Programming is just wonderful. It just saves you from doing all this busywork and just opens the possibilities and.. okay this is bullshit. I’m just horrible at writing these introductions to product launches and honestly, I don’t know how other people put up with it. It’s like Steve Jobs or that funny Indian guy at Google. On one hand, they’ve got everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for whatever groundbreaking crap their company is gonna introduce but on the other hand, they’re worried about initial reactions and the pressure is huge when you’ve been working with your development team in completely secrecy for months making this new product and then you start thinking how people will absolutely hate it or how it won’t be profitable or if you should slowly reveal the details or give it to them all at once. If there are people whose entire occupation is to read us the weather or news and stuff, shouldn’t there be people whose only job is to introduce products? But instead, they have the project managers and the lead developers go up with their socially awkward gaits, inaudible voice from being inside too much, and sagging cargo pants. Though, that’s not always the case. In fact, charismatic people are progressively filling the project lead positions in big companies now. But even so, there’s a dilemma here: On one hand, you want someone who can effectively communicate purpose, origins and impact. But still, you don’t want a complete dumbass going up there and doing it because, well he knows less than YOU do on about the project. Right now, the world leans more towards the stupid know-nothing representative and there’s a ton of protest against that because, well, it’s frustrating. They go up there, read their scripted introductions and stuff and act all passionate, and then they artfully avoid answering any questions, not because they’re evil and don’t want to give us the actually relevant information, but because that’s their profession. They don’t go and study science, or business, or law. They study how to talk their way out of any situation, which really shouldn’t be a occupation at all, maybe like a graduation requirement but definitely not a profession. That would be great if everyone was forced to take something like that because it’d replace these guys with people who are, more or less, competent.

Okay so the whole deal is, I just made JS Playground and it’s in the sidebar thing under Productions too. It’s really not a project since it took, maybe 15 minutes more or less, but it’s a no-install universal programming environment, well not really, all it does is run Javascript that you type in. But it’s better in my eyes just because it’s hosted on RogerHub O: Oh and I made an example program that approaches the Monty Hall paradox with programming (Aaron this was what I was trying to show you in bio) that you can see here. Just click the execute button and it’ll run. Cool right? O:

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A Grade Grabbing Guy
Tue, 13 Dec 2022 17:58:19 GMT

Hi Roger, I just wanted to ask how you got involved in the programming world and how you think it's changed over the years. And I am trying to make my own site sort of like this one, a personal type of blog that isn't dependent on another platform.

Mon, 28 Oct 2013 06:08:44 GMT


<h1>My First JavaScript</h1>

JavaScript can react to events. Like the click of a button:

<button type="button" onclick="alert('Welcome!')">Click Me!</button>


Roger: Good try..

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