM

welp, I need a 117% …

Posted Apr 10th at 11:54AM

Hey Anonymous (who posted this)

"I am trying extremely hard to get at least a 70% in my finite class.
These are my scores so far:

Test 1: 48%
Test 2: 67%
Test 3: He has not graded it yet, let's estimate a very hopeful 70%.
Homework: 50%

Everything, including the final is worth 20%. The final also replaces the lowest Test Score.
Can you help me figure out what I need to get on my final to get at least a 70% in the class? It is possible?

Thank you!"

If the final is included with the other 4 results and they are all worth 20% then Im afraid you cant get 70 (the highest you can get is 67) :/

But if the final replaces your 48% and then is included in the other 3. And they are all worth 25% then you will have to get 93% in your final to get 70% overall. Good Luck!

Posted Apr 8th at 7:10PM

well fuck. need a 150 percent to raise from a- to a…. Goodbye 4.0

Posted Apr 8th at 5:50PM

THIS CALCULATOR IS AMAZING, u are amazing, thanks so much roger :)

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Apr 8th at 4:42PM

Hey guys!
For those of you who don't know yet, there is a calculator at the top of this site to help you find out what you need on your final to get a certain grade.
You’re welcome :)

Posted Apr 8th at 4:39PM


Posted Apr 7th at 6:25PM


I am trying extremely hard to get at least a 70% in my finite class.
These are my scores so far:

Test 1: 48%
Test 2: 67%
Test 3: He has not graded it yet, let's estimate a very hopeful 70%.
Homework: 50%

Everything, including the final is worth 20%. The final also replaces the lowest Test Score.
Can you help me figure out what I need to get on my final to get at least a 70% in the class? It is possible?

Thank you!

Roger: If you get an 81.5% on the final exam, then you will be able to get a 70% overall. (Assuming that your Test 3 really is a 70%.) If your Test 3 is less than 70%, then you will need higher than a 81.5% on the final exam.

kaleena dickison
Posted Apr 7th at 1:47PM

me again i didn't mean that the people are ignoring i just was like i wonder why he does it. i'm in seventh grade most of my friends have drama-filled lives and i find it annoying.

kaleena dickison
Posted Apr 7th at 1:44PM

hi i was wondering why you do this do you find it fun i would find it ignoring.

Roger: Why I do what?

Posted Apr 5th at 3:41PM

Just read your bio. You sound like such a boss.

Posted Apr 3rd at 1:01AM

people, there is a GRADE CALCULATOR right above on the page. you don't need to consistently ask Roger what you need. the calculator does that for you. just plug in the numbers!

Posted Apr 3rd at 12:30AM

Hi Roger. I need a 77 to pass this nursing class. There are 3 tests and a final exam. Each test is worth 30% and the final is worth 10%. My first test was a 70%, what do I need to pass this class.

Roger: You need to average at least a 80% on the remaining tests and the final to get a 77% overall.

Megan Jones
Posted Apr 2nd at 12:23PM


I have an 86% overall in the class so far. I need to have at least an 80% to pass this class for graduate school. What % do I need on the last two tests this semester? Both tests are worth 100 points. There is a total of 350 points possible in the class.

Thank you,

Megan Jones

Roger: Did you mean that each test is 100 points? Or each test is 50? I’ll assume that each test is 50. If so, you’ll need to average at least a 65% on the two remaining tests.

Dani G
Posted Apr 2nd at 8:39AM

I want at least an 80 in this class.
I have a 95 on my first test, which was worth 5%
I have a 64 on my second test, which was worth 5%
I have an 80 on my third test, which was worth 10%
I have a 69 on my fourth test, which was worth 10%
I just took my fifth test yesterday and don't know my grade yet, but i'm pretty sure I didn't do very well, and that was worth 15%.
I have two tests and a final left.
One test is worth 20% and the other is worth 30% and then our final is only worth 5%.
What do I need on these last few tests to at least get an 80?

Roger: Well, your current overall grade is a 76.2%. To get at least an 80%, you need to average a 81.6% on the fifth test, the remaining two tests, and the final exam. So what you need on the last few tests depends on exactly how well you did on the fifth test.

Posted Apr 1st at 9:47PM

I have a 91 in math.
we've had 2 tests so far (we have one tmmrw)and tests are 29.4% of our grade. First test i got a 23/25 and the second one i got a 32/35. What do i need on the test tomorrow if i want a 90.

Roger: Assuming that there are no undecided categories in your grade, and assuming that your test tomorrow is worth 30 points, you need at least a -2/30 (-6.8%) on the test to get a 90% overall.

Posted Apr 1st at 3:08PM

@Monie Bae your grade will be 67.55

Monie Bae
Posted Apr 1st at 1:54PM

My grade was a 63% and I took a test that was worth 35%; I got a 76% on the test. What will my grade be so far?

Roger: Assuming that there are no undecided categories in your grade, your grade should go up to a 67.55%.

Posted Mar 30th at 7:01PM

I'm in a really hard class right now… :(

Here is what I have and what it's worth:
I got a 71% on a test worth 20%
I got a 66% on a test worth 20%
I got a 61% on a test worth 20%
I got a 55% on a participation grade worth 20% (it has probably went up since then but for the sake of worst-case-scenario damage control I am going to assume it hasn't).
My final is worth 20%.
How much do I need on the final to pass the course? (A pass is a 50%.) How much do I need to get a 60%? (I hate 50s…)

Roger: You need at least a -3% on the final to get a 50% overall. You need at least a 47% on the final to get a 60% overall.

Posted Mar 30th at 7:39AM

how come I need 108% on a final for 10% when I have 88%?

Roger: What did you think you would need?

Posted Mar 27th at 8:21PM

Hi Roger.. I need 40% overall to pass my module

I have 76 marks from an exam worth 40%

And i have an upcoming exam in may worth 60% how many marks do i need for it to pass comfortably? Thanks

Roger: You need at least “16 marks” on the upcoming exam.

Posted Mar 27th at 10:13AM

Hi Roger! You're a genius for creating this and thank you so much for this

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Mar 25th at 9:57PM

I have a 96 percent what do in need for my final its worth 20 percent of my grade to get an 85Percent

Roger: You need at least a 41% on the final to get an 85% overall.

Posted Mar 24th at 1:28AM

My overall weighted grade in my math class is 73%.

The grading system my math teacher has set up is:

Homework = 20%
Test 1 = 20%
Test 2 = 20%
Test 3 = 20%
Final Exam = 20%

How well will I need to do on my final exam in order to pass the class with a overall weighted grade of 70% (2.0 GPA)?

Roger: You need at least a 58% on the final.

Posted Mar 23rd at 11:57PM

I have 3 test that are 74%.
1- 76%
some how I have a 66.6 in physics now with this equation
The final is worth 30%
And we get 5% added to our final grade. What do I need to get to pass ?

Roger: I don’t quite understand what you’re saying. Can you reword your question? What grade do you need to pass?

Posted Mar 23rd at 10:01PM


i have a 31 percent in math. the thing is my final is worth 25 percent, but it will also replace my lowest test (each test is worth 15 percent)… which is a 0. (i skipped it.) what do i need to get an A in the class?. please help roger.

Roger: You need at least a 166.9% on the final to get an A (90%).

Posted Mar 23rd at 10:00PM

i have a 31 percent in math. the thing is my final is worth 25 percent, but it will also replace my lowest test… which is a 0. (i skipped it.) what do i need to get an A in the class?. please help roger.

Roger: It depends on your test average, how much your test category is worth, and how many tests you have taken so far.

peter kleiser
Posted Mar 23rd at 8:01PM

can you please help me calculate my grade for health! i have a 61.4 and my final is worth 15 percent of my grade. What do i need to get on the final to pass the class with a C (70). Thankyou. I always use this ;)

Roger: You need to get at least a 118.7% on your final to pass.

Posted Mar 23rd at 10:34AM

I have the following grades 78,76,80. Which are all worth 17.5% each, my final is worth 22.5 what do I have to have on the final to get a 75 overall average.

Roger: That only adds up to 75%. What is the other 25%?

Posted Mar 23rd at 9:17AM

I need a 420 to get a 1337 for my final grade.

FLIP ALL DEM TABLEZ ┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻

Posted Mar 22nd at 5:13PM

Hey rog
i luv u long time

John the Legend
Posted Mar 22nd at 4:57PM

I'm back and im turnt af rn swag im john

Angela Brooks
Posted Mar 22nd at 2:02PM

I have a 91% with a test worth 200 and homework. Worth 100points how many points to keep an A

Roger: It depends on how many points you have total.

Posted Mar 20th at 9:16AM

Wow, at least I know I'm going to pass this class. The lowest grade I can get is a -48.8. I think I'll be fine

Posted Mar 19th at 7:08PM

im at a 30% in a class all i want is a 59.56% i have to do 62% on the finale to PASS THE CLASS!!!!!!!!! YES

Posted Mar 19th at 3:06PM

To pass I need a 108% yay me

Posted Mar 18th at 3:30AM

In order to fail my class, I would have to get a negative sixty percent on the paper which I'm supposed to be writing right now instead of playing with this grade calculator.

Ideas for how to get a negative 60 percent on a paper:
1. Write the entire paper using Wingdings font.
2. Base it on a piece of Twilight fan fiction (also known as the "Fifty Shades of Flunk" method)
3. Turn in 12 pages of Nickelback lyrics.
4. Turn it in covered in unidentifiable stains.
5. Turn in 12 pages of Nickelback lyrics covered in unidentifiable stains

Posted Mar 17th at 7:16PM

If I have 73.9 in the class now and I have to pass with 78%. What do I have to on my final worth 15% of my grade and 150 points and also a math that is 15% of my grade and 100pt?

Roger: You need to average a 87.57% on the two of them.

Posted Mar 17th at 4:19PM

My question is if I have a 93.25% in my class already and I miss an assignment that is worth 12.5% how far will that drop my grade to.

Roger: It should go down to a 81.6%, assuming that there are no undetermined categories in your grade.

Skylar Brown
Posted Mar 17th at 10:59AM

*whew*. This actually took some stress off my shoulders. Just need to get a 46% to pass the class. :)

kiran krishnamurthi
Posted Mar 16th at 10:58AM

This site is awesome. Just took a test and figured out what I need to get. Love it!!!!!!!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Mar 15th at 2:42PM

You are the best, I use this every single time I have a test and need to know the grade. My friend recommended this site to me and it has always been helpful

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Mar 12th at 1:39PM


Posted Mar 12th at 4:46AM

It says I need a -8% to pass

Posted Mar 12th at 4:25AM

Hey roger I got 65 the 1st quarter and 68 2st quater 38 on the midterm what will my grade be the first semester

Roger: It depends on how much your midterm is worth.

Sean Connery
Posted Mar 11th at 8:07PM

Le tits now

Or as Americans say. Let it snow

swag daddy
Posted Mar 10th at 2:18PM

hey roger I have a 51 in two of my classes how can I get a good grade on my final that is worth 20% of my grade

Posted Mar 10th at 8:58AM

Thanks for convincing me to study more roger :)

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Mar 9th at 9:24PM

hey there, i have an 83% at the moment and im taking AP biology and i was curious what i would need to get in order to maintain an 80% or higher on my final test of the quarter. im pretty sure my test grade is worth 20% of my final grade of the quarter but im kind of worried of what i need to get or how low my grade would go…

Roger: Do you mean that your test is worth 20% by itself? Or that you have a test category worth 20%? I’ll assume that your test is worth 20% by itself. If so, you will need at least a 68% on your test to get an 80% overall.

Posted Mar 9th at 5:51PM

This has literally saved my life. Thank you so much.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Mar 9th at 11:28AM

I have a 78 in my class I need at least an 82. I have a extra credit project worth a test grade. My test average is an 69 what do I need to get an 82.

Roger: It also depends on how many points your extra credit is, and how many test points you have. Also, it depends on how much your test category is worth.

Posted Mar 9th at 11:26AM

I need to get at least an 82 in my class. We have an extra credit project worth a test grade. My grade now is a 79. What do i need on the extra credit.

Roger: It depends on how much the extra credit is worth, and how it’s calculated into your grade. How many test points is it? How much is your test category worth? How many tests points do you already have?

Posted Mar 8th at 6:55PM

Yo man, your calculator is love. Your calculator is life.THIS THING MATTERS IN MY LIFE JUST AS MUCH AS BALL. That was the most nonsensical rant i've ever been on.

Posted Mar 8th at 12:31PM

what do i need to get if i have a 67% and a 100 point test to get a 70

Roger: It depends on how many points you have total.

Posted Mar 8th at 11:16AM

My term mark is 83 and the term marks counts for 70% of the final mark. What would be my final mark

Roger: What is the other 30% of your final mark?

Posted Mar 7th at 11:07PM

I got an 88 last semester and 36 3rd quarter. I need an 80 to pass Spanish what do i need to get on the final exam? Its worth 20 % of my grade.

Roger: How are your 88% and 36% grades weighted? Is it 40% each?

Posted Mar 6th at 11:28AM

I think that you have one flaw with this system and that is that your equation cannot take account of the number of assignments that exist in the gradebook. An exam that is worth 20 percent of a grade will have a larger effect on a person who has 20 assignments in the gradebook versus someone with 50.

Roger: The calculator assumes that your final exam is the last thing you’ll do in a course, so all of your other assignments should be already included in your overall grade. It also assumes that your final exam is in its own category that has a certain percentage weight, and NOT in a “Test” category with a bunch of other exams (but there is an option on the calculator that lets you calculate this too). Those two assumptions are usually true, so it works for most visitors. In that case, it doesn’t matter how many assignments are in your gradebook, since they’re all included in the current overall grade anyway.

Posted Mar 6th at 8:29AM

1st quarter – 38%

what grade do i ned to get second quarter to pass m math class i need a ( 65-70 ) AVG ???

Thank you

Roger: Assuming that the two grades are equally weighted, you would need at least a 92% on the second quarter.

Posted Mar 5th at 8:03PM

My calculus teacher has a system where she replaces our lowest exam score with our final exam score (assuming it's better than the lowest score) and includes a separate final exam category (25%). I currently have an 85.08% with my lowest exam score being a 64.19%. What grade would I need to get a 90%?

Roger: It depends on how many tests you’ve taken so far, your test average, and how much your test category is worth.

Posted Mar 5th at 5:34PM

hey roger i would like to know my current grade in math

1st quarter-63
current quarter-85

Roger: Well, the average of those is a 74%. Is that what you were looking for?

The Internet
Posted Mar 4th at 5:41PM

I just gotta say thank you Roger. I have been using this site for about 2 years now. It really helps knowing where my study priorities should be per class

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Mar 3rd at 10:46AM

My professor uses a formula instead of points/percentages to calculate the grade: (5U+Q+3F)/9 where U = unit test average, Q =quiz average, and F = final exam. Letter grades will be determined from numerical grades as follows: A: 90-100; B: 80-89; C: 70-79; D: 60-69; F: 0-59.

We've only had 2 unit tests so far which I got a (34% and 33%). Yes I know I failed miserably. Anyway, we've had 4 quizzes, not sure on my grades there cuz we don't get them but is there any way to calculate what I need on the remaining two unit tests as well as the final?

Best regards,

Roger: You can estimate what you got on the quizzes and get an approximate answer. But you also need to know what your target grade is.

Posted Mar 2nd at 7:40PM

Thanks for the tool bro. I was freaking out for my physics final thinking there was no was to get my b to an a but turns out I only need 90%. Accept for my history final I'm pretty much fucked because I need a 107% to get the a but whatever…

Roger: You’re welcome!

Cool guy
Posted Mar 2nd at 5:23PM

Don't listen to that Alan Tang bitch or any other that tells you this website isn't good. And besides, bringing up hitler was way over the line ass hole. It's affected everyone in the world so shut your mouth. As a first time user I thought this was amazing. I asked my friend how he knew what he needed to get earlier in class today, and so he showed me this, and I was like this is sooooooo awesome. Keep doing what your doing!

Posted Mar 2nd at 1:34PM

Hi. My exam before law was 76 but there was an assignment she didn't mark which was worth 10% and I got a 95 in it. My exam which was today worth 30 percent I'm not sure how I did but after calculating my assignment what does my mark add upto without the 30% exam added in ?

Roger: Assuming that there are no other assignments in your grade after your exam, your current grade should be a 89.6%. You can use that to figure out what you need on the exam.

Posted Feb 28th at 1:53PM

Hi Roger! My grade in AP chemistry right now is an 85.2% and I would really like to end up with a 90%. The last exam I took counts as 22% of my grade and I got a 65% on it. However, my teacher is offering a retake on it, meaning that when I retake the exam the 65% will be replaced with the new grade I get. Before the 65% went into the grade book, I had a 89.8% in the class. If I want to get a 90% overall what would I need on the retake? I know this is confusing… but I'd really like to know. Thanks so much! (PS your site is really helpful)

Roger: Are there any empty categories in your grade (like a final exam category)? Your numbers don’t seem to match up. Your grade should have dropped from a 89.8% to a 84.3%. And if you have any empty categories, your grade would have dropped even further than that. I’ll assume that you have no empty categories and that your current grade actually is 85.2%. If so, you will need at least a 86.8% on your retake to boost your grade up to a 90%.

Anna Rose
Posted Feb 24th at 11:23AM

Roger, you are my idol and soul. Through the dark years of high school you have been there through thick and thin (unlike Rhonda, that undeserving bitch). Every time I'm struggling through the desolate landscape of my grades, I can turn too you to see how truly screwed I am. I'd like to thank you for all of your work and reassurance. I am now graduating (see mom i told you I'm not a loser!) and leaving for Alaska Community college (Go Eskimos!) You're time and dedication to my high school career has left me speechless and forever grateful. Once again Roger, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Roger: Thanks for visiting, and you’re welcome!

Posted Feb 24th at 7:57AM

Hey Roger! Anyways I was just wondering what grade I need to get at least a B (87%) in my physics class

1st quarter- 85%
2nd quarter [current quarter] – 89%

(And also if you don't mind could you calculate what I need to get an A (94%) overall in this class)

Roger: It sounds like you already have an 87%. Do you have a final exam or something? How much is it worth?

Posted Feb 23rd at 10:41AM

Thanks for showing me how fucked I actually am. I need a fucking 325% on my final to even pass anatomy with a C this semester. Anyone want to kill me? I'll pay you.

Posted Feb 21st at 9:56PM

Have a 65 in math and I'm screwed geez. Gotta work my ass off like I should've been to begin with

double plus
Posted Feb 20th at 11:47PM

oh, ya, one more thing roger, I perceive your comments (the ones after the calculator tells you what score you need) as kind of rude. I can get a 95% with no problem, thank you very much. ;P

double plus
Posted Feb 20th at 11:45PM

thx roger, this like like my reassurance website, even though I'm always checking to see what grade I need to maintain an A+, which really pisses my friends off.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Feb 19th at 9:40PM

Thx Roger. Just found out I need to make 15% to pass the class with a 77. Lol I always use your final grade calculator. =)

Roger: You’re welcome!

Young Thug
Posted Feb 19th at 6:24AM

18 floors up, I feel like I could f-l-y-e-e

Swae Lee
Posted Feb 19th at 6:22AM

H2O Lean Same Thing

Posted Feb 16th at 8:15PM

Hey, thanks to this website you have saved me a lot of anxietys and grief throughout nursing school. I finally graduate in a week. This website has really helped me sort out which class i can focus more of my time on when having multiple tests at once. & during finals when i feel imbgoing to "fail" then see I only need a 60% on finals to pass my class gives me this great feeling and really helps me focus andchill out with my psychotic studying.

Roger: You’re welcome! Thanks for coming back.

Posted Feb 16th at 8:06PM

this is potentially one of the greatest websites created

Roger: Haha, thanks!

Posted Feb 16th at 7:30PM

I'm currently getting 82% in French. I have a huge quiz tomorrow (quizzes are apparently 40% of our grade but this term I don't think it's that heavy because we had a ton of assignments..) What percent do I need to get in order to get an 86% as my grade in the class? Thank you so much for the help.

