This is not about computers, I swear

There are stereotypes. Then there are people who point out these stereotypes, in their cultured/hip unconformity. Then others write history books about beat poets, “writers and artists [who] harshly criticized what they considered the sterility and conformity of American life ... and the emptiness of popular culture.” These arguments are endless. Once in a while, somebody speaks out about unconformity though media: video, blogs. Then people on all tiers of cultivated, pessimistically-cynical sophistication form a dazzling gradient of reactions—first total confusion and indifference, then massive mindfucks and life-changing enlightenment, and finally qualified scoffs—based on their personal standing, or perhaps perceived personal standing. It’s relaxing to know the controversy backwards and forwards before it spreads to your peers, because then, you can go ahead and take your hipster analytical view about it. (It being the responses of your hipster-peers) You will give conceding approval to the creators of media, knowing that they themselves are spreading the knowledge with good intentions while acknowledging the fact that what they produce is in fact, merely media hype. You will give grateful comfort to your peers, perhaps because a new topic of discussion is now open, one in which you yourself already have much insight. Or maybe perhaps the world is now a smudge-bit better educated. You will recall the principle that you concluded upon after so much contemplation: reality must be accepted as it appears to be. Then, all your dissident activist urges will be calmed.

Wow, I really got off topic. About stereotypes: people make jokes about them. About Java stereotypes: programming in Java involves reading 5 books of documentation and actually writing 20 lines of code that uses 35 libraries. Sure it may not be the most efficient or the quickest, but damn! It only took 20 lines of code! Yep, because real programmers will write their own libraries uniquely tailored to the task at hand. This conception is what I intended to disprove, yep that’s the point and I got to it. I’m sure you’ve had those moments where you blank out and realize it’s the 21st century. Wow, look at how smart people are today! I can find the length of this cord with nothing but a weight, a timer, and my smartphone! It must have really sucked for people a long time ago because they weren’t as smart as me. But in reality, all great accomplishments are tiny steps, not big leaps. Man builds upon the work of his brother, and then takes fame and fortune for it. Subsequently, he gathers this hate cult that is simultaneously jealous of his success and indignant of his selfishness, simply because he was at the right place at the right time. Duct-tape programming is great! Build upon stuff that’s outdated and imperfect. (Oh blasphemy!) As long as it works, the world moves on. If our school’s computer network is good for anything, it’s to show that any crap works, albeit very crappily.

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Fri, 25 Feb 2011 04:36:47 GMT

I had two points here: how new ideas are actually rather old and how old ideas are actually rather new. Thus, the paragraphs.

Fri, 25 Feb 2011 03:37:46 GMT

You know I got really excited when I saw the title...Now, it’s like wtf were you talking about throughout the entire thing? Maybe my mind has died from the massive depression of the day, or maybe I’m just a complete retard like Vincent thinks I am...but seriously, what the heck was this about?

Lol. do you have issues with hipsters? I’m a hipster.

Mon, 14 Feb 2011 23:26:42 GMT

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Sat, 12 Feb 2011 08:10:07 GMT

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Sat, 12 Feb 2011 08:06:29 GMT

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Thu, 10 Feb 2011 18:11:40 GMT

you said this wasn’t about computers :O
and it really sounds like you used a thesaurus while writing this... why don’t you talk like this in real life o.O

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