80 Days of Summer

I’m planning to start a development blog for the ruby-based NHS application that I’m writing this summer. I’ll like make it, and then use /dev/null for the 404 page, and a /dev/stderr/ for reporting bugs. Ha, ridiculous. And maybe  When I think about this idea, it sounds like a blog with a genuine purpose. Summer seems like a bottomless repository of free time, but it probably really isn’t. I will never have as much free time as I do now. But that’s ridiculous! I’ve got homework and AP tests coming up and I want to go outside, and look at summer: absolutely nothing planned. Ahh, but I’ve resolved to stop putting things off and start what I want, right now.

Society divides into those who are above average, those who are below average, and those unlucky few who are average.

Followup: Since nobody did this for me last summer, here are some browser statistics about WHS’s student population, or at least the ones in NHS.

Chrome 40.88%
Firefox 33.00%
Safari 15.27%
IE 9.42%

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