My hands hurt and I’d like to type something for a change. I’m reading a thread on strange things people think about, and it’s all surprisingly familiar, which is actually not too surprising. How nothing is really solid and what we feel as solid is actually the repulsion between static charge of atoms. Thinking about the four forces of the universe. Looking outside and wishing it’d rain. Thinking about air pressure and humidity. Feasible projects that could completely screw over the world. Why there are so many people in the world and how things would be better if humans just all went extinct. Thinking about the structure of society and how it’s all so damn neat. The world as an experiment, carefully watched by some outside scientists who even planned to have this very thought occur to me. And oh damn, that thought too. The origins of favicons. Whether the laws of physics must be the way they are. Or even logic. Then, realizing that none of thought matters if you can’t rely on logic: logic must be assumed. Thinking about the people who are reading this, their very reactions. Thinking about what I’m thinking about so I’ve got something to write down. The reason why my hand hurts after writing so much. The subculture in which people think it’s cool to sleep late and cool to ignore homework. What would happen if this neighborhood turned into a warzone right now. What I would grab. Why I think it would be exciting, and what part of society pushes these ideas into our heads. The guy who’s behind social engineering in this country. The role of, what, disney movies and the internet in shaping our views. Maybe even biological explanations for why war interests us. What I’d do if I had to quit school and go get a job. Hey my hand’s better now, back to work.

It’s fine thinking about this crud, but it’s rather beta to be blogging about it.. hmm, but both possibilities considered, I’ll hit the publish button. Hope for the best.

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Fri, 07 Jan 2011 06:40:31 GMT

I like this post. I don’t know why. Good job on keeping your boring programmy stuff out of this one.

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