UC Freshmen Admissions Calculator

This tool will determine the percentage of students similar to you who were admitted (accepted) into a certain University of California school. It is designed for first-time undergraduate freshmen applicants only.

1. School
Let’s begin. Select a University of California school below.

2. Capped Weighted UC GPA
This is not your transcript GPA and not your weighted GPA.


3. SAT and ACT Scores
Please input your highest SAT Reasoning Test scores from one sitting and/or your higest composite ACT score. At least one of the two is required.
SAT Math
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4. Field of Study
Choose the description that best fits your intended major, or choose undeclared if you have not decided yet.

5. High School
Pick your high school from the list of California High Schools below. If your school is not on the list, choose Unlisted CA Public School, Unlisted CA Private School, or Out-of-state School.

6. Ethnicity
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7. Gender
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8. In State vs. Out of State
International and out-of-state US students, please check the below checkbox to indicate that you are not a California student.
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9. Submit
Before you press calculate, double-check that all of your information is accurate and read the explanations below.

How this works: A word of caution
RogerHub UC Admissions Calculator is based fully on data released online by the UC Office of the President under the University of California StatFinder. This site has since been taken down, but some data can still be found at the UC Infocenter.

This is not a probability or chance calculator. This calculator utilizes data from past applications in order to determine what percentage of applicants similar to you received an offer of admission. It is an analysis of past records, not a chance calculator.

Is this accurate?
No. I make no guarantees about the reliability of this data. Statistics change from year to year. You should always research the data yourself at

How does this work?
Statfinder did not provide raw data about students and admissions. This calculator uses mathematical models generated using distribution data and the least squares method which is listed below:

S = Σ(y − f(x))²

Each of the variables that you provide in the calculator is tracked to a distribution model. Each has a weight constant, k, and affects the total score, p, as follows:

p′ = p + kp(1 - p) = p + kp - kp²

You are free to submit different hypothetical students to this calculator. Some of the trends that the data exhibit are rather surprising.

Responsibility and Disclaimer
I am not associated in any way with the UC Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Please be responsible with what you do with this calculator. Do not be encouraged nor discouraged by this calculator. I make no claims, explicit or implied, about the reliability nor accuracy of this calculator.

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Tue, 18 Dec 2018 01:40:44 GMT

Hello Roger, is it possible if you could theoretically "Chance Me" for UC Berkeley? Based on my numerical stats, I have a 29% overall analysis. I messed up the first semester of my sophomore year because of some issues and got 1 A, 3 B's and 2 C's, but was able to maintain all A's (with the exception of 1 B) the rest of the semesters. I have a 34 ACT composite score and 1460 on my SAT. I am on the all-female robotics team that has qualified for state championships three times and competed at the World Competition. I was secretary for one year and then became vice president for the "Girls in STEM" club for the next two, and has been a Girl Scout for 11 years and received the bronze, silver and gold award. I also took 11 AP classes, all of which were passing grades. I am part of the youth ministry at my church and volunteer regularly at Mass as an altar server and help plan classes for the kids preparing to receive Sacraments. I have received a full merit scholarship to study abroad in South Korea the summer of my junior year, where I learned Korean for 6 weeks with NSLI-Y and continued to independently study the language, receiving a 180/200 on the language proficiency test (TOPIK). I also speak Spanish fluently. I plan on majoring in Computer Science or Physics Engineering, with a minor in International Relations and Korean/Spanish.

Roger: Sounds like you’ll get in no problem, but I don’t actually know anything about college admissions, other than having applied once myself. One semester of bad grades shouldn’t be that big a deal, especially if you’ve demonstrated improvement since then.

Tue, 11 Dec 2018 06:27:23 GMT

hey roger,
I have a 4.0 UC GPA, as well as a 34 on the ACT, and after putting everything into your calculator, I got a 34% chance of UCLA. Out of curiosity, I decided to see what would change if I made the ACT score a 35, and I got "holy smokes." Would this one point really change that much? I'm not quite sure what percentage "holy smokes" is, so I was wondering if that single point would change that much, as I'm willing to give the ACT another go for that additional point.

Roger: Check out my reply to “Alex” below. I wouldn’t bother with retaking the ACT.

Mon, 26 Nov 2018 22:16:36 GMT

Please update this. It is super useful even though it’s outdated.

Roger: Thanks for the feedback. I suspect that updating this calculator is infeasible, because the UCs no longer publish admissions data the same way they used to. But it’s been a while since I’ve taken a look.

Bob Joe
Wed, 31 Oct 2018 03:29:59 GMT

Does this use current UC published data or is it outdated?

Roger: See the comment below.

Eva Russell
Wed, 10 Oct 2018 03:34:33 GMT

Thanks for creating this! What year is the data taken from?

Roger: This calculator is based on data from 2009. It’s very outdated, and I’m thinking about sunsetting it at some point.

Sat, 29 Sep 2018 23:48:08 GMT

I'm trying to enter the new SAT score (out of 1600).

Not sure how to break it down into the correct inputs for your form?

My results show the following two parts:
1. Your Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Score

2. Math Score

Please advise if I can use the form, what I may be doing wrong?



Roger: This calculator was created for the 2400 point SAT scoring system. It hasn’t been updated in a while.

Thu, 27 Sep 2018 09:06:14 GMT

It says my sat score is extremely low compared to my GPA which is a 1460 and a 4.40 so idk what's going on?

Roger: This calculator uses the 2400 point SAT scoring scale.

Mon, 24 Sep 2018 01:49:01 GMT

Hey Roger, I only have a 3.8 unweighted and 4.1 weighted GPA with a 29 ACT score but my weighted GPA consistently increased from 3.6 to 4.0 to 4.5 from freshman to junior year; will this help?

Roger: Your freshman year courses are supposedly omitted from your GPA. In any case, great job!

Mon, 10 Sep 2018 20:19:13 GMT

Can Honors classes be counted in "How many total semesters of AP, IB/HL, or CC courses? (max. 8)"?

Roger: It depends. If you live in California, you can look up your high school on the A-G courses list and get a list of which courses count for honors points.

Wed, 05 Sep 2018 01:26:53 GMT


How up to date is this calculator?


Roger: Scroll down a bit, and check out my answer to “Leslie” below.

Mon, 03 Sep 2018 00:11:12 GMT


Is this calculator up to date?

Thank you,

Roger: Not at all.

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Wed, 19 Dec 2018 06:27:49 GMT