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No Magic

There is no magic in programming. Secluded towers of cables and equipment. Chairs suspended on beams from the wall. Men in black exploding shit with their furious key-mashing. Lines of random gibberish with occasional sequences of 0’s and 1’s. Movies might exaggerate the capability of guns and modern medicine, but it’s nothing like how computers are portrayedBOB feat Eminem and Hayley Williams - Airplanes Part II Guys in trucks can’t blow up your computer by hacking around. You see, computer parts that explode just doesn’t fly with the FCC. Here’s a theory: CG guys and animators don’t get famous doing movies. So management satisfies them with computer-smart characters that can blow stuff up. Believe me when I say programmers are all perfectionists. Naturally, people are used to super-high standards with computers. Dreams of utopian societies where computers make everything painless are inherently… more →

China 2010

Customary blog updates about vacations are so expected that they’re almost a requirement rather than a rarity. But this one lasted a mere 9 days, which took up the bulk of my school-free summer days. It’s almost hard not to write about it. 14 hour flight to China. Not too bad. Boeing 777 9-seater (wow) and little TV things. Oh cool, it has entertainment.. and a credit card reader. Oh great. But wait! Man, these movies are free? Oh crap, suddenly I feel like this flight won’t be too bad. I watch TV there till the pus is leaking from my eye-sockets. Then I doze off, while listening to their inadequate selection of asian pop music. Off the plane, to grandma’s house. On the inside, it’s huge. Even though it’s next to a dump.. But it’s a pretty nice dump. (as opposed to my ten-pounders from… more →


Commonly used in the music industry, remastering is the process of refining or reviving an old piece of art. Often, remastered pieces have qualities and nuances that are completely original. This is RogerHub Remastered.It has been nearly a month since I last posted. Perhaps I was too unsatisfied with the state of the website. RogerHub reflects what I did a year ago. Naturally, it’s missing a purpose. Internally, page generation is slow, modulation is nonexistent and the layout is horrid. Mentally, a dwindling hit count sparked a positive feedback loop of steady deterioration in interest. Rewrite: RogerHub’s internal generator, Boggert, was the cause of a lot of problems. It’s very inflexible and slow. (Kind of like Internet Explorer) So, I’ve made a series of changes and dubbed the new version, Boggert 2.0. Even though Boggert’s technical problems were fixed, RogerHub still had… more →