Roger: How many quizzes have you taken, and what is your quiz average? Also, are there any empty categories in your grade? (like a final exam category) It sounds like it’ll be very hard to bring your grade up to a 86% with just one quiz, but it depends on the details.

Posted Feb 15th at 9:36PM


Jasmine Penilies
Posted Feb 15th at 9:35PM

Hi Rojer!

My grade in sociology is 3.14%, of B+, but my coursework in Alphenumerics is A- of 92.69%.

How do I know what my final grade is?

PThank you Eso much!NYou areIthe best!S

Posted Feb 12th at 8:28AM

Hi Roger!
Exams are worth 100 each there are 4 exams and a final which is worth 200.. the final replaces your lowest grade. I got a 42% in my 1st exam. Home work is worth 70 points.
If I get an A on the home work, how much would I need to receive on each test approximately to get and A in the class??

Roger: I’ll assume that you got a 95% in homework and an A is at least a 90%. If so, you’ll need to average a 89.3% on the rest of your tests (which is essentially whatever percentage you need to get an A overall). If your final replaces your lowest grade, just assume it’ll replace your 42% test grade, and get A’s on your tests from here on out. Good luck!

Eric Murphy
Posted Feb 11th at 9:27AM

I just wanted to say thank you Roger. This website has been really helpful. I been using this website for 2 years now. Every question I ask, you always respond to it and you help me out a lot. This website makes me feel better about myself knowing what I have to do. Thank you Roger for all your hard work. Just one more question. Do you have anything I can send you? I want to show you how much I appreciate your work. I wanted to give a donation or something like that. Kinda like a charity. I wanted to donate some money and send a card thanking you. If there is anyway I can do that, I would appreciate it. Once again thank you Roger. I left my email if you need to contact me. Thank you Roger.

Roger: You’re welcome! I never thought about taking donations. This site sustains itself fine with the few advertisements scattered here and there, and I have no problem continuing to answer questions and make improvements to the calculator. I appreciate the thought though!

Posted Feb 9th at 5:34PM

I did it!!!

Posted Feb 9th at 4:44PM

I really like this website

Posted Feb 9th at 3:17PM

I need 92% to raise my 89% to 90%. heLP why is this final worth so much

Posted Feb 8th at 3:12PM

at least i only need an 85 for my grade to be a 99

Posted Feb 5th at 8:47AM

My friend referred me to this, Great.

Posted Feb 5th at 12:53AM

this calculator always makes it easy to understand the chances you may have.

canned scene
Posted Feb 4th at 6:45PM

only need 389% to get a A is math!!!!

Posted Feb 4th at 1:16PM

i failed my physicsa exam


Concerned Nerd
Posted Feb 3rd at 7:08PM

I did it! I got my grade up. I am so proud of myself right now.

Posted Feb 3rd at 6:16PM

omg soo close

Oneil Singh Aujla
Posted Feb 3rd at 5:51PM

I think I may have failed my provincial and it really bothers me because I know I couldve done better. I need someone's comfort (please help)

Roger: Sorry that you feel that way! What could you have done to improve your performance? Is it sleeping more? Studying? Thinking more clearly, and without pressure? Focus on that and improve it for next time!

Posted Feb 3rd at 5:42PM

highschool is pointless

Posted Feb 3rd at 12:00PM

Omg i need a 99 on my final to go from a 75 to 87 kill me

069 brick squad
Posted Feb 2nd at 11:47PM

069 brick squad u no how I'm rockin ight 300k bip JoJo

Posted Feb 2nd at 10:17PM

I'm at an 86 in English and have to get an 84 for an A. FML!!!!!

I can do it
Posted Feb 2nd at 6:34PM

im close……………………………………………………………

Concerned Nerd
Posted Feb 2nd at 5:52PM

If I can bring my 92 to a 93, I can just pull of an 90% with my test score of 79…I'm cutting it close here.

Posted Feb 2nd at 4:08PM

I need at least 86% on my math provinvial to get an A. I think it's safe to say I am properly fucked.

Posted Feb 1st at 9:53PM

boast me

Posted Feb 1st at 2:39PM

I have a 90% in Social Studies 11 and in order to get an 86 I have to get 70% on the test. Are you kidding me? I do SO BAD on provincials! The highest I ever got on my provincials was a 68% and that was English. I had 97% in that class and I went down to a 91% because of that stupid provincial. Wow. If I go down to a B in socials, you all are invited to my funeral on Monday, Feb 03/2015 at 1:00-3:00pm.

Posted Feb 1st at 12:31PM

Omg come to my funeral my parents are going to kill me because I came for a A to a B

Matt Daniel
Posted Jan 30th at 8:20AM


Posted Jan 30th at 8:16AM

wasup doing pretty well

exam was 15% of my final so doesnt matter

Posted Jan 30th at 2:09AM

I have to get a 97% just so I can end up with a 90 this semester!? Ya'll are invited to my funeral.

Posted Jan 30th at 2:05AM

Studying makes me horny

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Posted Jan 29th at 6:56PM

my finals went great, my grades are all A's now
it's gonna be hell trying to keep these grades tho

Posted Jan 29th at 10:40AM

Hey Jermone, looks like you need to take a few English classes, because you sound ignorant and you definitely cannot spell.

Avery :)
Posted Jan 29th at 8:21AM

I only need a 14% to pass thank the heavens. I'm not even concerned with getting a good grade at this point just a 50 and I'm happy. Ahahaha

Posted Jan 29th at 6:34AM

I need a 100% on my exam just to make my final grade go from 75 to 80… That's fucked. -.-

Posted Jan 28th at 7:50PM


Kent McAdams
Posted Jan 28th at 7:11PM


hi izzy
Posted Jan 28th at 6:33PM

Inc 155%

Posted Jan 28th at 6:28PM

Im so freakin screwed hollyy

Ming xu
Posted Jan 28th at 6:25PM

i am so bad…ended 96% in AP advanced molecular science and got 95 on exams. Why is my life hard, so low that my full name should be Ming Xu Lo (it is) *_*~~~~

Ming xu
Posted Jan 28th at 6:19PM

damn it… my mark is so low…. i got 95 on the exam and ended with 97 -__-

Posted Jan 28th at 6:17PM


Posted Jan 28th at 5:12PM

i'm asian with a b in alg 2 w/trig

well i gues she's gonna sell my intestines on the black market now bye

Posted Jan 28th at 3:46PM

thanks for the anxiety pains

Uggs and Starbucks!!!
Posted Jan 28th at 3:22PM

Hopefully my teacher lets me blow him for an extra letter grade ;) that'd be easier than passing the final, just have to do what I am actually good at and then I can get a good grade. A lot easier than passing the test!!!!!

Posted Jan 28th at 11:35AM

Finals makes me cry lol only 2 more to go but French is going to kill me

Posted Jan 28th at 11:10AM

These comments are very high quality.

Posted Jan 28th at 7:58AM


Posted Jan 28th at 7:53AM

If you use this you are a pathetic weasel, grade grubbing slacker and probably a major kiss ass destined to grovel through the rest of your future. Getting by with the least is a bankrupt approach to things. You are not about learning. You just want the trophy, but you don't want the race. Downright un-American. Go pick up pennies.

Posted Jan 27th at 11:08PM

you guys eat ass

fucked is my name.
Posted Jan 27th at 11:04PM

i need a 95% on my final to boost me up to a 50% for my final grade. *suicide*

Big dick headed ass niqqa
Posted Jan 27th at 10:57PM


An A is possible
Posted Jan 27th at 9:08PM

Found out that the only way I wouldn't get an A in Spanish was if I somehow got a -146.3% on the final. So happy that I didn't study.

Posted Jan 27th at 8:17PM

I wish somebody would take my math final for me D: i have a 56 lol and need t0 do good on my final >.>

Posted Jan 27th at 6:43PM

i need to get a 63% to keep my A crappp i dont even understand anything in science.

Posted Jan 27th at 6:13PM

Hey Roger,
The grades you put as a sample make me depressed. Maybe write you have a 88.4 and lots of high school grades round an 89.5 to an A so make that what I want to get. Great app though. I spend more time on here than actually studying lol

Posted Jan 27th at 6:12PM

I need to get c to keep A lol

joe daddy
Posted Jan 27th at 6:02PM

bruh i have a 78 and i need a 92 just to get an 80

Posted Jan 27th at 5:56PM

i need a 104% on my honors chem final to get a B in the class. Fucking hell.

Posted Jan 27th at 5:51PM

No need to study. I need a 56% on my final to get a 90%. Gonna be fun messing around

Posted Jan 27th at 5:09PM

No need to study I need a 65 to get a 85

fuck school
Posted Jan 27th at 4:59PM

i need fucking 80% to get a 70 for chemistry literally fuck that

Posted Jan 27th at 4:57PM

Fuck school literally im so fucking done and its only the 2nd week of 2nd semester i fucked up real bad in first sem and my head just fucking hurts with all the shit teachers makes us do

Posted Jan 27th at 4:14PM

Just took my finals so I'll be seeing if this shiz was correct pretty soon. Is my stress level down though? Nope. Wanna know why? Cuz my old bitch ass polish immigrant won't shut up about his past CTA bus diving career trifling APUSH teacher gave me motherfucking homework! FUCK YOU AND YOUR CRAZY POLISH GRANDMOTHER. You can take chapter 27 in the ass and castrate yourself with those worksheets. I'm fucking done.

Posted Jan 27th at 3:55PM


Posted Jan 27th at 3:10PM

LOL i need a c on almost every final to keep an a…. how about i go take a nap

fuck bitches evryday
Posted Jan 27th at 2:47PM

don't need a's to fuck bitches

Posted Jan 27th at 2:46PM

GRACIAS SENOR. SU es muy importantante para mi por que es muy interestenaste. Tam poco gracias

Posted Jan 27th at 1:01PM


Posted Jan 27th at 12:53PM

I need a 51% to get a 80% in a class lol. I have 85% currently

Posted Jan 27th at 12:47PM

i have a 57% semester average in algebra 2 and projects are worth 60% so i use this site. my teacher always gives me 100's on my project so my grade will go to a 80% :DDDDDD

Posted Jan 27th at 12:04PM

I just passed my finals for math and history!!! 3 more subjects to go.

Posted Jan 27th at 9:10AM

i need a 129. something% to get a 90% in spanish ,,,,,,,,,,,,, kms bye

Posted Jan 26th at 9:36PM

i need a 56% on the exam to get a 90 in history bless

Posted Jan 26th at 9:03PM

Wow I need to pass my French final to pass my French class… Shit

Posted Jan 26th at 7:36PM

Need a -18% to get a 50% as a final grad thank the fucking lord I don't need to study

Posted Jan 26th at 5:37PM

i screwed, ruby. estoy fregado

Posted Jan 26th at 5:22PM

I'm joking

Posted Jan 26th at 5:17PM

I will suck dick for an A

Posted Jan 26th at 5:14PM


Posted Jan 26th at 4:39PM


Posted Jan 26th at 12:55PM

I need a 178% in history to get an A…time to do some unmentionable things for the teacher!!!

Thank God
Posted Jan 26th at 12:43PM

Literally. Literally. Thank God. I love you. Thank you.

Yeah Baby
Posted Jan 26th at 3:23AM

Never studied one tad, good thibg is All I nees is a -3.59 percent to pass biology with a 52. Hahahahah LIFE IS TRULY GOOOOOD! Oh wait…. Hello night school :/

Harry (A Wizzard)
Posted Jan 25th at 10:37PM

Thanks I though that I would need like a 75% to pass science but turns out all I need is a 9% and here I am studying frantically at 1:30 AM trying to learn everything again. Thanks!

Posted Jan 25th at 9:28PM

"Next semester I'm getting all A's"
After 2 month's you check your grades
and there all F's

Posted Jan 25th at 9:13PM

u should lower the originally placed grade cuz its really high and makes people fee like their failures

Roger: Shoot sorry, what do you think they should be?

Jonathan Kuo
Posted Jan 25th at 9:03PM

Thanks Roger!! I have used this site ever since Freshman year, and even am using it now as a senior! The finals calculators are amazing, and I thank you for all your hard work.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jan 25th at 8:37PM

I need a 25.1% to get a 50 in precal looks like I'll write my name and date on the exam and answer a few 2+2 questions and pass stress=gone #lowstandards

Posted Jan 25th at 8:35PM

i hope all this says is true cuz if so i dont even have to study for final lol

Posted Jan 25th at 7:44PM

tfsee you guys are tfse

Posted Jan 25th at 7:40PM

im so stressed i need a 112% to get a over 80 average -__- can't wait for next semester good luck everyone

Posted Jan 25th at 7:24PM


Posted Jan 25th at 5:51PM

finals are over! good luck to anyone who still has em

Posted Jan 25th at 5:49PM

4.0. Disappointed, because one of those A's was a 92%. I need to up my game

lucas jenkins
Posted Jan 25th at 4:46PM

I need a 534 to get a 90 in my class fuck my life

Posted Jan 25th at 3:53PM

I need a 103% dang it

mc hammer
Posted Jan 25th at 3:34PM

I need a fucking 270% to get a 98% fuck my lifeee

Posted Jan 25th at 3:29PM

i need a 3.33% to get at least a D in my class!!! time to draw a flower :D YESS GOD IS GOOD WOOOOOO WHY EVEN BOTHER ;D

typical asian honors student
Posted Jan 25th at 3:17PM

does this actually work like did anyone use this and then have it actually calculate it right? cuz you know im asian and i cant get a b or my mom will kill me so i kinda need to knowwwww

Math Teacher hot?!
Posted Jan 25th at 2:58PM

You lie, ain't no math teacher hot, they all ugly and bald, no offense Mr. Ellis(you're jus bald).

Hot Math Teacher??
Posted Jan 25th at 2:27PM

My math teacher is suupperr hot, he always makes me stay after class and we flirt. He asked me to stay after I take my midterm tomorrow, nobody else is gonna be there, should we fuck? I mean if anything it'll help my grade right? And he's so damn hot! Advice?

Not as fucked as I thought I was
Posted Jan 25th at 2:19PM

This website released so much stress for me! I only have to get above a 45% to finish with an A for the semester. Like I don't even have to study! Life is good!

Daquan From Staples
Posted Jan 25th at 1:09PM

i need a 94.75 on my finals to get an 80…. Im done fam

RiChEsT HoMiE On Da BlOcK
Posted Jan 25th at 12:03PM

Math is the biggest bunch of bullshit. I need to get 30 bitch ass percent to get a 50% and pass. Man my fat ass teach better pass my white ass. Good luck to everyone else cuz imma be studying of the next 48 hours to get a 55 or else my mama gon chase me with a rake and beat my ass , cheers , yours truly

Posted Jan 24th at 8:33PM

Got a 71% currently and I need a 67% in Algebra II, I am going to study like crazy tomorrow. Good luck everyone on their finals!

May the lord help me omg
Posted Jan 24th at 7:06PM

w o w

d u d e

i need 143% to get a 98 im cryin

Posted Jan 24th at 1:01PM

What is actually going on in these comments? xD Like seriously it's chaos

Posted Jan 24th at 11:06AM

I only need to score 38% on my math final for an A in my class!! OHH

Posted Jan 23rd at 7:11PM

Currently getting a 61% in functions at MCI, need at least a 25 % on the exam to pass the course, fuck functions(math).Mrs.chang better pass me!

Posted Jan 23rd at 5:13PM

well, to get an A I need a 118% on my final! Yay!

Posted Jan 23rd at 3:53PM

I need a 97.22 to get an A. fuck

Hope is out there
Posted Jan 23rd at 12:11PM

Finals. We all dread them. We all hate them. We utterly despise them. So what do we do ? We pray in the curve that we will do well and kick ass!

– from the sympathy left out there in the world :)

Posted Jan 23rd at 11:03AM

i have to get a 85 guys pray for me

collateral damage
Posted Jan 23rd at 7:50AM

I need a -50% to pass my classes. I think I might be good

Average White Boy
Posted Jan 23rd at 5:35AM

My biology teacher is an entitled, feminist, cunt who lives alone with pet snakes other small creatures to keep her company. She drinks a bottle of wine, alone, when writing exams and study guides so they're filled with typo's. I haven't slept in two days and realized I shouldn't be studying for my bio midterms because it's a literal waste of my time and all I need to do is get a 32% or above and I'll keep my grade. Fuck I think I'm going to quit this study guide before I waste any more time.

Posted Jan 23rd at 4:53AM

Lol I've got a 96% in math, and if i wanted to fail i would have to get a -60.67% on the exam.

Posted Jan 23rd at 2:32AM





Posted Jan 22nd at 11:40PM

So I've been making B's and A's in all my classes and you mean to fucking tell me I need a goddamn 63% just to keep my B? My teachers better curve these damn tests like a drunk driver doin' a U-Turn. Fuck USA's 7 point a grade too. Some places go by 10 (which my County decides to do which of course WILL BE FUCKING IMPLEMENTED WHEN I GRADUATE)

Posted Jan 22nd at 10:10PM

fuck finals

Posted Jan 22nd at 10:06PM

This calculator is accurate and depressing. All you ppl's comments up there, I feel you. But if you know you're not going to achieve your dream score, just face your failure. Take it as a lesson so that you can move on in life and score better in the new semester. For all you smart-ass nerds aiming to be part of the ivy league range, good luck with all that stress. Life won't be that depressing if you could lower your standards a little bit.

Concerned Citizen
Posted Jan 22nd at 9:26PM

I hate how nowadays everyone has to be so politically correct. These days, you can't say, "Black Paint." You have to say, "Jamal, please paint my fence."

shoutout to roger
Posted Jan 22nd at 9:23PM


Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jan 22nd at 9:11PM


Posted Jan 22nd at 7:50PM

yolo who needs skool ill just unplug anus' for rest of life ayyy lmafooo

Knock knock
Posted Jan 22nd at 7:44PM

Who's there?
Candice who?

Posted Jan 22nd at 7:17PM


Posted Jan 22nd at 4:19PM


Posted Jan 22nd at 4:17PM

Excuse my fucking language but I'm so fucking pissed bro. I forgot to bring my dick to class and my teacher didn't let me use hers;( now il have a zero

I fucked yo bitch
Posted Jan 22nd at 4:06PM

Fuck yeah. Only need 35% to keep my B. Finna take this history final high asf tmr. Fuck you mr guay you aren't a god!

Posted Jan 22nd at 3:57PM

Thanks man, now I know for sure that I'll fail math! -.-

Posted Jan 22nd at 3:09PM

Hey Roger I had a good idea for another website you should make. You should make a website that will tell you what you need in order to get an A in a class based on its point value instead of percentage as well.

Roger: You can figure out what percent your final exam is worth using the option labeled “My class has a point system. How much is the Final worth?”. Is that along the lines of what you’re thinking of?

Posted Jan 22nd at 2:58PM

this is entertaining

Posted Jan 22nd at 2:30PM

I'm not gonna pass so I should try drawing a flower

Posted Jan 22nd at 1:46PM

i got a fucking 75% on my english final my grade went from a 90 to an 87

fart fantasies
Posted Jan 22nd at 1:45PM

I let out a rancid ass fart during my english exam and people were quietly gagging while writing but nobody told the teach bc we wouldn't be allowed to leave it was beautiful and I love myself

Roger: Haha….

Posted Jan 22nd at 1:43PM

i need a 91% to allow myself to continue ap english it has caused both me and my family an enormous amount of stress but i have gone this far, my soul is long dead now so i might as well finish the deed. I have to say this fuck mrs baillergeon. I am smarter than have the sheeple in my english class, yet I have to mire in the bottom now because of you. What god gave you the power to determine my future? Because of you, I now will lose my life to mediocrity and I will now slave away in the mines of the working world and when all of makinds wrongs will come back to bite us in our glutenous posterior, I will be like an apple in an earthquake; completely out of control of my own fate, just watching myself, our society long built by peopple greater than you or I, and, the world itself, crumble, and I unable to do anything. So I thank you. Otherwise, I truly hope tomorrow will be a good day, so at least I can sink deeper into my suicidal depression on a bright day.

