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Please understand that the decision isn’t as nasty and selfish as your speculations make it out to be. Simply, a sue-happy organization used two anonymous students from Orange county to spearhead yet another self-righteous name-dropping case about how education in California should be free down to the last detail. But they’re fighting high lab fees and workbook purchases and uniforms, not any advantage Walnut might have with GPAs.

I don’t know the reasoning behind Walnut’s reaction, but please reconsider what you’re doing. The key point enforced by law is that teachers cannot force students to pay to learn. Fee-reductions do not apply here because (1) they still require some payment and (2) requesting a fee waiver counts as payment in itself. Simply put, fees must be completely voluntary.

Considering that, releasing the Asian will not help here, and “not fair” is simply too weak of an argument. If you’re seriously concerned, pressure your teachers to pool enough donations from students so that everyone can take the test free of charge. Donations, nothing more.

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