Spanish art

Why do we have to learn about art.. in Spanish? If anything, he’s just teaching us how to use Spanish Google. Because who does analysis of art anymore? Especially online.. it just doesn’t mix. He probably sees some sort of big problem with the US education system and he’s trying to change it by teaching Spanish students about art. Then again, I could be wrong. I found one so far, and it was from a blog. Figures..

Video games are a drain on society. They give a fake sense of accomplishment to people who need it. That’s where the addiction stems from, not anything else. It’s because games have this system of merit, like the time (and money) you invest in a game is directly proportional to how much people like you. Then, these game addicts tell themselves that they can be game testers and game programmers when they grow up and that their addiction right now really isn’t detrimental, but actually beneficial because it helps their hand-eye coordination or prepares them for real life or some bull like that. The cycle self-perpetuates. But what about art? Or music? Or any form of expression. It’s not good to destroy all forms of creativity and expression, but those people who dedicate their lives to analyzing art, I mean, come on, what the hell, that’s like a ditch-all last-resort thing for people who have nothing to do. Art critics? What a joke. What do they contribute to society? They don’t create, they don’t labor, they don’t innovate. All they do is say you suck or you’re good, go waste MORE of your time doing this art stuff while I make money from judging you. Man the pressure must be huge, keeping all these suckers who think you’re the greatest guy ever, and yet completely suppressing the guilt that comes from judging everything. But really, you’ve got to be pretty smart to be an art critic. You’ve got to know how to make criticism profitable and how to make people believe what you say. I’m guessing psychologists make good art critics. Now, I’ve got to go back to finding 4 more reviews.

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