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I haven’t really posted anything in a while, and it’s pretty obvious as to why. Now that I’ve taken SAT, I still have a BIO reading to catch up on, another hundred pages to read for English, my IOP, but damn, you didn’t come here so I could complain to you. And frankly, there is nothing to complain about. Even though I don’t like losing sleep as much as the next guy, I appreciate how I’m like busy all the time. No time to idly thing of million-dollar projects and try (and fail) them. No time to make a better bow. I want to learn skateboarding, but really that’s just because I can’t drive, I gotta walk home, and I’m even considering cutting down on walking-home time now. So either, I learn to drive (troublesome and heh), or I can go find a faster way to get home while doing some CAS while I’m at it. So I’m feeling guilty sitting here spending time writing this, but honestly, if I weren’t doing this, I’d probably outside running in circles or something. Definitely not homework. Not till the time starts choking.

I was planning to write some huge article on MS Outlook and how ridiculously useful it is, but then time constraints (and temptations to drop homework and go outside) got in the way. Then, I consider: The whole point of trying to get people to use Outlook is so they’ll start checking email and get off of... the site that must not be named. There’s people who leave GMail’s web mail app open 24/7 and that.. well it’s not the same because GMail doesn’t give you cool desktop notifications and doesn’t make cool sounds when emails come and doesn’t quietly close when you accidentally hit close on Google Chrome. It’s not as beautiful as Outlook. Say what you will, but Outlook makes GMail look like, well I can’t think of a clever metaphor, but just pretend like I said something really witty, something to that effect. This may completely absurd, but it’s paradoxically true: GMail is not decentralized. Woah, no way. Of course, there exists no mail service provider better than GMail in terms of openness, freeness, unevilness, and here-to-stay-for-longer-than-you’ll-live-ness but GMail doesn’t give you that same feeling that Outlook does. That feeling you get when you know you are in total control of everything related to your email and theres nothing anyone can do with anything to prevent that. Then Outlook lets you send/receive multiple emails and stuff, something that’s super-important if you’ve got to manage multiple emails like me. Then anyone who’s anyone uses a non-web Email Client through SMTP/IMAP, only stupid teenagers (heh) don’t use desktop email clients. Ironic right? Yes and Yahoo sucks. I’m not even gonna add their stupid exclamation mark. From past experience, my ranting about how much Yahoo sucks won’t do anything, no matter how caustically true it is. But I will warn you now: If you do not want to be screwed over in the future when everyone realizes how much Yahoo sucks and when it’s super-heavy unsustainable business plan collapses under its own weight and forms a black hole or something (heh funny right?) leave Yahoo now. It is stupidly pointless and pointlessly stupid. Having Yahoo as your homepage is a sure sign of computer-illiteracy. Yahoo emails? Pshh, those are for elementary schoolers. Dead seriously. Give those little punks a computer and they’ll type meaningless emails and forward crap to each other with psychedelic backgrounds and rainbow color words and stuff. And guess what? Yahoo makes it even easier for them to make these head-ache emails. Yes it does. The stupid “Email Theme” and background, which idiot thought of bringing HTML support to email? We follow the SPIRIT of the RFC’s not the literal meaning. See? It’s like an illusion to interpreting the constitution and stuff? Yep?

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Roger Robie
Fri, 21 Dec 2018 20:48:50 GMT

Nice job:)

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