This page lists all of the free web services provided by RogerHub. I add to it occasionally when I make new things, and I clean up old pages if they are unpopular. My goal is to fill up this page with magical useful things, but work and school get in the way. Anyway, please enjoy whatever I do have for you.

Final Grade Calculator PreviewFinal Grade Calculator

Created in 2009, RogerHub’s famous Final Grade Calculator has served over 12.5 million students to date. The calculator will determine how well you need to score on a Final Exam to get the grade you want in a class.

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Cobalt Blue WordPress Theme PreviewCobalt Blue WordPress Theme

A general-purpose, full-width, responsive, hi-DPI-ready, HTML5 WordPress theme built without messy web libraries or any JavaScript. Cobalt Blue is available in the WordPress Theme Repository and is running on my coding blog.

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GPA Calculator for the University of California PreviewGPA Calculator (UC)

A tool to calculate your high school GPA, based on the University of California’s guidelines.

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RatLang Programming Language PreviewRatLang Programming Language

Roger created the RatLang Programming Language, a replacement for the command-line calculator. Check out and build the code.

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Mailman Go SMTP Server PreviewMailman SMTP Server

An experimental SMTP mail exchanger written in the Go programming langauge with basic networking and language libraries. Mailman is fully capable of interacting with other mail exchangers and implements the RFC5321 standard.

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Fun stuff

These productions are just for fun. Some of them have been on RogerHub for many years, so I don’t want to take them away.

Love Calculator PreviewLove Calculator

Determine the compatibility of any two individuals. Uses black magic, esoteric math, and a bit of JavaScript.

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More fun stuff:

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