Posted Jan 22nd at 1:36PM

i need at least a 116% to pass my course :( sorry mom

Posted Jan 22nd at 12:33PM

Fuck this shit

your inspiration
Posted Jan 22nd at 12:21PM

1. Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being. –Kevin Kruse

2. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. –Napoleon Hill

3. Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein

Posted Jan 22nd at 12:19PM

If I get a B in world history…

Posted Jan 22nd at 11:51AM


Posted Jan 22nd at 11:23AM


Posted Jan 22nd at 10:16AM


Kinky Kimi the Commando
Posted Jan 22nd at 10:15AM

I ain't wearin no drawls.

Posted Jan 22nd at 9:55AM

This literally saved me from sooo much stress!!

Posted Jan 22nd at 9:13AM

I'm taking this sloth class. I need a 67 to keep my 57 in the class. ugh! so rough. feeling phili-sloth-ical. Pray 4 me 2K15. PRAY 4 SLOTHS.

Young Papi
Posted Jan 22nd at 9:11AM


Hammy J
Posted Jan 22nd at 8:21AM

there are two part to my final I got a 96 on the multiply choice and I don't know what I got an the second part can you help

Roger: Can I help what?

Posted Jan 22nd at 6:09AM

Currently taking my English Exam:( I bombed it! I did get the highest grade in my Science class so I'm pretty proud! I need a 57 percent for an A in History and an 83 percent to get an A in Spanish……oh jeez.

Posted Jan 22nd at 5:19AM

took all my finals and still havent gotten any grades back, i just love teachers

Posted Jan 22nd at 2:28AM

GEoMEtRY iS fuN beCAuSe YOu GeT TO pLaY WiTh tRianGLES


Posted Jan 22nd at 12:15AM


Posted Jan 22nd at 12:14AM

I love my friends! Yes I am talking to you too haters.
Newport Harbor SMA
Sigafoos has nice sweaters
Sammie is a LEGEND but also a butt face


Posted Jan 21st at 10:40PM


nvm i cant final rn

Your Mother
Posted Jan 21st at 10:16PM

Thanks Roger! Now I can tell my son that he dones't need to study for his art final. He has over 100% and needs to fail the final TWICE to get a … B. Thanks again!

Spanish Whiz, apparently?
Posted Jan 21st at 10:14PM

I only need a 62% to keep my A… I used this site for my last finals too, and it was so reassuring and everything worked out great – and I didn't spend unnecessary time studying and tearing my hair out. Thank you!

Roger: You’re welcome!

thankful ap euro student
Posted Jan 21st at 9:35PM

-50.42% to keep my b. I think i can manage that

Posted Jan 21st at 9:34PM


Posted Jan 21st at 9:22PM

I have to get a 420% on my final to get an A is this correct?

Posted Jan 21st at 9:21PM

this is literally one of the most helpful websites I've ever visited, for ANYTHING. I've been spreading it around school and people have been thanking me for introducing it to them. everyone at school is recommending it and talking about what RogerHub said their final grade would be. it reassures some and lets others know they need to buckle up on studying and it's really helpful. I honestly think I would be an absolute BASKET CASE during finals week if not for RogerHub. ex. I'm not too great at analysis essays & that's our ELA final, and I only have to be a 67%! (NNNOT what I was expecting!) so thanks for reassuring me! IHS <3 RogerHub! :):):)

Roger: Haha, thank you for sharing!

Posted Jan 21st at 9:09PM

roger do you respond to comments anymore? Your replies always made finals week so much less stressful :)

Roger: People stopped asking questions!

Posted Jan 21st at 9:08PM

did this actually work for people i'm scared its not gonna actually be for real

Posted Jan 21st at 7:46PM

This is an excellent webpage! It really helps me reassure myself before finals! Nothing better than being told you need 44% or better on your math final to get a high "A".

cole s
Posted Jan 21st at 7:32PM

that moment when it tells you that you need at least 1 percent to get a grade of 50

Posted Jan 21st at 7:13PM

Is only comment, why you heff to be mad?

A student
Posted Jan 21st at 7:12PM

I literally only need a 50% to get an A.

Posted Jan 21st at 7:08PM

I have to get a 90% in geometry to get an am i supposed to do that if I haven't gotten an A all year

im screwed
Posted Jan 21st at 7:04PM

Thanks Roger Hub. My life is screwed . FML. jkjkjk. This is a great website and it made me realize that i have to study.

Posted Jan 21st at 7:03PM

Roger, you replied to my comment bout a week ago and it really helped me to get my study on fleek. Shalissa would be so proud of me. I was so determined that I yeeted my phone across the room and got into those books. I got really good grades on my finals and all I have to say is that I worked so hard that no potatoes flew around my room. Nor did Michelle Obama and her sweet potatoes. But that would have been good because Michelle Obama is my soul animal. Thanks Roger<3

Posted Jan 21st at 7:00PM

That moment in class when people think you are smart in class and then your self esteem goes higher than a guy high on weed or cocaine and makes you fell like super man. And then you end up getting a fcking 60% and your life is practically screwed. Fuck my english teacher and the dumbasses who think im smart. Fml

Posted Jan 21st at 6:53PM

My ela is at fcking 97 it was at 100.Fuck you ela and the indian teacher that teaches it. Fml

Posted Jan 21st at 6:52PM


Posted Jan 21st at 6:51PM

My english teacher has a strong indian accent and make me wonder whether she really knows how to even speak the damn language.

Posted Jan 21st at 6:50PM

Shout out to MR. LOWE at MATER DEI HIGH SCHOOL. #mahalo

Posted Jan 21st at 6:49PM

Lel, y'all basic plebs with your 50s and shit. Meanwhile, I'm here getting 90's and shit. Be jealous. jk jesus fucking christ im fucked someone help me plox :(

iam me
Posted Jan 21st at 6:33PM

wait. why does it say 6:33? its 9:33

Roger: It’s all on Pacific Time.

iam me
Posted Jan 21st at 6:32PM

Top student #3, what do you mean by English grading system?

Posted Jan 21st at 6:30PM


Posted Jan 21st at 6:22PM

i can't even calculate what grade i need bc my tree teacher puts in every grade wrong smh

top student #3
Posted Jan 21st at 6:14PM

I hate finals week and all the stress it causes. I wish we could have the English grading system.

Posted Jan 21st at 6:05PM

89.88 in english.

I hate my life.

Posted Jan 21st at 5:40PM

Grades define us and our high school and college career WAY to much. It should depend on our character and morals, not our grades. I mean sure, we can't fail classes or not be involved in anything, but if you are an A/B student you should be able to go to the college you want without worry.

Ilya bryzgalov
Posted Jan 21st at 5:32PM

Is only finals, why you have to be mad?

Posted Jan 21st at 5:25PM


Posted Jan 21st at 5:20PM

*procrastinates on studying by reading all the funny comments*

be happy
Posted Jan 21st at 5:19PM

friendly reminder that grades don't define you, even through it seems like it sometimes. (trust me I know) Just be confidant, try your best and remember life goes on.


Posted Jan 21st at 5:17PM

Mr.Lee from Mater Dei can go fuck himself with his shitty final :D

Choke Artist
Posted Jan 21st at 4:31PM

I need a 102% or so in all of my classes to go the letter up -.- guess I don't need to study and get 3% to keep the letter i'm on looool

Posted Jan 21st at 4:30PM


The Lord
Posted Jan 21st at 3:58PM

209% to get an A in math… maybe should look at summer school options.

Posted Jan 21st at 3:58PM

i love children.

Posted Jan 21st at 3:54PM

i fucking need a 58 percent on my final to get a 55%

Posted Jan 21st at 3:52PM


Posted Jan 21st at 2:30PM


@ everyone using slurs
Posted Jan 21st at 12:02PM

esp if you cant use them, i hope you fail your finals. do you even know how much it hurts to see the word "f*ggot"??? i really hope you fail your finals forever.

Posted Jan 21st at 11:27AM

What are these comments i dont even

Posted Jan 21st at 10:55AM

just Aced all of my finals. Yale here I come

Erin Young
Posted Jan 21st at 7:18AM

Guess I only need a 61 to pass my English class, worse grade than what I thought I needed but it'll do!

Posted Jan 21st at 12:05AM

Thanks to this website I managed to get my econ grade to an 80.04% doing the least studying necessary!

top student, the original
Posted Jan 20th at 11:21PM

okay, people have been stealing my pen-name. just saying, only the first two "top student" comments belong to me. I'm the non-athlete one, and I'm a girl.

but to the second "top student": good job. hard work always pays off.

not tj bushra
Posted Jan 20th at 9:58PM

shut up maddie

Posted Jan 20th at 9:44PM


Posted Jan 20th at 9:43PM


Posted Jan 20th at 9:21PM


Posted Jan 20th at 9:20PM


Katie H
Posted Jan 20th at 9:15PM

This website gets me through finals <3

top student, again
Posted Jan 20th at 9:13PM

I hope I didn't offend anyone.

I have a 93% in AP Bio, 98% in honors pre-calc, 97% in physics, 98% in AP euro, and I passed chem over the summer with a 99.99%
…and I'm still stressing out.

This is the "make me feel better site" so I'm just here to shed off some stress. If I sounded overly arrogant to anyone, I sincerely apologize and hope that they will tolerate me and let me do my thing.

top student
Posted Jan 20th at 9:07PM

this website's comments are rude. It just told me "good luck with that" because I need to get at least a 95% to keep my A+. I can easily get that score, thank you very much.

Haha, jk, I'm not actually mad. This website helps a lot. Thanks.

Posted Jan 20th at 8:53PM

Need a 115% for A in Algebra 2 Trig. And the comments I get after plugging in my grade…"maybe a miracle will happen" so annoying. Hate school and are there any good teachers out there because I certainly didn't get any

Fart Face
Posted Jan 20th at 8:46PM

Mrs.Tillotson from Mater Dei can lick my balls

Posted Jan 20th at 8:34PM

Ahhh! I have a 88.8% in Geometry, and need a 96.8% on my finals to get an A- in the class!
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

lolololoololol no.
Posted Jan 20th at 8:02PM

so i need a 47% to get an 83 in bio, its manageable but not with mr. huber am i right university high school?

fml and mah shit
Posted Jan 20th at 7:48PM

need 92's on geometry and bio to stay as A-
fuck me sideways and call me mike schmitt, playing five nights at freddies was easier than this

Kill Me
Posted Jan 20th at 7:41PM

Another way to calculate this:
. . . . . . . . . . . . Grade Wanted + (Current Grade * (1-(% weight of final/100)))
% Needed = ——————————————————————————-
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (% Suicidal rate)/100 why do you even bother?

Posted Jan 20th at 7:39PM

AHhhhhh its the day before finals!!!! I really need to get a 96% on my math final… i havent gotten a test grade that high all year so far!!

Posted Jan 20th at 7:39PM

good luck everybody remember your grades do not define who you are as a person

Posted Jan 20th at 7:24PM

AP Problem 1:

On Earth, which will fall faster: my grade or my sanity.

Alan Brinkley
Posted Jan 20th at 7:19PM

Everybody is failing AP United States History because of me, probably because they don't read the "where historians disagree" section!!

Posted Jan 20th at 6:49PM

I Love this but i do think you should make a thing for the 2 part test that when you haven't taken it and you don't know the amount of points you can find the percent that you need on both parts That might be hard, but worth the time because it would be very helpful

Roger: If you haven’t taken either part of the test, then you can just treat it as one big 2-day test. Use the normal final grade calculator for that!

Posted Jan 20th at 6:25PM

. . . . . . . . . . . . Grade Wanted + (Current Grade * (1-(% weight of final/100)))
% Needed = ——————————————————————————-
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (% weight of final)/100

Option 2
Posted Jan 20th at 6:22PM

If you want to calculate it a different way…

Grade Wanted + (Current Grade * (1-(% weight of final/100)))
% Needed on final = ——————————————————————————-
(% weight of final)/100

Roger: More here!

Posted Jan 20th at 5:43PM

is 98% going to be hard?

pls hlp
Posted Jan 20th at 5:31PM


Posted Jan 20th at 5:30PM

Need 90 on ap phyc final… Have 90.1 in the class…..


Kanye West
Posted Jan 20th at 5:07PM

I need a 94% on my Calc final to get my 89% to a 90 I'm screwed

Posted Jan 20th at 4:46PM

I was so close to a 5.0. :(

4.86 GPA…..

Posted Jan 20th at 4:39PM

day before finals and my english teacher adds fifteen assignments into the gradebook… i thought i had a chance at a B…

Honors Chem Was a HUGE mistake
Posted Jan 20th at 4:33PM

Trying to remember im a person not a grade

Posted Jan 20th at 4:32PM

Great I need to score 98 on my final exam to get my pre cal grade to at least 60%. IM FUCKED

Posted Jan 20th at 4:27PM

nice I have a 2000000000000% in all of my classes lol

Posted Jan 20th at 4:20PM

It's OK ya'll I failed stuf in hs an now I'm being the best person ever – look 2 me as ur inspiration

Posted Jan 20th at 4:19PM


Posted Jan 20th at 4:18PM

Rogerhub is a lifesaver. Bow Down.

Posted Jan 20th at 4:18PM

I'm putting my GPA up for adoption because I can't raise it myself

Roger: Haha

Posted Jan 20th at 4:16PM

Rogerhubs site activity: August to November: _________,December to January: ^^^^^^^^^
Febuary to April _____________ May to June ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Roger: Sounds about right.

Posted Jan 20th at 4:15PM

Need 107% to get an 80 in social

Posted Jan 20th at 4:14PM

need a 79.5 in math. precalc's the worst man

Posted Jan 20th at 4:00PM


Posted Jan 20th at 3:55PM

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck my teacher in the ass

Posted Jan 20th at 3:53PM


Posted Jan 20th at 3:48PM

I just got 97 on physics 93 chem 91 bio 98 advance func and……………………………………………………………………..
i got 73 on english….. what the fuck

Posted Jan 20th at 3:45PM

Fuck chem, what the fuck. shitty ass teacher + shitty ass course does not mix well SMH

Posted Jan 20th at 3:20PM

just got an A with a score of 90.03 in the class

@ last person
Posted Jan 20th at 3:14PM

did u rlly think u were gonna get a 4.0

Posted Jan 20th at 3:12PM

So much for getting a 4.0

Posted Jan 20th at 3:10PM

Just had my Honors Algebra 2/trig and English finals today… wish me luck on my next 4 finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fml

Posted Jan 20th at 3:08PM

i h8 finals

Posted Jan 20th at 2:58PM

i almost hung myself when i learned i had to get a 98% to keep my A

Posted Jan 20th at 2:40PM

honestly fml i hav 46 perent or low in all my class. I tink I can pull of the A if u tink i can Rogr. Plese wish me luk. I will be kiked out if i dont get dis. Kitties and weed r cool

Roger: Good luck!

Chem/Phys was a mistake
Posted Jan 20th at 1:51PM

Chemistry might just turn me gay by the end of this

surfer dude
Posted Jan 20th at 1:40PM

riding a board of fml on a wave of finals

Posted Jan 20th at 1:27PM

legit scored 1 percent less than needed for me get an A

Posted Jan 20th at 12:57PM

since when is a 94 an a- that shit is an a. fuck my english teacher. least im gonna ace that final lmao vocab is the easiest shit in the world

Posted Jan 20th at 12:46PM

Fuck physics.
That is all.

Posted Jan 20th at 12:28PM


Posted Jan 20th at 12:24PM

Great Helped Relieve A Lot Of Stress …

Sea men
Posted Jan 20th at 12:16PM

I need 100.8% to get an A in physics give me a cup of shit to put on my nose

Posted Jan 20th at 12:10PM

The education system is deeply flawed. I legit almost throw up when told to check my grades. This stress is destroying me. There is such an emphasis to get an A. But why? Getting an A doesn't equal you learned something. But learning something doesn't get you into college. And adults are flabbergasted when kids cheat. Surprise!

Posted Jan 20th at 11:57AM

Ok this didn't work for me? I was trying to figure out what my grade is now after I flunked my final in language, but it seemed really low to me. So I tried it with finals I already got back and it told me I needed to get like 120% on them to maintain my grade. My grades didn't budge and I did average on them. So, warning to all who are depending on this calculator. Hopefully my language grade isn't THAT low….

Matthew Wong
Posted Jan 20th at 11:16AM

93 to 95, 100 percent gg easy Burchat

extreme screaming
Posted Jan 20th at 11:09AM

need to get over 100% to get a 90 in my 89 and below classes rip me

The Alpha Tard
Posted Jan 20th at 11:04AM


Posted Jan 20th at 10:36AM

trigonometry sucksssssssss!

Posted Jan 20th at 10:30AM

I love you so, so much RogerHub.

Posted Jan 20th at 10:30AM

it's my final today man wish me luck my niggas

Posted Jan 20th at 10:23AM

When ur borderline af smh

Posted Jan 20th at 10:17AM

fck school

Posted Jan 20th at 9:58AM

Shout out to Tcoop for recommending this.

Posted Jan 20th at 9:53AM

Thank jebus, this was actually helpful and relieved stress.

Posted Jan 20th at 9:45AM

Did someone say fail? Unless I miraculously get 101% of course. Then I should be fine!

Fuck math

what the fuk is this shit
Posted Jan 20th at 9:41AM

i need to score a goddam 93.5 to get a fukin B in history but the only way to get down to a D is -7.5%. why cant my life be easier and just shit on me. fukkkkk i wanna study but i like done even need to whatever smoke weed everyday.

Posted Jan 20th at 9:01AM

thnk-you for being a detriment to my brain and not allowing me the opportunity to calculate my math for myself. It's almost as if you think me incapable of performing level A math. Thank you for the time to vent and let the record state that i need to ask all my teachers for extra ctredit. Wow school sucks man.

Posted Jan 20th at 8:47AM

need a 101%
kill me

Miss Marylise
Posted Jan 20th at 8:32AM

Oh dear! I only need to score a 64 of my French test to receive an A. I guess I do deserve it. Unless it's fifteen percent of my grade, then I need less.

Posted Jan 20th at 8:28AM

fuck fuck fuck

mr. ashman
Posted Jan 20th at 8:27AM

give me your phone

Movie 43
Posted Jan 20th at 8:26AM

Gameplan: You're BLACK

im black
Posted Jan 20th at 8:26AM

my skin is darker than yours

Posted Jan 20th at 8:20AM

need a 103% to get a C plz help me

Posted Jan 20th at 8:17AM

HAHA i have a 64% in Programming and im screwed

Posted Jan 20th at 7:38AM


Don't matter
Posted Jan 20th at 7:35AM

This guy is poop. Ain't no way i need 103% to go up one whole percent on my great.

Posted Jan 20th at 7:25AM

Hi Seth, wats up

dank kuuush
Posted Jan 20th at 7:07AM

yo hit me up if u want da dank kuuuuuusssh

Posted Jan 20th at 7:01AM

Need a 94 to get a b and a 12 to get a c safe to say I'm getting a C

Posted Jan 20th at 5:23AM

need a 62% to pass my exam :/ wish me luck

Sean Dekramer
Posted Jan 19th at 11:20PM

Fuck me. No way im getting a 95 on my physics final.
but hey follow me on twitter and instagram: seanathon2015

Posted Jan 19th at 10:25PM

I need a 73.88 to get an A in the class please. Please help me God

Posted Jan 19th at 9:50PM

god damn. i need a 100.32 % tomorrow in ap world history. help

Posted Jan 19th at 9:24PM

i need a 107% in physics to have a B.. kill me

Posted Jan 19th at 9:09PM

mmmm struggle for finals always begins with a quick check on Roger Hub.

Cheek pinch 3hunnid bitches
Posted Jan 19th at 9:02PM

I like pears and shit like that

Posted Jan 19th at 8:55PM

Dude, I have been using this beautiful calculator since 7th grade! Only thing I wish is that It had an AP curve option for AP classes!

