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Windows 7 was released this past Thursday (Oct22). There’s been alot of hype about windows 7 because of the bad reception that Windows Vista got. Personally, I don’t think vista was that bad. Vista’s look and feel was much better than that of all the previous versions of Windows. There were alot of new features like Windows DreamScene and Aero that made the overall experience of using a computer more enjoyable. Most people think that Vista’s main fault was the fact that it ran slower than Windows XP. Even before Vista was introduced by Microsoft, I didn’t expect Vista to run faster than XP benchmark-wise. This is absolutely normal. As technology advances and yesterday’s servers are now found in today’s homes, Operating Systems are supposed to take advantage of the extra resources that are provided to them. XP had support for window… more →

PHP Serialize

(This post is for computer-literate people.) Originally, Boggert would load everything (blog posts, blog design, gadgets on the side) from the database and display it dynamically. This worked for a while, but the constant database activity was really killing the site’s speed. So, I have implemented SQL caching for Boggert. Basically, this feature memorizes what’s in the database so that all the posts,design,etc.. can be loaded locally from the web server. Of course, a cache isn’t meant to last forever. Boggert is a dynamic web application because it runs on a database, and not on static files. Therefore, every time a comment is posted, a file is uploaded, or a new post is posted, the cache has to be cleared and recreated. To make the cache for Boggert, I created two cache files for the two main parts of Boggert. I store these in… more →

Gaming Surface

My dad brought home a new mousepad (gaming surface, according to Orion). It looks great with my crappy HP mouse. It’s kinda big though... (9" x 11")


Finally added comments to boggert. Took around an hour. Pretty good time Go post some comments!! (Click a blog post’s title and scroll down to post them.) I will add SQL caching (pronounced cash-ing) soon. That should improve the loading times of things. (EDIT: partial SQL caching is finished. it still has some bugs, so bear with me here...) (EDIT2: SQL caching is finished. Does the site feel any faster? Well, I fixed the timezone problem too. It has been changed from NY->LA.)


So, I went to the east coast this summer. Newyork>DC>Niagarafalls>Boston. (I saw james h. ) (I’m so tall) Yeah, if you’ve ever watched the garfield movie, you’ll know where that’s from. I also saw these guys making glass bottles. They gave away three vases at the end, but I didn’t get one. Niagara falls is pretty awesome. But I wouldn’t know. I was too busy trying to keep my stuff dry. If you look closely, the riverbed before the waterfall’s cascade is a different color from the side of the cascade. Our tour guide mentioned something about projects to preserve the waterfall from being destroyed. I’m guessing that they put some sort of material on the river floor to keep it from eroding. There are alot of high-rise buildings in the east coast. They’re probably business buildings for big companies and such. It’s pretty creepy… more →

Oh no! viruses

Someone really needs to fix our school computers... It’s only been two months and half of them are infected.

[Myth?] Installing Programs

1. Introduction It really bugs me when people refuse to install things on the premise that it will "slow down their computers". In reality, the programs that reside on your computer are just idle bits on your hard drive. So, is there some truth to this myth? 2. Program Installing Often, programs that are aimed towards computer-literate users will come as a portable application without a complicated install process. (i.e. CPU-Z) These programs are good to go by themselves completely. Other programs require specific drivers and dependencies that must be installed on your computer before they can be run. (i.e., Adobe CS4) However, most programs are targeted towards common users who have no knowledge of their inner workings. All programs share qualities that may or may not affect system performance. Here are some of them: -Active Usage- When a program is running, it will inevitably consume… more →