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There’s a big idea that people have where, if you don’t share your pictures now, they’re gonna get lost forever. Why do people take pictures anyways? This reason has definitely changed over time. Before, if you were rich and famous, you would hire some artist to come paint your portrait, just to make sure everyone knew you existed. Then there was the period where people would all stand in rows with their family members with blank expressions and hire the photographer to take the family photo. Now, that’s not the case. Some people photograph to document their life, or maybe to relive the moment some other time. (Hah, I used a noun as a verb) Some people take pictures because it’s part of their job as a designer or reporter or something. What about like vacation pictures? Those are rather… more →


My hands hurt and I’d like to type something for a change. I’m reading a thread on strange things people think about, and it’s all surprisingly familiar, which is actually not too surprising. How nothing is really solid and what we feel as solid is actually the repulsion between static charge of atoms. Thinking about the four forces of the universe. Looking outside and wishing it’d rain. Thinking about air pressure and humidity. Feasible projects that could completely screw over the world. Why there are so many people in the world and how things would be better if humans just all went extinct. Thinking about the structure of society and how it’s all so damn neat. The world as an experiment, carefully watched by some outside scientists who even planned to have this very thought occur to me. And oh… more →


Hoh, this is rather old but the W3C had a workshop on the future of social networking and they came up with “review and map existing data formats and protocols used for interoperability among social networks” and crap like “demonstration of a decentralized social network architecture”. Gotta keep in mind that the W3C has to consider things like monetization and profitability for social networks, not just the idealistic communication parts but they’re altogether moving rather slowly. It’s better to have a few growing pains than to keep stalling. They’ve got their incubator group report (source) which I know you don’t want to read, really I’m just putting that there like a bookmark. It does a good job of laying out the problems and, nothing good exists about social networking, so it just lays out the problems. Also OpenID and other… more →


Hey it’s 2011 and winter break’s over. In just 21 hours, we’ll be sitting in bio lab again. Meanwhile, stupidity proliferates and some other guy’s making money off it. You know what’s also new? It used to be taboo to have the client’s web browser manually resize images, either through CSS or through the DOM attributes. When people were using IE6, yeah horrible problem because the resizes would turn out all chunky. Now, it’s not so bad anymore. Start embracing it O: Here’s a wild idea: why not let the W3C take over social networking? Make it into a standard protocol with standard ways for websites to communicate socially. Just don’t hand it to the IETF, they’ll make some convoluted shit out of it like they do everything else.