Roger: Thanks! I don’t know what that is.

Hey Rog
Posted Jan 19th at 7:21PM

Hey Rog, just wanted to say thx for making this helpful calculator. It's a great use of time to play around with this instead of actually studying

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jan 19th at 6:54PM

just thought I'd let y'all know that while calculating my final grades, I realized I left a bowl of ice cream in my bed. Now my bed is wet, sticky, and smells like peanut butter. Hurrah. *applause*

A challenge to Roger
Posted Jan 19th at 6:52PM

yo this formula is wrong
Grade = Exam Worth × Exam Score + (1 – Exam Worth) × Current Grade
the entire formula should be divided by the current grade and then u use the quadratic formula with exam worth as b, exam score as a and curent grade as c (so for example the entire function over 2 times the exam worth) and then we have to view this as a logarithmic function because some classes are weighted and some are not, so take the entire quadratic formula to the power of e and solve as if you were eliminating an Ln value, take the resulting number, and this is actually a trigonometric identity in which arcsinx equals the square root of 3 over 2, meaning the grade value would be pi over six BUT WAIT grades cannot have a square root in the numerator because they are rational, so we have to cube this value and plug it into a multivariable linear system and solve for z, and THENwe take the results divided over a normal curve and find the value in the middle 34% furthermore plugging that into a matrix comprised of all the previous values you had worked on, inverse tan, then measure the rotation of the conic section, use cramer's rule, cite the necessary and proper clause in good Christian MLA format and bam you have it! It takes longer but I find it more effective than the roger method but oh well to each his own hang in there yall

Posted Jan 19th at 6:48PM

So I went on here to get reassurance, and the calculator gave me that. But then… Then I started to read the comments. And now I'm hella scareeed for finals. First ones tomorrow for moi.. I sorta studied *applause*

Ghanashyam Unnikrishnan
Posted Jan 19th at 6:46PM

I hav to get an 94.6% on my Underwater Basket Weaving final to pass the class with a D. Good hting its only waited 5% of my gradezs. The test is gonna be on weather or not we can make a basket underwatwer. I sure do hope I get it !!!!!!

Trap God
Posted Jan 19th at 6:44PM

beat plays

Roger roger hub u the man u the man
Roger roger hub u the man u the man SAY IT LOUDER
roger roger hub u the man u the man u the man
Keep mah gpa high keep mah coffee bland

Posted Jan 19th at 6:39PM

Who knows how to stop procrastinating and study

Posted Jan 19th at 6:23PM

81.5 for math. yikes

Posted Jan 19th at 6:15PM

I've been using Rogerhub since Freshman year and I need some help. please. I have a 74.2% in my class but I have no final. But my project category is worth 90%. There is one missing project worth 100 points which I can still turn in and an incoming project worth 100. What will I need to get on both projects to get an 89.5%?My grade in formative is 95.65%% and Project is 71.81% HELP ME ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger: It depends on how many project points you have so far. Can you provide that?

Posted Jan 19th at 5:54PM

I need a 43.06 to get below a A-. :D

Posted Jan 19th at 5:17PM

Oh god I literally need a 120% to get the grades I want. *starts praying*

queen of cock
Posted Jan 19th at 4:51PM

fuck finals

Posted Jan 19th at 4:49PM

My teacher didn't enter in my extra credit and i think grades are due today.


Posted Jan 19th at 4:16PM

the struggle

Posted Jan 19th at 1:53PM

don't know if I should be happy about the results, or start studying so that I can achieve them……..

Giselle L.
Posted Jan 19th at 1:31PM

Haha! I literally need to get a 31% to get an A on my finals for history!

Posted Jan 19th at 1:20PM

Hey guys don't stress, you'll do just fine! I believe in you all! Good luck :)

Posted Jan 19th at 1:16PM

Wooohooo need a 63% on my final to get an 80% in AP lang.

Posted Jan 19th at 12:40PM


Posted Jan 19th at 12:17PM

I have a 57 and i have to get an 80 to stay in my high school lol

Posted Jan 19th at 7:49AM


Procrastinator Queen
Posted Jan 18th at 9:27PM

I need an 80s for the final exams in all my classes in order to get a decent grade. well at least I'm not failing. eating bacon > exams

Posted Jan 18th at 8:29PM

Need a 325% to get an A in honors pre cal. I think I should start focusing on passing :/

Posted Jan 18th at 7:55PM

well lets just say im not getting a 4.0

plz roger
Posted Jan 18th at 5:40PM

Roger I need you to comment "I believe in you" to help me succeed through my life and get an A in my PreCalc course so I can get into Berkeley EECS.

Roger: "I believe in you" to help me succeed through my life and get an A in my PreCalc course so I can get into Berkeley EECS.

Posted Jan 18th at 4:46PM

Yay I need a -2% to pass my class lol

Stressing out for nothing
Posted Jan 18th at 3:53PM

Okay…so I only need a 71.88 to keep my A+. How nice. And this pertains to quite a few of my classes, too.

An Awesome Pinoy
Posted Jan 18th at 12:54PM

I don't really have to worry about finals actually… I'm averaging B's in my honors classes so it seems alright. Except for piano, which I currently have a 94.5% and the finals for it are worth A FREAKIN MUDA ARSEHOLING OF FEMALE DOG 90%!!!!!!!

Posted Jan 18th at 11:03AM

The problem is I have all A's and A-'s for the semester but they're so close to the grade lower so that means to keep the grade I have now, I have to get As on all my exams which hasn't happened since middle school

Posted Jan 18th at 8:13AM

you actually respond to the comments -_-

Posted Jan 18th at 7:14AM

@Chan thanks man!

Posted Jan 17th at 11:31PM

Who gives exams in middle school… Gosh

Solid stuff
Posted Jan 17th at 10:22PM

IB Math 2 (calc) – need 86% to keep an A-
IB Computer Science – need 52% to keep an A
IB Chemistry – need 76% to keep an A-
French 3 – need a 67% to keep an A
English – need a 65% to keep an A
History – need an 80% to keep an A

Posted Jan 17th at 10:05PM

Oh Lord

Posted Jan 17th at 8:41PM

Is there anyone else that needs a miracle besides me?

Posted Jan 17th at 8:39PM

help me!!!!!

Posted Jan 17th at 8:21PM

Sad that instead of studying and learning for our tests we are on here trying to figure out the least amount that we need to score to be succesfull. We shouldn't be content with the lowest possible grade we need to get the A, instead we should just be content with doing our very best and actually learning from the class instead of just learning how to do well on tests. ***Frowns at the education system.

Posted Jan 17th at 6:37PM

@cp try going to the back of each chapter and going over the summary of concepts section and do the chapter reviews for each chapter! if you find anything that you don't really remember to how to do/what it is, make sure to look over and understand it.
best of luck!
from an ap bio student

Posted Jan 17th at 6:21PM

You know it would be fine if these dam final exams didnt exist i hate studying all my stuff again

Posted Jan 17th at 4:35PM

I need a 94 to get to my only c to a b… any tips for studying? Honors biology, please any would be tips would be appreciated, thank you!

Posted Jan 17th at 4:34PM

Crying cause I need to get a 99.63% which is basically a 100 on my final to get a 90 in precalc and I don't think thats possible for me

Yall are bitches
Posted Jan 17th at 4:32PM


Posted Jan 17th at 4:30PM

I need to get 37% to get an A in physics! Yay!

Posted Jan 17th at 3:05PM

So I need a 120% to get a B+ in statistics…..
As if getting an 80 on the final wasn't gonna be hard enough

Posted Jan 17th at 2:24PM

Only need a 66% to get an A :) Good for me

Gandalf the White
Posted Jan 17th at 10:22AM

"You Shall Not Pass" -Gandalf the Grey

im lost....
Posted Jan 17th at 9:24AM

wtf is 158% …. it said i need 158 % to pass……. is tht possible

Posted Jan 17th at 9:22AM

i have a 23 what will be my mark if i get a 60% on my finals
there 20% of my final grade…?

Posted Jan 16th at 11:38PM

According to this, to keep at least a 70 in my AP Bio course, I need to get a -19.1% on the final.
I think I'm set.

Posted Jan 16th at 7:42PM

its funny that teachers think that all students give a fuck about finals and even school for that matter. fish on!

Posted Jan 16th at 7:41PM

what a sticky situation. fish on!

Sweg lord
Posted Jan 16th at 1:26PM

Fml all my grades are 88s and 89s and I want As

Posted Jan 16th at 1:17PM

you should change the comments section so that we can reply to comments or something. maybe if we give an email then we can.

Posted Jan 16th at 12:13PM

Don't take AP US History it will ruin your life and you will need a 100000% on the final to get an A
Posted Jan 16th at 11:47AM

hmhmhm, ok I got a 77.1 on my science exam (without curve). The questions are so stupid and unclear. This is why I struggle to keep at least a 95 in my classes so I can get a high C and chill out and still keep my A. BUT i hate it when my friends ask me what grade I g0t on my final mid term exam, so I just be like, "Oh? I got a low 80…". Then my friend replies with a "Oh! Really? Good for u! Guess what I got? A 96!!! Isn't that great!". So i ask myself if i should praise them or get up and walk away, because they KNEW that i studied my butt off….ehehe. I hate it when people do better than me…ANYWAY…Damn, im like writing a novel…maybe I should start a blog…
Oh and BTW do u people think its right when ur teacher gives u a project to do over the 4 day weekend? I dont. So i probably crapped on all of my other exams, cause i was starting to get sick (I didn't know what was going on but i was feeling weird) SO now, im really sick on the last day of exams…SO now im missing my yearbook exams and math exam. (If you read this whole thing…I'll metaphorically give you a cookie.

Posted Jan 16th at 11:31AM

I just saw that Roger reads the comments.

You are perfect.

Roger: Haha

Posted Jan 16th at 11:28AM

I love how sassy some of the dialogues are lmao

Posted Jan 16th at 11:15AM

Thank you SO MUCH this is so great I love you RogerHub

Roger: You’re welcome!

Who ever said the DJ with the drop
Posted Jan 16th at 9:51AM

I praise to U ilysm

Posted Jan 16th at 8:43AM


Posted Jan 16th at 8:18AM

My gosh behind in so many classes just because of one assignment that my teach keeps bitching about and now I'm in the D's there is no way I can get any of these finals to raise my grade back.

im the shit
Posted Jan 16th at 7:33AM

haha i just need 80% to keep a 98% for ap calc.

Posted Jan 16th at 7:31AM

Woot I just need to get 60% for social studies and science to keep a 85%.

Posted Jan 16th at 6:31AM

I have to get %125 to get a D-

Wiz Kid
Posted Jan 16th at 6:25AM

I could skip all my finals and still get C's. FWM

Posted Jan 16th at 6:24AM

I can hear my GPA quietly screaming for help.

Posted Jan 16th at 6:18AM

*need a 54% on exam to get a c, is worried will not get even that* You could say I'm a bit stressed out about this fucking thing called "math". I'm about ready to tap out over here, for real.

Nerd Burnout
Posted Jan 15th at 11:45PM

AP Algebra 2 can suck my asymptote

Life Lessons
Posted Jan 15th at 11:09PM

ap world final can suck ass. i don't wanna know about darius' achievements

The Voice of Reason
Posted Jan 15th at 10:09PM

A message to everyone stressing over finals:
Remember, in the long run what your grade is in high school won't really matter!

Posted Jan 15th at 9:35PM

I'm semi-fucked. Math 3 exam tomorrow, watched netflix all day, have to get a -2 to pass and a 66 for a B, but a 92 for an A. Why does the grading system for finals have to go off of AVERAGES. But, I'm 100% gonna pass. So thanks Roger for letting me know where I stand.

Roger: Good luck!

Posted Jan 15th at 9:23PM

I haven't been to sleep in more than 34 hours.
I am surviving off of crackers, sonic slushies, and coffee.
Whoever said high school was easy can shove a cactus up their arse.

Posted Jan 15th at 9:08PM

I no longer give a fuck about grades.
Just let me graduate at this point.
And also, fuck mid finals.

swaggy L
Posted Jan 15th at 9:03PM

fuck man just had a bio final part 1 today but i dont give a fuck getting wasted tonight lol

Posted Jan 15th at 8:47PM

need a 45% to keep a B lmaooo I'm just chillin

Fuck Bio
Posted Jan 15th at 8:39PM

All I want to say is… Fuck Bio and the fucking Calvin Cycle. Most confusing shit I've ever learned.

Posted Jan 15th at 8:39PM

Have to get a 115 to get an A.

Goodbye GPA

School sucks.
Posted Jan 15th at 7:49PM

I am getting straight up D's in all my classes #FuckHighSchool I want all you nerds out there to take a chill pill, and relax on doing good in school. College is what matters in the end, we don't have to try from such a young age. WHAT is wrong with a community college…You learn the same things and you can transfer if you are doing good.

i'm scrub
Posted Jan 15th at 7:47PM

jeez life is harder than it said on the manual

The Colony High School
Posted Jan 15th at 7:32PM

I need a -133 on my final in English to get a 70 lol Im soooo good.

Posted Jan 15th at 7:13PM

I need a 109% on my final to get a 90% in the class. like seriously how does that even happen.

A friend
Posted Jan 15th at 6:55PM

GONNA GET A FUCKIN 4.6 GPA. life is good, but I still wish I was high

Lord Have Mercy!!!
Posted Jan 15th at 6:53PM

I need a 76% on my honors physics final to keep my B and what I've done all day is watch all the Harry Potter movies and check my grades every 10mins. Probs will end up with a C kms

Posted Jan 15th at 6:40PM

If I got a 54% on my Algebra midterm, I would have a 90% in the class. B| I would say that's more pimp than these other fools…

Besides the fact that I'm a freshman and it's for Algebra 1.

Posted Jan 15th at 5:19PM

Need at least a 70% to pass my PreCalc final!! Whoot whoot!!

To HELL with Physics
Posted Jan 15th at 4:29PM

I need a 96% exam final to get back to an 80% average…
*Cries about life and my physics mark while procrastinating*
Want to hear a joke guys?
Me getting a 96% in physics!!! HAHa

Oh my got becky
Posted Jan 15th at 4:26PM


A 90% in Bio?!
Posted Jan 15th at 3:49PM

"Ma'am I need you to step away from the vehicle"

Posted Jan 15th at 3:47PM

*Wipes away tears as I try desperately to glue the broken fragments of my average back together with nothing but the mitochondria, parts of speech and Ancient Chinese History*

Tough Luck
Posted Jan 15th at 3:43PM

I did as Kesha told me to and went down whilst yelling timber but I forgot that my GPA was in my fanny pack so it went down as well.

Tough Luck
Posted Jan 15th at 3:42PM

"If thou cannot achieve grades, allow for them to achieve climb to the top among the hierarchy of the fast food industry." – Ancient Chinese Proverb

Jade nade
Posted Jan 15th at 3:36PM

So much stress in the air, I can see it.

GB Rep
Posted Jan 15th at 3:31PM

GB Reppin!!! 90% or higher to pass math!! "Sigh"

Posted Jan 15th at 3:24PM

Haha I need a 94 to get a 92. Current grade is 91. School is fucked up

need help
Posted Jan 15th at 3:11PM

i have a 63 in science and im trying to get a 70 and the exam is worth 20% HELPP

Posted Jan 15th at 1:33PM

need a -98.84% to pass my Geography Final

Not a Nerd, Just Took Easy Classes
Posted Jan 15th at 11:15AM

For three of my classes I jost got to get 20s and 30s.
What is this crazy amazing shit im doin

Posted Jan 15th at 10:50AM

Charlie, I'm on tumblr 24/7

Fuck school just get high
Posted Jan 15th at 10:50AM

Thank god I didnt try this year I just need D's to pass all my class time to get stoned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

high school girl
Posted Jan 15th at 7:48AM

exams start tomorrow for me. Not stressed about tomorrow's exams, but definately stressed about monday's and tuesday's exams.

Finals Suck
Posted Jan 15th at 7:38AM

I thought I needed like an 85% to pass my calc bc test with an a, but it turns out I only need a 66%! Thank you Roger, I was stressing out. Now I have to worry about Physics because I need a 70% and my test average is 60%…aand I need an A on my lit test to get an A

Roger: You’re welcome!

-.- Well... Im Fucked
Posted Jan 15th at 6:25AM

Whatever, Dort Highway is always hiring

Posted Jan 15th at 5:31AM

i have my exam in an hour and a half.. eh

That one white kid
Posted Jan 15th at 5:10AM

You know all the kids complaining about losing a 4.0 gpa have to be Asian

Only need a 2 % to at least pass my chemistry final :}

Posted Jan 14th at 8:52PM

What do I need to get if I have a 79.15 in my class, my final is worth 20% of my grade and I want an 80? The catch is, I can score a possible 132 points out of 90 on the final.

Heck Yea
Posted Jan 14th at 8:48PM

Still haven't started.

Posted Jan 14th at 8:32PM

I've been so tired constantly the last week and my finals start Tuesday… I apparently need a 120% on my pre calc exam to get an A but I'm so exhausted I'll probably get a 70%… RIP me…

Don't tweak
Posted Jan 14th at 8:12PM

"Because in the end, it doesn't even matter" (Lincoln Park)
Make sure you all study a lil bit for your finals, but don't let it get you down! Stay away from hard drugs, kids.

Posted Jan 14th at 8:10PM

Thank you Roger, your a life saver

Roger: You’re welcome!

bigg timmia
Posted Jan 14th at 7:56PM

Exams stressing me, 2nd day tomorrow last day Friday. Who's hitting me up with some loud?? Yolo NO REGRATS lets get turnt future burger king employees!

Posted Jan 14th at 7:46PM


Posted Jan 14th at 7:37PM

I have to get a 95 on my final tomorrow to get ah 86& IM DEFINITELY GONNA GET IT..IM SHOOTING FOR 100%!!

Roger: Is your first name Cath by any chance?

Thanks Chemistry
Posted Jan 14th at 7:36PM

Dear Chemistry, if I get less than an 86.5% on your exam we aren't friends anymore.
Sincerely, I'm putting more work into this relationship than you realize

Posted Jan 14th at 7:33PM

Whatever GPA I'm gonna graduate with I'm still gonna have so opportunities in life. So let's yolo this

Susie smith
Posted Jan 14th at 7:32PM

Started with a 3.9 GPA ending with a 3.2 I just love exams

Turn up all the way
Posted Jan 14th at 7:31PM

gonna get wasted after finals. No ragrets yo

Gonna be figgity figgity fucked up
Posted Jan 14th at 7:30PM

Weekend after finals I'm gonna party my ass off :-)

Ayy Lmao
Posted Jan 14th at 7:28PM

Roger actually reads these comments? Damn

Roger: Damn right.

Posted Jan 14th at 7:26PM

Exams killing me!!
~ future cat lady, who cant even get a job at taco bell..

time to die
Posted Jan 14th at 6:29PM

looks like the goal of straight a's for 3 years (which i've nearly broken myself over for 2 years) is about to get ruined with one B.

High School Student
Posted Jan 14th at 6:24PM

ha! need a 2% to keep an A in spanish. woo!

Posted Jan 14th at 5:21PM

need an 86…. not too interesting, but i still know im failing math

Ben Fugbat
Posted Jan 14th at 4:45PM

You guys are all complaining about your grades? You guys are lucky to even be able to go to school. I have to type this from a prison computer monitored by a guard because of what I've done. I would kill for the chance to go to school; too bad I've already killed someone for a few hundred dollars…..

kill me now pls
Posted Jan 14th at 4:19PM

I need an 2130.42 on the final to get an A………..goodbye cruel world :')

oh joy
Posted Jan 14th at 4:10PM

Woooow! I got to get a 148% on my final like that will ever happen or is even possible YAY! >:[

Posted Jan 14th at 4:07PM

now i just need something to calculate the odds of me actually getting the grade i need on my final… wait actually i don't, i already know i'm gonna fail

Bye World
Posted Jan 14th at 3:54PM

I need a 218% to pass biology.
I'm just gonna laugh at myself.

