Redesign again

Holy crap I need to learn not to be so clumsy with database operations. Meh, this post was lost and I don’t want to type all of it out again. So, this latest RogerHub redesign took around an hour because I’ve switched to WordPress which is incomparably easier to manage than Boggert. I’m dead serious, handling a custom blogging program is a nightmare, don’t ever try it. But still, Boggert was good fun and good learning and fun while it lasted.. for that one year, and now I’ve got a firmer grasp on web programming and stuff, skills that will be useful later on sometime, which is what I’m hoping for anyways. Okay, back to History IA. Bye!

EDIT: Whew, backups are ~1MB now. Crazy (they’re plain-text)

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Mon, 15 Nov 2010 04:13:17 GMT

welcome to wordpress :D
just to let u sure to back up your pictures since the backup file doesn’t save that.

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