They sent out the schedule for finals week during afternoon lab on January 3rd. It’s always interesting to see what they come up with. I bet some guy at the district office has to work out these schedules every time something weird happens. The times give priority to consistency for as many students as possible, which excludes periods 2-7 people. So, Mrs. Davies was the first to present the schedule. As a science teacher, she takes an holistic look at the schedule and is satisfied because, well, the data’s all there. What more does science require? Then Mr. Belcher shows it to us and even prints us all a copy, because apparently he likes doing that. He’s like “it’s very confusing, but it makes sense. the logic is there.” He shows us how we get review sessions the day before each final and how time is moved from the unimportant classes to the review sessions. Then, each final period lasts for exactly 2 short-class periods plus 1 passing period (110 minutes). This makes sense because linguists look for intuitive logic in unplanned, naturally-evolving languages, which is why sometimes grammar doesn’t make sense. Then Jeng shows us the schedule and points out the inconsistency on Friday where the final periods last for 115 minutes instead. Of course, math teachers notice these anomalies immediately. I wonder what a programmer would say. Perhaps something about the calibri..

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Thu, 13 Jan 2011 23:31:34 GMT

Strange thing...I did take note of the Calibri font and realize they’re finally using Office 2007 or 2010.

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