Posted Jan 14th at 3:53PM whole life's a joke..haha..

Posted Jan 14th at 3:17PM

didn't know you could get negative percents on this.

Boo you whore ☺️
Posted Jan 14th at 1:38PM

you saved my life glen coco

Smart Ass
Posted Jan 14th at 1:36PM

Ya know I only need like a 40% in my World History class in order to get an A…I don't think I'm gonna make it haha. Thanks Rodger

I'm a DJ
Posted Jan 14th at 12:41PM

Get ready for my new mix tape y'all..
It's called GPA and it's about to drop

Hermione Granger
Posted Jan 14th at 11:57AM

Finals are less popular than Professor Snape. I read about it in Hogwarts a History.

greatest love
Posted Jan 14th at 10:34AM

your love never fails. You never gives up. You never runs out of me.

Posted Jan 14th at 10:33AM

I will just get rid of all the final exams.

RIP to my GPA
Posted Jan 14th at 9:58AM

It's ok I'll just become a DJ

Harry Potter
Posted Jan 14th at 9:48AM

finna bout to ace this defense against the dark arts final

Posted Jan 14th at 8:26AM

I only need 70% on my final!

Posted Jan 14th at 7:57AM

Bye (':

Posted Jan 14th at 7:38AM

I need a 250% to get an A…..

Posted Jan 14th at 6:34AM

roger, you the real MVP

Posted Jan 14th at 5:56AM

Just found out I need a -4.5% on my speaking final in french. I think ill just submit a cat video.

that's what summer school is for
Posted Jan 13th at 11:42PM

thank you rogerhub for making me realize there's no hope in studying after all :') 117.8% my ass

Posted Jan 13th at 11:19PM

If only my school system was on a 10 point scale rather than a seven point scale – then I wouldn't have to worry at all.

Oh first world problems.

Park Jimin
Posted Jan 13th at 10:36PM

omg these comments lol. Make sure you study! Good luck guys!

Posted Jan 13th at 10:11PM

All my grades were looking good coming in but my stupid English grade just dropped from 75 to a 70.36, finals just got serious.

Posted Jan 13th at 8:45PM

Lol I have to draw a flower on my Human Geo final and I will still pass with an A, that's ridicules

i suck at geometry
Posted Jan 13th at 8:18PM

I have an 87% B+ and to get a 90% A- I have to get 102% on the exam :// hope there's extra credit, and maybe a miracle will happen… lol sure

Mr. Screwed
Posted Jan 13th at 7:44PM

I have to get higher then a 40 some % in my English class…. 25 points out of 100 is vocab. that i suck with!!!! I am Mr. Screwed

FUck Math Physicssss
Posted Jan 13th at 7:30PM

FuCk MaTh PhYsiICs in tHE A$$ 4 breakInGg my 4.0

Posted Jan 13th at 7:12PM

thank you! this is sick

Well...that's unfortunate...
Posted Jan 13th at 7:03PM

83 to maintain A…

Ben Dover
Posted Jan 13th at 7:01PM

a;lskdkjflkasdjf i feel like if i study any more this is what my mind will through up on my english final.

no name
Posted Jan 13th at 6:58PM

well if you look at it… our parents never talk about their finals… it doesn't affect us much in the long run, maybe for our grades… the longest our grades are going to affect us are for 3-5 more years tops. but honestly if our parents are mad, then they are mad. as long as we try right? always try better next semester;) so I'm not worried. NTFW no time for worry:)

Posted Jan 13th at 6:56PM

All these comments are ridiculous. I have really enjoyed reading them while i've avoided studying for my finals. I don't even know why I study. The highest grade I have to get on a final is like an 80. Eh! Force of habit.

Posted Jan 13th at 6:54PM

Not fair no way I'm getting an a inenglish

oh poop
Posted Jan 13th at 6:50PM


Posted Jan 13th at 6:41PM

Hell yea only 30% needed to pass AP Physics!!!!!!!! :p

Cheese puff
Posted Jan 13th at 6:27PM

Man I am going to fail 4 classes. It's my senior year and I've never failed a class in my life im fudged wish me luck with the parents.

Posted Jan 13th at 6:19PM

I have to get a 49.9% I don't think you guys understand, that is actually very difficult to do in my math class. No one passes this ishh. I'm skrewed. Pray for me.

Disappointment and Skin Problems
Posted Jan 13th at 5:59PM

Well at least I have all the extra tears to drown myself in…

how am i stupid? my dads a surgeon
Posted Jan 13th at 5:56PM

Why do i not know how to study im Brown

Posted Jan 13th at 5:52PM

Roger, all I want in life is for you to respond to my comment. I am your biggest fan and I just need this to get me through my finals.

Roger: Good luck on your finals!

lol done
Posted Jan 13th at 5:45PM

instead of studying, im reading the funny ass comments on this page hahahah

fucked for finals
Posted Jan 13th at 5:32PM

smoke weed everyday

Posted Jan 13th at 5:29PM

YAY i need 91 on math final. idk if thats gna happen LOL if i fail, math is going to be the only B on my transcript
brb crying

Posted Jan 13th at 5:17PM


High school student...ewww
Posted Jan 13th at 4:58PM

You know it's almost finals when everyone goes to Roger Hub!

Posted Jan 13th at 4:57PM

I better do well on my math test!

Bob smellybottom
Posted Jan 13th at 3:50PM

Guess who's gonna fail Spanish??!

Posted Jan 13th at 3:38PM


Posted Jan 13th at 3:35PM

Got to get over 9000%! LOL had to say it!

Posted Jan 13th at 2:43PM


Victim of the HS system
Posted Jan 13th at 2:42PM

what do grades measure these days anyway? our ability to conform?

Fuck you
Posted Jan 13th at 2:18PM

115%??!!!!…………….fuck that shit that's so stupid

Gap year sounds good to me
Posted Jan 13th at 2:05PM

Welp. College is overrated anyways. Degrees are just pieces of paper.

Posted Jan 13th at 1:45PM

Woot, atleast 9%

Posted Jan 13th at 1:36PM

This final grade calculator is great and very helpful

Roger: Thanks!

Posted Jan 13th at 1:16PM

I am fucked

Thanks Roger
Posted Jan 13th at 12:53PM

In one of my classes I need at least a -15% to secure my A! The highest I need on any of this semester's finals to keep my 4.0 (and honors diploma) is an 85%. I'm covered! Time to go do other things!

Posted Jan 13th at 12:03PM

Good luck dorks! You guys need it.

Posted Jan 13th at 11:40AM

Well I have a 94 right now but as soon as they put my DBQ and FRQ scores in the grade book I'm not sure with the final I'll be able to get an A in AP Euro and keep my 4.0. Please pray for me. I'm studying hard but no matter what I do I never do very good on DBQs and FRQs…

Screw Life
Posted Jan 13th at 11:18AM

yup , umm im a failure to life if i need to get a freaking 148% to pass this . this is freaking stupid really , ughhh dosnt matter i aint giving up , and i am for sure not going to summer school hell no . Oh well someone pray for me lol i need JESUS and MARY , heck i need the whole freaking bible ;)

Posted Jan 13th at 10:19AM

So I'm a piece of shit and my solution to passing all my classes is just to not give a fuck and sleep instead of studying. Thanks roger for making me realize that sleep is far more important than studying because no matter what I do I'm still going to fail

Posted Jan 13th at 10:09AM

Damn I need a 98% to get my 63% to a C-

Posted Jan 13th at 9:56AM

Well… I have to get a 99.6 for an "A".

fall out boy
Posted Jan 13th at 8:34AM

i need a 99.9 to get an A. oh my god.

Posted Jan 13th at 7:41AM


Posted Jan 13th at 7:34AM

this is going to suck i need a 96% 100% and a 85%

Posted Jan 13th at 7:09AM

for my highest grade, i need a 152%

Posted Jan 13th at 6:21AM

I have to fail half my finals to get a in all my classes xD

First Final
Posted Jan 13th at 6:15AM

I'm gonna get rekted

Posted Jan 13th at 12:46AM

110 percent. why

Posted Jan 12th at 9:02PM

My first set of finals are coming up, and your website really helped me feel better about my grades, and what I need to study for! Thank you so much!

from a lovely high school in us
Posted Jan 12th at 8:26PM

I'm really excited for finals I hope I do well, I think I've been studying hard enough

Posted Jan 12th at 8:06PM


Posted Jan 12th at 7:57PM

there's no hope left

Nacho The Macho
Posted Jan 12th at 7:29PM

Oh gawd I need to get 100% to get an 80% in my class…I'm screwed.

Taylor (that 2004 emo kid jfc)
Posted Jan 12th at 7:24PM

welp Im gonna fail <3 haha whatever ill just like drop out and become a Mormon prostitute. Show men my ankles for money. xD heres to fucking hating school :3

haha no
Posted Jan 12th at 7:11PM

I need a 192% hella

*drives myself off the nearest cliff*

literal piece of trash
Posted Jan 12th at 6:39PM

still not gonna study

High schooler
Posted Jan 12th at 5:37PM

I come on this website during finals week just to read the comments.

Posted Jan 12th at 5:26PM


just a random Egyptian
Posted Jan 12th at 5:04PM

Roger, god bless u man, I've been using this website every time it comes to finals and has been 100% accurate. U deserve a medal man i swear.

Roger: Thanks, and you’re welcome!

Posted Jan 12th at 5:04PM

My friend got 88.77 % of his English semester grade and wants at least an A. I ran it through the calculator and it said he would need over 101%. He claims the calculator is wrong, I think it's right, so we need you to confirm what he needs to get the 90%.

Roger: That sounds correct to me. (It depends on how much your friend’s final is worth though.)

Posted Jan 12th at 4:16PM


Posted Jan 12th at 4:15PM


Posted Jan 12th at 2:37PM

Omg im gonna fail

Led Zepplenist
Posted Jan 12th at 1:38PM


Doug Ishtenvelteinmestal
Posted Jan 12th at 12:19PM

thx so much

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jan 12th at 11:38AM

Thanks soooo much for helping me!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jan 12th at 11:24AM

anybody looking for a trophy wife

Posted Jan 12th at 10:28AM

i wan good grades but well my uncle was killed right around finals so i cant study

Posted Jan 11th at 7:24PM

Cramming for finals so hard lol. Good luck you guys. What I like to do is I like to make a study guide whether my class requires one or not and just let all the info sink in once or twice. It helps.

Posted Jan 11th at 7:07PM

I am fucked.

Posted Jan 11th at 6:50PM

Im sad I got a 92.29. An A in my county is 93.

Posted Jan 11th at 6:29PM

98.5% on my final to get an 'A' in the class? Great…

Posted Jan 11th at 5:03PM

Thanks Roger! This really helped a lot!! :)

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jan 11th at 4:51PM




John the Legend
Posted Jan 11th at 2:45PM

Ya i want an A in chem H this semester but i just dont care enough to study for this test tomorrow finna just get turnt af instead swag im john

Posted Jan 11th at 2:08PM

Those little quips it gives you after the percentage you need are hilarious! I kept changing the grade I need just to see what they all said.

Posted Jan 11th at 1:02AM

Man all these people complaining about bringing their grades back smh. Who cares about grades, what do I need to get to bring my parents back.

Posted Jan 10th at 7:56PM

My current grade is an 89.06

Roger: You need to get at least a 84.45% on the final to get a 90% overall.

The Little Engine That Could
Posted Jan 10th at 9:55AM

I just need one 80 on this test to pass!
btw thank you soo much roger

Posted Jan 10th at 9:52AM

honestly…..I'm fail math…………..:P……………..I better fucken pass…………….ughhhhhhhh……..

Nikki L
Posted Jan 8th at 9:03PM

Okay so I have a 51.20% in Algebra 1. I got an F on my last quarter and the second quarter ends on January 15. How many times do I need to fail in order to retake this class. I dont want to. So do I have to pass this one?

Roger: Uh… can you be more specific?

Posted Jan 8th at 8:46PM

Aye Roger you single ;)? Also I think its pretty cool that you're an intern at Quizlet

Roger: Single. Thanks!

big Daddy
Posted Jan 8th at 6:05PM

i love you roger

Roger: love you too

Posted Jan 7th at 8:23PM

Everyone on here is like a need a 60% on my finals to get an A… Im sitting here at a 55% in the course and like i hope i get over 50% xD

Roger: Everyone shush. It’s the Illuminati.

Posted Jan 7th at 7:56PM

Hey Roger, I have a 71.44% and want at least a 75%. My final counts as one test, and they are 75% of our grade. Also, we've took 6 tests total this semester. When I type in that have 72% which I'm literally half a percent away, I need to score at least a 90% on the final. But when I put in my actual grade (71.44), I need to score above a 95%….why is that???

Roger: It’s because your final is worth so little. It’s one-seventh of 75%. (Also, make sure you’re using the option that’s labeled “my final counts as a test”. It’s worse if your test average is fairly high, but you didn’t specify what your test average was so..)

Posted Jan 7th at 7:54PM

Great for prioritizing what to study for

Posted Jan 7th at 3:54PM

I honest to god love this site!! I've used it for the past four years for all of my final exams. It pretty much tells which finals I can blow off and which I need to lose my mind studying for.

Roger: Thanks, and you’re welcome!

Posted Jan 7th at 3:06PM

The grade on my final replaces the grade of my lowest test score. we have had 800 total points for the class, and i got a 72 out of 100 on my lowest test. the final is worth 10% of our grade and i want a 90 in the class. what do i need to get on the test?

Roger: You forgot to mention what your current grade is. (The answer depends on your current grade!)

John the Legend
Posted Jan 7th at 1:28PM

Ya almost got an A in whap bcuz of extra credit too bad I didnt try harder on the final oh well swag

Posted Jan 7th at 11:09AM

I am very pleased with your website. I have been using it since 1st semester. It's pretty accurate. Thank you for making this website :)

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jan 6th at 10:40PM

Hi Roger! I'm a junior now and have been using this site since my first finals freshman year. I just wanted to say that each year I love seeing you reply to comments and I can't believe you still do that year after year! It's so nice and it kind of makes my day which is awesome because finals are depressing. Just wanted to say that!
Oh yeah and Happy New Year (any resolutions?)!

Roger: Haha, thanks, and you’re welcome! Happy new year to you too. No resolutions.

Jess Orozco
Posted Jan 6th at 1:50PM

This has helped me sooo much for the last 2 years! YOU'RE THE MAN ROGER!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Jan 6th at 11:01AM

This is super helpful I use it every semester

Posted Jan 6th at 10:32AM

hey roger are you 1d af

Posted Jan 6th at 8:32AM

hey roger are you 5sos af

Posted Jan 5th at 4:24PM

Nervous bout finals

Jose Cohen
Posted Jan 5th at 10:45AM

Hey Roger, you kinda cute

StressedPerson(not any more)
Posted Dec 19th at 4:54PM

thanks roger this is a website that saves my life. fer real dough. You are so awesome.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Big John
Posted Dec 19th at 3:27PM

Had an 86 in Spanish, needed a 104 to get an A nailed the test which luckily had bonus questions, got a 106 and finished with an a. I'm pretty much Jesus Christ.

Posted Dec 19th at 3:12PM

i have 113 percent in Japanese if i got a 50 percent ( i just guessed on everthing and still passed with an a

Posted Dec 19th at 2:21PM

This sucks its not correct i got a 53 on the exam and it said that with a 52 i'll pass and i didnt….

Roger: You should double check with your instructor then!

John the legend
Posted Dec 19th at 11:57AM

Ya finna get a 4.0 but watevr idc ima still get a 4.6 next semester this was my warm up game

John the Legend
Posted Dec 19th at 11:46AM

ya finna get a C in WHAP watevr idc ima still get a 6 on the ap test and get a 98% next semester.

Posted Dec 19th at 11:24AM

So I had a 70.9% in my Spanish class but I missed my final today. My teacher already put it in the grade book and until I take it it shows as a 0. My grade went down to a 64.5% Does this mean I need to get a better grade on my final to bring it back up or can I still get the score of 66.5% that I needed when I had a 70.9%

Roger: You should still be able to score a 66.5% on the final.

Posted Dec 19th at 11:24AM

@jennie,… im in bio right now with algbera and im taking geometry in the summer so i can be able to take physics or chem… if i taking geometry in the year i can take honors physiology… whats the smartest choice

John the legend
Posted Dec 19th at 11:09AM

damnit roger i just blew that whap finals dont need to study???? Srsly bruh?

Posted Dec 19th at 10:48AM


Posted Dec 19th at 8:30AM


take bio and human a&p too

Posted Dec 19th at 8:29AM


Take chem first.

Posted Dec 19th at 8:16AM

does anyone know whats better… physics or chemistry im taking one of them as a sophomore and i want to be a doctor …. please explain

Posted Dec 19th at 7:44AM

I have about 45 minutes until my chemistry final… but I only need a 48% to keep my B, and a -2% to get a C. So instead I'm going to watch youtube and not bore myself to death. This website saves the asses of many people who have better things to do than attempt to learn a concept they will never need or want to know how to do in the real world!

Posted Dec 19th at 7:39AM

you da real mvp

John the legend
Posted Dec 19th at 6:24AM

i need a D on my whap final roger thinks i do not have to study clearly i need to study it's whap Damnit roger

Roger: Good luck!

Posted Dec 19th at 6:02AM


Posted Dec 19th at 5:46AM

Yay last day of finals we r free!!!!

John the legend
Posted Dec 19th at 5:35AM

idk y im even awake studying rn idc bruh

John the legend
Posted Dec 19th at 5:14AM

ya needed an A on my spaniah final might have gotten a B+ watevr ima still be a millionaire when im older swag

Posted Dec 19th at 1:13AM

I can fail my English final and keep an A in the class so I'm actually tempted to draw a picture on the essay portion… Essays are too much work anyways, right?

Roger: Do a comic! (Maybe you’ll get partial credit.)

JP mathman
Posted Dec 19th at 12:16AM

My students always use this website. Math is fun!

Roger: Math is fun! (Just kidding.. math is hard.)

Posted Dec 18th at 10:10PM

no finals stop

Posted Dec 18th at 10:05PM

Hi Roger!
Well i am a straight "A" student and i kinda of freak out over every test, final, quiz whatever it is and I just wanted to say thank you! This site has made actually do better on my tests because i wasn't so stressed! Today I took two finals that I was nervous for, but before I took them I looked at this site! I ended up getting a 100% on one of the finals and the other was honors geometry which I got a 93% on and it really helped seeing this site! I hope you are very proud of this site cause it really is great and I show my friends it all the time! Once again thanks Roger!

Roger: Thanks for sharing, and you’re welcome!

Posted Dec 18th at 10:03PM

5000 comments! Also need a 91.57 to get an A. Oh well.

Posted Dec 18th at 10:02PM

Thx for such a good website. I was scared about my English because I have 91% now..But i'm feeling little better now cause I need 86% for my final to keep A. whew..However my english teacher's scoring is soooo…..IDK

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 18th at 10:02PM

Did you do anything special to get into EECS, besides turning in the application on time?

Roger: Hmm… I don’t think so! I had already learned some basic stuff about programming before I applied though.

Posted Dec 18th at 10:01PM

Well, since I need a 92.5% to get an A in my new school I will have all B's and one A. I have a 89.3, 95.1, and the rest are about 91-92.0. This grading scale sucks. (Oh and a failing grade is 69%! Wtf!)

Posted Dec 18th at 9:40PM

First Finals Week…Letsssss gooooooo

Posted Dec 18th at 9:31PM

Needa get a 99.75% to get an A- in math lmaNo

Posted Dec 18th at 9:24PM

I need a 60% on my spanish 2 final to get a 60% in the class

John the legend
Posted Dec 18th at 8:44PM

ya finna get to a B in chem honors and whap watevr idc im john schon swag

So far straight As entire life
Posted Dec 18th at 8:01PM

Oh yeah 90 class avg for aphg. 100 in math.

