Final Grade Calculator

This tool will determine what grade (percentage) you need on your final exam in order to get a certain grade in a class.

Your current grade is %.

You want (at least) a % in the class.

Your final is worth % of your grade.

Question: I took the final. What’s my overall grade?

Since you’ve already taken your final exam, you can now calculate your overall grade.

Your grade was % before.

You got a % on the final.

Your final is worth % of your grade.

Question: My final counts as a test. What do I need to get?

If your final is in the “tests” category, then your overall grade will be affected by your current test average and how many tests you’ve taken so far.

Your current grade is %.

You want (at least) a % in the class.

Tests are worth % of your grade.

You have taken tests already.

Your test average is %.

The final is worth tests.

Question: There are 2+ parts in my final. What do I have to get on them?

If your final has multiple parts and you’ve finished some of them, then you can calculate what you need on the remaining parts. Your current grade should not include any part of your final.

Your current grade is %.

You want (at least) a % in the class.

Your final is worth % of your grade.

You have parts to your final.

You have taken part(s) already.

Your 1st part is worth points.

Your 2nd part is worth points.

Your 3rd part is worth points.

Your 4th part is worth points.

Your 5th part is worth points.

Your 6th part is worth points.

Your 7th part is worth points.

Your 8th part is worth points.

On part 1, you got points.

On part 2, you got points.

On part 3, you got points.

On part 4, you got points.

On part 5, you got points.

On part 6, you got points.

On part 7, you got points.

Question: My class has a point system. How much is the final worth?

You can calculate how much your final is worth by dividing the number of points in your final by the total number of points.

Including the final, there are points possible.

Your final is worth points.

Question: My lowest test grade is dropped. What do I need to get?

Your overall grade depends on how low your lowest test grades are. If your final replaces your lowest test grade, then tell the calculator that your lowest 1 test is dropped and your final also counts as 1 test.

Your current grade is %.

You want (at least) a % in the class.

Tests are worth % of your grade.

Your have taken tests already.

Your test average is %.

Your lowest tests are dropped.

Lowest test grade was %.

2nd lowest test was %.

3rd lowest test was %.

4th lowest test was %.

5th lowest test was %.

6th lowest test was %.

7th lowest test was %.

8th lowest test was %.

Your final also counts as tests.

Your final is also worth % of your grade.

How does this work?
Most class grades are made up of several categories: homework, classwork, tests/quizzes, and the final exam. Usually, each category is worth a percentage of your overall grade. But because your final exam isn't scored until the very end, it isn't included when calculating your current overall grade. Instead, all the other categories are scaled up to consume the weight reserved for the final exam. Therefore, you can calculate the minimum grade you need to score on the final exam using the formula:

Required = (Goal − Current × (100% − Final Weight)) / Final Weight

See the formula sheet for an explanation of this formula and other formulas used in this calculator. It's not rocket science, it's just math! You could, of course, do this on any calculator, but you're here on RogerHub because it's cool. (:

I need more help!
Try one of the different calculator modes listed above. The advanced mode handles many different kinds of situations, such as:

  • If you have more tests and homework before the final
  • When your final counts as a test grade
  • Dropping the lowest test grades
  • Makeup assignments or test retakes
  • Extra credit
  • Missing assignments

If none of those options answers your question, feel free to ask your question in the comments section below.

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Wed, 20 Feb 2019 17:18:58 GMT

I recently got my worst grade of an F back to a 63% and on an old test from two weeks ago, I used a few things from another person's test and got an F on the test for it, it's worth 43% of my grade and wanted to know how much this will affect my overall grade of 76%

Evan Nowak
Wed, 20 Feb 2019 16:27:40 GMT

Roger I love you

Staying alive
Wed, 20 Feb 2019 06:20:34 GMT

Our passing grade 75%, every quiz and exam, if you score between 70-75, you're eligible for a rewrite. If btw 65-70, repeat the entire semester. If below 60, expelled,or shall i say.. asked very nicely, to take a break and come back when you're ready.

