So in my Torandoo post, I mentioned that it’s a bad habit to name your links "click here" or "download" or stupid things like that.


You know, there’s a supposed "rule" that you shouldn’t name links stupid things like "click here" or "download this". It’s because search engines (ie. Google) don’t pickup on those things, and they have no idea what you’re talking about. They tend to ignore links with "go here" in them.

So.. the big idea behind this is something called Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.

You already know what a search engine is. You probably use it every day. I have one as my home page, and you probably do too.

Simply put, search engines index the internet. Google has huge databases of webpages, including RogerHub!

Image: rogerhub_s.PNG

126 pages of my website.. indexed and cached in their huge database

Now.. when you google "corny jokes", Google looks through its huge database for websites that might have corny jokes in them.

So if I had a website called, wouldn’t it be awesome if the search results came out like this?

Image: corny.PNG

This isn’t shopped btw :)

Get the idea now? Well, lets talk about links.

Links generally have two parts: The url and the inside content.

<a href="the_url">inside_content</a>

Now, computers can scan a website for links faster than.. uhh nvm. just know that it’s really fast.

So, if a bajillion websites all have links that say "corny jokes" and point to my, then obviously, Google would think "Lol this roger guy must have AWESOME corny jokes. Let’s put him first!".. or something to that effect.

But.. what if their website looked like this:

Hey check out these hilariously corny jokes: click here

Google isn’t gonna pick up on what "click here" means. So.. my dream is ruined :(

Okay, that was my super-trimmed-down version of SEO and why you shouldn’t use "click here" in links.

And another thing, most people know that when a word is underlined, you can click it to go to a related site. By using unnecessary and obvious things like "click here", you’re insulting their intelligence. :) even if they’re not as smart as you are..


OH and the mooosic thing.

You’ve probably already noticed, but RogerHub Mooosic is acting retarded in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. (But it works in Firefox/Safari. Go Firefox!!)

Hmm.. you can still listen to songs.. They just get cutoff sometimes and they don’t continue playing the next song.

But does anyone even listen to my mooosic?

I do at least..

Q: DO you listen to RH Mooosic?
  • Yeah
  • 6 100%

    Hmm.. lol. one-sided poll. :)

    Okay bye

    Image: collegewood.png

    Hmm.. I miss elementary school

    Same place, three different angles. Which one do you like best? (and can you guess what those things are?)

    Image: sunrise.png

    Image: daylight.png

    Image: frosted.png


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    Fri Feb 26 2010 05:54:48 +0000

    lol there were alot of white people when i went there…

    Sun Feb 21 2010 23:21:04 +0000

    Yeah that’s collegewood. I never said i went to school there..

    Sun Feb 21 2010 22:24:16 +0000

    Isnt that collegewood? But didnt you go somewhere else?

    Fri Feb 19 2010 20:11:00 +0000

    what elementary school is that?

    Fri Feb 19 2010 04:51:43 +0000

    Muhhahaha. not anymore :D

    Fri Feb 19 2010 04:30:38 +0000

    yeah i think that the number of RH listeners will remain at 1.

    Fri Feb 19 2010 04:19:17 +0000


    Fri Feb 19 2010 04:17:31 +0000

    cranes! (:< like the christmas card you gave me.
    and roger, no matter how much persuading you use, i still refuse to not use "click here" for links. but i mean, i won’t label all of them like that. -_-x

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    Sun Feb 12 2017 04:02:13 +0000