Reworking the workflow

Tightened workflow makes for more efficiency.

With such a clean desk, I could be really productive and fast. If only I had something to work on besides homework and IA’s and distractions. I just had to clean up my desk after I found out about nerdfort.

The most powerful paragraph I've ever read.

What a moving paragraph. I had chills after reading this.

I need to try this sometime and see if they'll respond.

Instead of validation for web pages, how about validation for web browsers? If a browser doesn’t meet standards, everyone should agree to block it from their sites with a message on upgrading browsers. If the W3C said so, it would totally work.

CS section, lemme see... wait wat?

I’ve always found that physical books help me more than PDF’s. Maybe I’m just so used to screwing around in front of the computer screen that it’s impossible to focus with it there.

I don't know which half of this is funnier..

Hey on a side note, RogerHub validates. But IE still sucks, so the result is insignificant. Seriously, the browser validation thing is great. The closest thing we’ve got is Acid, but someone should step up and protest.

Aha..ha, this is wrong..

There is already a “Open in new tab” option for links that default to the current tab, but there is no option to “Open in current tab” for links that have the, like what gives? Must be a communist conspiracy.

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