Archiving and compressing a dynamic web application

From 1999 to mid-2011, the Daily Cal used an in-house CMS to run the website. It contains around 65,000 individual articles and thousands of images. But ever since we moved to WordPress, the old system has been collecting dust in the corner. It was about time that all of the old CMS content was archived […]

Setting up and testing two bridged wifi routers

The walls and microwaves of my house have always conspired to cripple the wifi signal in some rooms, especially the ones downstairs and the backyard. I recently got another wifi router to expand the range. They are daisy-chained from the modem with ethernet cables. My servers and printers are connected to the router in the […]

Email Basics: Introduction to SMTP

Note: This is part 1 of a two-part segment on Email Basics. You can also read part 2 of this segment, which deals with the internal format of emails. With all of the government spying scares circulating recently, many people have started taking another look at the companies and people responsible for their email. Like […]