So, it rained today, which is really cool since we don’t get a lot of rain here in LA. Everyone was using umbrellas and everything felt a lot more lively since the weather did something new for a change.

There are some aquaphobes at school that have their umbrellas out even though they’re walking under the hanging. I mean, what’s the point of that? You’re not going to get rained on if you’re underneath the roofs. Maybe they just enjoy drying their umbrellas on other peoples’ heads.

If you’re going to use your umbrella, stay out in the rain. Otherwise, put it away...

Rain makes for some nice pictures:

Image: Photo0440.jpg

Image: Photo0435.jpg

Image: Photo0431.jpg

Yeahh.. and my desktop gadget that tells me the weather changed too:

Image: asd.PNG

I wonder what the hail/snow one looks like...


Me: Okay, just tell me your IP and MAC address.
Stranger: But I use Windows...

Haha.. yeah that wasn’t funny.

For my fellow grammar nazis:

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Thu, 10 Dec 2009 05:08:57 GMT

sorry about..yeah
&& i’m one of those people!
that have the umbrella when i’m under a roof. but only because i’m under there for a few seconds and then i’ll be under the rain again.

and the thing is, i’m a bit short, so i hold my umbrella shorter than other people, and sometime’s it is there

i’m watching the victoria secret’s fashion show :D

Wed, 09 Dec 2009 23:46:26 GMT

I like sunny day. warm and beautiful.

Tue, 08 Dec 2009 06:20:24 GMT

whats a mac address? :)

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