If you haven’t watched 500 Days of Summer or Coraline, go watch them. They’ve both been out for a while now.

It was really windy today. That’s why this picture’s really blurry:

Image: Photo0513.png

More pictures:

Image: Photo0263.jpg

Image: Photo0312.png

So which one do you like best?

Mooosic updates: Lots of new songs on Mooosic. The new ones are indicated with the *NEW* thing on their titles. Does anyone even listen to Mooosic? ._.

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Fri Jan 01 2010 22:13:29 +0000

Coraline was like so random = =”

Sat Dec 26 2009 21:28:22 +0000

What’s so hard about the number thing? Well maybe the 0’s and the 8’s look kind of similar..

And trust me, having that number thing makes it 210381905182x harder for people to spam comments. :)

If you want, i can change the font on the numbers.

Sat Dec 26 2009 07:36:52 +0000

i like the last one the best(:
it has this oceany. feeling.
&i love you and i!
who told you to put that one in?
it’s such an awesome song:D
your stupid enter the number trick thingy wastes my time. & how would you know robots can’t detect the numbers and put it in.

i'm no longer a kiwi.
Sat Dec 26 2009 04:27:27 +0000

i transformed. (:
well, i’m currently in a transformation, so i’m not anything yet.

tee heee :D
i like the middle one best. :D

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