Tools of convenience

There is no combination of lights I can show you on this 10-pound chunk of glass, metal, and plastic that will make you any happier than you are now. Yet, I’m here every day thinking of ideas. Ideas that could be wonderful if they ever worked. Ideas that promise success and recognition as if some peculiar combination of lights on the crystal display will break this haunting premise. Conversely, you’re staring at this pane of falsehood and illusion for hours a day trying to attain the same impossible utility that I try for, but in a completely different way. We both spend a ridiculously disproportionate amount of time on this pinnacle of human innovation and we both forget: A computer is just a fucking tool. See, social networking principles dictate that the purpose of digital communication is to better communication in reality. Every single messaging protocol from RFC822’s Internet Text Messages to XMPP and IRC even TCP switching: it’s based on what programmers observe about communication in real life. The internet mimics what happens in reality and in certain cases, it replaces it. That’s fine and all, but not fine at all. When the Internet becomes the first, last and only form of interaction and everything is convenient, well that’s the end. In light of this, everything just sucks all of a sudden. Now get off the computer. I’ve got nothing for you here.

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