A great number of people publish from positions of power, after experience has granted them a gift of wisdom along with the responsibility of spreading it throughout the world. They then find their task very clear and simple. They command authority over some particular subject in which other seek insight and validation. In short, people write about what they know best. However, the great majority of people are not experts nor leading researchers on anything at all, other than themselves. It falls upon them to identify subjects using which they can write assured of their own competence. Many choose the circuitous solution and become the expert they need to be, but even more will shirk the duty and end up abandoning their honest efforts or redirecting them to wasteful self-entertaining ends. Likewise, I disclaim and despair to know little outside of the electric boxes of which I make a hobby. I make a sick sport of stringing together senseless sentences of snooty words to say what can be said in fewer1. I like to see the shape of a long and ostensibly intelligent copy run down my white digital pages like the mason raising walls. But it’s too often that I want to write about something too strongly opinionated, pervasively personal, or intangibly technical that it simply will not fit well into the purposes for which I created this blog. Recently, I feel that all of these posts have been like manifestos. They are declarations of intention that begin with observations and finish with tangentially related mandates to live better and live wiser, and although they fulfill my purpose, they fulfill few of yours2. Still, I wouldn’t have you think for a second that this blog which is but one of several virtual hosts running on but one of 2^16 ports is the only purpose for which I keep this system running. I have static pages that bring in revenue, a mail exchanger to bring in news, and subdomains for personal sites to boot. From here on out, I will be focusing more on another blog on which the subject, rather than the chronology, of the posts is primary. I’ve defined and redefined my intentions, and now I’m done.

  1. And I am certain that many ancient authors of literature had similar interests too. ↩︎
  2. Unless the caesar cipher result of your initials is M-K. You, you are sick as I. ↩︎

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