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Fri, 04 Dec 2015 04:12:19 GMT

Ughhh I really want to get into Cal or UCLA but it basically says I'm completely borderline. 4.18 UC GPA and 2080 on the SAT. I'm not an engineering major or anything so hopefully that will work in my favor.

Commenter X
Fri, 04 Dec 2015 01:53:55 GMT

My uc gpa is a 3.6, and I got a 35 on the act, apparently I have no chance of getting into ucla, what's the dealio?

Thu, 03 Dec 2015 03:46:46 GMT

Thanks Roger - HOLY SMOKES made me feel very good about myself.

2350 SAT (800 CR, 770 Math, 780 Writing)
4.19 UC GPA (1 B)
Good but pretty routine extracurriculars.
Good but not great essays.

My problem is my Subject Tests:
Chem and US History should be fine, but only a 750 on math.
Do UCs (Berkeley and LA particularly) take the math II subject test seriously?

Can I hope for a Berkeley/LA admission based on SAT and GPA alone? (like I said, my extras are fairly plentiful but also fairly predictable)

My results make me feel very confident... I'm just wondering if SAT II scores/extracurriculars will pose a problem.

Thanks again.

Roger: I don’t think SAT II subject tests can hurt your application, especially since they aren’t required anymore. Also, don’t you have the option to keep them secret from universities?

Wed, 02 Dec 2015 06:58:13 GMT

My dream school is UCSD, it said I have a 24% chance of getting in for engineering but here is all of my info and please let me know what you think:
SAT: 1920 (M660, CR660, W600)
ACT: 30 (M33, S31, E31, R26)
gpa: 3.59
I go to amador valley high school api: 10
I'm a girl applying for engineering
i have been volunteering regularly since freshman year, I play two varsity sports, I'm captain of the dance team at my school and have been on since freshman year. the big thing that i think effects my chances is that I was diagnosed with ADD during my sophomore year, after which I saw a dramatic increase in my gpa. I wrote about this and noted the change in my additional comments sections.
I also randomly decided to take the math level 2 test and did horrible (630) so I'm studying this time and taking it on Saturday along with the physics subject test
Basically just gave you a shortened version of my application, let me know what you think! thank you!!!

Roger: I don’t know much about admissions at UCSD. But good luck on your upcoming SAT subject tests!

Wed, 02 Dec 2015 04:39:35 GMT

For UC Berkeley*

Wed, 02 Dec 2015 04:39:15 GMT

My SAT score isn't very high it's only 1880, and my GPA is 4.33. I've taken 6 AP Tests a passed them all, and am taking the highest math available at my school AP Cal BC. My subject test scores were terrible, 580 for Chem and 640 for math though I'm retaking them Dec. 5. However I am a National Hispanic Scholar Finalist. I also have played 2 varsity sports and have been president and concertmaster of my orchestra. What are my chances?

Roger: I don’t know, sorry. Good luck anyway.

Tue, 01 Dec 2015 10:48:42 GMT

In addition to my comment below, I have applied to major in Microbiology / Immunology. Sorry for this additional comment!

Tue, 01 Dec 2015 10:39:08 GMT

Hi Roger, I was wondering if I have chance for UC Berkeley and mainly, UCLA. I am an in state California senior and have already submitted my apps. My GPA is a 4.45 according to my transcript and 4.17 according to the UC calculator. I screwed up badly on 2 of my AP exams in my junior year cause I was pretty distracted, but I have learned my lesson from that. Got a 5 on AP world, 4 on AP US, 3 Physics, 2 Chem, and 1 on Calc AB. My SAT scores are not that competitive either, 1760 composite, and 26 on the ACT. I still have one more shot at the SAT and ACT this following week though, hopefully a 2k,
A few ECs and 3 years of varsity sports. What do you tihnk are my chances at UCLA mainly? If not what about Davis and UCSD? I've always wished for a fresh start of my second semester of my Junior year but everything just went downhill there... But let's stick to the present :)
Thanks man.

Roger: Check out this UCLA freshman admit profile. It should give you an idea of what the typical admit to UCLA scored. Good luck on your SAT retake, and make sure you submit that updated score as soon as possible.

Tue, 01 Dec 2015 01:09:54 GMT

Forgot to mention if it might help:

I'm a 3 season athlete (XC, Indoor and Outdoor Tack and Field) and have placed in many regional and county championships. I don't know if this will effect anything, but I just wanted to make sure that I put everything out there.

