Monthly Archives: September 2010


So roger, tell us about your greatest weakness.(Crud. Oh crud. Alright, well I’m supposed to say something like I work too hard or I get too caught up in my work. It didn’t sound so demeaning last week. Gotta make something up quick. Weakness. Like getting distracted? Man it’s gotta be positive. Damn, I’m sweating bullets.) My greatest weakness.. Probably working with other people. (Yeah, that’s partially true. I’d really prefer to work alone. Actually, that’s not true. I’d like a bajillion clones of myself with unquestioning obedience and access to whatever I’m thinking of at the moment.) Usually I work alone on my projects. Partly because there wasn’t anyone in my life who I could really discuss programming about, with. (ROGER! stop stuttering damit.) Then, I’ve got this theory about programming in teams. (Okay, familiar territory. I got this planned.)… more →


Heh. I really don’t have time to blog on RogerHub because of IB. Though, I like the workload since now, I never feel like I’m wasting time. (Just finished ~60 pages of BMU) Heh. So I’ll just go train-of-thought and type down whatever I can think of in 5 minutes. So I’m tutoring this Mexican guy in geometry and sometimes, I just don’t see how people don’t understand something. I thought it’d be interesting and all to tutor, but it’s really idle and pointless. You know, I saw this guy doing a news summary thing on CNet on the 16th. (I remember this because Diaspora opened up their repository and IE9 went beta.) I’ve no idea how to pronounce most of the words related to internet/web events. So, when I see these live broadcasts of people talking about github and… more →