Heh. I really don’t have time to blog on RogerHub because of IB. Though, I like the workload since now, I never feel like I’m wasting time. (Just finished ~60 pages of BMU) Heh. So I’ll just go train-of-thought and type down whatever I can think of in 5 minutes. So I’m tutoring this Mexican guy in geometry and sometimes, I just don’t see how people don’t understand something. I thought it’d be interesting and all to tutor, but it’s really idle and pointless. You know, I saw this guy doing a news summary thing on CNet on the 16th. (I remember this because Diaspora opened up their repository and IE9 went beta.) I’ve no idea how to pronounce most of the words related to internet/web events. So, when I see these live broadcasts of people talking about github and social networking, it’s just odd. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to hearing those words, or maybe it’s because they’re not used to saying them. Which makes me notice that most news anchors and such people aren’t chosen because they have expert political knowledge or are some specialist in science. They’re professionals in talking and looking pretty. Talking from a script and not knowing what you’re saying really sounds awkward. The words don’t come out right, especially the accents and topic points that really matter. Of course, they can’t have this genius engineer come up and talk about new company innovations and crap. They have a special guy for that and he gets a ton more fame and recognition than the guy who’s actually doing the work. Though, sometimes, that’s a good thing. People who discuss things on the news should be some kind of expert or at least an enthusiast in their field. Maybe this is true for every piece of dog crap that the media secretes, or maybe they’re just unlucky, but I’ve noticed that the media takes old news (like really old news) and gives it to writing-experts (rather than subject-experts) who make it sound alarming! Then the public gets all scared shit and they talk about how scared shit they are to their friends and they sound like idiots to the people who aren’t idiots. Oh no! We’re running out of IP addresses. Oh man, this problem was realized over a decade ago and a solution was made in 1998. Then people are suddently scared shitless that their pictures have RFID data that records the GPS location of every picture their fancy thousand-dollar camera takes. Holy crap man! They need to do something about this huge privacy issue! They, being the magical lords of the technology world. Then even more ridiculous, people are surprised that auto-complete Google searches involve.. well, telling Google what you’re typing before you type it. Well what the hell man. Obviously, those auto-completes need to come from somewhere. Is all news really this full of dogshit? Oh man. Alright well see you some other time.

Elapsed time: 11 minutes.

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