ANY key?

A few days ago, Microsoft revealed a new website called Where’s the ‘Any’ Key?. IT guys post funny/fail tech support stories. I think that made my week..

Image: mount.png

Aside from the flat snow-line and discolored rocks, this picture is crazy realistic right?

Image: Photo1226.jpg

The wind was so strong on Thursday. This sign was knocked over. Those two facts are unrelated.

Image: Photo1225.jpg

Or are they?

Image: stupid.PNG

I was reading this CNN article titled Can world’s largest laser zap Earth’s energy woes?

Image: football.PNG

The story was exciting, but it was nothing compared to the comments..

Image: die.PNG

I seriously never knew CNN community could be so insightful. ØŸ

Image: capslock.PNG

Or relevant. ØŸ

At callbacks on Thursday (NHS), they switched me so that I’m running for parliamentarian. Apparently, parliamentarians manage the website and newsletter. (What does that have to do with parliament..?)

I guess everyone thinks they’re good with computers, so they apply for parliamentarian.

HMM, well good luck to you all.

林俊傑 - 黑武士

Anybody care to tell me what these lyrics are about..?


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It’s only the most awesome dictionary on rogerhub!

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Mon, 17 May 2010 00:55:22 GMT

and go google the lyrics X3

Sun, 02 May 2010 02:00:46 GMT

Where’s Any Key is freakin funny. that’s like gonna be my new fml.

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