What the future holds

I’ve been considering what RogerHub is still doing up online. Blogging is a great experience and all, unforgettable really, but I just had to find a more definite mission. And here’s what I’ve got: Think about the role of the Internet in your life. When you’re brainstorming ideas for great programs and summer projects, you always hit this one wall: How do I get people addicted and coming back? And then you see it. The evil trap! It’s so easy to fall into. Every industry related to gaming or technology or internet, how can I get these dolts to pay me for my crap? Usually, you never consider the ethical implications when it comes to science. Science right? Fuck yeah. If those guys want to stand in the way of progress, well it’s as if science doesn’t have enough problems already. You create and create, until perhaps, you see that what you’re doing is wrong. That science can be ethically wrong, how mind-blowing is that? What about the whole nuclear power thing? About chemical weapons? How about shrinking people’s identities into the dimensions of their cell phone? This question gets asked all the time. It just seems like there are so many concrete, foolproof examples of science changing things for the worse, and guys use these examples all the time to fight for whatever’s in their personal best interest. Not only history, but also movies and media have hit on this fact. Robot uprising, wars. I don’t know who’s behind this propaganda campaign, but good job with making progress feel evil. But perhaps that’s only half of the story. Science and research isn’t just the result of mad whitecoats chasing each other in their mad science with green juice. It’s guided by selfish profit. Shoot where the ducks are, you know. If public opinion is generally responsible for shaping the path of science, things should all go well right? Because keeping rebellious androids and robot bears in check is in the best interest of everyone. Immediately, you’ll think of examples where government has subsidized research for the purpose of killing people randomly, you know, that thing they like to call war. But most of science is well guided. And therefore, continuing the opinion flow is probably a good thing. If it’s open, at least.

I setup this RogerHub theme here basically in one night, that night being tonight. Well, it’s almost twelve, so it’s like yesterday night, almost. In the future, when people start scrutinizing my site as an indicator of how much I know about about much, I should be at least a bit prepared.

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