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Time is such a crazy concept. It must have really taken a genius to figure out that time was something that can be separated and split into distinct intervals. I still remember getting home from kindergarten at 11 AM and wondering why seconds go by so slowly, and it’s like time’s just not the same anymore. A bajillion years ago, setting global standards for time was easy because all you would have to do is go ask the guy who ruled the whole world, you know? But now that everyone speaks different languages and has, like what the hell, the time on your clock changes depending on where you are in the world? Then we’re all trying to cling on to the definitions of time set by some old dead guys a million years ago, defining them as multiples of… more →


I saw my friend reading a book about the explosion of data that comes with the evolution of the Internet and really those books are all plain stupid. You can’t read about information logistics: there’s no easy way to experience it short of actually working with the enormous amount of data that, simply, exists. So lets say I’ve got a printing press that has 75 wheels of letters. Each wheel has stamps of the 50 most common alphabet characters, numbers, spaces and punctuation marks used in English. Then, this printing press starts printing out every sentence that can possibly exists by combining random combinations of these 50 letters in sets of 75 characters per line. Most of the lines are utter gibberish like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa but once in a while, it’ll say something insightful: the world will end in 2012, followed… more →

Perfect convenience

I’ve just finished. 125454 letters in 2600 lines of code, now I just have to get this project off the ground.. yeah maybe later. It’s not exactly exciting telling people about your weekend programming, even if it was with awesome rainy weather and even if you did get.. like a third of the size of your last 4-month project done in 4 days. People like telling stories about sports and stuff because they think its exciting. It gets to a point where it’s actually more exciting telling the story than experiencing it. See, why is this? It’s because, one day, an idiot saw how much trouble people had coming up with interesting stories and decided to fix it. He wanted to make it convenient. Then there’s reality TV where you can watch other people having fun. Then, you can even… more →

Tools of convenience

There is no combination of lights I can show you on this 10-pound chunk of glass, metal, and plastic that will make you any happier than you are now. Yet, I’m here every day thinking of ideas. Ideas that could be wonderful if they ever worked. Ideas that promise success and recognition as if some peculiar combination of lights on the crystal display will break this haunting premise. Conversely, you’re staring at this pane of falsehood and illusion for hours a day trying to attain the same impossible utility that I try for, but in a completely different way. We both spend a ridiculously disproportionate amount of time on this pinnacle of human innovation and we both forget: A computer is just a fucking tool. See, social networking principles dictate that the purpose of digital communication is to better communication… more →


There are programs. Then, there are programs that help you make programs. Then, using those programs, you can create a program that will help other people create programs. I was reading about the pioneer plaque and, really, it’s amazing. So, on Pioneer 11 and 12, there are plaques with information about our human race in case aliens ever find the spacecraft. Assuming the aliens have some sort of mechanism to read and process electromagnetic light, they could gather information about our location and our intelligence, just by understanding the supposedly universal symbols on the plaque. But that’s the problem. How could anything be universal? Alien’s don’t know what an arrow is or what it means. They wouldn’t know who Pythagoras was but they’d know his theorem. They would probably use a different number system with different symbols and base. But… more →


It’s raining right now. I was thinking how nuclear fallout can cause rain and stuff and then I thought about nationwide programs for this sort of stuff and then I thought about NASA and their publication about the bacteria that incorporate arsenic into their organic molecules. Did nobody else notice this? A few months ago, Obama cut NASA’s budget, forever destroying the dreams of 10-year-old astronauts. Then, NASA spent a ton of money trying to get public attention, spreading rumors about them finding organisms that completely redefine what we consider to be organic. I thought they had silicon-based life or something they found on another planet. But arsenic from Mono lake? Big whoop. Maybe that’s important to some people, but anyone would guess that this is NASA’s sucking up to Obama so that he’ll give them more money. Oh, you… more →

Content screaming

For the longest time, I’ve had this idea on my get-rich quick million-dollar programming ideas list but today I found out that someone’s already done it. Long story: Internet TV Streaming is fine and all, but it just doesn’t work, especially in the US because of the copyright crap. Centralized distribution of content is just a bad idea because, eventually, someone has to take the blame for it. So, I thought of applying decentralized P2P protocols to movies and TV which would be entirely possible. Let’s say there are 100 publishers with distribution centers around the world that publish TV content. While these guys are downloading content from the distribution server, they’re simultaneously uploading what they’ve got to other watchers. The video is encoded in a streaming-enabled format and sliced into bits. The earlier bits are given more priority and, with… more →