IE Terrors

As a Web-Programmer, your biggest obstacle is cross-browser support. Making sure that everything looks the same across different browsers is tricky, especially with Internet Explorer.

For some reason, IE seems to be the source of all problems. Whether its expanding-select inputs or JavaScript action calls, IE just can’t keep up with web standards.

My theory: In the beginning, IE dominated the browser market because Internet Explorer came bundled with Windows. This made Microsoft lazy and now (web designers) are taking the consequences.

If you haven’t already, visit to Get FireFox. FireFox is faster, easier to use, and comes with addon-support like no other browser.

I’m glad that over 80% of my visitors use Firefox compared to around 40% of all users. Support the transition away from Internet Explorer and switch today.

For further reference, my first priority is making sure that RogerHub works fine on FireFox. (Which it does at the moment) If I feel like it, IE support will come next. For now, the Mooosic player is having alignment troubles with IE and I already had to do some JS Hacks to get the select form wider.


Summary: If you’re using Internet Explorer, use Firefox instead.

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