Kindle reading

Ever since I got my Kindle, it’s just been reading and reading all the time. It’s tough to describe in words, why it has such a profound effect, why I prefer it to a DS or a tablet1 or even a real paperback. Part of it is the form. It doesn’t smell like library books do. I don’t have to crease the page, holding it open. Part of it is having so many books with me where ever I go. Above all, it’s probably the associations attached to reading: intelligence, culture. But really, this is all it took? Reading is so much enjoyable with the device. If I didn’t have one, I likely wouldn’t bother reading much. I can freeze the oceans, fly to Titan, and ha, I can learn C on this thing. All the nonsense coming from the literary types, it makes more sense with a Kindle. Everything does. In celebration, I went out got Finnegans Wake2, the most pretentious literature I could find, to put on my Kindle.

  1. Five Kindles or an iPad.. that can’t be a hard choice. ↩︎
  2. I started on it. Half of it is puns that require you to be multilingual to understand, the other half is made up words. This could just be Joyce’s final finger to the world. ↩︎

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