I’m sure you’ve stalked someone before.

Going through their tweets and poring over their pictures, just to see how close you can get to them.. anonymously.

But wait! Now there’s...

Image: pulse_logo.png

After just 3 days, I have finished the beta version of RogerHub Pulse.

Simply, RogerHub Pulse lets you stalk your stalkers. Here’s how it works:

1. You suspect that you have a stalker.

2. You sign up for RogerHub Pulse and get your very own RogerHub Pulse shim! A RogerHub Pulse Shim is a small gray square that is used to track visitors.

3. After putting this tracker in your website, when stalker-san visits your profile page for the hundredth time, your website notifies RogerHub Pulse that you’ve received a visitor.

4. You wait a day or two for your shim to collect enough information. Then, you go to RogerHub Pulse and check the data!

You can also read my super-awesome Pulse Tutorial, written, typed, and designed by yours truly.

Yeah, it’s still in Beta (see the footer?). Mostly because, well, I found like 10 bugs in the past hour. So, if anything doesn’t work, tell me.

Image: chart.PNG

One type of chart that you’ll see in your Pulse Results.

So, I passed AMC :)

And I’m glad that WHS offered it, because I won’t get responses like "How do you pass a movie theather?"... well at least not from asians.

Well, I thought i faied 12A because I got a 88.5, but the cutoff was 88.5. Soo, if the cutoff for B is just as low, you actually only need 12 question right

And I got 100.5 on 12B, which is much better.

    Q: So how’d you do?
  • i PASSED pwnt n00b
  • 3100%
  • fail :[
  • 00%

    BTW, you can find problems/solution to AMC12 on AoPS. But they don’t have 12B up yet, (as of right now).

    And if, in the past few days, I told you to click on a link that showed you a gray square..
    See what it’s was for?



    Image: stalker.jpg


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    Tue, 02 Mar 2010 02:21:35 GMT

    wow =_=

    Mon, 01 Mar 2010 18:23:55 GMT

    lol your thing looks funny. almost looks like you’re trying to pretend its a live video of you as you sit there at your computer working on rh :D

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