I thought I would never find a word to describe this one thing I had when I was little: whenever I had lots of time to burn, like on the toilet, or walking home, or trying to go to sleep, I would dream up an entire universe with characters and landscapes. It would incorporate everything, from books I read and games I played to the car on the other side of a street, which would actually be a space transport in its hangar. So I’m reading Wikipedia’s article on Paracosms when I notice that their font is ridiculously small. F12 tells me that it’s 0.8em which makes for a measly 13px. For a website that’s all about sharing knowledge with the world, you’d think they’d tailor their web design to more than my grandmother’s SVGA CRT monitor1. See, normal people would suck it up and just ctrl + to zoom in, which gets to be annoying because Chrome remembers all your zoom settings and every time you revisit, things are blown out of proportion. But not me. Armed with Regular Expressions and a background in CSS, I get a Chrome extension to inject styles to Wikipedia to get some 0.8x18=15px. Man, it must suck to be normal.

It's more interesting than, you know, actually focusing on the movie.

  1. I’m just kidding, even her monitor is bigger than that. ↩︎

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