Without time

Get rid of the clock on your taskbar. It will be life changing. I’m not even joking. That was the best on-a-whim decision I’ve made in a whole hour. It was the highlight of my frigging hour, or perhaps not. I can’t be sure how long it’s been, now that I don’t have a stupid clock anywhere on the screen. You know what, put a sticker next to your computer desktop clock, and every time you glance down to look at it, you’ll see the sticker and remember what I’m saying here. It’s absolutely ridiculous how much I used to check that thing. I checked it more than I check Tumblr or Google Reader, and I’m checking Tumblr right freaking now.

When I’m doing homework, I give myself breaks at the even time intervals, to sort of celebrate passing a checkpoint. Like if it’s almost 4:30, I’ll go play guitar for a while, and if it’s 5:58, I’ll leave to go play outside because the sun’s about to set. I get so sick of seeing those stupid numbers, I feel like the mentally-unstable grandma in Requiem for a Dream. I get all antsy and distraught about how fast time is ticking by. Disregard everything. Do something that totally goes against your better judgement. Make sure it’s something you don’t want to do, not something society doesn’t permit you to do1. Rebel against the machine! Screw the system! ¡Viva la Revolución! Remove that oppressive ticking clock! But you can still wear watches, those are cool.

  1. But you secretly want to. All kinds of stuff, that is. ↩︎

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