On the origin of broken calculators

On the way home, I saw a blue graphing calculator on the ground on La Puente Rd. The cover was lying directly over the line of broken white lane dividers, safe, so long as cars maintained reasonably within their own lanes. The detached circuit board, whose protective cover was missing, having been ripped off by the massive shearing force of car tires, wasn’t as fortunate: it was slightly to the left of the outer lane, where tires were frequent to step over it. Even at a distance, one could hear the circuit board collecting tire tracks as an occasional car happened to position it’s tire correctly. Seeing the defeated state of the calculator, you could almost say that drivers were aiming for it1.

I mean, I lose things all the time, but who2 would have imagined that their calculator was currently taking a beating from passing cars?

  1. I know I would have aimed for it. ↩︎
  2. Seeing how there was a calculator in the middle of the road, it must have belonged to a jaywalker, who dropped it on his trot across the road. Better the calculator than him, I guess. ↩︎

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