Hey it’s 2011 and winter break’s over. In just 21 hours, we’ll be sitting in bio lab again. Meanwhile, stupidity proliferates and some other guy’s making money off it. Your tax dollars at work..

You know what’s also new? It used to be taboo to have the client’s web browser manually resize images, either through CSS or through the DOM attributes. When people were using IE6, yeah horrible problem because the resizes would turn out all chunky. Now, it’s not so bad anymore. Start embracing it O:

I'm officially scared shitless for the future of mankind...

Here’s a wild idea: why not let the W3C take over social networking? Make it into a standard protocol with standard ways for websites to communicate socially. Just don’t hand it to the IETF, they’ll make some convoluted shit out of it like they do everything else.

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