Memory Hole

I lost my pencil recently. It’s the pencil with which I took my SAT’s and finals and math homework and everything for almost three years now. Together with my team of 0.38mm ultra-thin Pilot G2’s, they’re like sperm and eggs. I’ve got plenty more new G2’s in the bookshelf but that pencil was really something irreplaceable. Though the Pilots were quickly spent writing out long biology study guides, it was the pink Dr. Grip that takes 80% the grade with scantrons and essays. Damn it, now I’m stuck with some scrawny yellow girly thing. It’s like losing a piece of history.

To make sure I don’t lose these too, here are the highlights of the postit1 series (hah, pun, see highlights?) from the past couple weeks:

It's a zygoat, lolololol.

The two things on the side of the tank's funnel look like teenagers.

Today I learned that the hippie sign is a crossover between N and D, which stand for nuclear disarmament.

Aha, sorry I had to censor part of this one. I'm sure you can superimpose some genitals it in your head.


Done using my lost Dr. Grip, after some really bad test.. (click the picture to see another reaction)

A ha, disgusting..

Booooom, target reached. Woooooooooooooooo! See, it's like a plate but also an egg..

Chemical Oxygen Demand. See, this scenario would be impossible because there is not enough oxygen for the fish to breathe! SCIENCE - FUCK YEAH.

I don't even know..

I’m thinking about the possible criticism somebody could come up with after scrutinizing RogerHub’s blog design. So, I made it some ultra-far seeing visionary junk that nobody could possibly comprehend. Thus, this design. I named it roger-hybrid. Speaking of names, I need a name for NHSWeb’s second iteration. NHSWeb 2.0 sounds so lame. I want something fancy, or british, because british people have cool names. I think I’m going to start a development blog for that over the summer. Ha, I’m looking forward to online civics....

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