So, RogerHub’s newest feature is.. wait, nvm.

Boggert’s newest feature is POLLS :D

Like in the forums:

Image: randompoll.PNG

Yeah.. those. Where they ask really stupid things because querying people using comments is stupid.

So, to celebrate, here’s a stupid poll of my own:

    Q: RogerHub Mooosic...
  • is GREAT!! (choose this one)
  • 1155%
  • is lacking variety.
  • 525%
  • is a retarded idea..
  • 315%
  • lags a lott..
  • 15%

    SO VOTE!! :)

    HAve you voted yet?

    DIdn’t think so... Scroll back -_-

    I’m surprised at how fast I finished creating this polling system.

    2 Databases, 200 lines of code, 20MB of backups...

    I think it’s because of how organized everything waas.

    Like, when you work for a big company and you have to finish a group project, there’s supervisors and plans and meetings and you really have to think before you do anything.

    Image: SCAN0001.JPG

    That’s my scratch paper.

    It’s just one piece of line paper, and I planed out everything, from database structure to some minute details of PHP.

    Making a plan doesn’t take that long, and after a while, when you’re tired of thinking, you can refer back to your plans!

    I’m saying this because plans apply to school and work projects too. Seriously, don’t dive into working before you know exactly what you’re doing.

    Like mr. park says, you can’t just kind of know it. "[y]ou have to know it exactly".

    So.. my friend lost internet for a week because of a faulty upgrade. I mean, NO internet for a week. That’s pretty harsh.

    Yeah, i know that we’re not supposed to rely on Internet and stuff to live, but come on... it’s too late for most of us.

    If you’re ever bored, and your internet (connection) isn’t dead, well, you’re doing something wrong.

    There’s so much crap to do on the Internet, it’s just weird. But if you’re looking for something to keep you genuinely interested, stay away from FB..

    Besides flash games and manga, you can always go to!.. which is one of the most under-underscored sites on the Internet..

    In a lot of those revolution/idealism TV shows, you see that the Internet represents democracy because of the free flow of information that it fosters.

    Like today, you’ll hear about breaking news of earthquakes and new technology wayy before you learn about it on TV.

    Image: diggg.PNG

    This picture really has no point, but I had to break the text-marathon..

    And if world-events really don’t interest you at all (wtff?) then you can always see random funny crap that people "digg".. (get the pun?)

    I like Digg for the same reason I like Twitter.

    It’s simple.

    Seriously, there’s nothing that you haven’t heard before. Comments are, well comments. And when you Digg something, it means you dig it.. o_o

    Okay, bad explanation.

    But you get it right?

    There’s a lot of stuff on Digg that I wish I could link to here on RogerHub, but there’s just too much.

    I’ll put some really exceptional things on my Twitter (see sidebar), but otherwise, you should go check Digg like a lot.. especially if you’re bored.

    (Beware, some things on Digg are NSFW)

    I could put advertisements on RogerHub.

    But I choose not to..

    But advertising isn’t all bad.

    Yes, believe it or not, you can get viruses from certain types of pop-ups and ads. (especially with Internet Explorer)

    A lot of people have anti-ad add-ons for Firefox or Chrome or IE.. and yeah they work great.

    But Google makes most of their money off Advertising.. and what would we do without Google?

    And not just them either; radio stations, TV networks, and tons of websites are entirely dependent on ads.

    Image: footsteps.jpg

    Footsteps! If you can see them..

    Image: bubbles.jpg

    Ripples in a pond.. they kind of look like bubbles.

    okay.. bye now


    WHAT? you’re done reading already? Okay.. if you just skimmed through that, go back and actually read it this time. I choose simple words and phrases so that you don’t have to read so much.. don’t be lazy -_-

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    Sun, 24 Jan 2010 05:08:00 GMT

    I love firefox!

    Fri, 22 Jan 2010 04:08:33 GMT

    Yeah. You can get paid to advertise... but it’s really not that much.

    Unless you get a lot of visitors

    Fri, 22 Jan 2010 03:56:03 GMT

    do you think you can get money from advertisements after more people visit your site =O

    Fri, 22 Jan 2010 03:31:38 GMT

    i skimmed.
    just kidding. (:
    thanks for the DVD. i think i’m going to watch it tonight (if i have time after finishing my hw and reading manga...)

    Fri, 22 Jan 2010 03:26:30 GMT

    WTF are you kidding me -_-

    wow > mozilla lied to me

    Fri, 22 Jan 2010 03:16:43 GMT

    hey, firefox 3.6 came out today!

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