Guess who's back

Whew. It’s actually been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog. The last two posts I published were actually from other places, and I just posted them here because I thought they would fit. There are a couple of reasons why I haven’t written anything on RogerHub for a while:

  • Ever since my site started tons of traffic, I’ve been more careful about what I publish on my home page, which receives around 5% of that traffic as collateral damage.
  • Who knew that college actually keeps you busy?
  • I’ve created my new programming blog, and it’s so much easier to write about computer things.

Once in a while, I look back on the history of posts on this blog. It started with really terrible software reviews, and then I started writing about the less-personal aspects of my life with a lot of pictures, mostly from my old cell phone. More recently, the post titles have gotten longer and the topics have gotten more esoteric1. I even added professional-looking footnotes.

I think it’s kind of sad that this long-lived blog should be so unceremoniously halted just because I’m too busy to write or because I’m afraid of strangers stumbling here and judging all the trash I write here. I read a ton of blogs myself. A lot of them are hacker blogs where people talk about exploits they’ve found or cool stuff they’ve hacked together. There was this one guy who blogged about editing Wikipedia and his iPhone. And finally, there’s GRRM’s livejournal, where he blogs about his books and whatever’s in his mind. I kind of like that idea.

So, I’ve made a lot of calculator-related improvements to this site in the past few months. This site is a fun side-project for whatever free time I get. Most prominently, I simplified the header to the bare essentials and made the site more friendly to mobile devices2. I also merged my profile page with the front page and plastered a giant picture of my face near the top—more about this later. Overall, it gives a profile/portfolio feel to the front page of the site, and it lets me hide my blog posts under a few layers of links.

I’m now that the actual blog parts of this website have fallen to dead last on my page rankings now, which is great! So, I think I’ll start writing again here, but it won’t be those dense philosophy articles littered with synonyms that I’ve been publishing lately3. See you again soon.

  1. I began writing my posts in HTML rather than with the visual editor. ↩︎
  2. Stop saying mobile-friendly. Blegh. ↩︎
  3. Those take way long to write, for their length. ↩︎

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