Last resort publishing

Wordpress has this interesting feature where you can publish posts to your blog by email. Then think: when would you ever use this? I thought maybe if you’re heading to an inevitable death and you want to get out one last message, to friends or family. You pull out your phone and decide email would be fastest way. Oh man, the car’s coming up fast and there’s nowhere to run/hide. (You’re in a tunnel or something.) ”Bye everuo” crap, backspace backspace.. screw it, I’ll just leave it with ”Bye”. You toss the phone aside, safe, where it can deliver your last message with confidence. Okay, perhaps that won’t happen. What if you’re a tech blogger at some big expo and you’re giving up-to-the-minute updates to your eager, drooling audience. But then, you would probably be using Twitter. Hey how about this: I’ll set up a blog for grandma because all she can do is email and YouTube. This way, she can blog without learning anything new. Gee, Wordpress email publishing, thanks! In reality, this feature probably exists because Blogger has it too.

From Spanish homework:

14. Arabic
15. Eastern
16. agricultural
17. conformable [sic]
18. american
19. famous
20. world
21. fierce

Soon, a Eastern Arabic farmer will rise to fame in the American world with his fierce conformability. Wait, that’s not even a word.. Also this:

Pedro Vicario asked to borrow her husband’s shaving implements, and she brought him the brush, the soap, the hanging mirror, and the safety razor with a new blade, but he shaved with his butcher knife. Clotilde Armenia thought that was the height of machismo.

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