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Clubs and organizations for Berkeley EECS

These are the things I’m interested in joining here: The Daily Californian. They have a strong web/tech department, but there is much room for improvement. It also sounds fucking cool to say you work with the newspaper. Cal Archery. Link. Katniss. Green Arrow. Why wouldn’t you join? It’s $40/semester currently, and you’ve got to have some back and shoulders to shoot comfortably, but totally worth it. Cal Climbing. I like tree-climbing and I’d like to get better on rocks. Hackers@Berkeley, CSUA. These organizations are basically mailing lists for events if you’re not involved with leadership. They plan socials and talks and hackathons, pretty useful. BEAM. It’s a science-centric elementary school… go on →

Moving into Foothill at UC Berkeley

I moved in last Saturday to Foothill Building 6B Room 42I, and even though it’s not what I expected, living here is pretty damn good. Suites are fancy codenames for hallways. Many suites have approximately 8 rooms. Fewer have slightly less, or even just 1 room. There are several co-ed suites. Because suites generally look like floors in the units, co-ed bathrooms here are four sinks, two toilets, and two bathtub showers per gender (in the full sized suites). It’s nice and cool because we’re on top of the hill and there are trees everywhere. Also, our buildings don’t rise as high. Walking up from the units is very taxing…. go on →

What an EECS student brings to college

Clothing 9 Days of Blue Shirts 3 Pairs Jeans Boxers Sleep Pants Sweaters/Jackets Lots of Socks Running Shoes Skate Shoes Wallet Shorts Bathroom Toothbrush + Paste Floss Aveeno Green Tea Lotion Olay SPF Face Lotion Bath Towel Contact Lenses + Case + Solution Retainers + Case Shampoo + Conditioner Body wash Bath pouf Bath Carrier Laundry Bag Shower Sandals Padlock Tissues Recreation Gardening Gloves Workout Gloves Wooden Sword Coping Saw Guitar + Case + Tuner + Pick + Capo Tennis Racket + Balls Skateboard Bed and Culinary Fitted Sheets Pillowcase Blanket + Blanket Case Tylenol Silverware (Cup + Bowl + Fork + Chopsticks) Tupperware Stationary Tape + Rolls Stapler +… go on →

Ubuntu on the Lenovo Thinkpad x230

This is a review of my experience with Ubuntu GNU/Linux on the Lenovo Thinkpad x230 with Intel Ivy Bridge, but parts may also apply to the T430, T530, W530, and the x230t. The laptop’s configuration: Intel Core i5-3210M (3M Cache, up to 3.10GHz) 12.5″ Premium HD (1366×768) IPS, 2×2 Antenna Intel HD 4000 Graphics integrated on Core i5-3210M UltraNav without FingerPrint Reader 720p HD Camera 500GB Hard Drive, 5400RPM 6 Cell ThinkPad Battery, X44+ 65W AC Adapter – US Only Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200 (2×2 BGN) Thinkpads are excellent laptops for college students, especially those in computer science. They are durable and have excellent compatibility with Linux. Lenovo laptops come… go on →

Freshman Fall Coursework

This is my schedule for the Fall semester. I’m taking 16 units: Math 54, CS 61A, Physics 7A, and Anthropology 2AC. I’m pretty damn lucky that I got all of my classes without much worrying. I got an early Telebears II appointment because of the Regents and Chancellor’s Scholarship. I picked the less-popular Math 54 professor in advance because I knew there would be room in his class. At CalSO, I picked the CS and Physics courses, both of which are now totally filled. So, I also have a CS section at 8:00 PM, two nights a week. On the other hand, the entire afternoon is generally free.


CalSO (UC Berkeley Student Orientation) gives you travel directions for the event as if you lived in the area and were already familiar with their infrastructure. Why don’t they formally introduce the Air-BART shuttle? The first time they’ll use the word, it’s sandwiched between take the and to. It’s certainly more enjoyable if you volunteer for activities, if you’re willing. It’s certainly more relaxing if you’re familiar with your graduation requirements before you go. It’s certainly less tiring if you don’t take the 6AM flight. It’s certainly good to know that whatever you decide to do there, it’s in front of a bunch of strangers. They’ll probably forget all of… go on →