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Man, boggert is so messy and ineffective and full of deprecated tables and such. It’s really amazing how much can change in just 9 months. That’s right. On May 26th, Boggert will be 9 months old. If it were a baby, it would be due! Okay, bad analogy... Boggert needs more AJAX, and some sprite-sheets and a more centralized database cache, and a neater design, and more extensibility and tons of other things that I had never heard of in Summer ‘09. I don’t plan to change Boggert, but I will use those techniques and others the theoretical Walnut NHS Website! Centralized database caching, code optimization, modularization, page buffers, permissions, serialization, and best of all, AJAX! and some awesome JQuery effects. I really hope this project will go live to completion.. then maybe I can fix up my blog. (and give microsoft their $125) (sunday..) We… more →

Last Goodbye

I’m very anti-facebook. But I’m not trying to convince you to stop using it. *ahem* One of the big reasons why I dislike it is that it’s incredibly difficult to delete your account. The deactivate button is a trap, because once you log back in, it’s like nothing even happened. And even with your account deactivated, you still get craploads of spam from them. But wait! I finally figured out how to truly delete your Facebook account. (If you ever decide to smarten up.) Login Go to the Account Deletion Request Page. Submit the form. But wait, that’s not all you have to do. It takes 14 days for them to delete your account, and if you slip-up and login even once, you have to start all over. See how hard it is? Man, what a find. I have to thank Dan Yoder and his "Top… more →

Different Colors

AP Computer Science AP test was beyond ridiculous. Especially for me, most of it was CASHEE-level crap. Every time I have to waste hours taking computer-science tests, I always think: Why did I take this class? Logically, I could have five-d the AP Test with a week or so of preparation. And instead, I could have taken Physics or something more.. worthwhile. Though, without APCS, I wouldn’t have gotten a volunteer position at Collegewood. And screwing around during lectures wasn’t bad at all.. It’s annoying how these things work out. But actually, I DID learn stuff in APCS. I learned sorting and searching algorithms. Mostly because, I would usually use language-presets. The FRQ’s about writing huge problems were really daunting.. until you see the actual questions. I’m more open to big programming projects now. I finally found a programming language that I hate with a passion. HASHCODING! Even though… more →