Quizzes are mostly 2-10%
Midterm 15-30
Final30-40 (yes, it's ridiculous. I know)
And then our random assignments

Wed, 20 Feb 2019 05:23:13 GMT

hey there

roger sir

it's me

over here,

oui, monsieur

yeah, it's that one girl

yes, it's her

the one who keeps


about life

and its miseries

the one who keeps


to unravel its mysteries

the mysterious evil

that plague the earth

also known

as stupidity.

Wed, 20 Feb 2019 05:20:25 GMT

hey guy

who commented below

yes you

the one who pleaded

but has not not succeeded

to get roger's attention

(yes, for the billionth time, it's you i've mentioned):


if that is your

most urgent request

consider yourself lucky

not to have all this stress

things weighing you down

so hard it hurts your chest

consider yourself lucky

and consider yourself blessed.

Hey Roger,
Wed, 20 Feb 2019 02:49:29 GMT

Could you reply to me so that I can tell all of my friends. Thanks, and have a good day.

Wed, 20 Feb 2019 02:09:30 GMT

guys i checked my grades online

and i saw that i got a really bad grade on something

but i was so sure i did everything right


and it was a really easy assignment

and im really upset

and i hate school now

i used to love school and look forward to it

but because of this stupid teacher

i will never see school the same way again

school is pain

and i have very low tolerance for it


to the student who once thought

she could be anything

do anything.

because now she realizes

that there's no point trying to change the world

because it's full of idiots

and they don't deserve my help

Roger fan
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 19:04:27 GMT

we literally stan Roger in this house

Hunter Neil
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 17:06:26 GMT

Right now, I have a 87 in chemistry. Quizzes are worth 20% and i have had 4 quizzes, my average being a 81.25% in that category. Tests are worth 50% and i have had 3 tests, my average being a 86.33% in that category. Homework is worth 10% and i have had 13 homework assignments, my average being a 100% in that category. The final category is the final exam, that i have not taken yet, which is worth 20%. My teacher is offering to put in a 100% as a quiz grade if we do an extra credit assignment. The only thing is that the extra credit assignment is very tedious and boring. I want to know how much that 100% could bring up my test grade, so i can decide whether it's worth it or not. I am trying to get an A in the class. Thank you.

West Aurora Shooter
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 15:30:48 GMT

Dude I went off that day!!!!!!

El compa juan
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 15:25:38 GMT

anyone know juan de dios alvarez?

Done For
Tue, 19 Feb 2019 13:26:09 GMT

Guess who needs to get an 97% on their final to get at least an 80% in my english class. Also guess who gets F's and D's on all my test and quizzes because im legit a big old dumb head. If you guessed me you're correct. Its been nice knowing you guys see you in the after life.

Tue, 19 Feb 2019 05:25:33 GMT

I have a midterm tmr worth 35% so wish me luck!

Tue, 19 Feb 2019 05:00:48 GMT

<font color="color_name|hex_number|0,106,246">rfff

Roger: Keep trying!

Mon, 18 Feb 2019 17:03:51 GMT


Mon, 18 Feb 2019 16:56:32 GMT

ok i have a 99.78 and i have atest coming up thats worth 20% of our grade what do i need to get to bring it up to a 100%

Roger: You’ll need to score at least a 100.9% on your test, I suppose.

Ann'Aliyah Hodson
Sun, 17 Feb 2019 16:36:04 GMT

Hi I have a 83% in my AICE Eng Lang Class and I got a 100% on my project that was worth 25% of my grade. How much will my grade go up in that class? Plz help me!!!

Roger: Is your project worth 25% of your grade by itself? Or is part of a “projects” category that’s altogether worth 25% of your grade? Try out the calculator mode labeled “I need something else”. It may be able to help.

