Limits of my patience

I like to think I have a lot of patience. In fact, most people think that way too, whether they do or not. See, we typically don’t push our patience very much. All the problems and obstacles we get in school are planned and artificial, and therefore aren’t very informative. Another C-? Meh, move on. Nothing puts us back too far and everything’s alright.

Ahh, for a couple days I’ve been trying some very low-level languages. Not ASM-level, but some easy C, yes, and it is absolutely horrifying. Everything I thought I knew how to do suddenly became a huge mess. I say this because low-level languages don’t have the fancy schmancy interpreted conventions that high-level languages do. The down and dirty work that’s much closer to the machine’s heart really puts things in perspective. I’ve melted all over the beauty of the abstraction stack before, but these past few days, I’ve learned to be really grateful for all the conveniences that past human progress gives us. Really, take a look around and see.

So when I got back to my comfortable ruby and javascript, I noticed that the world outside of education in our pretty little high school is pretty damn tough. Man, things are moving by so fast, I’m gonna miss going to school real soon..

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Tue, 28 May 2024 16:22:43 GMT