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I added FancyBox JS to RogerHub’s images. Enjoy -Roger Yeahh.. Waterbending :)

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Over thanksgiving, I went to Monterey with my small group! During my trip I took a lot of panoramic pictures with my new samsung solstice. (Click on picture for full size) So first, we met up at Burger King and then we left for Monterey. It was cool how all our cars (we had 5 of em) were in a line driving down the freeway. On the way, I ate McDonalds.. just because they’re easy to find. In Monterey, half of our group lived in a hotel and the other half lived in this house that we rented out. The hotel was really nice. We lived on the top floor, so we got these huge rooms that actually had a separate living room and bedroom. (Hotel Hallway) (The view from our hotel room) The hotel served breakfast every day so that the retarded tourists could avoid buying… more →


RogerHub feels so deserted... Scroll down and leave a comment :) I’ll be gone the next few days, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.


(Despite first impressions, this post is not about computers.) EDIT: I made a THA-1 Solver where you can try out THA-1 hashing. Although, there’s no point to it because you cant visit RogerHub during a test... Today, I will be authoring a new cryptography algorithm called THA-1 (Test Hashing Algorithm Version 1) THA-1 is a very simple method of verifying your (school) test answers so that you can compare with other people afterward :) Instead of memorizing 1 is A, 2 is C, 3 is E, 4 is B... You can just memorize one big number (ex. 56) The downside to this is that, you only know get two possible outcomes: Answers all match Answers don’t all match But that’s the point of hashing right? Requirements: - Ability to Add - Ability to Multiply (They’re small numbers, don’t worry) - Understanding of Modular Arithmatic - Ability to memorize a 2 or 3 digit… more →


Thanksgiving is coming up. Well, more specifically, Thanksgiving Break is coming up. A whole 5 days from school.. what to do. Whatever you’re doing. Have fun with it, because you can. Yeahh, you already know there are people that don’t get all the nice things you get. So be happy about whatever you’re doing, even if you think it sucks. (Changes the topic) You wouldn’t believe how often people skip words when writing sentences. In their head: "I am one of your students." From their hand: "I am one of students." Yeahh, that exact thing happened in first period today. source Yeahh. haha. So read over your writing before you turn it in. (Changes the topic again) Smokers. They suck. Instead of "No Smoking", signs should say "No Smokers". Just because someone isn’t smoking doesn’t mean they don’t smell disgusting. Especially in Asian restaurants, there’s always the guy right outside the door smoking because… more →

Chances of Zero

A random number between 0 (inclusive) and 1 (exclusive) is chosen. What is the probability that the number is 0? Yeahh.. this question is retarded. It’s like trying to find the area of a line. You can’t. Programming approach to this problem: javascript:var output = 0; for (var i=0;i<10000000;i++){if (Math.random() == 0){ output++;}} alert(output); Clear the address bar of your web browser and type that in. Basically, it’ll generate 10000000 random numbers (between 0 and 1) and check if each one is equal to 0. You should get a alert that says "0". Meaning: Out of 10000000 attempts, 0 was generated 0 times. That’s just it. Your chances of getting a 0 are so infinitesimally small that most people just accept that the probability is 0%. Now, by some freak-of-nature coincidence, your computer might actually generate the full floating-point value of absolute 0, but that’s pretty unlikely. So,… more →

Chrome OS

Updates: Server problems have been fixed. RogerHub should load fine now :) Issues : My web host says that they’re having some server troubles. You might get some "500 Internal Server Error"’s while you’re on RogerHub. Just hit the F5 button to refresh till it works. -Roger If you haven’t watched this already, watch it. Ahh.. interesting.. More technical version: My interpretation: Google is making their own Operating System called "Chrome OS". It is based off of the free, open-source Linux OS, which now holds about 4% of the market share. Good luck to Google with this... EDIT: Here’s a picture of RogerHub as viewed from Google Chrome OS Yeahhh.. there :)

Pandora's Box

Out with the old, in with the new. FM Radio has been around forever. The same old repetitive songs, half of which you hate, are the embodiment of someone else’s music tastes that you’ve struggled to adapt to. Seriously, that gets old after a while. iPods are great. You buy (or download) music off the internet and store them indefinitely on your handheld noise-producing device and listen for hours on end. It’s great to have music that suits your choices, but no matter how many songs you collect, it never feels enough. Now, there’s a music service called Pandora. Pandora has been around for many years now, but not many people know about it/use it. Pandora is essentially, one big music collection. They have thousands of music titles for you to listen to. But best of all, it’s completely legal. Pandora understands your… more →

Doesn't Work...

It’s naturally fun to help people. Whether it’s recognition, respect, or moral satisfaction, helping people just makes us feel good. But there’s one thing that ticks me off. "It doesn’t work" Well, alright. That’s good to know. It doesn’t work. We need to try something else. But seriously, when somebody’s trying to help you, you should at least give them an intelligible response. Instead of simply saying "It doesn’t work", you should be specific and give details on why you think it doesn’t work. Tell the helper what happens instead of "it" working. Simply hearing "It doesn’t work" gives the helper absolutely no leads for a solution. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if everyone feels like this, but I wish the world would stop responding with only "It doesn’t work". An example: potette007 5:50 pm roger … more →


People keep telling me to play FPS games. I’m against them not only because they glorify killing in a idiotic way, but because they give me headaches from all the motion and shaking involved. I saw this video on The Onion and it reminded me of something creepy. If someone breaks into your house, what would be the first thing you’d do? Call the cops? Get your bb-gun? Lock yourself in the restroom? Well, The Onion has a (satirical) news segment on how a boy shot a burglar with his dad’s gun and how he was praised for it. The video isn’t that interesting, but if you want, you can watch it below: Seriously, the people that break into houses are probably in a much worse situation than you are. Their natural instinct is to take what they need from other people,… more →

Photo Horrors

For computer literate people: There’s something about Asian parents that makes them think that taking pictures for any event is of paramount importance. Chances are, you have at least 20GB of pictures laying around on your computer. If your family has more than one computer (which they probably do), pictures and backups of pictures can get hard to manage. You don’t want to wait for a harddrive failure to backup your all-important pictures. If you’ve already setup a home network (complete with static internal IP’s) you can access remote drives using the hidden root drive directory (\\\C$ for the C:\ drive). But copying and pasting pictures takes wayy to long. Especially since there’s a much easier way to do it. In short: XCOPY "Location1" "Location2" /D /E /C /R /K /I /S /Y Replace Location1 and Location2 with your initial location and your final destination. (This… more →

Day and Night

The history of English-classes has been splattered with mysterious and "symbolic" poems. When Mr. Poet was writing his new unpublished poem, he wasn’t thinking "Hmm, If i use "casket" instead of "helmet", people will pick up on the deep symbolism and underlying meanings!". But rather, "I wonder how much I can sell this for.." Even the most casual remarks can hold meaning if you look too deeply. Random poem: (No deep meanings, so don’t even try to look) Night and Day by Robert Louis Stevenson When the golden day is done, Through the closing portal, Child and garden, Flower and sun, Vanish all things mortal. As the blinding shadows fall As the rays diminish, Under evening’s cloak they all Roll away and vanish. Garden darkened, daisy shut, Child in bed, they slumber-- Glow-worm in the hallway rut, Mice among the lumber. In the darkness houses shine, Parents move the candles; Till on all the night divine Turns the bedroom… more →