Sun, 17 Feb 2019 03:10:19 GMT

I have a 73 in math and need a 186.5% to make honors! SAVE ME!

eecs eecs
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 21:54:28 GMT

Yo wassup Roger i see your commits on the CS 162 threads project, we doing that rn shot is mad litty

Roger: Haha

Fri, 15 Feb 2019 18:50:14 GMT

i got a 62 on my final and my grade was a 70. its been an honor boys, im dead

Fri, 15 Feb 2019 18:19:58 GMT

i got 97 on my grade 10 academic mathh exam yall can do it lol

Fri, 15 Feb 2019 16:18:20 GMT

oh yah

Kill joy
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 05:49:40 GMT

Please save me

calm down
Fri, 15 Feb 2019 00:49:03 GMT

guys it's a new semester, you have time to bomb some tests

and still have a chance for a passing grade

so calm down


Shane Dawson
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 18:56:49 GMT

Remember, Chuck E Cheese's pizza was made from Milos. That's why they both suck

lilly kane
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 17:57:55 GMT

it's not my fault. i can't help it, god made me fabulous.

Big Roger Fan
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 04:21:30 GMT

You're the best man. Please say hi back.

Roger: Haha, thanks.

Mo Bamba
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 03:23:18 GMT

Made this here with all this ice out in the booth
at the gate outside when they pull up they gimme loot
yeah jumpout boys thats nike hopping out coupes

sick o maode

Thu, 14 Feb 2019 02:21:36 GMT

If I get below a 50 on my first exam that’s worth 15%, is it still possible to get an A if I ace everything else?

Roger: I think so.

Thu, 14 Feb 2019 01:02:48 GMT

Fortnite rules kids

Fortnite sucks
Wed, 13 Feb 2019 20:39:40 GMT

Who would ever play Fortnine? It's complete GARBAGE!!

Wed, 13 Feb 2019 16:29:12 GMT

Remember kids, we're still hiring!!!

ya boi
Wed, 13 Feb 2019 14:07:59 GMT

yo was up. adifviehfvbhldfhvldbhlafsvadflvhqedafvlbadfslvbhlkadfsvbkhladsfvbadfhvlhbadfvadbhf

Tue, 12 Feb 2019 23:19:10 GMT

I'm so worried. I'm retaking MAT 143 because I have a difficulty with math, and I accidentally forgot to do some work for it, as well as not been able to do too well in it so far. I really don't want to retake this again and have wasted my money. I know it's still early-ish in the semester (started Jan. 5th) and I can still bring my grade up but... Please pray for me.

Why are you running
Tue, 12 Feb 2019 23:06:08 GMT

Alright time to ACE this test!
*flips to question one* ummmm idk
*flips to question two but its answer is based off of question one*
bye Felicia

Spread the joy
Tue, 12 Feb 2019 15:32:06 GMT

Things will get better y'all. Peppermint tea is calming and so is yoga. Internal screaming*

Tue, 12 Feb 2019 14:13:32 GMT

This is the first time I have an A in my science class. Please pray I can keep it!

Tue, 12 Feb 2019 03:25:48 GMT

Hi roger, im going to try to be you

<em>Roger: lmao did it work</em>

Roger: It worked!

Dear Roger,
Mon, 11 Feb 2019 20:11:38 GMT

if it's possible, could you take my ib exam in may for me? thanks... I need the help :(

Roger: As long as it’s not history or any foreign languages.

Mon, 11 Feb 2019 16:50:11 GMT

Hi Mr. Chen. My name is Koki and I love your calculator. I love it more than my left kidney. It is my second favorite hub of all time, second to only github. As a side note, I like to program and upload Japanese Manga stories and commit and push them to github. You should go check it out. I’m actually somewhat of a hub connoisseur myself. My schoolmate acquaintances don’t call me “Kokihub” for nothing. I only eat food from GrubHub, and I actually get my car insurance from there as well. I have a list of hubs I use on ListHub. That’s how hardcore I am. I happen to even know that MineHub isn’t actually my hub, but a hub for mining and resource collection. I actually work at a hub, but I can’t say which hub because it’s classified. Call me James Bond. Tire experts are created by me, for me.