Posted Dec 18th at 7:49PM

To flunk Spanish class (with a 59%) I need to get a -102% on final. Feeling pretty pumped :D

Posted Dec 18th at 7:41PM

I only need a 47% to keep my B in ApCalc…that feels like a stretch

[Insert Name Here]
Posted Dec 18th at 7:17PM

got 3 As and one B. Pre calculus sucks

Roger Chen
Posted Dec 18th at 7:11PM

I am Roger. I build websites.


no but seriously bro i love your website


Roger: ???

Your Name
Posted Dec 18th at 7:05PM

I am debating whether or not to study for English since I need only a 78% to keep an A.
I need a 50% to get an A in religion.
I haven't even looked at any of the study guides. Maybe I will just skim over them.

Posted Dec 18th at 7:00PM

I need a 21% to keep my C in my Pre Calc class and I don't think I can even do that

Posted Dec 18th at 6:55PM

Hey Roger!
I love your website, it is so helpful. Also, before I took my Geometry exam I had a 97 and I needed only about a 50% to still keep an A-. I got a 98%, also since I only needed a 50% to keep an A you told me to draw a flower on the test. So at the end when I had extra time, I drew an awesome flower.
Just wanted to put that out there.

Roger: Haha, that’s awesome!

Posted Dec 18th at 6:52PM

"When I grow up, I want to be a rocket scientist…"

F U 3.6 GPA

Posted Dec 18th at 6:49PM

Needed a 12 to get a 90 in AP chem… Got a 10.5

Dont even
Posted Dec 18th at 6:48PM

Well, looks like I will just have to ask Yahoo Answers about my homework

Dont even
Posted Dec 18th at 6:46PM

Has anyone here read the Great Gatsby??

Posted Dec 18th at 6:45PM

Sometimes you use this site and it delivers miracles and other times it is the bane of my existence

Dont even
Posted Dec 18th at 6:44PM

Hey Roger, have u read the Great Gatsby?

Roger: Yeah. Really liked it.

Posted Dec 18th at 6:24PM

fml u helped me soooo much…fuck everyone who is smart

Posted Dec 18th at 6:17PM

All in favor say I

Dont even
Posted Dec 18th at 6:17PM

Your website is so helpful!
But my school blocked it from our computers during school hours… :(
They also blocked Pandora

no tunes or grade calculator until after school :(

Roger: Haha, thanks! Sucks that it’s blocked! (smartphones?)

Posted Dec 18th at 6:13PM

Who likes my Website?

Roger: Who’re you?

Dont even
Posted Dec 18th at 6:11PM


Hamlet Act 3, Scene 3, Line 88


Posted Dec 18th at 6:11PM

Nope you should really get studying

Posted Dec 18th at 6:10PM

Sorry" Anonymous" but thats what happens when the final is worth 10 points.

Posted Dec 18th at 6:09PM

I could be studying for my math final…
or I could just post randoms comments here about my problems


Posted Dec 18th at 6:07PM

I got a 90 on my final

My grade went down from a 93 to 92


Posted Dec 18th at 6:05PM

literally thank you so much i'm taking my final exams tomorrow and this helped me so much i can even explain god bless, you saved my life from stress

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 18th at 6:04PM

Go Dawgs

Posted Dec 18th at 5:43PM

Reading the comments instead of studying…. Oh well I only need a 65 to pass AP chem.

Posted Dec 18th at 5:35PM

Daniel liu, You should know how to stop your bad breath!

Posted Dec 18th at 5:30PM

Ken is so stupid! We all know you are not smart!

Posted Dec 18th at 5:27PM

this thing is too sassy

Posted Dec 18th at 4:59PM

got a 69% in the class and the final is worth 85%, see y'all at the welfare line

Posted Dec 18th at 4:46PM

This shit saved my life

Posted Dec 18th at 4:38PM

love the sass on this website… made my day

Roger: What sass?

Posted Dec 18th at 4:34PM

I had a 104 in my Calc class and only needed a 46.5% on midterm to get an A in the class. I got a 46 and got an A-. FML

Posted Dec 18th at 4:06PM


Posted Dec 18th at 4:04PM


Posted Dec 18th at 3:58PM

And once again i have an A- in virtually every class and im on here every hour stressing whether im going to get straight A's or straight B+'s. I hate finals

Posted Dec 18th at 3:30PM

"You need a 44% to get at least a 70%. Don't even bother studying."
So I didn't. And I legitimatenly think I did worse than 44%.

Posted Dec 18th at 3:17PM

I need a 100% on my geometry final to get an 80 in the class

Posted Dec 18th at 3:15PM

well I went into my precalc h final confident knowing that I only needed a 62.99% to get an A in the class…. I legitimately think I failed

Posted Dec 18th at 3:14PM

Big help thanks roger

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 18th at 3:14PM

hey roger, in my math final we have 3 parts. the first part is worth 20% and is a total of 20 points and the second and third parts are each worth 40% of the final and are each 35 and 47 points, respectively. our final is worth 20% of our grade and I have an 83% and want at least an 80%. I already know that I got 19/20 points on the first part, what do I need on the other parts to get at least an 80%?

Roger: You’ll need to average a 61.3% on the remaining two parts to get an 80% overall. That’s a 22/35 and a 29/47.

Posted Dec 18th at 3:13PM


Posted Dec 18th at 2:59PM

how can anyone live with a b?!

Posted Dec 18th at 2:50PM

I need 60s in almost every class and I already make straight As so wassup!!! ROGER you are my hero!

Roger: Congrats!

Posted Dec 18th at 2:48PM

Ermagerd I need like 60s in like almost almost all of my classes for an A I'm a straight A student already so

bob saget
Posted Dec 18th at 2:31PM

Already failed my algebra final, so fuck it

horeos for life
Posted Dec 18th at 2:28PM

Stop complaining i need a 152% on my math final to get a solid 50% in the class. I hope McDonalds is hiring

Ryan the ginger
Posted Dec 18th at 2:10PM

I need to get an 93 to get an A in algebra, but cha boy finna smoke a lagarette 4 inch blount. Watevr finna get an A anyways cuz im ryan swag

Kid in Chem
Posted Dec 18th at 2:08PM

Lol, Did the calculations, to get the closest to an A i needed a 94 i think, and i got a 98 on my chem final. Got me to a 89.3 she rounds grades at .5 so i was .2 off XD i almost killed myself on the spot. but she said she would bump me. My grade now says 90 (89.3) lol makes sence :D

Posted Dec 18th at 2:01PM

only meed a 140% on my chem final

Posted Dec 18th at 1:39PM

91 on AP English final, 100 on US History final, 87 on Honors PreCal final, 92 on AP Art History final :)
4 down, 2 to go! (Spanish 4 Honors and AP Biology ;_;)

Jake Nemec
Posted Dec 18th at 1:34PM

420 Blaze it

I'm better than you
Posted Dec 18th at 1:14PM

I'm better than u

Posted Dec 18th at 1:01PM

Hey roger do you have an advice on someone who is going to go to college soon and is planning to be in the medical field?

Roger: Yeah, hope you can stomach the sight of blood! (I don’t have any real advice for you.. sorry..)

Posted Dec 18th at 1:00PM

can get a legit -67 in government and still have an A lol not studying

Posted Dec 18th at 12:13PM

I've been using this since middle school and just finished my first semester of college with it!

Roger: Haha, nice!

Math Sucks
Posted Dec 18th at 11:18AM

Oh, good. I only need a 123% to get a B in math. What a relief.

patrick shea
Posted Dec 18th at 11:12AM


Roger: You’re welcome!

Holy Fucking Shit Balls, I'm Screwed....
Posted Dec 18th at 10:58AM

Okay, so I have my history final in like 1 minute and I haven't studied shit. My grades a 79% and if I want to get an 80% in the class, I have to get an 85.67%………. This should be interesting….

Posted Dec 18th at 10:31AM

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm bored

just curious
Posted Dec 18th at 10:31AM

why is your bio written in third person

Roger: My secretary wrote it.

your biggest fan
Posted Dec 18th at 10:30AM

i love you roger marry me

Roger: Give it a few years.

Rogue Shinobi
Posted Dec 18th at 10:12AM

Hi Roger, thanks again for your help on the calculator.
I've got a 101 in Spanish currently (2nd quarter) and had a 94 in 1st quarter.
I'm looking to pass with a 95 spas a semester grade. What grade do I need to pass with a 95?

Roger: Well, your current average should be roughly a 97.5%. How much is your final worth?

Posted Dec 18th at 9:22AM

Roger, I'm so glad you made this calculator. It's really made my life a lot easier and less stressful! Now, a bunch of my friends are using it.

Roger: Thanks for sharing!

Posted Dec 18th at 8:52AM

I need a 51 to get an A in Spanish. For some reason this help my stress.Thanks!

Posted Dec 18th at 8:16AM

this website is fo shizzle

Posted Dec 18th at 7:54AM

Thx so much:) So far Ive got all A's so im happy and this showed me what finals I did and didn't have to study for:)

Roger: You’re welcome!

Tarun Gaddam
Posted Dec 18th at 7:51AM

Hey just letting you know you did a great job with this site

Roger: Thanks!

Henry Bombastic
Posted Dec 18th at 7:50AM


Adam Perkins
Posted Dec 18th at 6:54AM

Dude Roger thanks for the help man you are awesome keep on dreaming

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 18th at 6:19AM


Sophomore the worrier
Posted Dec 18th at 6:06AM

This calculator gave me the confidence I needed. Thanks so much!:)

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 17th at 11:41PM

For some reason I feel like reading these will make me do better on finals

Posted Dec 17th at 10:44PM

I need a -4% to get an A on my business essentials final

JESS.the sometimes smart but mostly dumb Asian.
Posted Dec 17th at 10:17PM

Not on topic at all. but I enjoy your sass. My mom will be so proud of my B's. She just might kill me. Thanks for giving me a heads up.

Roger: What sass? (Good luck with finals!)

Posted Dec 17th at 10:15PM

How often google is searched for a final grade calculator over time…

Posted Dec 17th at 10:06PM

¿Hablas español? O tuviste que usar google translate? ;)

Roger: I remember some from high school.

I have to poop
Posted Dec 17th at 9:13PM

need a 59% to get a B in bio

Posted Dec 17th at 9:11PM

ok roger i need your mighy help again… i have a 88.5 in math and the final is worth 20% of our grade… then we also have participation grades thats worth 7% but im losing 0.6 percent on that category and thats it. what will i need for the final to get a 90% after the participation grades are in. Thanks Rog ur a boss i have a b in my elective now

Roger: Has your participation grade been included in the 88.5% yet?

Clear Waters
Posted Dec 17th at 9:00PM

I love this calculator!

K. B.
Posted Dec 17th at 8:49PM

I need a 111.77% on my final to get an A…

Johnny Appleseed
Posted Dec 17th at 8:48PM

I like apples.

Nicholas Dorsey
Posted Dec 17th at 8:47PM

I need a 104% to pass basic algebra…FML

The Messiah
Posted Dec 17th at 8:46PM

So right now I have a 102% in Physics Honors and am considering whether or not to study for the class. In order to get an A (92.5%), according to this god-given creation, I would need to score at least a 35.27% on the final. Hmm….really considering if I really need to study for the final…

Ivan The Terribad
Posted Dec 17th at 8:44PM

Awesome I need a -32% to pass Geometry. Maybe I'll just draw a flower on the test or something.

fuck school
Posted Dec 17th at 8:33PM

Need a 20% to pass math

I hate potatoes
Posted Dec 17th at 8:32PM

I like potatoes

Posted Dec 17th at 8:29PM

I ned an 89 to pass with a d.

Posted Dec 17th at 8:29PM

awesome i need a B to keep an A in apwh but i failed my last test… awesome

Que te gusta hacer?
Posted Dec 17th at 8:24PM

Te gusta bailar? Me gusta bailar mucho. Tambien me gusta dibujar y practicar futbol americano.

Roger: No, I like sitting and standing activities.

Hate school
Posted Dec 17th at 8:16PM

Yessssssss I need a -15% to get a b in English

Semen Sparkles
Posted Dec 17th at 8:12PM

Need a -153% on my engineering final. This is gonna be a tough one.

Posted Dec 17th at 8:10PM

this website is bs

Posted Dec 17th at 8:10PM

Shit… I need an 84% on my APUSH final to keep a B in the class

Posted Dec 17th at 8:09PM

Save me now I need an 108 to pass math

I have to pee so bad .. Like so bad
Posted Dec 17th at 7:58PM


Posted Dec 17th at 7:58PM

only need a 69% to pass Physics thank the lord

Posted Dec 17th at 7:56PM

Need a 98 on my economics final to get an A.

Posted Dec 17th at 7:46PM

I need a -18% to get an A haha ima draw dicks everywhere

Posted Dec 17th at 7:41PM

Hey you fuckers should be thankful, I need a 116% to get D in my math class so…

Posted Dec 17th at 7:40PM

How did you get into EECS at Cal?

Roger: I submitted my college application when I was in high school, and they said ok.

I hate life
Posted Dec 17th at 7:37PM

This is like my 4436433 time on here today…

Posted Dec 17th at 7:36PM

Roger, did you think this calculator would become so popular?

Roger: Nope!

Posted Dec 17th at 7:35PM


Posted Dec 17th at 7:19PM

get a 59 they said
got a 58 i got

EZ comp sci
Posted Dec 17th at 7:10PM

need a 78% for an A eZ

zayn malik 4 real
Posted Dec 17th at 7:04PM

need a 110 in english for an A but for a B i need a 60… lmao

Posted Dec 17th at 6:49PM


Posted Dec 17th at 6:30PM

I needed a 58 or better to keep my A in APUSH, for some reason I'm still scared.

Posted Dec 17th at 6:27PM

aw sheeeeeeeet. ap chem final tmrw, gotta get 101% to get an A :((((((((((((((

Suck my ass
Posted Dec 17th at 6:14PM

Only need a 41% on my APUSH final. Lifes great.

Posted Dec 17th at 6:05PM

I am a sophm and have a 80.64 in APUSH FML

skinny-loined hampsterbiter
Posted Dec 17th at 5:57PM

Thanks for this! I passed my final. And because of you, I knew that even if I didn't study and got a 0 I would still pass.

So I did just that, and didn't study at all. :D

The class was remedial so my percentage doesn't matter, passing is passing. :D

Roger: You’re welcome!

Tristin S.
Posted Dec 17th at 5:56PM

According to this I need a -54% to pass my civics class with an A. Guess I'm not studying for the final lol.

None yo bunises
Posted Dec 17th at 5:53PM

I need a -43% on my French final to pass with C I know I can't do that

Posted Dec 17th at 5:47PM

Only need 96.4 percent to get B in trig ez game ez life

You already know
Posted Dec 17th at 5:43PM

English why you gotta be so rudeeee???

Crazy Kid
Posted Dec 17th at 5:41PM

I need a 30% on my Spanish test to get a C. Study or nah?

lolz IB suckz
Posted Dec 17th at 5:41PM

Why IB so bad. I feel liek da AP plebs had someting gioing when dey not taek da IB. All diez finals tho. Like roll up in ur caddy liek wut. Flash dat ice liek wut wut. Den when u aint lookinz some gheddo AP pleb come outa nowherez and iz liek, "Lolz u gon get shrecked". Nd im just liek why u do dis to me.

#Liek dis if u cry evertim

Posted Dec 17th at 5:33PM

Hey! how can i calculate my semester grade? for example, i only know my grades for 1st quarter (40%) and 2nd quarter(40%) but want to know what i need to get on my final(20%) to maintain the grades i want but idk how to calculate it into one semester grade.. help!

Roger: You can calculate your semester grade by taking the average of your quarter grades. To take the average, you just add your 1st quarter grade and your second quarter grade, and then divide by 2. For example, if your first quarter grade were a 78% and your second quarter grade were a 88%, then you would do (78% + 88%) / 2 = 83%.

A Random Kid
Posted Dec 17th at 5:14PM

Need to make a -18 at least, don't know if I can pull it off… #Pray4RandomKid

Posted Dec 17th at 5:10PM

Looks like I need a 27% to pass chemistry with a 90%….. who needs studying.

Posted Dec 17th at 5:04PM

In order to at least get a C in French, I have to get a -48% on my test. Well, looks like I won't be studying those maps!

Posted Dec 17th at 4:41PM

finna need dat 44% on dat echonawmicks final two git dat B doh #Pray4MeYall

Ron Burgundy
Posted Dec 17th at 4:35PM

You stay classy, all you dropouts…

Posted Dec 17th at 4:34PM

I meant I don't know how much the test is worth.

Roger: Test? Can you clarify?

Posted Dec 17th at 4:33PM

I have an 80.11% in my English class but, I don't know how much its worth, percentage wise. What percentage do I need to at least get a 70.00% in the class?

Roger: You probably don’t need to get a very high grade to make a 70% in the class, regardless of how much your final is worth. For example, even if your final is worth a large amount (like 60%), you would only need a 63.3% on your final exam to get a 70% overall.

Posted Dec 17th at 4:27PM

only need a 22 on my band final. what a joke

Posted Dec 17th at 4:19PM


Posted Dec 17th at 4:17PM

This website helped so much. Now i now what i have to get

I'm a God
Posted Dec 17th at 4:16PM

I had a 99.87% in my class. It's kind of a big deal. I'm like a god to my fellow classmates. Anyways, I took the final for the class today morning. I had to get a minimum of a FITTY percent to end up with an A. Then, being the hyper-competitive indian I am, thought that I had to study harder. So I dropped studying for APUSH and started studying for this class. I ended up getting a 120% on the final. Now my grade is above a HUNNIT percent. My grade in APUSH is a B though. I'm not a god in that class.

I have to poop so bad .. Like so bad
Posted Dec 17th at 4:11PM


Roger: Then go!

Finals Tomorrow
Posted Dec 17th at 3:57PM

Have an 82.04% in Algebra 2, want an 89.50%(A) and the final is worth 40%. The website says I need a 100.69% on my final….then I read the Ouch That Sucks part and threw my computer out the window. #OuchThatSucks

Posted Dec 17th at 3:56PM

I have messed up I have a 52 in a class I need a D and the final is worth 200 points what do I need on it

Roger: Depends on how many points you have total.

SO grateful for this website
Posted Dec 17th at 3:53PM

This honestly made me soooo much more confident and comfortable with taking finals! I was worried and so stressed out but then when I used this you told me to draw a flower on my test lmao thanks Roger.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 17th at 3:30PM

Hi. My chem final is worth 2 test grades and tests are worth 45% of our final grade. I have an 84.5% and I want to get an 80%. what do I need to get on the final? My current average test grade is 79 and we've taken 6 tests.

Roger: You’ll need to get at least a 39% on your final exam to get a 80% overall.

Posted Dec 17th at 3:27PM

I have a 76 and my testing average is a 68.4, my final counts as a test and 15% of my grade. What do I need for a b?

Roger: So, you’re saying that your final counts as a final category, and as a test too? If so, I need to know your current test average and how many tests you’ve taken so far. (Also, I’m assuming that a B is an 80%, but if not, please specify what the requirement for a B is.)

Rogue Shinobi
Posted Dec 17th at 3:17PM

Hi Roger, I have a 94% on first quarter in AP US History and a 97% on second quarter. I want to get a 94% overall after the final and its worth 20% of our grades. What's the minimum score that I'll need? Also, thanks for the calculator! It's saved me a lot of stress, I've managed to finish with all A's in my classes this year so far. Just have to wait for US History lol.

Roger: If we assume your two quarters have equal weight, then your current average would be a 95.5%. Then, you will need to get at least a 88% on the final in order to get a 94% overall.