Tue, 01 Dec 2015 01:02:24 GMT

Hey Roger,

I'm from a competitive public school in Maryland and I just applied to Berkeley yesterday. I have got a 2200 on my highest SAT sitting, 34 for my composite ACT, and 800 and 720 respectively on the Math 2 and Physics SAT Subject Tests . By the end of senior year, I will have taken 13 AP exams. Already I have eight 5s and a 1 (Chinese, which I ended up not self reporting, I hope that's not a big issue) and I hope to have multiple more 5s by the end of senior year. I have a 4.0 unweighted, which is the highest you can get in my school with all A's, and take mostly AP and honors classes. I'm in the top 3 percent of my class, but I don't think they see that cause I never typed it in the application. I also have multiple extracurriculars, such as being the president of my school's Science National Honor Society plus research internships at Johns Hopkins, exchange programs to China, and lots of volunteer hours.

Here's my problems:
-As stated above, I reported the course AP Chinese on my application but did not report the score. Will they assume that I did terribly (which I did) and hurt my chances?

-I might have flubbed on one part of the personal statements (barely touched on a certain part that it asked, but on the other part I believe I did really well).

- On the UC Berkeley webpage, they say to not send any additional forms, such as official test scores or transcripts. Thing is, before I looked at the applications for ANY of the schools I am applying to, my school automatically sends transcripts and I sent my scores to all my schools.

I'm freaking out that I may have killed my chances to get into one of my top schools. How do my chances look and do you believe any of the aforementioned issues will cause too much harm to my application?


PS. I'm a Caucasian male from a well-off family, just in case that plays any role in my admissions.

Roger: I think the UC’s will ask for your transcript after the end of the Fall semester, so they’ll have your class rank. I don’t know how they feel about not reporting AP scores. Sending additional forms is probably not a big deal, and I’ve only heard that the personal statement is only important for borderline candidates. I think you’ll have no problem with Berkeley, especially with all those AP’s and extracurriculars.

Mon, 30 Nov 2015 08:53:55 GMT

5.5 UC gpa
38 ACT
2400 on the new 2016 SAT
president and probably founder of 10+ clubs (can't remember)
have lunch dates with head of states every week or two to discuss climate change
invented the hoverboard before BTF2 came out
skipped all grades, have multiple honorary graduate degrees
skipped walking/talking and straight to banter
broke guinness record of longest time spent away from the sun

what's my chance of getting into uc berkeley?

Roger: Haha

Sat, 28 Nov 2015 17:34:35 GMT

Hi Roger,
I'm currently a Junior at a fairly competitive high school in Cupertino. I have an unweighted GPA of a 3.9 (4.0 if you don't count freshman year). I have a 2270 SAT score. I don't have many extracurriculars (I volunteer at a hospital, I'm a crew leader for freshmen, I'm an AVID and Afterschool tutor, and I've been dancing for almost 10 years now. ). A lot of kids at my school have connections and can get research internships and shadowing opportunities, and I don't have anything like that. I want to go into medicine, and UCLA and UCSD are my first choices for college. What do you think about my chances? I'm fairly sure admittance has become more competitive over the years, particularly for UCLA.

Roger: Well, you’re doing better than I did in high school, and I got into both of those schools. You’ll do great, I think? (good luck!) If admission has gotten more difficult, well I haven’t noticed it, just based on personal experience.

Fri, 27 Nov 2015 00:27:04 GMT

I have an SAT score of 2020.
710 math
650 reading
620 writing
710 math2
Weighted GPA 3.95
Unweighted: 3.7? 3.6? My school only calculated my weighted.

I have 16 B+, 2 C, and rest are A. I took a good amount of APs. I'm an Eagle Scout with 1000+ hours of community service, 3 sports (swimming, track, cross country), Dragon Boat (rowing),etc.

I'm highly worried about my GPA and academic records; it says 51% for UC Davis? I want to apply for Biomedical Engineering.
What are your opinions? thank you!
Goal: UC Davis

Roger: I think your extracurriculars will get you accepted. Don’t sweat it too much.

Thu, 26 Nov 2015 03:06:12 GMT

alexandra get out

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 18:02:22 GMT

Hello Roger,

I have a 3.9 UC GPA, and I got a 1750 on my SAT.
I am the President of 8 clubs this year and was selected to be a part of a national committee and even had the opportunity to speak with the Vice President of the United States. I am also a part of a magazine's advisory committee and last month had my piece published in its national magazine. Last year I was chosen to fly to Sacramento and advocate for charter schools in California. I have been going to community college since I was 16 and next semester will be taking 4 extra classes. I have been on varsity tennis and have done lots of community service. I also work four jobs in order to support myself. I am a Latina, first generation student from a single parent home.
Do I have a good chance of getting into UCSD?