Roger: I originally “RogerHub” because of USB hubs.

Mon, 11 Feb 2019 08:46:32 GMT

What is the minimal grade for every class I need to have to go to Harvard grade 9 btw

Mon, 11 Feb 2019 08:43:55 GMT

My name is Martin xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

you did well jonghyun
Sun, 10 Feb 2019 17:39:51 GMT

the overload of cps students here is certainly something lmao

Sat, 09 Feb 2019 02:53:17 GMT

so um... any advice to become roger further and ascend into math greatness. Obviously plan A failed and I am having problems developing plan B. Considering aborting the mission.

1/30/2019, 11:21:03 PM
Hey Roger, I am you now.

body {
color: blue;
font-family: Arial,sans-serif;
background: #1b2b36;
word-wrap: break-word;

Roger: Close enough.

Roger: I learned a lot of math by taking prep classes for the AMC and AIME competitions in high school.

Fri, 08 Feb 2019 23:46:56 GMT

this is the first place i come when i'm crying about a midterm

Hailey J.
Fri, 08 Feb 2019 17:27:56 GMT

O have a 94 average in my science class. I just made a 69 on a quiz. What is my new average and what will I have to do in order to maintain a 94 average?

Roger: It depends on how much your quiz is worth. Try out the calculator mode labeled “I need something else”. It should be able to help.

Cherish me and Give me Beans
Fri, 08 Feb 2019 15:06:46 GMT

Report cards are coming in a week and I had to get an ugly 68 on my major test :(. I have two projects I’m falling behind and putting all my efforts into them but it’s just not working out :(. The projects are due Monday and I have TWO to do since my teacher wants detail on the building. Also my teacher hasn’t told me about re tests yet, hopefully theyre before the report card. Right now I just wanna eat some beans with garlic bread in my bed as I watch iCarly.

Billy joy
Fri, 08 Feb 2019 14:27:24 GMT

I need at least a 40 im gucci

Bill Joy
Fri, 08 Feb 2019 05:02:00 GMT

Type something here.

stressed out
Fri, 08 Feb 2019 03:46:18 GMT

hey..i need help like ugh ..i am doing nursing school and how many quizzes can i fail in order to get 75% in class.. ive got 24 quizzes each worth 2 percent..

Roger: I suppose you could score 0 on up to 12 quizzes (24%) and still get a 75% overall grade.

Fri, 08 Feb 2019 00:14:51 GMT

hit me up with them friendcodes for a link main instead of studying :)))))

ya boi jimmyeatsfratattas
Thu, 07 Feb 2019 18:49:07 GMT

Done with this school thing

Thu, 07 Feb 2019 18:28:51 GMT

I currently have a 70.4% in my class, I need a 78% overall to pass the class, I have 2 exams remaining that’s worth 55% and 3 quizzes left that’s work 5%(1% each) and a HESI that will be worth 20%...
Overall there are (4 Unit Exams..55%)
(5 weekly Quizes 5%.{1%each}) and (1specialty exam HESI...20%)....
What do I need to get on the rest of my test to get up to a 78% to pass

Roger: What did you score on your past exams and quizzes? What’s the other 20% of your grade made of? Try out the calculator mode labeled “I need something else”. It should be able to answer your question.

Ohh yeah yeah
Thu, 07 Feb 2019 12:11:44 GMT

I need a 114, I am screwed

Sir Savage the 21st
Thu, 07 Feb 2019 07:42:19 GMT


Thu, 07 Feb 2019 05:14:12 GMT

Woot woot got a 107 in Trig!

we get it suzan
Thu, 07 Feb 2019 02:51:57 GMT

y u sad?