Posted Dec 17th at 3:15PM

If I got a 25% on something and I need to beat my score by 1-8% what do I need to get

Roger: So.. a 26-33%?

that cool kid though
Posted Dec 17th at 3:06PM

i was freaking out about my math final. U have literally saved me from an anxiety attack! THANK U SO MUCH!!!!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 17th at 2:59PM

Hi roger,
I have a 92.6 in my spanish class. I had a 3 part final. In total its worth 15% of my grade. The first to parts equal 7.5% together and the 2nd part is 7.5% by itself. On the first two parts i got a 88 for both. What do I have to get on the third part to get an 90

Roger: You need at least a 62.5% on the third part to get a 90% overall.

Posted Dec 17th at 2:57PM

I need to get a 52% to keep at least a B- in Spanish, I have an 87% currently in the class, I am hoping for the best!

Posted Dec 17th at 2:46PM

Was worrying about my biology final (that I have tomorrow) all last week until now and seeing I need a 48% or higher to keep an 85 is a pretty good feeling

Posted Dec 17th at 2:42PM

I need a 7 % on my English final to maintain an A that's amazing all i need to do is draw a dick in the bubble sheet

Posted Dec 17th at 1:57PM

I needed 64% to keep a B but I got 62% :(

Posted Dec 17th at 1:19PM


Posted Dec 17th at 12:43PM

The struggle in brit. Lit. Is so damn real gotta have an A to pass with a damn C

Posted Dec 17th at 12:42PM

on my ap chem final, the multiple choice was so fuckin easy but the frq was hard as shit. i think i only got 1 out of the 3 frqs right. my teacher better curve the shit out of this test so that i can get the 82 percent i need for a fucking A. goddamit


Posted Dec 17th at 12:20PM

I've probaby been on this website 204823094823904 times this week

Posted Dec 17th at 12:20PM

Need a 202% in chem to get an 60… guess ill just be like Kobe and not pass

Blergh = my life
Posted Dec 17th at 12:19PM

To Kobe…
You're so lucky! My chem class is so hard, I'm barely passing when most of my other grades are A's…

Posted Dec 17th at 12:12PM

Can get a 0% on my ap chem final and still have an A lol

Blergh = my life
Posted Dec 17th at 12:02PM

I've seen some people post about APUSH… Took that freshman year. Now I'm taking AP European History, AP Gov., AP Chem, AP Bio, and AP Literature (Took language last year). The rest of my classes (or overlapping class) are IB (If anyone knows what that means) #mylife

Side Note** Borderline grades suck

Posted Dec 17th at 11:54AM

I barely made an A in APUSH, I've been saved.

Posted Dec 17th at 11:49AM


Posted Dec 17th at 11:48AM

I need a 94 on chem to get a 88 for the semester… Good God!
Also follow me on ig… @louisebuka1

Posted Dec 17th at 11:45AM

Come here every year during finals lol

Merry Christmas! Here's your final...
Posted Dec 17th at 11:44AM

I have a 90% grade and I want to get at least a 90% grade. The test is worth 15% of my grade and I need a 90% on my test to keep my 90% grade. Probably should have known this instead of going here to do a simple math. It basically just told me 90=90=90…

Posted Dec 17th at 11:42AM

I need over 120% to get an A in Algebra…God, make me actually believe in you.

Amber Cowell
Posted Dec 17th at 9:39AM

I have to get 104% and I've already done extra credit….

Posted Dec 17th at 9:24AM

My final is worth all of my grade. we didn't have any assignments we just learned and now i am supposed to be taking the final

Isaac Howes
Posted Dec 17th at 9:15AM

I got all dang 75's on my salvation history, world history, and english!

Posted Dec 17th at 9:13AM

Only needed to get a -14% so i drew flowers for every single problem

Posted Dec 17th at 9:11AM

Omg im finna kill myself

Posted Dec 17th at 8:50AM

Pretty sure I go on this website 85 times a day. #finalsweek

Posted Dec 17th at 8:38AM

taking finals, just finished one exam

pip pip dadoodlydoo
Posted Dec 17th at 8:21AM

I hate this website. It tells me that if i need to bring my grade up 3% i have to get 110% on my final. Dafuck.

2 hours until finals
Posted Dec 17th at 8:15AM

I feel like I spend more time on this site than actually studying. :(

2 hours until finals
Posted Dec 17th at 8:14AM

Need a 154.1% for an A…. Time for a Christmas miracle!!!!!

Posted Dec 17th at 7:38AM

Why do I need a 114% for a C-??? ugh

Posted Dec 17th at 7:31AM

All y'all are shouting out to everyone taking APUSH. What about all of us poor souls taking AP European History?

Posted Dec 17th at 7:01AM

I need an 87% on my 94% grade to get an A for a final worth 40% of our grade … and im just sitting here reading these comments… finals in 2 hours and i havent studied… ugh why 40% WHY!

Posted Dec 17th at 6:53AM

Lol I need a -57% on my final to get an A in the class

Posted Dec 17th at 6:47AM

Really glad that i can score a -203% and still have a b in math

Posted Dec 17th at 6:41AM

I need a 0% percent in all my classes to be stayed A's… Rosa would be proud

Posted Dec 17th at 6:13AM

If your questioning if this is legit use this to check it

.9 x (S%) + .1 x (F%) = Grade. just fill in the blanks with what the website says, and if your final is worth more than 10% then switch the .1 with .2 for 20 or .3 for 30.

Ginny Weasley
Posted Dec 17th at 6:09AM

If I get a fair on my Divination Final I'll get a Exceeds expectations in the Class!! yay thanks RogerHub

Nate Ralstin
Posted Dec 17th at 5:56AM

All ready cheated on a final. Just squeezed my cole sores and a cheat sheet pops out. My 9/16 socket wrench couldn't fix my grade.

Posted Dec 17th at 4:52AM


John jr sumersult
Posted Dec 17th at 3:20AM

Is this legit?

Lucy Reyes
Posted Dec 17th at 1:21AM

To anyone taking APUSH….
May the force be with you

Posted Dec 17th at 1:01AM

this sucks i cant make my gym final have a B- and finals worth 20% gonna finish with a D- :( i think

Posted Dec 16th at 11:07PM


that girl that sucks at chem and needs a Christmas miracle to get an A
Posted Dec 16th at 10:53PM

wow. i need a 130% to get an A- in chem. Ugh. Borderline grades really really suck.

Ishan Sharma
Posted Dec 16th at 10:41PM

For those about to take APUSH, we salte you

Posted Dec 16th at 10:12PM

Turned in my math homework late and it lowered my grade 3 percent but my final won't lower my grade unless I fail it…

Bling Bling
Posted Dec 16th at 10:01PM

I was shiting myself about the final, terrified that I needed an A to save my D+. only need 74% to pass. THX SO MUCH

Posted Dec 16th at 9:55PM

If i have a 84 in a class but my test is split up in to two sections one curved and one not, is it possible for me to get and 85

Roger: Sure, but it depends on how much your test is worth and how it factors into your grade.

Posted Dec 16th at 9:46PM

I'm spending more time playing with this website than studying.

Posted Dec 16th at 9:40PM


Perhaps you could consider removing the profile pictures for each user? Considering there's no need to set a picture, the silhouette seems extraneous.

Roger: I used to have Gravatars on the comments, but it got to be very slow loading hundreds of Gravatars on the page. So I just replaced them all with the anonymous image. The pictures have been around for a long time though, and it feels weird not to have them!

Posted Dec 16th at 9:38PM

Well looks like I need a 101% in biology and my teacher offers no extra credit. FML

Posted Dec 16th at 9:19PM

NICE! I need a freaking 124% to get an A in Chem. Cya later good colleges and asian friends. Hello GA perimeter and honor code

Posted Dec 16th at 8:51PM


(follow me on twitter and ig^^^^)

Posted Dec 16th at 8:41PM

I love videogames so much and look where it got me, I'm being payed for playing videogames now, I'm a profession and I'm a genius

Posted Dec 16th at 8:41PM

Looks like I'll need an 89% just to pass my statistics course w/ a "C." Now that I know this, it's time to begin planning on how I'm going to cheat.

Posted Dec 16th at 8:39PM

thank you based Roger, i feel so much better now

Posted Dec 16th at 8:36PM

Im in an IB class and I need %200 to get a C. I need a miracle

Posted Dec 16th at 8:34PM

I need to get %172 to get a low C
I am not going to enjoy this

Posted Dec 16th at 8:32PM

I need a %48.81 to get a %93 in religion….lol

Posted Dec 16th at 8:12PM

i only need a 14 on math im passing this thing like kobe isnt

Posted Dec 16th at 8:12PM

I have a 57.82% in English and I need to get a 78.72% to pass the class with a low D… This is going to be fun.

Posted Dec 16th at 8:06PM

I need to get a 97% to get a B+.
Sleep is for the weak, anyways.

Posted Dec 16th at 8:00PM

this site has sass yo

Faithful Man
Posted Dec 16th at 7:59PM


Posted Dec 16th at 7:17PM

I got a 10 percent on my final and still ended up with a D minus. HA

Posted Dec 16th at 6:57PM

I was wondering if this calculator takes into consideration that we also have weighted grades in our grade book already.

Roger: The calculator assumes that 1) your final exam goes in its own category with a particular weight, and 2) all of your other categories have been completed.

Posted Dec 16th at 6:46PM

I got a 90% on my class grade and 87% on my exam what would my final score be?

Roger: It depends on how much your exam is worth (and how it factors into your grade).

Posted Dec 16th at 6:38PM

Okay you illiterate down there.. stop being a idiot and trying to make yourself sounds stupid

Posted Dec 16th at 6:15PM

lol just took my math finals today made a 74 and still got a A in the class

Posted Dec 16th at 6:10PM

This website helped me so much, just realized I don't even need to study for my English test.

Omg Roger is my hero
Posted Dec 16th at 6:10PM

Omg @i ate something really gross once and i'd like not to revisit it again

Cool…but I can't take a B I'm a straight a kid!

Anonymous Girl
Posted Dec 16th at 6:09PM

I need an 71.4 on my math final to get at least a 93% (A). Now I don't need to stress. Thank God.

Omg Roger is my hero
Posted Dec 16th at 6:08PM

I need a -38 on something for a 91…yay and a 60 in another class!!!and a 78 in another class:/

Ed Cassidy
Posted Dec 16th at 5:40PM

I be guessin', but this site keeps me testin'.

Posted Dec 16th at 5:30PM

I'm really mad, I can't Christmas tree any of my finals cause they're all pretty much borderline.

Posted Dec 16th at 5:18PM

The best feeling is when you can score -21.9 on a final and still get an A.

Posted Dec 16th at 4:49PM

Thanks soo much Roger! This is really helpful, now I know which subjects to spend the most time studying for :)

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 16th at 4:31PM

I sid… I had an F in trig and i need a D to get a D how supposed to do that

Posted Dec 16th at 4:01PM

I think its hilarious that there are all these comments. This site gets thousands of views during finals week. I remember when it used to be small. Now its the go-to final grade calculator on the interweb.

Posted Dec 16th at 3:50PM

yo man thx for the calculator, i mean sure it won't change the outcome, but it helps me come to terms with things, so yea u seem pretty smart so good luck with life and yea go succeed where im going to fail! ta ta for now!

traveling internet explorer

Roger: Thanks, and you’re welcome!

Posted Dec 16th at 3:04PM

why are there these really weird and random comments on a final grade calculator website?? i mean… ??

Posted Dec 16th at 2:44PM

I have an 86% in math. Tests are worth 90% of the grade and the final is 70% of the test category. What do I need to get to get an A (88%), if ive gotten a 96 on the 30% part of the test catagory?

Roger: Your numbers don’t quite add up. If tests are worth 90% of your grade, and your current test average is a 96%, then your current overall grade should be much higher than a 86%. Can you clarify what is included in your “86% in math”?

Posted Dec 16th at 2:31PM

btw its actually 0.6 off my grade and a B is an 80% thanks

Roger: I’ll answer your question below.

Posted Dec 16th at 2:29PM

ok i have 76.7 in my elective. we did not have a final but he still has grading to do… projects are 50 percent of our grades and i have 320.5/449 (71.4). He is posting 200 more points and i am forsure going to get a 100 (like he told everyone its an automatic 100%)… then participation is 10% of our grade and i have 226/230 (98.3)… he is also posting 200 more points where everyone gets a 100% in that category… lastly… the asshole is taking 0.3 percent off my grade cause I came late today. I really want to know if i will have a B or not. Thank you so much roger… please answer bro i love u please please please your a savior

Roger: Your final grade should be a 80.6% (it would have been a 81.2% before 0.6% was removed).

Posted Dec 16th at 1:04PM

I loved that story ;)

C air A
Posted Dec 16th at 11:22AM

K8 is the coolest person ever – and Roger this is so helpful! I am still stressed about math… oh whelp! But now I know that I don't have to stress about L.A. and Social Studies! THANK YOU!

Roger: Thanks, and you’re welcome!

Big Diesel
Posted Dec 16th at 11:21AM

You people need serious counseling.. and Jesus in your lives.

just me
Posted Dec 16th at 10:16AM

in order to bring any of my classes down to a C I would have to get a 26% on my 100 point final.

Posted Dec 16th at 10:08AM

hey it me

Posted Dec 16th at 9:59AM

wow I'm fucked

Posted Dec 16th at 9:42AM

why is everyone posting all kind of nonesense? this is a calculator. Go to a social website to date or talk…

Posted Dec 16th at 9:21AM

Bless the gods I only need a 52% on my final to pass the class with a C. Thank The Lord have fun you peasants

Person who clearly stalked all of what was written
Posted Dec 16th at 9:06AM

You guys are sort of messed up, this is a calculator website. Not a dating website, not a porn site.

Posted Dec 16th at 9:05AM

ha, i need a 427% for an a in bio. fml.

Posted Dec 16th at 9:00AM

Well it's summer school for me! Hate ap English

Posted Dec 16th at 8:34AM

Roger = OP AF

Schweddy balls
Posted Dec 16th at 8:26AM

I need a 22% to pass my class with an A? Don't mind if I do

Posted Dec 16th at 8:25AM

I seriously wish seniors didn't have to take freakin finals..

Posted Dec 16th at 8:18AM

Well I am screwed .

I HAte Finals
Posted Dec 16th at 8:13AM

Hello, i absulettly hate finals and i fail everytim, i wish that fimals didnt edxist.

Posted Dec 16th at 8:13AM

I have 92 in stupid Astronomy class and I just finish exam that is 15% of my grade. I got 97.5 on the exam and my total grade for this class is 92.86… Awefuckingsome… Not…

Austin Wolk
Posted Dec 16th at 7:57AM

Wow thanks now I'm not stressing out on what I Need I feel a lot better

Posted Dec 16th at 7:29AM

Guys! You are too blessed to be stressed! If you have a computer to check your grades then you are so blessed. Your worth does not come from your grades. Take it from me grades/gpa/test scores don't matter at all :) stay strong

Posted Dec 16th at 7:28AM

I need a 79 to stay in my honors class….. this should be fun ;)

Sweg boy
Posted Dec 16th at 7:17AM

Let's sweg it up its finals week. Time to do stuff you learned 4 months ago that you don't remember!

Jeremiah Saskatchewan
Posted Dec 16th at 7:17AM


Justin Zhang
Posted Dec 16th at 7:15AM

Wow thank you so much Roger! I can't believe that a professional tennis player like you takes the time to make sites like this! You rock Federer! I'm sure you're going to win that Roger Davis Cup this year! You're the man! LOVE YOU!

Posted Dec 16th at 7:02AM

I can get a -67.45 to keep a 100 in a class hard work pays off! This calculator absolutely rocks!

Posted Dec 16th at 5:41AM

okay so I have a 79 which is a high C and I got a zero on my final what would my final grade be?

Roger: It depends on how much your final is worth.

Posted Dec 16th at 5:35AM

A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C =70-79
D = 60-69
F = 0-59

Posted Dec 16th at 5:24AM

have to get 121% to get a B in one of my classes. rest in fucking peaces

Janet Clermont
Posted Dec 16th at 5:23AM

Hello can someone please clarify what percentage range an A is?
At our school they only give us percentages.

Roger: Usually, it’s 90% to 100%.

Posted Dec 16th at 4:26AM

3 As… and 4Ds…NOTHING in between. No Cs or anything like that. Logic, how does it work?

Posted Dec 16th at 3:48AM

this semester was so bad I just wish I could wipe it off. I hate my grades why couldn't someone gave me a warning

Posted Dec 16th at 3:13AM

I needed a 72.0% to keep my B in chem 2. I got a 71% on my final…..fml.

Posted Dec 16th at 12:24AM

love this page, I can see that I will most likely pass my class without being stress…

i ate something really gross once and i'd like not to revisit it again
Posted Dec 16th at 12:06AM

i could fail literally all of my finals and still get B's in my classes
idk how but
thanks calculator
god bless
i'd have to get -132% in chem to get a B
no way i can lose

Posted Dec 15th at 11:12PM

So i decided not to study for history cuz i could keep my B in the class even if I fail the final. So much stress i was able to avoid :D

Posted Dec 15th at 11:00PM

Looks like someone need 90s … helllllll nooo :( will try my best i guess … good luck everyone

P.S: school suck

Posted Dec 15th at 10:54PM

NOOOOO i need a 101% to get an C in spanish :(

Posted Dec 15th at 10:29PM

Thank you soooo much! I thought I needed to get above a 90% to keep an A but it turns out I can get a 64% and still have an A… silly me.

A student
Posted Dec 15th at 10:03PM

The finals are making me consider to become a drug lord and this calculator made me realize that I have a slim chance or passing my final so drug lord here I come

Posted Dec 15th at 9:28PM

This is the best finals tool out there. Use it all the time, is absolutely amazing and I love the jokes with it!

Roger: Thanks!

Posted Dec 15th at 9:18PM

finals this year will be fun!!!!!11111

Posted Dec 15th at 9:11PM

i got to get 138% to get a get ugh

Posted Dec 15th at 9:08PM

I hate APush and am lit H

Sean Sliget
Posted Dec 15th at 8:53PM

I love this its good i like it alot please do more of this 10/10 would calcu again

Posted Dec 15th at 8:49PM


Posted Dec 15th at 8:31PM

Anyone know what a B+ is in catholic private schools

Posted Dec 15th at 8:16PM

I need a 138.6 percent to make an A in whap… the future looks bright

LOL #2
Posted Dec 15th at 7:58PM

This calc isnt about personal problems. The guy below me is right. Thanks Roger.

Posted Dec 15th at 7:57PM

Continuing what i just said I think you should get some type of award. Nice job!

Roger: Haha, thanks!

Posted Dec 15th at 7:54PM

Thanks for this Roger. Some people commenting here are crazy. This is a final calculator website guys. This has nothing to do with fu*king the government and the holocaust being a lie and needing -880% to get an A on the final which is impossible unless its worth like .1 pecen of our grade.

The holocuast is a lie
Posted Dec 15th at 7:48PM

I used to have a 97 in advanced literature but then I realized halfway through "war and peace" that I can't read so now my grade is a fucking 47% fuck me please. 9/11 is fake

Who I am is not important.
Posted Dec 15th at 7:47PM

I bet the most traffic on this website is around finals lol. Best of luck to all of you out there, and thanks again Roger for this. How did you make the calculators? The programs themselves seem like something I could do (I'm a basic Java highschooler, and it seems pretty simple). Is it that complex?

Roger: It’s all HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Pretty simple conceptually, but the details are hard to get right!

Dick Wagon
Posted Dec 15th at 7:44PM

I only need a 40% to keep my "B". Fuck ya

Posted Dec 15th at 7:38PM

well I'm fucked for finals. R.I.P to my gap

Posted Dec 15th at 7:36PM

As I receive my results for one class after another, words cannot express how much I F'ed up this semester. ▲▲▲

I feel like I'm a cataclysmic failure, a true affectionado begotten of unforseen misfortune, a lifeless cadaver spiraling down a monsoon flood of despairity, an egregious calamity. NO HOPE. Ω

People, please take care of yourselves and I pray that you didn't mess up like I did.
True wake-up call, this is.
Thanks to Rogerhub for the brutal honesty. ☹

Roger: Sorry to hear that!