Roger: I think you should re-take the SAT. If you can bring your score to a 1900 or 2000, it’d put you above the mean score for UCSD admits. (But 1750 isn’t terrible either.)

Mon, 23 Nov 2015 17:45:17 GMT

Hi Roger,
If I am a girl applying to the STEM program at UC Berkeley or UCLA, would you think I have a better chance of getting accepted?

Roger: The UC’s admit students based on a “holistic” approach, which means they consider all aspects of a candidate, including their personal history and challenges. Technically, it’s not legal to factor in race or gender into an admissions decision at a public university, but in practice, the holistic approach does a similar thing.

Nina Ricken
Sun, 22 Nov 2015 00:22:32 GMT

Hi Roger,

I was wondering when you created this calculator, because I am applying to college right now and I would like to know how recent your data is! :)


Roger: The data is from 2009. The UC Statfinder program was shut down soon after and there is no more publicly available data with the same granularity that it provided.

Thu, 19 Nov 2015 07:37:08 GMT

Hi I'm Preethi I am a junior in high school and I have a 4.1 UC gpa and I got a 2170 on the SAT and I have been in varsity tennis since freshman year and I am going to be captain next year, I am also receiving my AA degree in liberal arts before I graduate and I am president of Red Cross a community service club called International Reachout. I also volunteer at the hospital and tutor elementary school students in math. I am 55/625 and I'm doing two APs and two honors classes this year Do you think I can get into UCSD?

Roger: I think you can get into UCSD, good luck!

Trying to get into Berkeley
Thu, 19 Nov 2015 05:28:28 GMT

Did you apply anywhere else? I really like CS and I have some experience with C/C++ and Python, and I am pretty fluent in JAVA. Also how are the surroundings? Is it safe? Are there a lot of protests? Is it expensive?

Roger: I knew I wanted to go to Berkeley before I applied, but I did apply to a few other colleges. As for whether Berkeley is safe/expensive... it really depends on your point of view. It’s definitely less expensive than private schools and not as “safe” as suburban colleges, but people come from different backgrounds and not everyone feels the same way.

Trying to get into Berkeley
Mon, 16 Nov 2015 04:09:12 GMT

Also I did not mention this in my stats: I have taken Math level 2 subject test (800 as m score)

Roger: Yeah, but a lot of people take that and get a full score. Check out this datable. An 800 in Math 2 only puts you at the 85th percentile.

Trying to get into Berkeley
Mon, 16 Nov 2015 04:06:16 GMT

Hey Roger, you tool has been really helpful and really gives me good advice. I have a 4.17 GPA (If I get all A's this year). I am taking the SAT in March, what should my SAT score be if I want to get into Computer Science at Berkeley? I am Asian (Indian to be specific) and a male. I am taking 4 AP classes, a one honors course this year (it's first semester of 2 this year). Also what extra-circulars do I need? I am on the swim team and the debate team, I am also an officer of my school's engineering club (it is pretty small right now). And does senior year affect college admission chances? If so to what extent? Does my profile look good for my desired major? If not what can I do to improve it? I am worried about this.

Roger: Do you already have experience writing computer programs? Just kidding... apparently UC college admissions don’t care about that (supposedly). Look up the 25th and 75th percentile SAT scores for UC Berkeley. You’ll want to get a score that’s close to the 75th percentile.

Plz help
Sun, 15 Nov 2015 02:03:14 GMT

Is this updated to current statistics?

Roger: The data is from 2009. The UC Statfinder program was shut down soon after and there is no more publicly available data with the same granularity that it provided.

Thu, 12 Nov 2015 04:56:35 GMT

quick question... Do the UC's take into account the fact that I am an IB diploma candidate? Does that make any sort of difference?

Roger: The UC's should take everything into account when they consider your application. But this calculator is based on released admissions statistics, which did not make any distinction for IB students.

Sun, 08 Nov 2015 17:58:30 GMT

Roger what was you GPA in high school when you got in? I am a junior and I have 3 B's already. Give me advice, I really want to get into Berkeley!

Roger: I got like 4 B’s in high school. It sounds like you’re in pretty good shape then?

Mon, 02 Nov 2015 05:00:53 GMT

What's your major at Berkely?

Roger: I’m in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Wed, 28 Oct 2015 01:56:36 GMT

I am a senior and I have 25 A's, 7 B's, and 6 C's, 8 of which are AP's, I was wondering do you think I have a possibility of getting into Santa Barbara, riverside, and Davis also I got a 32 on my ACT. Also, do UC schools round grades like does a B+ round down to a B. My last question is I am an out of state applicant do you think this reduces my chances.