Thu, 07 Feb 2019 01:20:30 GMT

Dread it. Run from it. Finals still arrive.
I know what it's like to fail. To feel so desperately for an A, yet to fail all the same

Fun isn't something one considers when studying for finals. But this doesn't put a smile on my face

You should have should have for the dropout

Reality is often disappointing.....but is even worse than before

Wed, 06 Feb 2019 14:18:06 GMT

yo was up its ya boi

gloved hands
Wed, 06 Feb 2019 13:24:49 GMT

i am a senior and all i want now is the sweet embrace of graduation. i used to use this calculator during my junior year because i was constantly stressed and let my grades define my self worth. kids, don't let grades make or break your confidence in yourself. you can have a great GPA and a poo personality. or vise versa i guess but who cares. just dont let one thing control who you are

Wed, 06 Feb 2019 04:35:01 GMT

i was just scrolling through the comments, and i found one that was basically saying that we complain a lot and it's our fault our grades are bad and all that jazz. idk why, but it kinda pissed me off so here i am
first off, it was stated our full time occupation is a student so grades below 95% is bad.
a lot of students aren't just students. kids participate in sports, clubs, extracurricular activities, and some even have jobs. most of these things don't really work with your normal eight hour school days so more often than not you aren't left with a lot of time to do school work. this doesn't even account for the fact some kids take ap and dual credit courses and honestly, i could go into a whole other rant on that by itself.
secondly, not every school and teacher is the same. some teachers genuinely suck and probably shouldn't be teachers in the first place so it's left to the student to do a lot of self teaching. even then, some support systems offered at school is awful and rarely ever help the actual kid out.
lastly, i'm assuming most adults nowadays wouldn't even really be able to understand what the heck is being taught in modern day classrooms anymore. nearly every adult i've asked who isn't an educator has trouble with even the simplest things so it's hard to take someone who can't even understand how to find corresponding angles in a triangle seriously.
sorry for the rant, the comment just really annoyed me and i wanted to get it off my chest.

Wed, 06 Feb 2019 03:23:39 GMT

I have a 89 in my class I want a 95 and my final grade is 15 percent

Elon Musk
Wed, 06 Feb 2019 02:27:11 GMT

I'm colonizing mars tomorrow

A Faliure
Wed, 06 Feb 2019 01:44:24 GMT

I need a 100.33% in the next semester and my final to get an A in Algebra 2H. Welp.

Michael R. Jackson
Wed, 06 Feb 2019 00:53:02 GMT

all i need as a 100 till i have a 100% in band

Alyssa Rawls
Wed, 06 Feb 2019 00:22:59 GMT

Help!! I have an essay test tomorrow that I'm not ready for and a debate with a bunch of people who don't know what they're doing. Well good grades it was nice knowing you

Ben Simmons
Wed, 06 Feb 2019 00:15:14 GMT

workin on my jumper #weworkin #brotherlylove #philly

Tue, 05 Feb 2019 23:17:25 GMT


Tue, 05 Feb 2019 18:32:48 GMT

So, I slept 4 hours last night only to fail the test anyway. AND I got the bell ringer wrong. Yay... ready for my grade to plummet into the same abyss my reputation fell into.

Tue, 05 Feb 2019 05:25:05 GMT

Hey Roger. Just wanted to say hi. Enjoy the rest of your day :)

Roger: Thanks!

Ames High Student
Tue, 05 Feb 2019 05:17:27 GMT


Tue, 05 Feb 2019 04:25:22 GMT

does anyone have any advice for studying... and boy problems

Tue, 05 Feb 2019 03:00:31 GMT

ay what did yall think of the anthem beta

big man
Tue, 05 Feb 2019 02:40:34 GMT

All you people are dumb. Now that it's Black History Month, nothing can stop me b

stan twice
Tue, 05 Feb 2019 01:45:42 GMT

hey roger,

do you have any advice for someone who procrastinates a lot?

Roger: Sleep more, get a “to-do” list, and change up your daily routine so you don’t have to do things at the same time every day.

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Wed, 20 Feb 2019 20:32:38 GMT