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It bugs me when people say email is outdated. If email was ever going to be phased out of our lives, it would have happened a hell of a long time ago. RFC 733, RFC 822. RFC 2822. A decade goes by, then another, and still the email standards specification is revised and revised. But no! We have instant messaging protocols and social networking and IRC and crud. So why would anybody want to use stupid old email anymore? Hmm, maybe its decentralized and foolproof (not really) and so horrendously integrated into society, I mean you imagine a big corporate office and the next thing that comes to mind is a big MS Exchange server and little cubicle-dwellers with their MS Outlook all there. Teachers at school use it, big businesses use it, maybe 40 years isn’t enough evidence to… more →


The anti-aliasing and subpixel gussing needs work and heh some DOM methods still suck. But damn, this is beautiful.