Roger: I think UC admissions don’t distinguish between B vs B- vs B+ for high school grades. I don’t know much about college admissions at those schools, but good luck!

Thu, 15 Oct 2015 03:25:48 GMT

Straight A's
Unweighted HS GPA 4.0
Weighted HS GPA 4.54
UC calculated score 4.29 (Hope I entered that right)
5 APs currently in Senior year
ACT Composite 33 (STEM 33, Science 35)
Hospital Volunteer summer of '15
9 years of theatre
4 semester of Community College acting
Hoping for Berkeley or UCLA

Mon, 12 Oct 2015 03:55:37 GMT

SAT 2260 (700/800/760)
UC GPA 3.28 (last year real sloppy)
TOEFL 116 (all above 28)
6 AP exams taken
Ethnicity: Asian
Honors& Awards:
AP Scholar Distinction Award
USAMO Qualifier (2014)
State 3A Number Sense 3rd Place
State 3A track and field 3200m 8th place
Please help me calculate my chances to get in !

Bewitched, bothered & bewildered
Fri, 09 Oct 2015 18:54:47 GMT

When calculating the number of additional points for AP& Honors classes, should first semester Senior year courses be included in the count?

Roger: I don’t think so, but I’m not sure how that part of the dataset was computed.

Daniel Aguilae
Tue, 29 Sep 2015 02:20:11 GMT

Hi I have a low UC GPA of 3.1 and an SAT of 1650 if I have a good essay do you think I could make it to UC Riverside ?

Roger: I don’t know. I’m not familiar with what UC Riverside’s expectations are, sorry!

Thu, 24 Sep 2015 23:43:40 GMT

This is outdated bros. UC schools are much more competitive now.

Tue, 15 Sep 2015 05:32:06 GMT

It says it can't analyze because my GPA was too low (3.0) but my SAT was too high (1890). I know 3.0 isn't good but I don't think it's "too low", and I know for a fact that 1890 is a pretty mediocre score to some colleges... I don't get it?

Mon, 14 Sep 2015 00:19:33 GMT

Hi Roger,
Do you think UC Berkeley cares about whether you're a female going into STEM (Engineering (ChemE) or Physics)?

Roger: Yes, of course.

Fri, 04 Sep 2015 01:24:41 GMT

Just wanted to say thank you for making this calculator, as well as all of your other ones. You're a lifesaver. Keep doing what you're doing!

Sat, 29 Aug 2015 06:11:30 GMT

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the great tool. I'm a senior in high school. I have 14 A's, 10 B's, 1 C, and 1D. Any idea if the D will affect my admission to UC? I heard UC's expect a C or better in ALL classes. Is that true?

Roger: I haven’t heard anything like that.

Mon, 24 Aug 2015 02:45:08 GMT

Hey roger i have a question about ap classes .Im only a junior this year but im only taking ap physic cause im learning way more in my honor and us history classes than i do in my ap class I want to have skills over than just taking the class just because it looks good,.but i plan to make it up by taking 4 ap classes senior year.My gpa as of right now is 4.0 and by the end of high school i will have a 4.2 weighted gpa is this good for uci and ucsb im trying to go to business sport marketing because im at a business academy at my high school.This this good enough for admission to uci or ucsb ?

Roger: I think you’ll get in, no problem.

Sun, 23 Aug 2015 06:42:54 GMT

roger where did u go for undergrad college

Roger: I’m still going to Berkeley

Tue, 18 Aug 2015 04:42:03 GMT

Hey roger i have a question. So on the uc addmisions calculator it asks how many classes i took at community college. I took one and got an "a" so do replace the amount of "a's" i have with the number of a's i have including cc. And i took it summer going to 10th grade so it still goes there right?

Sat, 15 Aug 2015 18:28:20 GMT

Hi Roger,

Your program is awesome. I wonder if it is possible for you to update with the most recent data from UC website?



Roger: Good question. The source I used for this calculator is no longer online, so I won’t be able to update this.

Mon, 10 Aug 2015 23:02:22 GMT

Thank you so much for creating this calculator... It saved this Dad the headache (heartache?) of one disappointment... And opened up another opportunity...

Sun, 09 Aug 2015 00:40:52 GMT

Hi Roger,

I got one C in the 2nd semester of my Junior Year, otherwise I have all A's and B's (3.9 GPA). Even with a strong personal statement and volunteer/leadership experience, will the C greatly impact my chances on getting into UC Davis?

