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Cairo is 90% media hype. Many people openly support the Egyptians, like the hipsters they are. But who knows why they’re protesting? Poor living conditions? Yeah let’s protest against poverty, that’ll work like it worked in 1930 right? How about a corrupt, repressive government? Well this is exactly why there’s so much public hysteria. Because the government shut down the Internet, everybody suddenly soiled their pants, effectively creating the biggest example of the Streisand effect in existence. Since when did the Internet become the world’s stronghold for revolution/democracy? Not just Cairo. There’s the overblown net-neutrality fears, Canada’s troubles, and hey, don’t forget China. It’s absolutely exhilarating how a massive, furious entity of transoceanic cables can incite revolution. What will the chapter on 2001-2010 look like in your kid’s history book? Slowly, everything is beginning to come together.

This came from a paradox book I had a long time ago.

You know the title attribute that goes on HTML elements? It’s just wonderful. XKCD does it, so I shall too.

Found on reddit some time ago.

These are scans of the post-it note archive of second period biology in K-3.

Trollphysics, not too great, but these really take a while to draw out..

A stack of post-it’s goes a long way. (See that there? Normally people would use ellipses ”...”, but I didn’t because I’m going to intentionally move away from those. It’s just bland..)

I think this is like the model example of trollphysics.

Oh crud, I just noticed I did it again. Damn.

Domain names for Aaron's blog? Hah he should get one.

Hey, he could make a a@ronk.ho, if it were a real TLD.

A design, resembling RogerHub, which is bad because all my designs end up looking the same.

Hah, what a cliché.

Reddit too.

All the time wasted drawing in biology could be devoted to more important things, or maybe even homework. Or I could bring a book, but it’d probably be too loud to read on programming.

Graphs are just glorious. The word glorious is glorious too.

See what I did there? I intentionally took the assumption that book equals programming manuals, which would be awesome and a critical part of any utopia. Right? Yeah hand me that book. Just sounds awesome.

Destroying every little kid's dreams of being an astronaut and meeting aliens.

How many political cartoons don’t draw him like this? I’ll bet some people forget what he looks like.

Uh, I would skip this one. Scroll down.

Oh you know what would be cool? In the future, high school students have a folder-like thing where you open it and it becomes like a book, effectively increasing obesity as well as intelligence.

After I realized that the IQ standard changes every few years. I KNEW it was shady..

You know, whenever a story starts with “That one guy who,” it’s usually fake.

Occupations in life. Notice the position of the Asian trio. Oh wait, I forgot the last one..

Disproving various urban legends and eastern medicine techniques makes a great IA.

The star sequence. I don't know why we thought of this.

“Why are you doing that?” ”I don’t know!” What a bullshit answer. Of course you  know! Rather, there is a more pressing reason not to disclose the reason, usually because of the demands required by the forced imposition of personality on oneself.

An example of false correlations.

Though, if you were big enough, I suppose you could sit on your enemies.

The post-it-note-productivity principle.

One note is good for organizing ideas without having to waste an entire paper, yet having something tangible that can be attached to other papers.

The RogerHub Badge.

With two notes, one becomes more-disposable than the other. That one will eventually tempt you into screwing around. Then, the succession continues.

Oh glorious airfield.

Connecting notes in series, however, increases their usefulness exponentially. Or rather, their counter-productive lure. “What did the Industrial Revolution do to the economy?” ”More productive!” “What did the information revolution and the Internet do to the economy?” ”Less productive!”

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Sun, 13 Feb 2011 21:24:04 GMT

Ha, I didn’t like drawing class because I preferred programming over drawing. Then, I prefer drawing over biology lecture. I think I’ve gone through 3 stacks of post-its this year.

Sun, 13 Feb 2011 03:18:36 GMT

like.. draw the playground and rocketship and stuff. thought you didn’t like to draw :0

Fri, 11 Feb 2011 00:49:21 GMT

draw like what? and yeah I got his last name wrong.

Thu, 10 Feb 2011 18:15:37 GMT

where did you learn to draw like that? o.0
and i’m pretty sure you spelled james’s last name wrong lol

Tue, 08 Feb 2011 03:40:19 GMT

I hate your stupid addition thing before you leave a comment. It’s stressful. This is way cooler than tumblr. Why did you blur Zuckerburg?

Thu, 03 Feb 2011 02:32:31 GMT

how the hell did you think of “”?

Thu, 03 Feb 2011 02:30:07 GMT

too bad i didn’t save all the paper planes we made in class too...

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