Jim Carrey
Posted Dec 15th at 7:31PM

I actually need a -880% on my final to get an A in the class

Jim Carrey
Posted Dec 15th at 7:29PM

If I get a -247% on my final Ill still have an A.

Posted Dec 15th at 7:28PM

i need a 75 on the final to keep my b. at first i was excited, then i realized that like my average test score in that class is like a 72 lol

Posted Dec 15th at 7:15PM

Fuck the government….. !!

Posted Dec 15th at 7:10PM

OMG, you saved me having to calculate a whole lot of stuff. Roger is the MVP.

Roger: You’re welcome!

geometrey sucks
Posted Dec 15th at 7:06PM

well i cant pass the class and its freshman year but this is awsome

Roger: Thanks!

Posted Dec 15th at 7:00PM

thank you sooooooooooooo much, you basically saved my life

Roger: You’re welcome!

Da Real Roger Hub
Posted Dec 15th at 6:58PM


Posted Dec 15th at 6:39PM

really fucked up this semester but awesome calculator anyways

Roger: Thanks, and sorry to hear that!

Posted Dec 15th at 6:34PM

roger hub is lifeeee

Roger: Haha

Posted Dec 15th at 6:32PM

thank you so much! I have trouble studying and now I know roughly how much to study to keep that 4.0 GPA. this is amazing. especially with my gym class.

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE HOW MUCH GYM GRADES WILL MESS YOU UP. TRY YOUR BEST ALWAYS. unless it's participation only, then you're chill.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 15th at 6:11PM


Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 15th at 6:04PM

roger, this semester and every semester… u da real mvp

Meechy Darko
Posted Dec 15th at 5:58PM

thanks roger you know what it is

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 15th at 5:40PM

Good Luck everyone lolz

Posted Dec 15th at 5:39PM


Roger: You’re welcome!

Sean Campbell
Posted Dec 15th at 5:33PM

Roger, you the real mvp!

Roger: Haha

Posted Dec 15th at 5:31PM

My go to final grade calculator since freshman year of high school! Thanks for making a great website and good luck to everybody taking their finals!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 15th at 5:29PM

thanks buddy

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 15th at 5:18PM

Yay! I'm going to have some fun not studying for french and studying for math and LA and science because OH MY GOD I MIGHT NOT GET INTO COLLEGE BECAUSE ITS HIGH SCHOOL NOW AND THE GRADES YOU GET ARE LOOKED AT BY COLLEGES AND THESE GRADES MIGHT MAKE OR BREAK THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! But ya know, no pressure or anything like that.

Posted Dec 15th at 5:13PM

Thxs 4 the sassness, I love it! I hate that I will fail my math and other classes

Posted Dec 15th at 5:10PM

thank you roger you save meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Posted Dec 15th at 4:49PM

420bleze it m8 get no sped in the bungholee m8 rest ez 420 blaze it dam sun where'd u find dis

Posted Dec 15th at 4:40PM

I am the valedictorian of my high school.
I took 20 AP classes.
I have a 5.4 GPA.
I got a 2400 on the SAT.
I got a 36 on the ACT.
I got a 240 on the PSAT.
I am a National Merit Finalist.
I am the captain of the Track & Field team.
I am the president of National Honor Society

Posted Dec 15th at 4:24PM

So I got a 87% in the first quarter.. a 93% in the second quarter..and our midterm in 10% of our total grade.. what do I need in order to have at least an 80% in the class?

Roger: Your current grade is a 90%, assuming the two quarters are worth the same amount. To get at least an 80% in the class, you can essentially get any grade on the midterm. (I’m assuming that there are no other components of your grade other than your midterm and your two quarter grades.)

Posted Dec 15th at 4:20PM

This is awesome and very helpful! thanks roger? lol, confidential is hilarious!

Posted Dec 15th at 4:10PM

Tnx veri muchh fo ur hilp n calkulaytor. Bai

rog chen
Posted Dec 15th at 4:07PM

i have question rog, i have a 70.90 but i need a 80 in the class to play on my computer. the final is worth 10 percent but there are like 4 parts, so the whole thing combine is 100 percent. can you help me get an 80 percent or na

Jason Mraz
Posted Dec 15th at 3:50PM

Hey great website. Keep it UP. Good guy roger

Posted Dec 15th at 3:24PM

Like all my friends say, Cs get degrees! Haha Im going to fail.

Posted Dec 15th at 2:59PM

Sucks when I have an 89% in the class. All I want is an A!!

Posted Dec 15th at 2:49PM

Shout out to all of the IB kids just trying to pass.. Merde!

Posted Dec 15th at 2:25PM

I got a 100% on my religion final, I had an 86 in the class, but it only brings my grade up 2%? to an 88…. The funk…

Posted Dec 15th at 2:13PM

Thank you so much for creating this website, helps me realize that I don't need to stress so much for the finals

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 15th at 2:00PM

Amazing calculator … sucks I need like a 150% to get a D. YOLO!

Posted Dec 15th at 1:53PM

doo lik i uh need lik a 257 percent to get lik a A in ma class which aint happinin fools

Posted Dec 15th at 1:52PM

shoutout to all the kids in avery chem checking for finals instead of the study guide!

Jerome Pierre-Popperschinte
Posted Dec 15th at 1:12PM

I don't like the comments at the end of the results it really brings down my self esteem

Roger: What do you mean?

Trent Scott
Posted Dec 15th at 12:13PM

i wish i was taller…..

Posted Dec 15th at 10:36AM

I was SO relieved when i found this final grade calculator. Roger Hub is a LIFE saver. I wouldnt have been able to pass highschool w/ out him. Feel free to call me babe :-)

Posted Dec 15th at 10:08AM

My name is jeff

Posted Dec 15th at 10:08AM

to study or not study

Posted Dec 15th at 10:02AM

I need a -2% of my final. :D

In other words, **** studying for the final.

Posted Dec 15th at 9:08AM

I have a question. If my final grade is split up into 3 parts; one being 5%, next being 5%, then the last one being 10% how would I figure what I need to get on these 3 parts if I have a 91 in the class and is wanting a 91 or 90 in the class?

Roger: You can combine the three parts by adding up their worth. So, that would be 5% + 5% + 10% = 20%. Then, use the calculator to find out what you need to get on the three parts overall. You will need to get that much on the three parts on average.

You can hear Pac-Man eating pellets
Posted Dec 15th at 8:42AM

when you scratch your ear.

Posted Dec 15th at 8:36AM

What do you call it when batman skips church? Christian Bale.

Not as Worried
Posted Dec 15th at 8:20AM

I need a 51.54 in a class that I have a 91 in yay!

Posted Dec 15th at 8:18AM

Thanks for this website. It was very helpful for me. You're awesome!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 15th at 6:58AM

I think the cool thing is that as long as I get a 91% or higher, I'll have over 100%

Posted Dec 15th at 5:50AM

me needs good grade on da finull. i gotta past egnlish

Posted Dec 15th at 4:53AM

Its impossible for me to get an A!!!! (I have an 87)

Posted Dec 15th at 4:52AM

Thanks, this relieved a ton of stress Roger

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 15th at 4:28AM

I still have a make an 83 tho ):

Posted Dec 15th at 2:17AM

I've been freaking out all night because I thought failing my exam would make me fail my class, when in actuality I only need to make a 47? F yes! This calculator is life.

Posted Dec 14th at 10:45PM

Roger. You are the real MVP.

Posted Dec 14th at 10:05PM

I done goofed

Posted Dec 14th at 9:06PM

u a thug homie

Posted Dec 14th at 7:58PM

Shout out my homie G spot for bein the realest in the game. We eAtin

Posted Dec 14th at 7:38PM

Hey roger, do you have any good studying tips? I have been making note cards, but I need something else that will help. Thanks!

Roger: Try doing practice exams! (Or if there aren’t any, try checking online to see if you can find old exams from previous semesters.)

G spot
Posted Dec 14th at 7:17PM

Rogerhub is dope af

Shout out to oliver and dk

Straight outta hagerstown

Posted Dec 14th at 7:09PM

who needs finals i will just be a stripper instead! :p

Som dik
Posted Dec 14th at 5:19PM

Why do pll waste there time on this crap who needs finals

Dr Solid
Posted Dec 14th at 5:07PM

roger what's good boiii

Posted Dec 14th at 4:59PM

Whelp, to go from a 89 to a 90 i have to get a 94… lol nope.

Posted Dec 14th at 2:46PM

The sarcasm isn't really needed when you're already stressed enough. Last time I'm using this site.

Roger: What do you mean?

Posted Dec 14th at 2:23PM

This was the best! Thank you! I now can continue procrastinating studying for my finals.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 14th at 2:00PM

How can there be this many comments when there's only 500 people in the world?

Roger: I had the same question.

Posted Dec 14th at 1:58PM

This Calculator is Awesome!!! Thanks!!!

Roger: Thanks, and you’re welcome!

Posted Dec 14th at 1:11PM

thank you so much this made me feel so much better about my finals, and let me know what I really needed to focus on. YOU'RE MY HERO ROGER

Roger: You’re welcome!

Torre Alavanja
Posted Dec 14th at 12:09PM

Im a Freshman in Highschool, and I currently have an 84% in a college class, Pre-Ap Chinese 4. So, I have to get a 135% on my final to get an "A" (Which obviously isn't going to happen). But do you think for a Freshman in high school, taking a college class, an 84% looks good?

Roger: I suppose so!

Posted Dec 14th at 11:43AM

Do you have any good study tips for finals? My teachers post powerpoints and notes for us to look at, but since there is so much information, i might not have enough time to study all of them. are finals generally easier or harder than the tests in the class?

Roger: If you don’t have enough time to review the notes, maybe just try doing practice exams? And review the notes for the problems you can’t do.

Posted Dec 14th at 10:39AM

My unweighted GPA is a 0.0.
My weighted GPA is a 0.1.
I scored a 400 on the SAT.
I scored an 18 on the ACT.
I scored a 40 on the PSAT.
I currently hold rank 760/760 of my class.
My IQ is around 4 to 6.
My average meters/sec for my track team is 0.15.
I never learned how to read or write.
I cannot type.
I have no extracurricular activities.
I cannot spell.
I live on Mars.
This font is blue and Wingdings.

-Internet, the #1 worst idea in the era of mankind

Posted Dec 14th at 10:32AM


Posted Dec 14th at 10:26AM

Hey Roger I have an 88 on my ap physics class and my final is worth 1/7 of my grade can you please tell me what I need to get in order to get my grade up to an A?

Roger: Assuming an A is a 90%, you need at least a 102% on the final to raise your grade to an A.

Posted Dec 14th at 10:25AM

So technically I don't have to study for any final because even if I flunk all of them i'll still have straight A's… I'm honestly so glad all my teachers aren't making our finals worth that much ^-^

Posted Dec 14th at 9:43AM

Why do people honestly feel the need to share their results??? And how to you not go off on them Roger?

Posted Dec 13th at 10:58PM

btw this calculation can be done w/o a website:
((what you want in the class) – (100-your final worth)(your grade in the class))/(final worth)

Posted Dec 13th at 10:52PM

remember kids
cheating is key

Posted Dec 13th at 10:51PM

i need to get 64%
draw a flower they said
get a 63% i got :(

trippy dawgs
Posted Dec 13th at 10:39PM

roger where are u from

Posted Dec 13th at 10:29PM

I am hella stupid all my grades are shit and I need hella high grade on my final to get an A in AP euro!!!! help me plz

Posted Dec 13th at 9:05PM

Great calculator! I use it so much! I just have one question, so I have an 80% in a class and my final is worth 15% of my grade, and according to this calculator, I need an 80% on my final because I want to keep my grade at an 80%. But also according to this calculator, I need a 73.33% to go down to a 79% in the class. So does that mean everything in between 73.33% and 80% would drop me down to a 79%?

Roger: Yep, that’s correct.

Posted Dec 13th at 8:27PM

Good luck, everyone!

Posted Dec 13th at 7:46PM

roger, thank you so much!!!! now i know i need a 98 to get a b in ap calc, this gives me motivation knowing that it's obtainable through a lot of studying, thx so so much <3

Roger: You’re welcome!

sataj 3
Posted Dec 13th at 6:43PM

I hope you all fail your finals. Rt this or you will die.

Random person
Posted Dec 13th at 6:14PM

@ Sukant way up towards the top. And your a foreign there's that. No one cares what you accomplish, be humble and keep it to yourself

Posted Dec 13th at 5:46PM

Thank you so much! I was so stressed out about my math 96 final. I have a 79% in the class and its just a pass or fail class so I need a 75% in the class to pass. I thought I did pretty well on the test expect 4 problems and I thought I wasn't going to make the cut, and it turns out I only need a 62% on my math final to pass to get a 75%. Lets say, I'm not so stressed anymore. I thought it was going to be more in order to pass since the final is 25% of my grade, but I guess not! This helped me from not just sitting around and going crazy while I wait for my score.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 13th at 4:15PM

I need an 86% on my Ap Euro final to keep an A

Posted Dec 13th at 3:54PM

Pain is temporary. GPA is forever.

Roger: Word.

Sukant Rajgarh
Posted Dec 13th at 3:12PM

I am a bragger. I have no life. And I don't need this stupid calculator.

Sukant Rajgarh
Posted Dec 13th at 3:11PM

I am the valedictorian of my high school.
I took 20 AP classes.
I have a 5.4 GPA.
I got a 2400 on the SAT.
I got a 36 on the ACT.
I got a 240 on the PSAT.
I am a National Merit Finalist.
I am the captain of the Track & Field team.
I am the president of National Honor Society.

Joe Flapjack
Posted Dec 13th at 1:43PM

If I need a 101% to get an A, and theres no extra credit, should I even study

Roger: Make sure you don’t drop down to the next letter grade at least! (And if you think you have a reasonable shot at 100%, you might be able to negotiate a better grade after the final!)

Posted Dec 13th at 11:56AM

I'm so glad my high school lets me exempt 2 of my finals. Makes life SO much easier.

Posted Dec 13th at 10:45AM

How does the grading system normally work? like is 82.5 a B and is 89.5 an A?

Roger: Depends on your teacher’s policy.

Ryan Town
Posted Dec 13th at 10:19AM

Hey Roger! I was wondering how I could do a calculator for bins. Thanks for your help! And how have you answered so many comments since 2009???

Roger: I’m not sure what you mean by bins. Could you elaborate?

Posted Dec 13th at 10:18AM

Considering i got a 2.9 GPA last year and I'm getting a 3.6 now, I'm all set! My only Bs are math and biology -_-

Posted Dec 13th at 9:39AM

Guess i need a -9% to get a 90% on my algebra Final!

Posted Dec 13th at 9:28AM

hahaha i need a 51 to keep an A in fine arts

Posted Dec 13th at 5:04AM

Thank you for this calculator!! It has helped so much! (: awesome way to know my grades & how well i need to do, a bit of a stress reliever!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 12th at 9:02PM

Need a -45.5 on my Latin to keep my A.
Need a 99.89 on my APUSH to get an A.

Guess I know what I will and won't be studying for.

Posted Dec 12th at 8:22PM

I would like to know what my final grade is.

Assignments worth 12.5% – achieved: 79.7%

In class participation worth 2.5% – achieved: 83.33%

In class quizzes (15% each, total 45%) – achieved average of: 73.33%

Lab worth 40% – achieved: 94.50%


Roger: Your overall grade is a 82.8%.

Posted Dec 12th at 6:43PM

This website is a lifesaver!! Shoutout to you for being awesome!!!

Roger: Thanks!

Posted Dec 12th at 5:28PM

Why does junior year have to be so hard :/ I need all my borderline grades to go up! its impossible

Posted Dec 12th at 5:22PM

Thanks so much! This has relieved so much of my stress.

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 12th at 4:43PM

Thanks Roger! Now I know no matter how bad I do…I can still get an A! except English…I need a 102% :| but whatevs I always have finals at the end of the school year!

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 12th at 2:58PM

well this calculator says I need a 109% and I have a 6.080 my iv instructor says well just try to get an a and pray for a miracle lol. I have accepted that I will more than likely have to take iv therapy again. didn't catch on to everything til the end but the end was to late .. oh well I wish I had a miracle right now lol I want worry about it I am at the end of my semester as an licensed practical nurse so that just mean I will go one more semester with one class to focus and I will be done our graduation is not til march anyway but the pinning is next wk no big deal though it will be a pinning in march and the graduation also. with one class to pass and I am done no way I would ever give up im already there. so I will still take the final for iv therapy and still ace it because it will only help me if I have to repeat it … I pray for a miracle though lol

Posted Dec 12th at 1:30PM

i have a 68 in chemistry for being too 1d af

Posted Dec 12th at 12:51PM

I also have an 88.49% in the class.

Posted Dec 12th at 12:48PM

Thank you very much for making my life easier! I love this!
thank you Roger

Roger: You’re welcome!

Posted Dec 12th at 12:46PM

btw, an A is a 93:D

Posted Dec 12th at 12:45PM

ue Date Category Assignment Standard Score % Grd Codes
08/15/2014 Homework/Classwork Syllabus and Notebook 100/100 100% A
08/18/2014 Homework/Classwork Ch. 1 Key Question 1 Cards 100/100 100% A
08/18/2014 Homework/Classwork Textbook Covered 100/100 100% A
08/20/2014 Homework/Classwork Ch. 1 Key Topic 1 Ques. 1 – 10 100/100 100% A
08/25/2014 Homework/Classwork Map Plates 3 thru 11 100/100 100% A
08/29/2014 Homework/Classwork Hurricane Katrina Precis 84/100 84% C
08/29/2014 Homework/Classwork Ipad Canada Activity 93/100 93% A
09/03/2014 Tests/Writing/Quizzes North American Map Quiz 92/100 92% B
09/11/2014 Homework/Classwork Key Issue 2 Flashcards 100/100 100% A
09/12/2014 Homework/Classwork Key Issue 2 Questions 1 -7 100/100 100% A
09/16/2014 Tests/Writing/Quizzes Unit One Test 83/100 83% C
09/17/2014 Homework/Classwork Key Issue 3 Cards 100/100 100% A
09/17/2014 Homework/Classwork Key Issue 3 Flash Cards 100/100 100% A
09/19/2014 Homework/Classwork Map Plates 12 and 13 100/100 100% A
09/25/2014 Homework/Classwork Key Issue 3 & 4 Ques. 100/100 100% A
10/03/2014 Tests/Writing/Quizzes Key Issue Two Test 81/100 81% C
10/06/2014 Tests/Writing/Quizzes Mexico and Caribbean Map Quiz 94/100 94% A
10/09/2014 Tests/Writing/Quizzes Test Key Issue 3 & 4 72/100 72% D
10/20/2014 Homework/Classwork Ch. 2 Flash Cards 100/100 100% A
10/21/2014 Homework/Classwork Ch. 2 Questions 1 -3 100/100 100% A
10/23/2014 Homework/Classwork Ch. 2 Questions 4 – 10 100/100 100% A
10/28/2014 Homework/Classwork Project Instructions Signed 100/100 100% A
11/07/2014 Homework/Classwork Current Events Project Topics 98/100 98% A
11/07/2014 Homework/Classwork Map Plates 14 – 17 100/100 100% A
11/14/2014 Homework/Classwork Current Events Research Articles 98/100 98% A
11/18/2014 Research Assignments Current Events Outline 97/100 97% A
11/20/2014 Tests/Writing/Quizzes Current Events Backboard 98/100 98% A
Special Weighting

Term S1 Name Weight % Low scores to discard
Category Based Homework/Classwork 10 0
Category Based Research Assignments 10 0
Category Based Semester Exam 25 0
Category Based Semester Project 15 0
Category Based Tests/Writing/Quizzes 40 0
Term E1
Total Points
There is a quiz, test, and project worth %15 that he hasn't put up, but what would I have to get on those in order to get an A?

Roger: Not sure. Could you simplify your question?