I have not taken the SAT yet, but I know the GPA is the most important component UC'S look at.


Roger: I don’t know the answer to that, sorry!

Sam Choppala
Fri, 07 Aug 2015 03:34:47 GMT

I got a really bad ACT score (26), and when I calculate the chances to the difference UC's these are my results:

Berkely - 10%

How is this possible?

Roger: Well, it’s probably because either your GPA or your SAT score (if you have one) is very high and above the threshold of most of the UC schools, as determined by the calculator. I wouldn’t that result too much though.

Sat, 25 Jul 2015 14:18:39 GMT

Wow great job Roger. 2 questions. When calculating GPA do I include non A-G courses like physical education or health?

Also for example, do I include all my years of visual arts when just 1 is required?

Roger: 1) No, and 2) I believe it should be counted once a semester.

Mon, 20 Jul 2015 09:56:41 GMT

This page is great. Thank you for creating this site

Roger: You’re welcome!

Sun, 19 Jul 2015 17:34:44 GMT

I was wondering if I had a chance at the College of L&S for Computer Science. I'm a rising senior in Coppell, Texas.

My UC GPA: 4.2
Rank: top 5% 37/768
SAT: 800 Math, 740 CR, 730 with 10 essay Writing
SAT II: 800 Math II, 800 Physics
National Merit Semi-Finalist

Will have taken 16 AP Classes by the end of Senior Year. (Passed all tests up to now)

HOSA National Qualifier x 2
BPA State Qualifier x 2
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Volunteer

Job/Work Experience:
Data Analyst at a Law Firm
Back End Developer at a tech start-up
Subway Sandwich Artist

Roger: Sounds like you’ve got a great shot at L&S CS at UC Berkeley.

Tue, 07 Jul 2015 21:36:46 GMT

Hi, I was wondering what your personal thoughts are based on my stats for admissions chances to UCSD and UCLA, since stats have gotten more competitive and colleges like UCSD are looking a lot more at GPA now.

UC GPA: 3.96
SAT I: M: 770
CR: 800
W: 800

SAT II Math level 2: 800

Also doing a lot of extracurriculars like research internships, science projects, research publications, etc.

Indian Male, in state
Major: Something in the biological sciences

Sun, 05 Jul 2015 23:50:16 GMT

I'm wondering if you personally think I could get into Berkeley. Hoping to get into Chemical Engineering.

4.31 hopefully weighted GPA after 1st semester Senior year
3.88 unweighted

2060 SAT
-790 Math
-660 Writing
-610 CR

740 SAT Math Lvl 2
780 SAT Chem

5 on AP Chem test
5 on AP Calc AB Test

I'm on Math team and I help at my local Recreation center with the little kids

Wondering what u personally think. Thanks:)

Roger: I think your scores are similar to the average at Berkeley. If you have the time, consider retaking the SAT to get a higher score in your non-math areas. Good luck!

Fri, 26 Jun 2015 14:40:41 GMT

Ok so I really want to get into Berkeley's college of engineering. I got a 31 my first time taking the ACT, which is pretty good, but not quite as competitive as some other Berkeley engineering scores. I got a 35 on math and science, a 25 kn English, and a 27 on reading. So my question is because I'm applying for a math based major will admissions recognize the higher math and science score or will they really only focus on the composite? Also my 10-11 GPA is a 4.72.

Roger: I think you should also focus on your non-math scores. There’s no harm in taking it again.

Thu, 25 Jun 2015 17:02:11 GMT

Is a 710 on the math 2 subject test and a 710 on the bio test worth sending to schools like UCLA and UC Berkeley if I'm applying for either applied math or biomedical engineering?

Roger: I’d say the 710 in Biology is definitely worth sending. Check out this chart.

Shahzaib Shaikh
Thu, 18 Jun 2015 02:48:24 GMT

I will be going into my Junior year this fall at Liberty High School in Henderson, NV. As of now, my GPA is an unweighted 3.508 and weighted 4.028. My class rank is 88 of 640 and I'm only taking Honors and AP classes since the beginning of my freshman year. On my transcript, I don't have any C's,D's,or F's.. I only have all A's and B's on my transcript. I really want to go to UCLA or UCSD and I haven't taken my SAT yet as I will be taking the redesigned version next spring. I have took a PSAT and I scored a 175 on my first time taking the test. I also am involved in many sports and clubs such as student council and nhs and was on varsity track and tennis last year.. Also was in Varsity Quiz. Please let me know what I need to work on to get into UC's.

Roger: I think you’re doing well!

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