How did this happen.

I just thought of another brilliant idea, but no time to do it: A aggregator that brings together updates from your friends blogs, news feeds, tumblr; essentially a RSS reader but with a learning curve that normal people can handle. But then there’s stupid Facebook which has all sorts of whatever going on that I don’t know about and Vincent, those email notifications about a IB Group damn.. How did this happen? How could this have happened? Where one day, Facebook will have some sort of exclusive hold on information, almost as if some idiot will start using Facebook as a sole outlet of communication. Zuckerberg must be sitting somewhere, laughing and speculating about how far his little project can screw up the world before someone notices. If we’re lucky, some big disaster will occur and it’ll stop this crisis before it occurs. I didn’t know why I hated Facebook before, but now I’ve got it: It’s ridiculously closed. It’s more secret and private than N. Korea. From what I’ve picked up, users aren’t even identified by anything other than their email. Their API is evil: Information goes in, but it’ll never come out. For communication, it’s better than average. But don’t expect Facebook to stick around forever. It’s got as much tenacity as a cellphone-accessory kiosk.

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Mon, 15 Jul 2024 09:27:44 GMT